What The Public Don't know......And The Media Are Hiding....

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The Most Profound Thing Amy Brooke Ever Said

The Most Profound Thing Amy Brooke Ever Said

Amy Brooke, treasured New Zealand author and political commentator said recently:

 “Claiming back this country from extremist groups will not happen without the so-called silent majority realising that their lack of any action – apart from persistent grumbling – is one of the reasons why things have got so bad.”

You can read her whole article HERE.

New Zealand, you see, is in crisis.  Very few people realise this fact. Winston Peters says we are at “a point of inflection.”

What’s the crisis? Inch by inch, by increment, we are moving towards tribal rule. The big problem we have is Luxon. How so? 

Luxon is ‘for’ Maorification and Co-governance. How do we know?

  1. He is learning Te Reo.
  2. He has a personal Maori advisor.
  3. He has openly stated that he wants Maori to govern natural resources in partnership with the government. National is flat out making these arrangements as we speak.
  4. He has appointed an out and out activist, Hamilton West MP Tama Potaka, to be his Minister of Maori Development, Minister of Conservation, Māori Crown Relations, Minister of Whānau Ora. You can read Potaka’s Master’s Thesis.  It reads like an activist manifesto. You can read it HERE. 
  5. Luxon opposes David Seymour’s Treaty Bill. All Seymour wants to do is get back to the original meaning of the Treaty and restore democracy.   Why would any thinking person oppose this?
  6. Only 4 of his 49 points in his first 100 days plan had to do with un-doing Maorification and Co-governance.  None of the 4, even if they are executed fully, will make much difference.
  7. Only 1 of his 36 points in his first quarter plan involved undoing Maorification and Co-governance.
  8. He is minoring on the majors (i.e. co-governance and Maorification) and majoring in the minors e.g. tax cuts, re-jigging the Education system, getting the economy going, and so on.
  9. In his Waitangi Day speech he said he doesn’t believe in co-governance. He knows the majority of Kiwis are against it.  He believes rather in what he calls devolution. As such, he is speaking with a forked tongue. Co-governance and devolution are one and the same. You can read what he said HERE
  10. Yes, he has brought back referendums for Maori wards. But National has ensured that whatever the result, it can’t be actioned until 2028.  This was National’s timeline.  Why such a long delay?  National is hoping everyone will get used to Maori wards and decide to keep them. 

In and of themselves none of these 10 points is hugely alarming. True, some are more alarming than others.

But when one joins all the dots, the alarm bells ring loudly.  

Put all the 10 points together. 

Build a profile. 

What word comes to mind?  Activist.

Luxon and National are not interested in stopping Maorification and Co-governance. In fact, the evidence is there that they are, by stealth, furthering them both. 

Luxon is doing his best to hide this fact.   He bangs on about ‘working for all new Zealanders’ but the reality is quite different.  

If you go onto the National Party web site, it’s almost impossible to find anything about Maori. 

Why is this?  Answer? The National Party is doing ‘the Maori stuff’ out of sight, behind closed doors.   

Currently, I am also studying the rise and fall of Nazi Germany in the 1920s and 30s.  I want to understand what happened in Germany so that I can stop the same happening in New Zealand. There are many parallels.  What’s relevant in this discussion is that when Hitler and co started to kill the Jews, they did it inside Germany. 

This created a public backlash, so they moved ‘operations’ to far away places like Poland and Czechoslovakia.  The reason?  “Keep what we are doing out of public sight.”

Luxon’s only hand brake is New Zealand First and ACT.  If they were not coalition partners, Luxon would put the Maorification and Co-governance accelerator flat to the floor.  This is simply a fact. 

OK, back to the Amy Brooke quote.

 “Claiming back this country from extremist groups will not happen without the so-called silent majority realizing that their lack of any action – apart from persistent grumbling – is one of the reasons why things have got so bad.”

In tomorrow’s blog I will explain why what Amy said is so profound and how it’s the key to turning New Zealand around – how what she said can end apartheid, racism, and separatism in our country. How through what she said we can restore democracy.

See you tomorrow!


As I have said, we must get behind Winston, Jones, Seymour and Luxon, emailing them regularly with encouragement and our full support to expunge co-governance and Maorification from New Zealand.

Leaders need encouragement constantly.

Email Luxon urging him to do what the people of New Zealand elected him to do, which was to rid the country of Maorification and co-governance.

Warn him that he will be a one term PM if he doesn’t.

Here are their email addresses: