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Hugh Perrett, legendary businessman, answers Chris Trotter Who Claimed Julian Was A Fascist

Totally agree with you John . I am surprised , disappointed and not a little disturbed to read Chris Trotter’s  rant against Julian Batchelor , who is after all only seeking to ensure the preservation and continuation intact  of our democratic system and values , which are under serious attack —- and now , by inference , also by Chris Trotter . What is right-wing fascist/ racist about trying to preserve  our democracy  intact ?  What is fascist about equality of citizenship and opportunity?  Equality of outcomes can NEVER be promised , because, like it or not ,  we are not all the same / identical  and never will be . Nor do we all put in the same level of effort , or even take responsibility for ourselves. Some put in no effort at all , expecting  “ the system “ to look after them . They are “bludgers”. Some prefer pursuing legal and political manipulation to generate outcomes rather than work and contribution . We know who they are .  Others WORK bloody hard and contribute strongly and end up , in practice ,  supporting the non-contributors . But the equality of citizenship and opportunity is there under a democracy for all to take advantage of . It is this system Julian Batchelor is supporting  and promoting. And for my money he is right to do so. Is Chris Trotter having a mental aberration?”

Hugh Perrett