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The Truth About "Maori Being Strapped For Speaking Te Reo"

The Truth About "Maori Being Strapped For Speaking Te Reo"

Last night in our meeting in Tauranga, someone raised the issue of Maori being strapped for speaking Te Reo.

Journalist Graham answers this question.

He counters the relentless propaganda about “Pakeha crushing Maori language.”

You can read what he wrote HERE

A Tauranga resident said the following, which is brilliant.

“I am 78 years old, born in Greerton, Tauranga, 1944.

At no time in my life did I see physical punishment of my fellow students for speaking their own tongue.

The population of Bay of Plenty was probably more maori than pakeha, we were all brothers.

There was no difference in how we saw each other.

I never saw anyone caned for being who they were.

I got caned many times at Tauranga Boys College for trivial things.

For example, a science teacher who was late to our class.
His name was Mr Bush.

We were waiting in the corridor.

When he arrived he said “Why don’t you act like civil beings?”

I said ” We are human beings”

I received 4 strokes of the cane for standing up.

It did me no harm.

So I say to Maori “Get a life. Get over your stupid “I need sympathy” bullshit.

Every one needs a shake up sometime, especially when we are wrong, regardless of age or race.

It is time for all NZ’ers to join hands, because there are now more other Indians, Chinese, Asians, and Moslems in NZ than Europeans by far !!!

If maori want to be constructive please let them be thankful Europeans brought the wheel, stock of all varieties, and pigs for hangi’s, horses to stop walking, etc

We the Europeans are still getting the CANE!

Who is paying for all this shit?

For the Maorification of New Zealand?

For the Maori takeover of our country?”