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When I watched the TV1 show about emergency housing in Rotorua, another thing that struck me was that most of the players in the show were Maori. 

A Maori thug called Tiny was co-coordinating security. He was receiving millions of dollars annually from the government to ‘oversee’ accommodation. 

It was not made clear what ‘oversee’ means.

Then the security guards were Maori. 

Most of the people in the emergency housing were Maori. 

There was one non-Maori person in the accommodation who was interviewed. He looked European but he spoke like Maori speak so he was probably Maori. 

It’s true that some Maori look like Europeans. 

When the show had finished, and as I reflected on what I’d seen, I asked myself the question:

“Why aren’t Maori paying for all this themselves?” 

According to this web site, as at 2019, Maori had been paid $3.7 billion in Waitangi Treaty payouts. This figure does not include assets such a forests and fisheries and crown land. 

That’s 3,700 million dollars in cash. How many houses could be built with this kind of money?

Why haven’t those who received this money gone out and purchased land and build accommodation on that land? Accommodation to house their fellow Maori? 

And what about sorting out why a Maori lady on the show had 6 children, and no father to be seen?  And putting one’s hand up to find the root cause of issues like this? 


The Maori elite, those who received the cash, have worked out that they don’t need to spend their $3.7 billion on their fellow Maori. The state will do it. Those paying taxes will do it. 

This is chief / slave mentality. 

That is to say, “I want to live in splendour and luxury, but I want other people to do the work to pay for it.”

This means the Maori elite can pocket the $3.7 billion. In this way they can live the life of Riley, and not have to sully their hands with sorting out the problems of their own people. 

Heartless. The attitude of a chief over their slaves.

“Better to watch it all from afar and not get one’s hands dirty. Someone else can pay.” reason people like Tipene O’Regan, chief negotiator for Ngai Tahu. 

He changed his name from Stephen Gerard O’Regan to Tipene O’Regan in order to cash in on Treaty settlements.

Dr David Round, University of Canterbury law lecturer comments on Tipene O’Regan.

“An Irish New Zealander, who, to take advantage of this mall smattering of Maori blood (he is believed to be only 1/16 Maori), changed his name to Tipene. This was at a time when it was becoming obvious that there was some bug bucks to be made out of the soon-to-mushroom Treaty Industry. [He is now] reputed to be a multi-millionaire and one of Canterbury’s richest citizens. Hardly surprising as he has extracted payment after payment from the public purse in various capacities – chief negotiator of Ngai Tahu in their Mawhera Corporation and Sealord Ltd, a director of Television New Zealand, Deputy Chairman of Transit New Zealand, a member of the Geographical Board (where he stamped on his real heritage – Irish / British – to rename parts of the South Island with Maori names) and several other capacities. Money seems his real motivation – not Maoridom. That is what Treaty settlements are all about. Enriching pale – faced fat cats of corporate Iwi while doing very little for ordinary Maori.” [1]

There you have it – in the sentence “Money seems his real motivation – not Maoridom.”

Money is what motivates the Treatyists, the Maori elite. Money to enrich themselves. They have absolutely no concern for their own people. 

Yesterday I wrote about the essential DNA / Psyche of Maori, and suggested what Maori displayed in their treatment of one another pre-1840 has not changed over 200 years. 

In pre-1840 days, the chief of each tribe was the fat cat. He had slaves running around after him. He existed to make his own life better, not the lives of those around him. 

Those around the chief existed to be used. 

This is precisely how people like Mugabe ruled in Zimbabwe. 


Don’t think for a moment that co-governance is a good idea. 

It’s not. 

It will be a disaster of epic proportions for New Zealand. 

Maori will be out for themselves and if they get control they will treat us, the 83% non-Maori population, and most of the 17% Maori population, just like they treated their slaves pre-1840. 

Want proof? 

Go back and watch the Rotorua emergency housing documentary and note how Maori thug Tiny and the gangs treated their fellow Maori. 

And what about Mahuta’s nepotism? Feeding her own family with lucrative government contracts. 

The evidence is everywhere. Only a complete fool could not notice. 

Ardern and her government have allowed all this. Not just allowed it, but encouraged it and funded it. 

She will be remembered as the worst PM in New Zealand’s history. 

But not only her. A series of National MP’s as well including John Key, Chris Finlayson, and Doug Graham. 

Don’t forget treasonous buffoons like Geoffrey Palmer who introduced the idea of ‘treaty principles’ and Justice Cooke the notion of  ‘partnership’. 

It really all started in 1975 under a Labour government and Matiu Rata, Minister of Maori Affairs who was able convince his history-ignorant and naive colleagues to establish the Waitangi Tribunal. 

This tribunal should never have been established, but it was, and was straight away hijacked by radical Maori, and so began the disastrous slide in what we have today. 

At all costs, co-governance must be stopped. Completely and utterly. 

Otherwise, New Zealand as we used to know it, is finished.  Forever. 

[1] Round, David. Twisting the Treaty. A Tribal Grab for Wealth and Power. Tross Publishing. 2013. 325, 116