In the last few blogs, I have made a lot about the need to call what’s going on in New Zealand a coup.

We need to start using this word, because this word truly expresses what’s happening in our country.

There is a coup going on, an attempt by elite Maori to take over our country.

I am not alone in my view. This morning, Cam Slater wrote:


“No one is prepared to say it, so it’s up to me. What we are witnessing is an incremental coup d’etat, where our existing constitutional norms and laws are being trampled on by a Government intent on locking out the centre-right and the majority of New Zealanders, in favour of an unelected Maori iwi elite, accountable to no one. It is that serious.

‘New Zealanders are so laid back they’ve fallen asleep as this Government destroys our society. What on earth will it take for voters to rise up and say enough?


In today’s blog, I am wanting to give my readers an understanding of this coup, and how it’s happened.  I have made a diagram which details the stepping stones, the key markers, the elements, of this coup between 1840 and today.

When you open the blog, you’ll see a diagram.  Please read the diagram like you would read a clock.  It’s easy to understand.  Like a clock, just follow the numbers.

Pay special attention to who is number 13. Number 13 is hugely significant, for without number 13, this coup could never have happened.

You can read the blog here. 

Please distribute this diagram to everyone on your address book and ask them to do the same.

Also, it would be good to print these two pages out, put them on your wall, and study them.

For with understanding comes power, and with power comes a desire to fight back.  I need you in the fight.  2023 is going to be a very big year.

I want to hold public meetings in every town, and every suburb of every city to try and stop co-governance.

P.S The Auckland Council won’t let us use Eden Park for a political rally, so we are going to switch venues to Auckland domain.  We’ll keep you in informed about developments.