Sean Plunket And The Massive Problem With The Media In New Zealand

Sean Plunket And The Massive Problem With The Media In New Zealand

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This is a great piece by Sean Plunket.

Julian says “One of the great challenges we have, perhaps the biggest challenge, is fighting the media.

Our media has been grooming the country for a long time to lie down and accept co-governance.

To think that it’s all fine and dandy.

That there is nothing to worry about.

That things will be much better with Maori rule.

That Maori are experts in anything and everything and that their ‘special knowledge’ and ‘ancient knowledge’ are going to make a huge difference for the better for our country.

That giving New Zealand to Maori is the right thing to do.

That this country was stolen from Maori and the right thing to do is to give it back.

That the Treaty teaches that all this is right and proper, and the Maori takeover of our country is mandated in the Treaty.

That white people should feel guilty and ashamed and that the way to atone for our terrible sins, our colonialism, is to let the takeover go on without opposing it.

In fact, the very best thing to do is to join in with the takeover. With the Maorification of New Zealand.

To become a white Maori, no less.

All this, of course, is propaganda, pure spin, lies, absolute lies.

New Zealand, right now, is in terrible trouble because of this grooming.

Because of the media.

Many Kiwis now really believe all that the media are saying, and Maori are saying, and therefore will just go with the flow.

Like hell.

This has got to be stopped. At all costs.”

Julian Is Speaking In Levin Tomorrow Tonight!

Julian Is Speaking In Levin Tomorrow Tonight!

Thursday , May 25, The Restoration Centre, 535 Queen Street, Levin 7pm

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