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Try Our New Treaty Of Waitangi Quiz!

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What's the point? Radical Maori have gotten away with fraud and corruption all because Kiwis don't know the Treaty.

That is to say, they were not able to say 'No!' to many of the interpretations and ideas dished out in front of them  because they did not know truth of the matter.

Now, at last, you can know the truth and push back.

Do the test over and over until you become an expert - someone who can argue and debate the issue intelligently from a place of facts and truth.

Remember, in the end, truth always wins, but you need to know the truth to be in the right position to win.

Maori Default To Their Biggest Tricks To Stop The Act Party Referendum : Threats, Bullying, And Intimidation

Maori Default To Their Biggest Tricks To Stop The Act Party Referendum : Threats, Bullying, And Intimidation

This was a recent meeting at the Kaipara District Council. The Maori lady speaking is a guest speaker.


When I first saw this video, I thought “This has to be staged. It just can’t be genuine, surely?”

So I phoned the Mayor of Kaipara, just to check.

And sure enough, it was genuine.

The lady talking is not acting, she is not fooling around, she’s actually being serious! OMG!

These are the kinds of people we are told we are in partnership with via the Treaty.

Seriously, who would want to have this lady or any like her in any kind of team?

Who would want her in any kind of leadership position? Who would want to be in any kind of partnership arrangement with her?

In my last blog, yesterday, I talked about Maori activists having a bag of trick.

What are these tricks? Things like lying, bullying, intimidation, violence. threats, bluffing, acting, and so on.

On display in this video is one of the big ones: the desire to control .

And so what they do is use all their other tricks to achieve this end.

The desire to control people and situations is really what I call the King trick. It’s the one that over arches all others.

Activist Maori want to control people and situations. They are addicted to it.

This desire can be traced all the way back to pre-1840 when Maori chiefs had slaves.

And of course, the key thrill for the chief was that he had a group of people who were totally under his control. This is the reason stop cogovernance as a movement was formed.

What reason? We refuse to be slaves of the Maori elite.

Just watch this lady pull out a series of tricks from her bag of tricks to get control of the councillors in the room.

First trick? intimidation. Her demeanour is aggressive with a lot of finger pointing, arm waving, neck protrusion, and eye glaring. These are all tricks to get control of the councillors.

Second trick? voice tone. The tone is once again aggressive and accusative. She accuses the councillors of not listening, of being distracted by their phones and laptops, of not giving her their full undivided attention, of not answering her emails, of not being attentive to her every need. Voice tone is designed to break down the councillors to get control of them.

Third trick? voice volume. This is a big one for activists. They often raise their voices so as to talk over the top of people. This is why I never engage with them. They want to draw their opponents into a shouting match. You’ll never beat them with shouting louder. They have had a lot of practice in their homes, with police officers, court staff in our judiciary. Really it’s using bullying to get control.

Fourth trick, there is attitude. She talks down to the councillors in the room like they are toddlers being told off. I am surprised she did not tell them to sit up straight and fold their arms otherwise they would not be allowed out at play time. Once again, control and manipulation.

The classic instruction from her was definitely ‘no eye rolling’ and ‘no looking at each other sideways’ and ‘definitely not looking at the important papers on your desk!’ She obviously is quite familiar with how audiences in previous meetings have reacted to her. At least she is observant.

She starts off by saying she is going to ‘set expectations’ and waves her phone around. Truly, this is the stuff of Nazi Germany and the third reich.

Click on THIS link to see the reaction of one of the councillors during the meeting.

Fifth, they ignore the rules. The mayor asks her to stop but she ignores him. This goes back to the need to control and to be in control.

Sixth, there is gross hypocrisy. She demands respect, but gives none. This is typical activism behaviour. She bangs on about how she has had to take time off work to go to the council meeting, but ignores the fact that her 6 minute rant is wasting the time of 12 councillors and other staff in the room. She wants our sympathy for taking time off work.

Be wary of the sympathy card they pull. They use it a lot. The sympathy card is trick number seven.

The eighth trick? arrogance. She thinks she is a hot shot, and amazing, but really, for all the above reasons, she is the opposite. A loser, in fact.

Number 9? , delusion. She advises the council that they should consult with “experts”. Who are these experts? Manu Whenua, she says. This would make a good Tui Beer advert. “Yeah, right”. As such, she is delusional.

Tenth trick? ignorance. She accuses the council of shirking their Treaty obligations. What were those obligations? To set up democracy and rule. What does that mean for the people of New Zealand? Submitting to the authority of the government. What does that mean?

