I have spent most of this weekend studying the Treaty of Waitangi.  This is not the first time I have done this.  I have been studying it off and on for years. 

One of the problems we have is that most of the books written on the subject are often quite technical and wordy. There is nothing wrong with detail.  We need detail to know the full facts.

However detail can be a barrier to the average Kiwi reading about the Treaty.

What’s crucial is to get a short easy to read account of what has happened with the Treaty of Waitangi into the hands of ordinary Kiwis – voters. 

I believe if they knew the facts, the basic story, they would run for the hills away from co-governance. 

Below is what I have come up with so far. It’s a work in progress, and has not been proof read yet. 

I’d like your thoughts on this. I am going to make this available via a hyperlink on our web site www.stopcogovernance.site.

Click here to view what I have written on the Treaty so far. 

You’ll notice that I have numbered each paragraph / sentence. 

This is so that when you correspond with me, if you do, you can refer to a paragraph number / sentence, which which will make things a lot easier and quicker. 

This document needs to be 100% factually correct.

We are a team! 

Let’s keep moving forwards to stop co-governance.


Julian Batchelor M.Ed (Hons) B.Th, Dip.T’ching.

P.S I was up all night reading, so took time out to watch the All Blacks. Really, I am big fan of Scott Robertson.  I think he might get a call from New Zealand Rugby bosses soon. What do you think?