Three Things..

Just to let you know, my day each day starts at 3 am. I go to the gym each day for an hour. The hour includes travel and shower, so the gym session is short and sharp. 

I eat good meals, but they are often on the run.  I have to keep my mind and body and emotions strong. 

I go to bed no earlier than 9pm. 

I have run out of time today to write a full blog, because my blog has to go out at 10am each day. 

Here are the three things I want you to know.


The media is much more corrupt than I thought. Much worse.  They are working for Maori activists. Once, I sensed this, now I know it. Now I have first hand proof and experience.


Kiwis, at last, are waking up.  This tour has sparked something and an awakening has started.  All the corruption and fraud is coming to light, and it’s much worse than we all think.  Hipkins and Luxon wanted Kiwis to have a conversation about co-governance and it’s now happening.  The truth about co-governance must be exposed for all Kiwis to see.  Then they can make up their own minds.


We are booming.

Despite all the negative press, and being inundated with abusive mail and texts,  I am flooded with invites, book orders, invitations to come to speak at new venues.

This is an awakening.

 This is not spin I am writing here, talking it up. 

Our growing team of committed helpers / volunteers, who are privy to the inner workings of our organisation, see these blogs, and read them carefully,  

If anything I wrote was not absolutely true, they would pull me up. 

The truth is that New Zealand is in deep deep trouble and most Kiwis don’t know it.

The greatest things you could do right now is order books and get them out and attend our meetings.  


Someone to manage our Face Book page. If you love social media, and you are completely on the same page as us, email me.

We might even be able to pay you a small weekly wage.

A Letter To The Otago Daily Times


Your decision to publish (ODT 11 March) an article about a claimed “anti-Maori event” will have done nothing to arrest the public’s fast-evaporating faith in the mainstream media.

The entire article was written from the perspective of protestors who had come to disrupt a peaceful Dargaville meeting aimed at highlighting the threats posed to our democratic institutions by plans to allow unelected iwi appointees to gain effective control of the delivery of essential public services such as health, education and water. To describe the defence of democracy as being “anti-Maori” is absurd nonsense.

Rather than devote half her article to quoting feigned outrage on the part of protestors, your reporter would have done better to expose the violence and destruction threatened by the same protestors to the proprietors of the venue of the next Stop Co-Governance event at Kerikeri.

When protestors resort to abuse and violence in order to close down free speech, and when a newspaper sides with the protestors, everyone has reason to conclude that our democracy is under serious threat.

John Bell 

Love the road show your undertaking and its about time kiwis stood up for our freedom in NZ. We would love to attend these rally’s, but we have a business and small children in a small town and wouldn’t feel safe if we attended a forum in relation to stopping co-governance. Our freedom of speech has disappeared and we’re considering leave our country to raise our children elsewhere. Sad as NZ is a beautiful country and the ‘true kiwis’ are amazing people. If security could be guaranteed at these events we’d definitely attend. Keep up the fight! Thanks kirsty


My replay to Kirsty? Don’ believe everything the media tells you.  They are portraying it as much worse than it is, to stop people attending.  The are directly and deliberately working in tandem with the activists.


Book Sales Boom

Julian’s book (below) was printed two weeks ago. Since then we’ve sold 2200 through regular sales, and 500 at the event in Kerikeri.  Our first print run was 5000 so we have sold over half in two weeks. 

Judging by this, it’s obvious that the general public are really worried about co-governance, and they ought to be. 

To order books, just send Julian an email or text stating how many books you want, and your physical address and phone number.  The booklets are $2 each plus postage. JULIAN@STOPCOGOV.KIWI

You can get more ordering details HERE 

Hero! Minister Saikolone Taufa, Kerikeri Methodist Church

Hero! Minister Saikolone Taufa, Kerikeri Methodist Church


This was the minister who stood firm at bulling, intimidation, and harassment by activists. 

As an organisation, we thank you Saikolone. 

You showed bravery and courage, where other venue managers / owners have been gutless, caving in. 

In the photo below are the two ladies (Michelle is on the left and I am sorry, I don’t know the name of the lady on the right) who had to field all the nasty calls. They too are heroines, taking a stand against bullies, and standing up for all our values which are detailed in the picture of the inside cover of my book (above).


If You Hear Or Read News Items On The Radio, Or TV, Or In Newspapers!

Please send the actual links to me so I don’t have to go searching for them. Thanks so much

More Media Propaganda, Otago Daily Times About Our Dargaville Event

The police did not break up the event.  It was not ‘anti-Maori’.  

Read the story HERE.  OMG! What lies they tell. The spin in incredible!

Read the story HERE. More spin, more misreporting!

Co-Governance All Through The Revised RMA. What A Disaster!


