First Tauranga Event Rocked

First Tauranga Event Rocked

Our first Tauranga event went absolutely like clockwork.

The hall only held 120 and we filled it. Sheree and her team did a great job.

Joy had prepared a magnificent feast for everyone who had come to set up. Seriously, she went the extra mile.

Sheree had organised the bouncers on the door, and Wayne did the filtering. The bouncers were physically huge!

Others in Sheree’s team brought bottled water for everyone.  The Tauranga team were just so helpful, generous, and amazing! 

The police arrived at 6:30 to case out the place and reassure us of their support (see the photo below of them surrounding Julian)

The hall started to fill about 6:30, and eventually, by start time it was packed. Only a handful of protesters came, and none tried to get in. So really, the protesters were a non event. What a difference this makes.

We were able to hold our event without interruption and FREE SPEECH reigned!

About time. 

Julian spoke powerfully as usual and he held the audience spellbound for the first hour as he delivered the goods!

Some huge new insights were given about the Treaty.

During the Q and A some great questions were asked.

The only downside was some lady who belonged to a fringe political party got up and launched into a speech.

What she was saying about our history was so ‘off’ we had to shut her down. After the meeting people mixed and mingled for ages.

Julian challenged the crowd to come up with the $25,000 needed to get his booklets into the hands of all residents in the Bay of Plenty.  He implored them to look after their own patch! 

We all were packed down and on our way home by 10pm.

All in all, our cause in the Tauranga area was given a HUGE shove forwards last night!

Thank you once again to the Tauranga team for doing such a great job! You were amazing.