The Most Wonderful Wednesday Ever!

The Most Wonderful Wednesday Ever!

Yesterday was the most wonderful ever! 

As you well know, I usually get up at between 3 and 4 am to write these bogs. 

Part of my routine is to check my emails to see what has come in overnight. 

Yesterday, Wednesday the 19th of April 2023 was the most wonderful ever! It started with an email from a donor saying that he’d donate $10,000 which would enable us to get one of my booklets to every farmer in the Waikato.  20,000 booklets.  Wonderful!

$10,000 will pay for the printing of 20,000 booklets. 

Another donor is pay for the delivery which is $3300.  Wonderful! 

Then during the day, another businessman phoned and said “I read the story in your blog about someone who donated  $10,000 to print 20,000 booklets. I think we need more. I will pay to bump the print run up to 50,000.  We need to get these out everywhere.” Wow! Wonderful again

Then in the evening I drove to Auckland to execute our first Auckland meeting.  It was a huge success. The room was packed, the atmosphere was charged, and to top it all off, Liz Gunn turned up! Wonderful! 

 The audience were unanimously angry / deeply concerned about co-governance and all the fraud and corruption that has gone on in the last 40 years with respect to the Treaty. Rightly so.  To view their anger / concern first hand was a wonderful thing for me. Why? Because more and more people are ‘getting it’ about co-governance.  It’s bad. Really bad.  

TV 1 and TV 3 were there but we did not let them inside. 

Then, at the end of the night, people came to me wanting to donate. One lovely man gave $5000.  Another lady $500.  Others different amounts.  

I am not so much encouraged about the amounts.  What encourages me is this – donations are one very good measure of awareness.  The more people understand the problem, co-governance, the more they give.  This is a fact. 

If someone has cancer, and it could be terminal if they don’t take a certain drug, which is expensive, they invariably find the money.  

Desperation leads to breakthrough.  When Kiwis see the desperate situation we face with co-governance in New Zealand, they will donate. That is to say, they will help pay, often sacrificially, to fix the issue.

When people get desperate, and their situation is desperate, they do extra ordinary things – sell a house, or another asset, friends and family chip in, they start a give a little page, and so on.   The bottom line? They find the money somewhere. 

Finance is a crucial issue.  If Elon Musk was backing us, the richest man in the world,  in an unlimited way, I would have billboards, TV advertising, newspaper advertising, radio advertising; I’d be hiring the biggest nicest venues,….you name it, we’d be doing it! Lack of finance holds us back significantly. We work with what we have. 

But always this tension exists between what we dream to do, what I want to do, and what I can do.  It’s like driving a car with the hand brake on. 

The good news is that everything is moving north (just click on the red text to view what I am writing about below) – book sales, book distribution, donations, Iceberg flyer distribution, new events / speaking engagements popping up, people joining the movement, bumper stickers on cars.

Special thanks for Shayne for opening up his venue to us at no cost.  Wow again!  A big thank you to you Shayne.

Thank you especially to all those who came last night. You are all legends! 

The next meetings are in Tauranga…we are so exciting about these!