Our Dargaville Event Last Night Was Epic!

Last night in Dargaville was Epic! The day starting with people emailing me with screen shots of Facebooks post from Maori radicals saying they were going to protest. I thought “Bring it on! The more the merrier!” I was also sending these posts to the police so they have good intel. They were absolutely amazing, particularly Sargeant Tiler. He rallied his men and women on the night so that the peace was kept. He is a great credit to the New Zealand police.

 I started the set up about 3:30 pm and was on my own, putting all the sound equipment together. About 4:30 a Maori man wandered into the hall and picked up a book on a table. I said “Excuse me. What are you doing? If you want one of those, have the courtesy to ask first. If you come back when the meeting is on, I might give you one”. He sheepishly put the book back and shuffled off. The cheek of it. From then on I locked the door to stop people wandering in.

Next thing, someone banged on the door to tell me that our meeting was the talk of the town. “Great” I said “That’s what we want!”

I put our signs out on the road. Time ticked on getting closer to 7pm. Our team members rocked up between 6 and 7, and they did a great job finishing the set up – Vicki and Terry, Dan, and Keith and Natalie. They all travelled miles to get there.

Protestors started to gather outside the venue about 6:30. This number swelled to about 50 by the start of the meeting, at which point they all came inside. I felt totally Ok about this as the police were there. I felt no fear or anxiety, truly. It was great to have a big crowd.  I wanted to reach those protestors with the truth about co-governance, the Treaty of Waitangi, and all the other truths in the seminar.

In total, we had about 150 in the hall with standing room only. 2/3 (or 100 people) were supporters. 1/3 were protestors. Wow! Exciting.

As you’d expect, as soon as I started, so too did the interjectors. It was actually highly stimulating.  2/3 were for us and clapped and cheered whenever they agreed with something, and booed when they disagreed. Maori activists constantly shouted things out,  There was humour too, which was vital. Some of the protestors were laughing at the banter. Personally, I felt the meeting got better as it progressed. Many protestors were really listening. Many were not.  In amongst the group were Maori who had genuinely come to learn and hear a different point of view.  They were polite and respectful.  All power to them. 

At the end I had two Maori protestors came up and shaked my hand.

This is what I thought and have always thought. “If you don’t show respect, you’ll get no respect.”

The behaviour of the protestors was appalling which is one of the reasons I am against co-governance.

They displayed for all the see what is wrong with co-governance.

I pretty much, in as many words, said to the protestors, ” I don’t speak Maori, and won’t speak Maori, until you give me a good reason to. Until then, I don’t respect you or want anything to do with your culture. The way you are behaving, you are a disgrace to your race.

Good Maori would be ashamed of you and your behaviour tonight.”

Followed by great cheers from the 2/3 positive group.

I did not compromise one bit. Nothing was watering down. Nothing was changed for the audience. The message was the same “The concept or idea of co-governance is based on fraud. It has to go. Period.”

Some said “We don’t want you in this town!” Supporters shouted back “Shut up! We invited him!” Then there were cheers from supports and wild clapping.

The whole night was like this. Back and forth. I just ploughed on through the presentation.

Cries of “Racist” or “Colonialist!” or “White supremacist!” rang out from the protestors.

However, I felt the more the meeting progressed, the more protestors genuinely listened.

Don’t be fearful of protestors. Never. If you stand up to them, they weaken. If we are fearful, we embolden them. There is no fence. It’s one or the other.  We must refuse to be bullied and intimidated.

A big part of this is the right to speak freely.  This must be preserved at all costs.
Really,the protestors are just pawns in the elite Maori bid to takeover New Zealand. They are misinformed and brainwashed. I actually felt sorry for them. Genuinely.
We carry on no matter what.
The police were amazing.
The truth must be heard, no matter what.
As I said, Free Speech must rule and reign, no matter what. There must be a platform in New Zealand to hold public meetings and be heard without interruption.  At the moment, this is not possible. 

If protestors want to hold a meeting next week to express what is good about co-governance, go for it. All power to them. 
We have to try and reach these protestors with the truth. I believe it’s possible to turn them around.
It’s vital that the supporters of our meetings turn up and get involved in these meetings. Their cheering and clapping at key moments really helped turn the meeting. They were heroic and brave. I just think they were amazing. In this group were little old ladies, little old men, and everything in between. But the love and bravery in their eyes was incredible. OMG! I so so admired them.

“”Last night was the most disgusting display of rude, ignorant and plainly ferral behaviour I have ever witnessed.  The whole night, sitting there witnessing their behaviour, made me feel quite sick and very angry.  It is just so sad that our nation has come to this and I am now seriously considering my options going forward in Australia, should we be unfortunate enough to get another government in October that continues with this ripping apart and complete destruction of our nation.  I have woken up this morning feeling very sad about the state of our country”.



Someone just phoned me to say that they heard about the event on the news as they were driving. Radio New Zealand said that the event turned into a riot and had to be shut down by the police.  This is obviously lies. What for? To put the wind up other event organisers to shut down future events.  This is further proof that the media is actively working with the government / protesters / the tribal elite to shut down opposing voices, people / groups who oppose the takeover of New Zealand. 

Councillor Paniora

This lady is a local body councillor. She organised the protests. 

Next Event After Dargaville Is Kerikeri, 12 March, 7pm!

It’s at Cornerstone Church

144 Kerikeri Road, Kerikeri

See you then! Be sure to bring friends and family.  

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