Today, Wednesday August 3, about 9:15am, I was listening to News Talk ZB as I was working and Kerry Woodham was hosting.  

She wanted to talk about 3 Waters, which, as you already know, is just a co-governance asset grab. So I decided to ring in.  I wonder if any of you were listening? 

I spoke about how 3 Waters had nothing to do with improving water quality, but had everything to do with co-governance. I said “I have read the He Puapua report carefully.”  Kerry said, “That’s not official government policy, is it?” I said “Well, it must be because many of the things in that report are already being implemented” and I gave examples.  

It gave me a fantastic opening. 

I talked about 3 waters and how it fitted into the Maori plan of self determination, splitting the country into 2, Maori and the rest. I talked about how New Zealanders were green and naive, not seeing through what Mahuta and co are advocating. That is to say, they really want the Water infrastructure of New Zealand as an asset which will provide cash flow for Maori as they move forwards into self determination, which is code for ‘a coup’.  

Several callers after me said they like what I had to say, which was great. 

I was able to slip into the conversation the web address and boom!  We received 500 visitors in 30 minutes! 

I tried to phone again, because I had so much more to talk about but they wouldn’t let me as the rules say you can only ring once in a morning. 

What I wanted was to have 10 of the supporters of this site phone up ZB and keep the ‘stop co-governance’ conversation going! 

That would have been amazing i.e. flood the radio station with stop co-governance calls!

So I thought of a plan.

If I get all your mobile numbers, I can log them into my phone.  

When I call Newstalk ZB again, and I will, after I have finished the call, I can text you all (I have software on my phone where I can text you all at once) and ask you to phone ZB and keep the conversation going? 

What do you think? 

Do any of you ever phone Newstalk ZB talkback? I am curious…

Let me know your thoughts!

Thanks a million