Tomorrow (Saturday 3 February) We Are Protesting In Whanganui Against The Removal Of The Weeping Woman Statue - Join Benn And His Team!

Tomorrow (Saturday 3 February) We Are Protesting In Whanganui Against The Removal Of The Weeping Woman Statue - Join Benn And His Team!

Tomorrow, February 3rd, 12 noon (see the advert below) one of our team (Benn) and his team are leading a protest against the removal of New Zealand’s oldest memorial.

We think the removal is wrong, plain wrong!  Please join us!

Google Zealandia Heritage Foundation for more! Or call Benn direct on 027 517 0350


As I have said, we must get behind Winston, Jones and Seymour, Luxon, emailing them regularly with encouragement and our full support to expunge co-governance and Maorification from New Zealand.

Leaders need encouragement constantly.

Email Luxon urging him to do what the people of New Zealand elected him to do which was to rid the country of Maorification and co-governance.

Warn him that he will be a one term PM if he doesn’t.

Here are their email addresses:

Wanganui Mayor And Councillors Email Addresses

Mayor, Councilors’, and Council’s contact emails:

Hi/Hello/Kia ora,
I am emailing because I …(insert comments).. with the removal of the Weeping Woman war memorial from Moutoa Gardens.
I think the removal of this memorial is …(insert comments)… Because …(insert comments)…
This is New Zealand’s oldest war memorial, and it should remain in place and be maintained by the Council.
We need to remember our history because …(insert comments)…
Do not remove this crucial part of Whanganui’s history.

Exemplar 1:
I am writing to express my disdain for the Mayor and Council’s broader comments surrounding the removal of the Weeping Woman from Moutoa Gardens.
Removing a war memorial that commemorates the death of people who died for Whanganui is disgraceful.
Attempting to rewrite New Zealand’s history is shameful. Rather than removing it, why doesn’t the Council, or the established bureaucratic Board that is now dealing with the Reserve, place additional information on a sign or placard next to the memorial?
Don’t pretend our history didn’t happen – honour it.

Exemplar 2:
I want to write in support of keeping the Weeping Woman war memorial in Moutoa Gardens.
As it is New Zealand’s oldest war memorial, it is a crucial part of our country’s history. Regardless of the changes in Whanganui’s, and indeed New Zealand’s, social climate, we should always remember our history. In fact, we should honour our history, and the people that died for us, to commemorate the past. After all, is that not the point of memorials?
Removing this war memorial would be shameful act. It would disrespect Maori and European alike, and this is not acceptable.
Keep the Weeping Woman in its historic site.
Yours sincerely,

Exemplar 3:
Greetings all,
I am getting in contact to tell you how I, and many other Whanganui locals, feels about your part in the decision to remove the Weeping Woman from Moutoa Gardens. Frankly, it’s disgusting behaviour from the Council.
This is New Zealand’s oldest war memorial and you are supporting the removal of it because of the changing socio-cultural environment. Is this not a myopic point of view? Your naïve presentism shamefully disrespects those people that died on Moutoa Island and the history of this country.
If anything, you could establish an additional information board in Moutoa Gardens to contextualise the monuments and memorials there. Instead, you opt to support the removal of them, and our history along with it.
This rewriting of history is extremely disrespectful and shortsighted.
I think the Weeping Woman should remain in place.

Exemplar 4:
Kia ora koutou,
Your comments and support surrounding the removal of the Weeping Woman war memorial are completely unreasonable and devoid of honesty and maturity in the face of New Zealand’s history.
The removal of Aotearoa New Zealand’s oldest war memorial will disrespect the Māori and European people who fought for Whanganui – and who, in reality, are deserving of our respect; they gave their lives, after all.
What is the purpose of a war memorial if not to commemorate those people and events of the past? Changing attitudes and beliefs should not dictate our learning of New Zealand’s history.
Keep the memorial in place – remember what was given and what was lost, and learn from it.
Nga mihi nui,

The Treaty Truth Tour 2024 Kicks Off With A Bang In Orewa Yesterday!

The Treaty Truth Tour 2024 Kicks Off With A Bang In Orewa Yesterday!

Yesterday, we executed a warm up event in Hibiscus Coast (Auckland) for a our Treaty Truth Tour 2024!

Wow! We had such a fantastic time.

Nikki, the local organiser on the ground did a fabulous  job.

She hired a local hall and filled the place with private invitations.

Everything was incredibly well organised.

Nikki invited a few people, and those people invited their friends, and so the invites snowballed.

Everyone who accepted the invitation phoned Nikki to register for the day.

On the day, Julian invited questions from the get go.

This made such a huge difference.

On his tour of New Zealand earlier this year, and because of activists, he would structure his meetings to only allow questions at the very end.

In Hibiscus Coast yesterday all that changed.

People loved the opportunity to ask questions all the way through.

The presentation was packed with new slides and new facts from our history. 

Audience engagement was very high.  In amongst the seriousness, there was much laughter.

Nikki and her team put on a great afternoon tea.

The meeting started at 2 and ended at 5pm.  

And do you know what? We only got up to discussing Article one of the Treaty!

The reason? People had so many good questions!

If you would like to host an event in your town in 2024, to learn all about the Treaty, please call Nikki 027 490 9191

She will coach you every step of the way and show you what  to do!

To know more about the Treaty Truth Tour next year, click HERE


Try Our New Treaty Of Waitangi Quiz!

Try Our New Treaty Of Waitangi Quiz!

Click on THIS link to try the test.

What's the point? Radical Maori have gotten away with fraud and corruption all because Kiwis don't know the Treaty.

That is to say, they were not able to say 'No!' to many of the interpretations and ideas dished out in front of them  because they did not know truth of the matter.

Now, at last, you can know the truth and push back.

Do the test over and over until you become an expert - someone who can argue and debate the issue intelligently from a place of facts and truth.

Remember, in the end, truth always wins, but you need to know the truth to be in the right position to win.

Want More Details On How You Can Help With Billboards In Your Area?

Click HERE 

Please Help Us Get Our Billboards Up Around The Country!

Please Help Us Get Our Billboards Up Around The Country!

Stop Co-Governance is deadly serious about protecting democracy, free speech, one person one vote, all votes of equal value, and equal opportunities.

We think it’s worth fighting to stop racism and apartheid, Treaty of Waitangi fraud and corruption, and attempts by elite Maori to take over our country by stealth, trickery, and deceit.

Defending the one and attacking the other successfully requires skillful and relentless communication – booklets, flyers, blogs, emails, phone calls, marches, placards, banners, seminars, and….wait for it…billboards!

Billboards are an incredibly effective way to raise awareness and keep the issue top of mind. All political parties know this. Just look around the streets prior to an election.

Billboards cement a message for motorists, as they see them day after day, travelling to and from work.

The fact is, if we want to stop co-governance, we won’t do it without billboards. They are an incredible tool.

Below are just some of the designs we have come up with. You will think of others, and we welcome this.

If you like to help by putting a billboard on your property, or your fence, and you want to know how to do it, click HERE

You can view more design ideas HERE

Support Don Brash's Petition

Support Don Brash's Petition

Hobson's Pledge

Click HERE to sign the petition to stop the sea bed and foreshore being given away.

Co-Governance. Stop it before it’s too late.

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