Given that local councils are representative of ‘government’, this activist, by pulling out her bag of tricks in the council meeting, is breaching the Treaty. How so? She is not submitting to government. Rather, she is trying to ride rough shod over it and take control.

How should we conclude?

In yesterday’s blog I talked about activists being toddlers in adult bodies.

This lady is a prime example.

The real hero in the room is Mayor Craig Jepson.

Why? He shut her down, and was applauded by other councillors for doing it.

My only criticism of Craig was that he was six minutes too late in making that call.

But all was not lost, It was playtime anyway at the Kaipara council kindy.

Huge Area Of Hauraki Gulf To Be Designated "Maori Only Fishing". This is apartheid, plain and simple.

Huge Area Of Hauraki Gulf To Be Designated "Maori Only Fishing". This is apartheid, plain and simple.

The image below is from South Africa in the 60’s. It says CAUTION. BEWARE OF NATIVES

Kiwis in the 1970’s and 80’s were so horrified by this image, and others, coming out of South Africa that we took to the streets in protest.

And rightly so.

Yet now, only a short 40 of so years later, we are promoting Maori only this that and the other thing.

In other words, we are promoting apartheid.

What would you think if the sign said ‘CAUTION. BEWARE OF WHITE PEOPLE’ and such signs began to appear all over New Zealand.

Sound ridiculous? Not so.

The signs have not started to appear yet, but the ideas have. Yep, big time. Apartheid is back in New Zealand.


Well, the latest to surface is the plan by the government to designate huge areas of the Hauraki Gulf as MAORI ONLY FISHING AREAS

Hard to believe it’s actually happening, but it is.

It’s only a proposal at this stage, but the very fact that the people drafting this legislation are serious about implementing it is a real concern.  

The fact is, their proposal is not a sick joke.  They are deadly serious.

You can read the story HERE

Our Children Are Being Deliberately Brainwashed At School.

Our Children Are Being Deliberately Brainwashed At School.

Your children, our children, are deliberately being brainwashed at school.

This morning a parent sent me an email with a great example.

Check out the picture below.

The reason they are being brainwashed?

Activists have made it clear they want to what they call ‘groom’ the next batch of voters coming through.

What this means is that they are grooming our children to vote for all things Maori when they are old enough to vote.

In other words, schools have changed from places of leaning into being idealogical Maorification centres.

If you have more examples of how your children are being brainwashed at school, please send them to me.

Look At The Picture Below

This is sent to Board of Trustees, which is in turn sent to all teacher. 

If this is not brainwashing, what is? 

Why Are Maori So Worried About Act And David Seymour's "Principles Of The Treaty" Being Defined?

Why Are Maori So Worried About Act And David Seymour's "Principles Of The Treaty" Being Defined?

First, watch THIS VIDEO

My question is this – if Maori are only interested in truth, the truth about the Treaty, why would the Maori Party and Maori radicals want to oppose what David Seymour is wanting to do?

That is to say, if Maori are telling the truth about the Treaty, walking in the truth of the Treaty, and standing on the Truth of the Treaty, they would have nothing to fear.

Truth speaks for itself. 

But they are not standing on the truth. This why they are so worried. 

They are standing on 45 years of lies, deception, bullying, and intimidation.

The only reason they are opposing David Seymour is because he is threatening to bring to truth out in the open. 

He is going to take the covers off 45 years of lies, deception, trickery, the loss of billions of dollars and assets fraudulently obtained by Maori over all those years. 

What does interest them, more than anything, is keeping the gravy train going.



The Maori Party and Maori Radicals and their fellow white woke travellers have weaponised the word ‘racist’ to shut down opposition so that they can carry on with their plans to take over the country unopposed.

Labelling people ‘racist’ is just a cheap psychological trick.

But when you ask them what a racist is, they don’t know, as we have just seen in the video.

Now here’s the thing-most Kiwis don’t know what a racist is either. All they know is that it’s not nice to be called a racist.

So to avoid being called a racist, they stop opposing anything racist that the Maori Party and radical Maori are doing.

They “Keep their heads down and keep quiet”

So we come full circle back to being exactly where the Maori Party and radical Maori want us to be which is?

Lying down, keeping our mouths shut, not opposing anything they say or do.

This is a completely wrong response.  Surely, surely, you can see what’s going on here? 

The irony is, we (i.e. Stop co-governance and all our supporters) are not racist at all.  In fact, we are the ones standing up against racism!

