Watch This Video Of Seymour Explaining His Treaty Bill

Watch This Video Of Seymour Explaining His Treaty Bill

One of the 18 Strategies used by activists to dupe Kiwis about the Treaty actually says is to pump out Treaty misinformation. 

You can read more about their strategies HERE

So what David has had to do to counter Treaty misinformation is put out his own video. 

This way he can’t be misinterpreted or twisted or maligned.

You can watch the video HERE

Basically, when one boils down all he is saying, he is saying that all Kiwis, under the law, and according to the Treaty in Maori, are to be treated equally. 

He does say how he comes to this from the Treaty, but he is right none the less. 

In the Treaty Maori were given British citizenship, which they welcomed. 

The British installed democracy in New Zealand, under the Treaty. 

In a democracy, all those will citizenship are treated equally. 

This is why Seymour can assert that the Treaty mandates that all people are to be treated equally. 

Maori activists reject this.  They want preferential treatment, special privilege. 

The problem is they can never point out from the Treaty where the Treaty gives them this. 

It’s doesn’t.  That the truth. 



Why Are Kiwis So Angry With National?

Why Are Kiwis So Angry With National?

Our supporters regular write to us to let us know their thoughts.

We love it that they do this.

Below is a selection.  They are priceless.


Ron writes: ‘Although various commentators have been representing National’s coalition win as though it was a call to end Maorification, the reality is that it was no such thing, as Luxon never indicated that would be National’s policy.  Rather it was only David Seymour with ACT, and to a lesser extent NZ First, that promised such reforms. Objectively only the relatively small numbers voting for those two minor parties could be reasonably said to be prioritising elimination of co-governance and other prejudicial policies favouring Maori. Rather National with Luxon have at every opportunity side stepped the conversation about such matters, cleverly avoiding scaring the horses.  Few seem to have read between the lines that a nothing to see here approach was effectively endorsing  co-governance at least at a local level. The promise to remove 3 waters and the Maori health authority was wishfully misread as being much broader than it was.  So right now, unless David Seymour can somehow galvanise the nation behind the Treaty Principles Bill we’re back into a Labour lite version of continuing Maorification.”

“Willis’ reference to “the courts” most certainly signals a lean towards supporting the fake “partnership Treaty”. A backhanded challenges to a fundamental aim of David Seymour’s bill, which is for the Government to rightly exercise its democratic powers to set the record straight, effectively overruling the biases of activist judges.

Obviously Willis’ stance should be no surprise, when we’ve already reluctantly had to conclude that Luxon is a closet supporter of local co-governance for the several reasons indicated previously.

My feeling is that National are looking to provide the impression of sticking a toe in the water of potential race reforms to try to appease their coalition partners but will rapidly back off when the water becomes too hot, which of course it’s bound to do so for any policy that’s perceived as undermining Maorification. The street wise activists know all this, so will screech even more loudly, breaking out the megaphones, than they are already doing.”


Aileen writes: “Of course he (i.e. Luxon) was going to carry on with both. He has instructions to do so. Politicians also lie through their teeth so anyone who voted him/blue…thinking anything would change is delusional. Time to wake up. He’s a puppet, controlled, lacks vision and a spine, has no critical thinking or principles…nothing unusual there. Voting and thinking anything will change, as i said…is delusional.”


Shane writes: “I believe we need to have protest marches for democracy one vote one law for all .We need to show what Kiwis really want and stand up to these radical racist Maori.”


Hello Julian, I met you when I helped out at your two meetings at the Honest Lawyer’s barn in Stoke.  I’ve distributed your booklet and I’ve followed your progress ever since.

It occurs to me that with Luxon’s treachery towards ACT’s referendum Bill, the only way today to acquaint National of the size of the Stop CoGovernance following would be to launch an online petition seeking, say 50,000 signatures – 5 times as many as the dishevelled mob that turned up to the “hui”.  Frankly, I think we’d easily score many more signatures.

What do you think?




Barry writes: “We must never forget those who betray those who place their trust in them. There has to be a response to all those who seek to destroy democracy in New Zealand.
Jacinda Ardern laid the foundation and fell at the last hurdle leaving a trail of destruction for us all to deal with. Christopher Luxon is exhibiting every characteristic of a traitor and he is not unable, but unwilling put our minds at ease.
He will be closely watched by the vast majority of long suffering, law abiding and tax paying Kiwis on Waitangi Day.”


