Many people have written to me over the past few months asking “What’s the plan?”

They want to know whether we are going to have a street march, or a series of street marches, or one big rally in the Auckland domain, or a series of rallies in different cities and towns around New Zealand between now and the next election.  

My answer is that all of these options (and more) are on the table.  The purpose of this web site is to raise awareness, because awareness is the key to change.

It’s my firm belief that if all kiwis knew the truth about what is really going on in New Zealand with respect to co-governance, and the extent of the fraud and corruption, there would be a revolution. 100’s of thousands of people would hit the streets.

 The immediate plan is execute a tour of New Zealand to raise awareness of the implications of co-governance.  In short, if co-governance is allowed to rumble on, New Zealand as we know it will be finished.

 In today’s blog, Dr Bruce Moon rips the covers off the Treaty of Waitangi Act 1975.  He does a great job. It’s worth reading what he has written over and over so that “we get it” and we can articulate it to others

You can read his analysis HERE

In the meantime, HERE are five things you can do practically