Please watch this video.

Today’s blog is the fifth blog in a series about the video entitled ‘What is co-governance’ which features a Maori interviewer and Maori guests.

In my first blog, I discussed how it was impossible to get from the Treaty that it is a partnership between Maori Chiefs and the Crown.

In the second blog I answered the question “Why do Maori keep on saying that the Treaty is a partnership, when so clearly it is not?”

In the third blog, we saw how one of the guests on the show simply lied by saying “The more one studies history, the more one can make a case for co-governance.” The exact opposite is true.

In the fourth blog I focused on the claim by one of the speakers on the video – Precious Clark – that colonisation was bad for Maori. Again, the opposite is true.

Today, I am discussing the incredible spin put out by elite Maori that they have secret / unique business practices that have made them successful.

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