Julie and Paul wrote:

“Dear Mr Luxon
We are peaceful living New Zealanders who were woken up, about what was going on in our Country, through a friend telling us about a “Stop Co-governance” campaign and after hearing more around the push for Three Waters and deceipt surrounding He Pua Pua.. (not coming out until after the 2020 elections)
We had always voted for Labour, but not really ever followed politics to the extent that we do now..
We absolutely oppose co-governance, but have had no say and how it affects us all, which we find really frustrating and we feel deceived.
We believe, that veryone making big decisions for the direction and smooth running of our Country, should be democratically voted in..
We were like many New Zealanders, also woken up and appalled at the aggressive behaviour of tribal radicals and racists in our country, trying their damnedest to shut down freedom of speech and the meetings that people had their choice to attend peacefully and with interest…
The intimidation and threats that the organiser and attendees had to endure through that time, was appalling (that we note was not covered by the bias/one sided media at the time as well). Just the loud aggressive activists got the positive media attention.
We feel we have just witnessed more of it again, recently.
Aggressive,intimidating and threatening behaviour to get their own way..
Pulling in big support for their purpose of brainwashing and pushing their anti colonist, racial views and undermining the democratic voting process.. Te Reo and The Treaty used as fronts to protect the real issue for them
The fear of their gravy train being compromised/wrecked..
They think we are somewhat dumb and won’t see through it ..
Please don’t weaken and bow down to their tactics and pressure.
We voted you in for change and with us all, you became PM.. To stand up and LEAD..
Even politicians like Willy Jackson threatening war on behalf of Maori.. (Discusting)
Do we threaten them with war, because, we like many others, just want a reset or CLARITY around our original founding document..?? For us all to respect and live by unified..
No…We don’t
We put our trust in the elected government to do right by us all.. under the one law…
We believe the original Treaty has been misinterpreted over the years, including through The Waitangi Tribuneral, Courts etc..and to Maoris advantage…
And we also believe
The Elite Maori don’t want it discussed, or tampered with, as they and their racist radicals, are in fear of what they may not be able to play on in the future for their gain and fear that their gravy train may be stopped in its tracks, once and for all..
It’s a JOKE!!!
Plus we think that they would be in fear of it all being exposed to more of the niaeve, easy going taxpayer citizens, paying for it all, and not being aware, like for us, till it was opened up in front of us…. 
Time the truth finally came out and we got back to the great Country we once were.
One people under one law
Everything we read and heard is definately unfolding.
It’s clear to us, that, yes, we are heading for a take over of New Zealand by Tribal Rule..
If things aren’t sorted, and sorted soon.


Sandra and Nick write: “Get back to our old New Zealand – the one where there is no division and all people work as one.

I am 75 years old and never have I seen such an unhappy split country.  The vitriol I witness on social media is off the scale.

You were voted in by the people who are counting on you to stop this co-governance and the maorification of our country – there is no need to be bowing down to one race like you are doing – so disappointing 🥲

My sister in law was saying yesterday she really regrets voting for National – she should have voted for New Zealand first who are doing what they were voted in for – stopping the division in this country – but they need your support .

You know we as a majority are not happy the way National is headed or Luxon as PM – could be a short reign – Winston or David for PM they have the guts to turn our country around 🙏

Maori are walking all over you and laughing how easy it is to do so 😣

Sandra and Nick 


Brian writes on the fishing contest Maori are trying to cancel :”Julian –   no doubt that you would have seen the TV 1 News last night with Elizabeth Castles (now Saviile) at the Pirihipi Beach boat ramp re the maori protest against the long running annual fund raising fishing contest.     Well,   my GOOD Maori neighbours are very vocally against THAT jerk seen on TV trying to justify his bullshit,   and I am sure that MOST Maori will be also.

My thinking:  that I shall visit Pirihipi on Saturday morning early and if they are blocking access I will return home,   get my 435hp 6 wheeler Nissan tip truck which has a ten tonne load of rocks on board,    some heavy strops that I have,   plus  some Maori protectors armed with 4×2’s and “remove”   said blocking vehicles.    It is time that there was some radical action against these  f..kwits who are ruining it for the good,   hardworking,   good citizen Maori.   And I spent 7+years as a Police Constable -1965-73.
These dick heads should be working to get their fellows off the gravy train,   out of the Courts (who only joke with any sentences anyway) –  a guy in Court today who drove his boat through a flock of birds with NO proof of any harm was fined $2,500.    To have them live way better examples to their children etc.    I could fill this page.