We must recognise how all this works, and stand up and fight the coup and those who are driving it. 

What’s more important – you being labelled a racist, and taking it on the chin and not worrying about it, and taking a stand by taking up the fight, or you getting sucked in by their cheap psychological tricks, lying down, shutting up, and losing your country? You know the answer.

Take the heat, grow some, take it on the chin when you are called ‘racist!’ and start openly and radically opposing the coup.

Stop being a sissy and make a stand.

Complain To Hoyts Cinemas

Look at the picture below. This is appearing in Hoyts cinemas.

What wrong with it? It’s brain washing.

But hang on, what, specifically, is wrong with it? 

First, Maori are not Tangata Whenua. This means ‘people of the land’.

Maori take this to mean ‘the first people of the land’ or ‘the most important people of the land’

Or ‘the people in the land who everyone must show respect’. 

No, there are 5 million people here and 160 cultures. We are all equal. So singling out one group over the rest is racist.

Second, Maori were not the first people here.

There is strong evidence that other people groups were here before them.

So Hoyts is advertising at worst lies, at best highly controversial opinion.

There is absolutely no scientific proof Maori were the first here. 

In fact, there is strong evidence other people groups were here before them.  

They are definitely not indigenous. 

Third, Aotearoa is not the official name of our country. It never has been. This change was never mandated by the 5 million people of New Zealand.

Rather, it was forced on them by the radical Maori racists in collaboration with a corrupt media.

Using the word Aotearoa is now highly offensive to many Kiwis. 

Fourth, when Hoyts says “we pay respects to such and such,……”  this is blatantly racist.

I re-iterate, whenever one racial group is elevated over another,, this is evidence of racism at play, and of the spreading of apartheid.

So in summary, it could rightly be said that Hoyts is propagating lies, racism, apartheid, inequality, and historical controversy.

This is a message to Hoyts Cinemas.

“If you want to stop people coming to your theatres, and start losing revenue, and keep offending people, keep up this advertising.”

Let Hoyts know you object strongly to all this. 

Email their CEO

Letter to Hoyts

Letter to Hoyts

CEO of an Auckland company

Dear Damian,

I was surprised to see the following on the screen in Sylvia park

There are no defined principals of the treaty, there are only the actual articles signed in 1840, by the Maoris and Queen Victoria’s representative, Period.

These “Principals” you speak of are not related to the articles, they were created in 1986 when Jeffery Palmer our PM at the time inserted the term “the principals of the treaty” into legalisation. They were and still remain undefined by parliament.

These statements on your screens are racist, they disregard the facts surrounding the origins of Maori and their incredible journey to reach NZ in the 14th Century

We are one people in New Zealand and this racist separation promoted by Hoyts is unwanted by the vast majority of New Zealanders.

This is no different to when on the 14th October the Australian people spoke clearly and overwhelmingly with a no – they rejected racist separation for Australians, just as we will in New Zealand

When you separate one group of our society based on race over all other New Zealanders you promote separatism, disharmony and racism. I would remind you that Racism is illegal in New Zealand.

Just so you are aware “Tangata whenua” means all people born in New Zealand not just one race

These statements are a highly political issue in New Zealand and not something businesses and you representing your shareholders should not be involved in taking political positions on

These messages are offensive to most New Zealanders including Maori

I hope Hoyts can reconsider there position on promoting racial disharmony in New Zealand



More and More Kiwis Are Pushing Back Against Maori Language

More a more Kiwis are pushing back against the forcing of Te Reo in New Zealand.

The incident reported in the newspaper report below is just one of dozens happening all around the country.

We hear about them because people sent us photos of what they are noticing / seeing as they go about their day.

By the way, the statistics about the number of kiwis who know the Maori language or who speak a bit of it is fake.

The ‘statistics’ and this ‘research’ are contrived. They are attempts to ‘talk into being’ something which is not.

Anne Tolley is well known as the queen of woke.

More Homeowners Suffer Possible Private Property Loss As A Result of Iwi Interference.

More Homeowners Suffer Possible Private Property Loss As A Result of Iwi Interference.

You can read the story HERE

A different home owner wrote to me. You can read her story

Hi Julian and Brooke,
Don’t you think it is time to start getting a signed partition going for a stop co-governance referendum and putting it forward to govt so they have to take action.

I don’t think the majority of NZers have any idea of the repocussions of co-governance nor the probability that racism catering to a minority group of elite tribal Maori will undermine NZ and all NZers, the justice system and every other govt department and basically enslave us all except elite tribal Maori to lives of complete and utter control by Elite tribal Maori.

