Yesterday, Wednesday August 5 was an interesting day. 

As you know, I am wanting to plug in a more sophisticated donations page to this web site which will make it easier for supporters to financially support our cause. 

So I Googled ‘web developers’ in Northland and sent them this web address, detailing what I needed to get done. 

Having briefly read the ‘about’ section on their web sites, it seemed they were all young – in their 20’s and 30’s. 

The result? 

All four turned me down, saying they had viewed our web site and didn’t agree with it. They love Jacinda Ardern and they love the thought of co-governance with Maori. 

My reaction? I am not the least bit perturbed. 

What does the reaction of the four web developers tell me? It tells a lot. 

The Labour party propaganda campaign to brainwash New Zealanders into accepting co-governance is working. 

We, the people who can see through the propaganda to the real agenda, and the terrible danger, have been too slow to fight back. It’s not too late but from now on we have to put the pedal to the metal.

Universities and schools have been the subject of heavy indoctrination, and this too has worked. My four web developers were all young people, not long out of either school or university.

The $55m public interest journalism fund has tied up the media world so that opposing voices have been muzzled. This has been a significant factor contributing to the success of the relentless and well funded co-governance propaganda campaign. 

Where to from here? We need six initiatives.

  1. A march on Parliament in the first half of 2023. We need a massive show of force before the next election. By this I mean a march on Parliament, bigger than any protest ever seen.
  2. Public meetings.  Again, in the first half of 2023. We need nationwide tours of all small towns and all suburbs in all cities, informing the population of the co-governance coup that is currently in full flight. 
  3. Collaboration/ networking and co-ordination.  All the different groups in New Zealand who are fighting this coup, for this is what it is, must work together to make the march on Parliament and the nationwide town to town suburb to suburb education tour a huge success.  We need to get momentum and then build it so that it reaches its peak at the election. 
  4. We need funding. I need funding. Depending on levels of funding we might be able to do billboard, TV, Radio, and massive social media advertising prior to the election.
  5. The days of just writing online and complaining must end.  To write and complain online has been an important phase of our development, because it’s helped clarify the issues. But now we have to move to action, sacrifice, and commitment. To have to move out of our houses and hit the streets, personally, going to where the people who don’t know what’s going on are. We have to go public.  I have some great ideas of what do do when we go out, and what to say. 
  6. We must talk about ‘the co-governance coup’ from now on, for this is what it is. ‘Coup’ is much clearer and more powerful than just general talk about Maori, the Treatyists, Maorification, race based policy, ete etc. 

Why must we do these six things? 

What Maori are proving / have proved is that putting up a fight works. We must do the same.  

Luxon and National must be shocked by the numbers that turn out to the March on Parliament and the public meetings so that they get a clear and shocking message that continuing with co-governance in any way shape or form might result in a landslide defeat for them. We need to put the thought in their minds. 

Whereas a clear call from National and Act to repeal all co-governance legislation, all race-based legislation, will result in a great victory for National and Act if they put an end to the coup. 

Act and David Seymour, to their credit, have already come out and made their case clear, so we need to encourage Act to go further, and shock National into falling into line. 

Are you in? 

Think carefully, because this will cost you time and money. There is no victory without sacrifice. If we go for it, I believe it’s going to be one hellovan exciting ride! 

Put your seat belt on.

For the cause.

Julian Batchelor M.Ed (Hons), B.Th, Dip T’ching.