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Be Sure To Join Our New Telegram Group!

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Victory In Dunedin!

Victory In Dunedin!

We experienced a great victory in Dunedin last night.

I mean, a really great victory!

We hired an upstairs conference room at the Kensington Hotel which was perfect.

The room was packed!

Being upstairs, we were a long way from all the rabble congregating at the door of the hotel.

The Kensington Hotel staff were incredible.

Please support this hotel by going and having meals and drinks there.

They have been hammered on-line by protesters making up fake negative Google reviews.

This just shows the dark hearts and minds of the protesters and how their moral compass is spinning.

They condemn themselves with their behaviour.

They turned up on mass with their usual loud hailers, people dressed in monkey suits, and limp placards.

Some even climbed onto the roof of the hotel to try to get in.

Interestingly, rats demonstrate the same behaviour when trying to enter domestic homes.

Such a sad lot, really.

We had six of our team helping the two Kensington Hotel security staff.

So eight security people in total.

Upstairs, where the conference was being held, we had perfect conditions – no interruptions, warm open fires, a beautiful character room with amazing seating.

It was such a treat.

One had to listen hard to even hear the protesters. They were irrelevant. Just how it should be.

The ‘vibe’ in the room was just so lovely – people all hungry to listen and learn, lots of humour, good questions, and we were able to get food and drinks on tap from the hotel.

Truly, it was the perfect venue. After the half time break in the seminar, people returned with drinks, hot chips, and all kinds of other food. Wow!

There was a HUGE sense of team in the room – people were dead keen and motivated to now get one of Julian’s books to everyone in Dunedin and the surrounding rural areas.

This team in Dunedin are just incredible.

So hospitable, so eager to help, so willing to muck in, no matter what the cost. So loving and caring.

They have saving the country in their cross hairs.

They are battlers with huge hearts.

I have to say, Geoff the Bee Man (that’s what he likes to be called), the man who organized everything in the bottom of the South Island for us, has done a sterling job.

A group of men came with Geoff and they are going to go to Balclutha, the next event, to support Julian

Julian will spend today meeting with the Dunedin leadership team to plan the way forwards.

Next event? Balclutha Tuesday night. That’s the 20th of June, 7pm

Thank you too, for all those around the country, in multiple centers now, who are staying steady and are out there delivering books.

Street Marches are not far away now. Watch this space.

A Great Start In Dunedin!

A Great Start In Dunedin!

 .Yesterday afternoon at 4pm (the official start time), we had an almost capacity Scout hall in Dunedin.

The crowd was there.

The vibe was there.

People had gathered to hear.

The stage was set.

We all thought we were in for a great time.

It looked like the right to free speech would, rightly, reign supreme.

We were doing what our Prime Minister Hipkins and the leader of the opposition Mr Luxon had both exhorted us to do. Which was?

Discuss / debate co-governance.

Around 3:55pm, protesters, about 30 in number, started to gather at the meeting entrance with loud hailers.

When the door was closed, they became a very minor distraction.

One or two protesters had got inside, and were soon ejected when they fired up, after the meeting had started.

As I said, free speech, it seemed, would rule and reign. And rightly so. The right to free speech is the cornerstone of democracy. When free speech is cancelled, the seeds of dictatorship and authoritarian rule are sown.

LISTEN to what famous British comedian Rowan Atkinson has to say about this.

With Julian about 20 minutes into his presentation, the local Scout Association representative burst into the hall announcing in a loud voice that the meeting was over.

It was a dramatic way to end the meeting.

His reason?

“What was happening was a bad look for the Scout’s Association in New Zealand”.

The police then lost control. Protesters started to enter the room, one dressed in a monkey suit.

The crowd inside, who had come to hear what Julian had to say, were angry.

Very angry.

Their right to hear Julian was cancelled.

Many had travelled distances to come and hear Julian.

Without doubt, many had never experienced anything like what they experienced last night.

Which was?

First, the crowd witnessed first-hand the cowardice of the Scout’s Association.

