The Great Iceberg Advert Challenge Is on! First, Newspaper Adverts

The Great Iceberg Advert Challenge Is on! First, Newspaper Adverts

Please look at the picture above. We are wanting to get this into every newpaper / local rag in the country

How so?

We are asking you, the people of New Zealand to take 7 simple steps.

One: Identify your local rag / paper.

Two: Communicate with them. Find out the cost of placing a large advert in their paper.
Three: : Prices will vary according to the size. Go as big as you can afford. Band together with other to help pay for it.
Four: The advert must be full colour so as to preserve the colour qualities of the Iceberg, words, etc.
Five: Email and he will email the high resolution graphic / advert to you.
Six: The graphic will be ‘print ready’ so all you have to do is email it to the paper and they will do the rest.
Seven: You then pay for the cost of the advert.
Job done.

So far, we have two kind / generous supporters / people have taken action: 

Taupo Times

Franklin Breeze

Totally amazing! Thank you!  You are being part of the solution to stop co-governance.

You can view a list of all the papers in New Zealand and their circulation numbers.  This way you can choose the paper to get the biggest bang for your buck.  

For example, say you chose to advertise in a paper with a circulation of 100,000.  This is equivalent to delivering 100,000 flyers with absolutely no labour involved.  

Think about that.  Powerful. 

View the list of papers HERE

Second, flyers!

Second, flyers!

We are asking you to deliver flyers into your suburb / town / city / rural area.

We supply the flyers.

Just let us know how many you want.

The flyers will be double sided and DLE in size.  DLE is bank envelope size.

On one side will be the Iceberge graphic and wording.

On the other will be QR codes and a summary of what’s wrong with co-governance and why it must be stopped.

They will be high quality, and look fabulous, so you will be proud to give them out. 

To order, just email

Click HERE to view the amazing flyers!