In case you missed it over the past few days,  let’s start today with the best 15 second video ever.  I was tearing up with joy watching it.  Click HERE

 Seam Plunket continues to give us fantastic media coverage

 He interviewed the Whangarei Mayor whose comments were disappointing.  You can watch the interview HERE

You can really help by emailing or texting THE PLATFORM radio station :

If the  station get’s lots of emails / texts from us, it will encourage them to keep going with this topic, which is what we want.

Another thing you can do which is HUGELY effective is to text Shaun on 5050 or even better phone in and talk about it. 0800 DEBATE or 0800 332283

 We also released a press release yesterday.  Sport Northland phoned us to arrange a meeting, which we attended..  They kindly  offered us the facility for free, which was good start, but we felt this response alone was inadequate.  You can read what we are asking for, and view the full press release HERE

Details of  WHANGAREI and MAUNGKARAMEA events will be posted on our web site today.  

If you know anyone in Whangarei or the sounding areas, please send them the flyers by email.

Click on the name of the flyer below to view the flyer



The newspaper the Northern Advocate continues to discriminate against us. We wanted to post a half page advert in the paper but they refused to print it if it included our web address or a QR code to our web address.  In other words, they are censoring what the public can and can’t hear / see.  This is North Korean style political interference in the media, right here in New Zealand..