Rather than being strong and resolute, living up to their motto, making a stand for free speech, democracy, racial unity, equality, and the rule of law, against separatism, apartheid, and racism, they caved in.

This is the official Scout motto

“The Scout Motto is: BE PREPARED which means you are always in a state of readiness in mind and body to do your DUTY. Be Prepared in Mind by having disciplined yourself to be obedient to every order, and also by having thought out beforehand any accident or situation that might occur, so that you know the right thing to do at the right moment, and are willing to do it. Be Prepared in Body by making yourself strong and active and able to do the right thing at the right moment, and do it. “To do the right thing at the right moment”

The leaders of the Scouts did the opposite.  

They did the wrong thing when they were called to do right. 

What about the police?

Before the meeting began, they insisted that anyone could enter the building.

In this respect, they got it quite wrong.

Our meeting was private, with a sign outside clearly announcing this.

As such, by law, we had the right to refuse anyone entry.

So by forcing us to allow anyone to enter, the police failed.

What the Sergeant did was akin to allowing anyone to enter a private wedding reception and then forcibly removing unwanted people after the entry.

What a farce that would be.  But this is what happened last night.

They set the night up for failure.

The Sergeant in charge didn’t know the law.

He advised that “If a protester fires up inside, you tell them they are trespassing”.

Then, he said, “after the notice of trespass is issued verbally by the hirer of the hall, we have the power / authority to remove them.”

This they did.

But it was all so unnecessary. How so?

Protesters ought never have been allowed to enter in the first place. This was a private meeting.

Furthermore, when a protester was removed, it broke the flow of the meeting – an unnecessary intrusion upon the rights of those inside to hear Julian.

Also upon Julian’s right to speak.

A breach of their rights to listen, uninterrupted. This all happened because the Sergeant didn’t know the law.

Police failure aside, the night was a huge success. How so?

Those who came witnessed first hand the sick state of our country.

Free speech is no more.

Thugs and protesters are freely able to cancel a public meeting.

The police don’t know the law, and thus seem incompetent to uphold it. This alone is a certain marker of a deteriorating society.

Anarchy has become more important than democracy.

Cancel culture more important than the right to speak freely.

Public debate on crucially important issues is now not allowed.

The rule of a minority (the protesters) can overrule the rights of the majority (the crowd who had come to listen).

There is nothing, nothing, as powerful as something experienced firsthand, of being somewhere, and seeing it with one’s own eyes.

All this and more, the crowd experienced, firsthand last night.

Their memories of that night will deeply impact them. Those memories will be indelible.

What they experienced, the sounds of the sirens, the megaphones, those sights, the police all at sea, the protestors, what they witnessed with their own eyes – what will be the effect?

Many told us afterwards,

“It has given us  a greater resolve to rise up and fight harder to save our country.  We would not have believed them if someone had told us.  But tonight we have seen it with our own eyes!”

In other words, the lost and deluded protestors, the cowardly response of the Scout’s Association, the police incompetence, all fueled a great fire already burning in the hearts of those who came to hear Julian, those already fighting for our country.

In combination, these things have had a profound effect on those who came to listen, much more profound that hearing what Julian had to say.

In this respect, the night was a huge success.

What should have the evening been like?

The police ought to have helped / backed / enforced Julian and his team to filter people at the door, only letting in those who were invited. It was a private meeting.

The protestors ought to have been only allowed to gather on the footpath outside the Scout hall. Instead, they came onto the property, gathering at the entrance to the hall.

They ought never have been allowed to step onto the property. In this respect, they were trespassing, but the police allowed it.

The Scout Association ought to have lived up to their motto, but they didn’t. Shame on them.

This was a terrible failure at a senior leadership level, and such a poor example of leadership, on display for all the little Scouts under them to see.

The people inside, who had come to hear Julian, ought to have had their right to hear him vigorously protected.

The very opposite happened.

Welcome to the new New Zealand, the country shaping up nicely to becoming the Zimbabwe of the South Pacific.Today,

Sunday, we are meeting again.