Confidence in Nation Plummets

Confidence in Nation Plummets

At the time this front page advert in the Herald came out prior to the election, we all thought it was dirty tactics by the CTU.

Now people are starting to wonder if they were right.

Was the advert a prophecy about what was to come?

It seems to be playing out that way, for sure.

His crime? Not doing what he was voted in to do by the people of New Zealand. 

Which was? 

Get rid of c0-governance completely and do the same with Maorification. 

The reality? 

He’s carrying on with both.

National Are Capitulating

National Are Capitulating

It’s out. National are going to stuff it up.  Read THIS

Stuff what up? 

Putting an end to Maorification and Co-governance.  But it’s worse than this.  How can we know?

Nicola Willis and Luxon are left hand and right hand.  They were in each other’s pockets in the long lead up to the 2023 election.  He the leader, she his deputy. What she thinks, he thinks, and vise versa.

 Yesterday, January 23, 2023, she said this “It [the Treaty] is our founding document as a nation. How that relationship works in practice is something that the courts have likened to being like a partnership,” she said.

 It is disgraceful that she would say this. 

If one reads the Treaty at face value, and honestly, with an open mind, one simply can’t see anything about ‘partnership’ in the Treaty.  

Read the Treaty HERE.

So how did Cooke come to this idea?  Like all activists, they make up their reality.  They invent ideas, which is what Cooke did by saying the Treaty was akin to a partnership. 

He wanted Maoris to have co-governance with the Crown. 

He thought this would be a good idea i.e. Maori self determination.

So he put it out there.  And guess what? Nicola Willis has picked up on it and run with it, along with the rest of the National Party.

In the book Twisting the Treaty, The Tribal Grab For Wealth And Power (Tross Publishing 2014) the author writes “High in the category of grottiness has been the behaviour of certain senior judges, starting with Robin Cooke (Lord Cooke of Thorndon), who have abused their position by delivering ideologically driven judgements resulting in confusion so that they could then step into the ensuing imbroglio and exert greater powers over Parliament, thus subverting our hard won democracy.” (page 14).

 What did Cooke actually say about the Treaty when he said what he said in 1987? He said the following:

“An enduring relationship of a fiduciary nature akin to a partnership, each party accepting a positive duty to act in good faith, fairly, reasonably, and honourably towards the other.”

 University of Canterbury law lecturer David Round says:

 “Now according to Cooke this is the description of the relationship, implied by the Treaty’s principles, between Maori and the Crown and, when put just in those terms, it is not unreasonable. But should it not also be the relationship existing between the Crown and all New Zealanders? Surely the Crown should act towards all of us (and we towards the Crown) in good faith, fairly, reasonably, and honourably? Should that not be the case? So what are the judges saying when they say that this is what Treaty principles require? Are they implying that non-Maori New Zealanders are not entitled to the same degree of fair dealing from their own government? That Crown actions are to be judged by two different standards, depending on the race of the citizen? To hell with that.”

 How should we conclude?

 The present National Party is just the old Labour dressed up in different clothes. 

Sure, National is more subtle and clever than Labour. 

Labour’s Maorification and co-governance initiatives were as obvious as a ram raid.  National is more white collar – subtle, devious, and hidden.

 What do I mean? Well, Willis says things like ““Our government is very committed to progressing results for Māori and we’re committed to that relationship that the Treaty of Waitangi promises.”

The only ‘things’ promised to Maori in the Treaty were:

  1. The possession of their land, dwellings and property (Article Two). In today’s language, this was their house and contents and the land on which that house and those contents resided.  We must not read into this promise more than was promised in 1840.   Over the past 45 years activists have expanded this promise to mean the whole of New Zealand!
  2. They also agreed to sell their land, if they wanted to, exclusively to the Crown (Article two). This they did, with great gusto in the period 1840 – 1850.  In the end, Maori sold 92% of their land. For proof click HERE.  So what Maori are suffering from today is sellers remorse, no less.
  3. The only other promise in the Treaty for Maori was the promise of British citizenship (Article 3). That is to say,  they would have all the benefits and responsibilities of being British citizens.  Currently, they are breaking this promise.

 What did the chiefs promise the Crown?  They ceded sovereignty (Article one).  Thus they promised to come under, and be obedient to, the democratically elected government.   Presently, and obviously, they a not doing that.

