TV One Tries Hard To Shut Down Julian Batchelor And Stop Co-Governance

TV One Tries Hard To Shut Down Julian Batchelor And Stop Co-Governance

You can watch the TV1 News Item HERE

Want to know what propaganda and misinformation looks like?

Look no further. This TV item has it all.

No examples are given of how Julian’s booklet is ‘racist’ and how it spreads ‘misinformation’.


No examples are given as to how it represents ‘the long cloud of colonialism’.


No balance either.  

Why do they think 350,000 booklets have been printed?  

The fact is, this huge number of books have been printed because people want them.  

They are hot property.  

Kiwis are desperate to know the truth about this vital subject. 

So why is TV1 trying so hard to stop this booklet?  

They are paid to.

TV1 is under the spell of the $55m public interest journalism fund.

As such, it’s paid, using tax payer money, to pull Julian Batchelor and his booklet apart.

But the opposite is actually happening. We are booming.

Stop Co-governance is an organisation in New Zealand which is going to stop co-governance.

It’s fighting to preserve democracy, one person one vote, all votes of equal value, one law for all. It’s fighting for equality.

It’s calling the country to go back to the Treaty in Maori, Te Tiriti, back to the original meaning and intent of this Treaty.

Our government is currently not using this version. It’s using the Hugh Kawharu fraudulent version, and the James Freeman rogue version.

As such the original Maori version is now not recognisable compared to the versions of the Treaty which are being used by ‘revisionists’ today. 

This is fraud. This is corruption. 

Stop co-governance is fighting against separatism, racial division, and apartheid. It’s fighting for all New Zealanders who don’t want tribal rule.

We are fighting for all 160 cultures in New Zealand who want their children and grandchildren to grow up in a great New Zealand, a fair NZ, a democratic NZ, not in the Zimbabwe of the South Pacific.

Read Julian’s book here:

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