Last Night At Our Tauranga Event!

Last Night At Our Tauranga Event!

Last night in Tauranga was the most lively night yet on tour.

You’ll think we are joking when we talk about what happened last night, but we are not joking.

Our meeting was to start at 5pm. At 4:30 there was the sound of a helicopter, and multiple police car sirens just outside our venue.

So we went outside to check out what was going on.

Right outside our venue, police had blocked off the road and were standing around with assault rifles!

Spikes were on the road.

Lights were flashing.

We thought ‘Good one! This is going to help to bring people to our meeting. Anyone turning up for the first time will think that this is all for our meeting!’

Really, it was laughable. It was so bizarre and so ‘out there’ to be right outside our building.

In reality, it was pure co-incidence.

What’s ironic is that there were no protesters. If there were any, they probably saw the police everywhere with guns and spikes and a helicopter and thought ‘Far out, the cops are really helping Julian and his team. Too much for us! Let’s go home!”

However, the upshot is that a lot of people would have been put off from coming in to our meeting. They would have thought that all the police activity was to do with our meeting when it was not!

Apparently, there had been some domestic incident a few doors down from our hall, involving a gun. Instantly, the police had arrived in numbers.

Our meeting went ahead anyway. To get parking for our event meant people had to park a long way away.

Doubtless many would have been put off by this as well.

We had about 50 there last night. It turned out to be a fabulous night. Julian was able to slow things down, take questions during his lecture. The atmosphere was great. We had a break at the half way point which worked well too.

And we had no Q and A as the whole session had been A and Q.

The people who came were quality – intelligent, thinkers, savvy, and awake to realities. It was a real pleasure to be part of last night.

Julian has changed / modified his slides a bit, as he does after every event, and we think they and he are just getting better and better!

Tonight we are in the same location again, same time!

Let’s hope this time with no armed defenders squad.  

In the photo below, you can’t see them, but on the road between the two policemen cars are road spikes, and the cops are carrying assault rifles! Overhead is a helicopter! Sheesh

Someone just sent me a Stuff article about it, which you can read HERE


Special Thanks To Wayne!

Yesterday, I asked if anyone was travelling from Hamilton to Tauranga, and Wayne answered the call.  So grateful to you Wayne, going out of your way to get them and bring them to our Tauranga meeting!