If you have an interest in any property including homes, commercial, industrial, business lease, whatever….
you should know that the proposed changes to the Resource Management Act is being used to slide Co-Governance into your property rights.
And it’s all being done by stealth and in as much secrecy as these mongrels can maintain.
Whilst you have been working your arses off, paying your taxes and these pricks’ huge salaries,
they have been beavering away in the wee dark hours to screw you.
This makes 3 Waters look like an inconsequential little morsel for Maori Elite’s Gravy Train. Check out the Taxpayers Union below.
By the way, where the #$*% is National on this? They should have been all over it!!!!!
Luxon needs to step up and grow a pair, unless of course he supports this Co-Governance BS. If so, he needs to step aside.
Please forward to any friends with a property or business. The only thing likely to stop this crap is public outrage.

You thought Three Waters was bad? Wait until you hear about what’s going through Parliament

Watch This Video

I have always maintained that the problem with co-governance is not to do with the average Maori on the street. They are pawns in the elite Maori coup to take over New Zealand. Ordinary Maori are being fed lies and misinformation at an alarming rate by elite Maori. They are being used and abused.

Last night in Dargaville, we saw this. The protestors had no solutions, only complaints. When questioned a little deeper, it’s obvious they didn’t have a clue what they were talking about. For example, “All out land was stolen!. We want it back! ” No, all your land was no stolen. By 1865, 90% of the land in New Zealand had been SOLD by Maori to settlers.

The truth of the matter is that Maori in the early settlement period were keen to sell their land, and did sell their land.  And when the British government was set up, it went the extra  mile to protect Maori land sales, making sure fair prices were paid.  Sir Apirana Ngata affirms this truth.

Take a look at the video and make up your own mind. What I want you to do is note all the lies and misinformation. This video will be what the average Maori on the street will be watching and drinking in.  Also note they are using children to make the video. 

Here it is HERE


The Radio New Zealand reporter is just so dishonest. There is no other way of putting it. I listened to this carefully twice to hear what she said. It’s a subtle blend of truth and lies, all delicately woven together to side with the elite Maori agenda for the takeover of New Zealand. 

Have a listen HERE

Here are the subtle lies.  There are seven of them. 

  • Police did not ask people to leave the meeting
    They did not have to break up arguments.  I closed the meeting in the normal way and thanked people for coming. 
  • I did not oppose Maori MPs.  I said Maori were over represented in Parliament and the Maori seats should be scrapped.  I was responding to a question put to me by someone in the audience in the Q and A session. 
  • The guy called Jamie was interviewed.  He can’t believe “that in this modern day and age people are talking like this.”   Never mind about truth and facts. They are irrelevant. What’s ‘this modern day and age’ got to do with it? 
  • Pandora, the councillor says what I said was racism.  No examples given.  She knows there are none.  It’s Maori who are racist. They want to be viewed a special people group, a cut above everyone else, a superior race, and to be afforded special privilege. That’s racism.  The charge “You’re a racist!” is now wearing thin. We are seeing it for what it is – a psychological trick to shut down opposition.  
  • Re: turning the mic off.  This is interesting. What I said at the beginning of the Q and A session was that if people wanted to ask a question, that was fine. What was not fine was getting the mic to make a speech on the topic they wanted. I warmed people that if they did this, they would be shut down.  Someone DID do this, so I shut them down by turning off their mic.
  • Re: saying the rabble activists reminded me of my days when I was a teacher. They were like the naughty kids in a classroom.  This is exactly what they were like. This is what I said. Except they were worse – they were ripping up books, our property, and throwing the bits all over the room.  Some were encouraging their kids to do it.  Shameful.  None of this was reported. 
  • Calling the Treaty of Waitangi a Con: I have never said this. I did not say this. I will never say this. What I said was that there is a trail of fraud and corruption dating back to 1975 and that the real treaty, the authentic Treaty, was the Treaty in Maori, NOT the rogue James Freeman version.  This is what my book is about, detailing this fraud and corruption.   The government, via activists, have elevated the James Freeman version to sacred text status, and it’s wrong. 
  • The other standout feature of this radio report is that it was not balanced.  None of our supporters were interviewed.  None were quoted.  Good journalism is balanced. It reports facts.  It report all sides of the story. This was not good journalism,  Rather, it was corrupt journalism.

Why did the reporter tell these lies? That’s obvious. She is under the heavy influence of the $55m Public Interest Journalism Fund i.e. she is being paid to say these things.

She is fuelling the activists to target hall owners / managers.  The message?  Don’t have Julian in your hall.  He is a racist and a nut case.  

Second, if you have Julian and his team at your hall, there will be trouble with police.  There will be brawling and fighting.  “You don’t want that now, do you?” is the message.

Overall impression? Julian is BAD.  The organisation is BAD.  What He says is BAD.

The truth of the matter?  The exact opposite.  He is telling the truth about the most serious political issue New Zealand has ever faced – the issue of co-governance.

Why is he being targeted?

Simply because he is communicating truth in an entertaining  and uncompromising, non-woke way, and he is exposing the hard facts and realities of co-governance.  

Just the stuff elite Maori in Wellington and around the country don’t want you to know.

The irony is, these reporters, the MSM, and the behaviour of the Maori activists in Dargaville are all graphic examples of what life to come is going to be like if we allow co-governance to march on unopposed. A foretaste of tribal rule. What do I mean?  Censorship, the end of free speech, bullying, intimidation, a corrupt media.  Conclusion? We are fast becoming the North Korea of the South Pacific or Nazi Germany in the 1930s and 40s. 