I live in the west coast and the te tai poutini plan which is claiming historical Maori significance to large areas of land including my very small lifestyle block, which never had any such significance.

This means that I will have to go to nga taihu or local Maori tribe to get permission to do what I want with my land. Submissions are being heard, however delays due to numerous mistakes made by the incompetent designers/instigators/council managers of the whole sorry corrupt racist travesty that I call limposter land control”, are holding up the process.

I see it as an illegal way to again take what is not theirs to take.

It won’t be long before elite tribal Maori will control the whole shibang.

Nothing less than a third world country under elite tribal Maori dictatorship. I for one have had enough.

I sure as hell am as angry and disgusted with continuing govts to have let it get to this contemptuous stage considering that most of co-governance has been formulated on myths, deceit and BS.


Free Speech Union Goes To Bat Against Taupo Council Who Stopped Julian Batchelor From Speaking

Free Speech Union Goes To Bat Against Taupo Council Who Stopped Julian Batchelor From Speaking

Earlier this year, the Taupo Council stopped Julian Batchelor from speaking at one of their council owned buildings

The Free Speech Union said this was illegal.

So they are mounting a legal challenge against the council.

You can read the story HERE

Massage Therapist Denied Accreditation For Not Being Able To Do "Maori Massage"

Massage Therapist Denied Accreditation For Not Being Able To Do "Maori Massage"

Massage Therapist Denied Accreditation For Not Being Able To Do “Maori Massage”

A person who is a qualified massage therapist with an NZQA Level 6 Diploma in Therapeutic Massage and holds a New Zealand Massage registration rang ACC to apply for accreditation with them. This person is a New Zealand citizen raised in NZ.

They asked her what her iwi was.

She replied that she did not have one and asked how she could get one.

ACC asked her if she knew Miri Miri Maori massage.

She replied that she could learn it.

Even though she was willing to learn Miri Miri Maori massage, she was still denied. She was not able to be an ACC Massage Therapist because she did not have an iwi and was not trained in Miri Miri Maori Massage. This is a shocking case of racism.

This highly experienced and qualified massage therapist was turned down on her race. Her experience did not matter.
There is a Maori woman in her area who is ACC registered and who only does Miri Miri Maori massage.

Say No To Maori Wards On Auckland Council.

Say No To Maori Wards On Auckland Council.

In spite of widespread opposition, it looks like Auckland Council are going to go ahead and vote in Maori Wards.

To do this is to trash democracy.

You can find out how you can try and stop this by clicking HERE

Feel Like A Good Laugh? Then watch this!

Feel Like A Good Laugh? Then watch this!

This is about the lunatic left. Watch the video HERE

What Does 'Tino Rangatiratanga' mean? How Activists Have fraudulently Used These Words To Plunder New Zealand

What Does 'Tino Rangatiratanga' mean? How Activists Have fraudulently Used These Words To Plunder New Zealand

Over the pass 45 years activists have used the phrase ‘tino rangatirtanga’ to plunder New Zealand’s cash and assets.

You never hear anyone question them about it. 

 This is why they have got away with so much

No more.

To read about what ‘tino rangatiratanga’ really means, read THIS

Please pass this on to everyone everywhere.

John Tamihere Video Alarming.  He Says Maori Will Resort To Violence If They Don't Get What They Demand.

John Tamihere Video Alarming. He Says Maori Will Resort To Violence If They Don't Get What They Demand.

He is the clearest example of what tribal rule will be like that you will ever get.

Watch THIS video

What Tamihere is saying is ‘If you don’t do what we want, we’ll get violent”

This is terrorist talk. 

Is this how you want New Zealand to be run?  Would you like this kind of leadership?

He also talks about ‘the tyranny of the majority’.

What does this mean?

For Tamihere it means that what the majority think (i.e. in a democracy, the majority are the people who vote a political party into government) does not matter.

All that matters, according to Tamihere, is what Maori think and want.

What does this tell us?

It tells us that Maori are only interested in what Maori want.

The rest of us don’t matter.  They are not ‘for’ New Zealand. They are for Maori only.

They are not interested in democracy, or democratic process. 

In other words, Maori want to be the chiefs of New Zealand, and the rest of us slaves.

The slaves have no say, and are of no consequence. They want to take us all the way back to pre-1840 New Zealand.

This is how the leaders of tribal rule think.