In fact, they are doing the opposite. They are not accepting the election result.  They are rebelling. This is treason, no less.

 Then comes the king hit. 

Willis says “National will not support its coalition partner ACT’s Treaty Principles bill past the first select committee reading.

 “This is an area where there have been concessions. Obviously, the different parties in the coalition have different policies that were a priority for them. For ACT, having a debate about the principles of the Treaty of Waitangi was a priority.

“In our coalition agreement, National agreed that we’d support them to have a debate at Select Committee, but that our position was we would not commit to the referendum that they want to see, and therefore we wouldn’t commit to that bill going any further than Select Committee. That remains our position.”

Seymour will be furious.  In the coalition agreement National agreed to support  the Treaty Principles Bill to select committee stage. 

In the coalition agreement, there was no talk of NOT supporting it to go further. Seymour just presumed they would support it going further.

 Now, under pressure from Maori activists, and caving in to them, National have put the boot in.

They are saying they are not going to support Seymour’s Bill past select committee.

 Seymour will feel tricked.  He’ll be gutted.  Basically, his Bill is dead in the water before it gets going.

 That’s the National Party for you.  They have to go.

 To find out more about how Activists are causing National to capitulate, read THIS.

I have it from good sources that NZFirst will not be supporting it pass select committee.  

All I can say is ‘Winston must have a better alternative’.  Let’s see.

One thing is for sure – we must get behind Winston, Jones and Seymour, emailing them regularly with encouragement and our full support to expunge co-governance and Maorification from New Zealand.

Leaders need encouragement constantly.

Email Luxon urging him to do what the people of New Zealand elected him to do which was to rid the country of Maorification and co-governance.  

Warn him that he will be a one term PM if he doesn’t.

Here are their email addresses:


Maori Are Swimming In A Sea Of Treaty Ignorance

Maori Are Swimming In A Sea Of Treaty Ignorance

The Maori King, supposedly the head of Maoridom, at his recent meeting, displayed eye watering ignorance about the Treaty.

King Tuheitia said, “There’s no principles” (despite many pieces of existing legislation referring to them) “the Treaty is written. That’s it. What I want is the Treaty to be engrossed [sic] in the law…so they can’t change nothing [sic]. Don’t look at the courts to understand the Treaty, look to the marae.”

He doesn’t know that the principles of the Treaty are part of our existing law? Surely not. 

Sure, there were no ‘principles’ in the original Treaty.  They have been invented to allow activists to twist the Treaty to make it mean what they want it to mean.   

Nonetheless, they are now (sadly) part of our law.  They ought never to have been invented.

When the King says, ‘The Treaty is written, that’s it” I would agree.

But, as you come to expect with Maori, no detail is given about what is written in the Treaty he is referring to.  No detail.  

There is no explanation.


Because they don’t have a clue about what the Treaty says, except that which the activists tell them.  The King thinks that ‘the Treaty’ gives Maori the mandate to take control of New Zealand.  Emphatically, it does not mandate this.

It mandates the opposite.  Maori signed up to submit completely and without reservation to the elected government. Period.

Maori activists, the King, and so called leaders like Waititi and Packer  don’t do their own research.

They don’t study.

They simply pass around misinformation like lollies at a kids party.

Who provides ‘the information’ they are all passing around?

Maori Party co-leader Waititi cries, “We never ceded sovereignty!” “We shall never surrender!” “curse the colonials”

No explanation as to what he means or how he came to this conclusion.  No proofs.  No detail.

More ignorance.

Debbie Ngawera-Packer screams, “Genocide!”  No explanation as to what she means or how she came to this conclusion. Again, no proofs.  No detail. There never is.

More ignorance.

And of course, the vast majority of Maori are the same.  They are unlearned and un-studied.  They just drink in what these so called leaders are saying and screaming blissfully presuming they are telling the truth.  Fools.

These so called “leaders” are the super spreaders of ignorance.

Then there are the so called ‘academic Maori’ (like Margaret Mutu) who are not ignorant, but they are corrupt.  They are also super spreaders of ignorance.

They know the truth about what the Treaty says but refuse to accept it.

Instead they have dedicated their lives to twisting the Treaty, making up what it says to suit their purpose, which is to take over the country.

The lies and deceit have been in circulation for so long now that they even believe their own lies about the Treaty.

Then they go about pumping out those lies and deceit to all other Maori.   Ignorance spreads rapidly, just like Covid.

Treaty Covid.  That’s what it is.

