Hi everyone, 

You already know about this video because I have told you about it. 

But what you don’t know is how much attention it’s getting.

It was posted on Youtube on August 5, late in the day. 

Today, August 9, really only 3 days later, it’s been viewed 2,800 times. 

What’s even more interesting is that Youtube have turned off my ability to allow comments. I tried to turn ‘comments’ on, but Youtube wouldn’t allow it. 

For them, it’s too right wing. 

In this video, John says a lot of things we’d all like you to say, you’d agree. 

And there is a lot in what he says that is absolutely true. For example:

  • That we are headed for an apartheid state – true
  • That this is racist government – true
  • That Waititi tells lies – true
  • That with this government, we are not allowed to say certain things, namely anything that is critical of Maori or any of their initiatives like 3 Waters or co-governance – true
  • That this government does not consult, it insults – true
  • That ‘consultation’ is a sham – true
  • We are headed for Maori takeover – true
  • That many Kiwis are fed up with the Maorification of New Zealand – true
  • The false premises put up by the government e.g. the Treaty was a partnership. What a load of bullshit. True again. 
  • That Maori have got to drop their victim  mentality – the Te Pity Party – true.
  • That Maori never had it so good as a result of colonisation – true.
  • That if you want to talk about colonisation, Maori need to look at their own colonisation before the colony even got going  under the British. Maori caused the extinction of many bird and animal species, including the Moa – true.
  • The Rotorua Bill was a racist Bill – true.

Then at the end, there is a mudslinging match, topped off by Waititi expressing how offended he was by someone calling him a racist. Yet this is what the proponents of co-governance, of which Waititi is one, do all the time to others. 

It’s their trump card to silence opposition. Racist! they cry. Such hypocrisy. 

Share this video with your networks. There is so much truth in it, so let’s not waste it.

Humour is also good for mental health!