They say their justification “is in the Treaty”. Let me say categorically, it is not in the Treaty.

All their demands are based on Treaty fraud and trickery.

Tamihere threatens “through his networks” to shut down Whangarei, Auckland, Tauranga, Wellington etc”

Oh really?

He bluffing. He’s trying to sound like a lion, like the King of the jungle, but really he is a kitten.

Our response?

If Tamihere and co want to get violent and shut down the country if their demands are not met, then we say “Bring it on”.

We will not be bullied and intimidated.

What matters is that the truth about Treaty fraud and corruption over the last 45 years is brought into the light and exposed.

What matters is the preservation of democracy and equality. What matters is that we eliminate apartheid and racism from New Zealand.

And if there is a cost to preserving the former, and eliminating the latter, and bringing the truth of the Treaty to light, then we will count the cost.

If our soldiers went to war to preserve the former and eliminate the latter, and lost their lives doing it, then what sacrifice of ours is too great? 

When we take up this fight, we take the baton from our soldiers in the two great wars.

We say again, bring it on.

Ron Writes: "Tamihere A Terrorist!"

“No doubt John Tamihere is correct, that it is quite likely some Maori will resort to violence if they don’t get what they want. After all there is a long history of that approach, including the ToW being signed as a desperate attempt to escape the violence being perpetrated on each other. Violence clearly was very much integral to the Maori way of life as an accepted method of getting what tribes wanted, a deeply ingrained trait that’s not going away any time soon.
“The tyranny of the majority” is also a hardly surprising perspective, coming from a tribal aristocrat. Worrying though when the person, clearly no supporter of democracy, was at one time a prominent member of a Labour Government.
In any case this kind of talk should be making us all the more determined to see a full return to democracy with racism gone.  If that means dealing with some violence, so be it.”

National Is Going to Keep Co-Governance Going

National Is Going to Keep Co-Governance Going

National is not going to stop co-governance.

The opposite in fact. They are going to keep it going.

They say they are not in favour of co-governance with respect to social services, like hospitals. This is to be commended.

But they are fully in favour when it comes to what they call ‘the management of natural resources’.

By this they mean the management of rivers, lakes, mountains, the ocean etc.

This is completely wrong. Why?

If the new National government wants to “co-manage” (this is what they are calling it to get away from the controversial term ‘co-governance’ but really they are the same thing) natural resources with private enterprise, they should use a tender process to allow all the 160 cultures living here to have a go at winning the tender.

Why should one cultural group be given priority, to the exclusion of all others?

Aren’t we supposed to be living in a democracy – One law for all, equal opportunity for all, yes?

It’s crucial to hold on to these if we want to live in a democracy.

Anything less is apartheid, and racist, and a breach of the Treaty which guaranteed equality for all (Article 3).

National doesn’t seem to think democracy is important.

For them, apartheid and racism is better.  We are going to fight to stop this.

Maori Threaten Violence If Treat Of Waitangi Is Touched

Maori Threaten Violence If Treat Of Waitangi Is Touched

First, read THIS

John Tamihere and James Shaw are threatening violence if anyone touches the Treaty.

This is the Maori way. Might is right. This is tribal rule in action.

In other words, “If you don’t agree with us, we get violent!”

Is this the way you want New Zealand to be ruled?

From 1975 when the Treaty of Waitangi Act was passed until now, this is how activists have got their way.

Threats and intimidation.  Politicians have caved into them.

Luxon looks set to do this. Cave in.

Are we going to let this continue to happen? No way!

We need to get to the bottom of all the Treaty fraud and corruption over the past 45 years and put an end to it.

What Tamihere and Shaw want is for the population of New Zealand to turn a blind eye so that Maori can march on unopposed to 2040.  

Why 2040.  This is the date set down in the He Puapua report that Maori will have complete control of New Zealand.


Mr Luxon:- Re your comment on a referendum on the am show this morning!!!

Firstly I make it quite clear that I am not racist. I believe that all NZERS should have the same opportunities, rights, and ability to have a good life with equality for all no matter what race, colour, creed, culture or beliefs so long as they abiide by the laws of the country and respect each other.