My message to you today is – please – get off the fence. Order my books, and start putting them in letter boxes. Activate.  Don’t procrastinate. This now serious.  Help with organising meetings and promoting them.  This is war.  And it’s real. 


Kerikeri Event Testimonials!

Below are some testimonials from the Kerikeri event last night

I attended the Kerkeri event last night. It was the clearest explanation of the Treaty of Waitangi I have ever heard. Congratulations Julian to your team for a superb night!


I had been reading the media coverage of the stop cogovernance tour, and was curious to see for myself. So I attended.

I have to say it was a highly informative, entertaining night.

The best night out I have had in years.

There were interruptions from Maori agitators, which was a pity. However, the information we heard was well researched, factual, and to the point. The presenter (Julian Batchelor) dynamic and engaging. I was not bored for one second, and he spoke for an hour.

 I learnt a lot and took several copies of Julian’s book home with me to give to friends and neighbours.

I was thoroughly convinced that we must stop co-governance at all costs!

Julian gave very good reasons that are impossible to refute.

I can’t recommend the event highly enough. If you can get to one, just do it.

New supporter

At the meeting in Kerikeri last night a Maori asked why the speaker continued to mispronounce the words Maori and Waitangi. The speaker did not respond. A good response would have been to ask what they think it is like for English speakers to have their language being bastardised by being interspersed with Maori words and phrases to the extent that some government documents are unintelligible to an English speaker. What would they think if Maori language was treated like that.
Danny Simms, Kerikeri (the picture is not Danny. He didn't provide a picture so I got this picture off Google)

Radio New Zealand Want Me To Comment

Hi Julian,

My name is Lucy Xia (photo above) and I’m a reporter for Radio New Zealand. We’re working on a story about the talk you gave in Dargaville as part of your anti-co-governance road-show.

Kaipara Maori Ward Councillor Pera Paniora has accused you of peddling racist views, others who attended said they were furious. What’s your response to these criticisms?


Lucy Xia | Auckland Reporter
Radio New Zealand House | 171 Hobson Street
PO Box 2209 | Auckland 1140
P: +64 (0) 21 759 243
My reply?
Hi Lucy, happy to provide comment. Just ask Ms Paniora to provide examples of racism spoken by me in the meeting.
The response?

How The Maorification Of New Zealand And Cults Are Similar, And Why The 50+ Age Group In NZ Are Heroes!

You can read today’s post HERE

Order Julian's Book Here!

Around 1200 books have gone out already which is fantastic.  It’s the fastest and best way to counter the Maorificaiton of New Zealand and Co-goverance.  Click HERE to find out how to order.

We are running out of time! 

Take Action!

The Domino Effect - Something You Need To Know

Please read. this.  

It’s hugely signficant.

My books were printed at the beginning of March. That’s 10 days ago.  1200 or more  have been sold or given away.  

In the last 10 days, we have received orders from people who have received a book in their letter box.  

Do you realise how significant this is?  

Watch closely how this works.

First generation: Person A buys 100 books and delivers them.
2nd generation: Person B gets a book delivered by person A.
3rd  generation: Person B goes out delivering and gets a book to person C. 
4th generation: Person C orders books and goes out delivering and gets a book to person D
5th generation: Person D orders book and goes out delivering and gets a book to person E

And so on…

So person A is a 5 generation book deliverer.  
How do we know this is happening? 

We ask people when they order what streets they are delivering to.  We note this on an excel spread sheet.  

Sometimes they will tell us after they have delivered the books. 

Either way, it’s recorded.

When a new person orders, we can see what street they live on.  We can then link their order back to the person who delivered a book to them.  

What’s the message? When you buy Julian’s book, and start distributing them, you start a chain reaction.  You start a domino effect. 

What’s the point? The absolute key to stopping co-governance is to raise pubic awareness of the realities of it.  The truth about it, not the lies being peddled by the media about it.  

And the only way to do that is to expose the public of New Zeland to those realities. 

And the only way you are going to expose people to those realities is to give them those realities. 

You have choices: newspaper, video, TV, radio,  book, or person testimony i.e. talking to people directly. 

 The media is tied up and in the pocket of the government so we can’t use radio, or TV or newspaper.  

We could use video but we don’t have the funds to make a high end documentary. 

So what’s left? Book and personal testimony.  Hence, I wrote my book. Hence the road tour of New Zealand. 

Now please, get going!

Make a difference!

Be the person who starts a chain reaction.  

We are running out of time.

Get off the fence!

Help save this beautiful country before it’s too late. 

Day Left Before the October 14 Election








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If you want cards, contact Gareth

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We Have A New Book Distributor Admin Guru!

Tim (picture below) is an IT expert and is helping with all the admin connected with sending out my books to people all over the country.  He is an IT whiz, and it’s so fantastic to have him helping. So if you hear from Tim, this is what he and his lovely children Christy and Daniel look like!

Thanks so much Tim.