What is devisive and racist is not letting the majority have a say, not letting them know the facts and letting the minority take all under co-governance. Being blackmailed by the few reverting to violence (as per James shaw and John tamahere via Ryan Bridges) and holding the country to ransom by these means is not democracy. Not to have a a referendum under this type of threat is overtly one sided, offensive, devisive and undemocratic. You might think it easier and common sense not to hold a referendum. The problem with common sense is that it is not that common, and the problem with easy is that the easy way out is avoidance and a cop out. WHAT ARE YOU SO AFRAID OF. DO YOU THINK that not allowing a referendum is fair to all NZers!!!. WHY are we not allowed a choice. I was an avid supporter of National. However this is the reason WHY I VOTED ACT AND NOT NATIONAL BECAUSE I HAD ALREADY WORKED OUT YOUR AVOIDANCE OF THE ISSUE. I HOPE THAT ANOTHER ROUND OF JACINDERISM (a game of hide and seek disinformation, no information) UNDER NATIONAL RE CO-GOVERNANCE WILL NOT PURSUE. Mr Peters appears to have a better handle on the fundamental devisive values of co-governance, and the historical fact that Maori came from Hawaiki so therefore are not indigenous, therefore no more entitled than any other NZER, specifically so because they ceeded to British law and we were all given equal rights under British law and the treaty. Regardless of your political differences I do hope that you do consider his knowledge and opinion on the subject of co-governance and for that matter the interpretation of the treaty and the myths.

NZers were under informed about co-governance and the consequences and outcomes of co-governance and refusing to give the countrys peoples the information in full and the opportunity to have their say is no better than socialistic communism. In short political sculdugery. It is not racist it is how a TRUELY fair process of democracy works and the end result has been decided fairly. I believe in freedom of speech and democracy and will be willing to accept the outcome of a referendum. Australia has just persued this process why can’t we.

Luxon, Be Strong! Don't Give In To Tamihere's Threats

National Are "In" But Co-Governance Rumbles On

National Are "In" But Co-Governance Rumbles On

National won by a convincing majority.

Sure, this is infinitely better than Labour, the Greens, and the Maori Party returning.

But the fact that Act and New Zealand First did not get a bigger share of the votes is a big worry.

A bigger share for them would have meant more leverage to stop National from continuing with co-governance.

Act and NZ First are the two parties wanting to expunge co-governance from all New Zealand legislation.

Expunge means to get rid of it completely.

With a smaller vote count, a smaller slice of the vote pie, this is not going to happen.

Act will have fewer people around the Cabinet table. NZ First will have none.

It’s the Cabinet table that counts. This is where the big decisions are made.

What we need now, desperately, is a strong powerful Prime Minister who will put New Zealand into co-governance remission.

Luxon is not that man.

Roll on election 2026.

Meanwhile, as a movement, for the next three years at least, we are going to fight on, stronger than ever, to stop co-governance.



As expected, the Labour Government has suffered the worst defeat in its history and no everyone, it had nothing to do with Covid-19.

Yes, the billions of dollars (necessary) paid out has affected our economy – but much like the rest of the world that can be corrected with a capable Government – the main reason was another (misguided ideology).

The absolute hatred for the division of NZ can only be laid at the door of the Jacinda Ardern / Chris Hipkins’ dictatorship. The people no longer recognise our country – both need to take a bow.

International community – Former PM Ardern was instructed to resign (she did not want to) by her own party due to the hatred of her by the people and what she had forced upon us – it was already clear at that time with her in power the Labour party was guaranteed to lose.

Upon taking up the baton – former PM Chris Hipkins had an opportunity to stop with the greed and the not-mandated implementation of Apartheid Rule / Co-governance – he chose not to and was repaid last night (for his arrogance) with a landslide loss of power.


Consequently, Christopher Luxon / Davis Seymour the country expects urgent action on what has devastated NZ (because that is what is required) to put a stop to the gold-plated “junket” that is the gravy-train being exploited by the Maori Elite.

The incredible landslide loss of power (by Labour) was due solely to the introduction (by stealth) of Apartheid Rule / Co-governance.


Rest assured, the work that Julian Batchelor has put in (on behalf of his country) has paid off.

He has spent a lot of his time and money in alerting the general public to the dangers and undemocratic process that is Co-governance.

Julian, and your team, on behalf of the NZ public – thank you.

Those of us who understand what is going on (and in the absence of a Fourth Estate) know the incredible personal cost that such battles take.

Last night’s loss of Election 2023 is testimony of that, and incoming Prime Minister Christopher Luxon would do well to heed the lesson.

I understand from your videos that you will continue the fight until Co-governance is well and truly stopped. Unfortunately, this is still required as the incoming National-led Government won’t be so quick to end the “jobs for the boys” – let’s not forget, it’s an extremely lucrative gold-plated gravy train.