We are thinking of producing masks with ‘Please wear to stop the spread of Treaty Ignorance (TI)‘ and hand soap with ‘Please wash your hands when you’ve been in contact with Waititi and Packer to stop TI.’

When people ask what ‘TI’ is, the conversation will be open. Hand them a booklet.

Everywhere Maori gather, the ignorance is spread.

What about the good Maori guy on the street? The electrician, the plumber, the builder, the nurse etc?

I believe they just go about their lives, working hard, paying their taxes, looking after their families,  embarrassed and ashamed that their culture is being trashed by Maori academics and so called leaders like the King and Waititi and Packer and Mutu.

These good Maori know the truth about the Treaty, that Maori ceded sovereignty, that we should all be treated equally before the law, and they privately agree with Winston and Seymour.

I should know. I talk to them regularly.  They speak in whispers.

But they say nothing to their own people because in Maori culture one is not allowed to poke one’s head up and saying anything against ‘the group’.   Family is important to Maori.`

What happens if you do?

You’ll be bullied, intimidated, and harassed.

This is how Maoridom works.

It’s a cursed culture, set up to fail its own and keep the masses of Maori down.  

Really, it’s a very, very sad situation.  

When I saw the footage of the meeting with the King I was deeply saddened.  

So many lost sheep.  10,000 of them.

So ignorance is allowed to reign supreme.

Good Maori are not allowed to counter the viral Treaty ignorance with Treaty Truth.

They are reduced to being silent objectors.

To find out more about how Treaty  ignorance is being spread inside Maoridom, read THIS.

One thing is for sure – we must get behind Winston, Jones and Seymour, emailing them regularly with encouragement and our full support.

Leaders need these things constantly.

Email Luxon urging him to do what the people of New Zealand elected him to do which was to rid the country of Maorification and co-governance.  Warn him that he will be a one term PM if he doesn’t.

Here are their email addresses:


Luxon Is a Wildebeest Calf, Being Encircled By Lions And Hyenas

Luxon Is a Wildebeest Calf, Being Encircled By Lions And Hyenas

In yesterday’s blog I wrote about Chris Luxon.

We received a huge response from readers.

They were revealing and insightful so I thought I would share some of them with you.

One thing is for sure – we must get behind Winston, Jones and Seymour, emailing them regularly with encouragement and our full support.  Leaders need these things constantly.

Here are their email addresses:


For now, below are some more thoughts from our readers about Luxon.


Frank writes: “Luxon is weak woke wimp or as you say, he is bent on selling out the voters who placed as PM to stop the rot that is bringing this country to its knees. We are strident against Labour, Greens and Maori Parties but National has done as much, if not more than those Left Wing parties to bring this country to ruin:

Firstly, MMP was recommended only if Maori Electorates were abolished. PM Bolger however, presided over the installation of MMP without the conditional recommendation of abolishing Maori electorates.

Secondly, PM Key sent Pita Sharples, surreptitiously to sign the UNDRIP document even though it is well known that Maori are definitely not indigenous> Since that point in time, we have had activists claiming Maori to be indigenous, even to the point of trying to redefine the meaning of the word.

Thirdly, we now have PM Luxon who didn’t want ACT and NZ First in coalition. He had to swallow humble pie. But now he is doing his utmost to prosecute his own agenda, ignoring the people who voted for ACT and NZ First.

This is a deplorable situation that can only be resolved by toppling PM Luxon and installing a PM who will implement the will of the majority of those who voted for National, ACT and NZ First. Who is in the wings with enough  steel in their backbone to dethrone Luxon and install a true representative of the majority of the people of New Zealand? It needs to happen, and happen very soon.”

Sax writes : “Yes, you’re right about Luxon. He indeed does appear to be a closet pro-apartheid activist. He’ll change his stance when he realizes the majority won’t stand for anything less than one Law for All.”
Now read THIS
The following is a quote from the article, “Newsroom has been told that in the meeting Christopher Luxon had with the Kingitanga, the Prime Minister reassured the Kingitanga that it would not let the bill get to a second reading. He was challenged to just stand up and say that publicly. To date, he hasn’t.”

Bruce Moon, historian, writes about the recent meeting the so called Maori King had with ‘supporters’.

In war, truth is the first casualty.”  Aeschylus, 525-456 B.C.

“If you don’t believe this, just listen to what is being said at Ngaruawahia.
All those who have been watching the cricket instead have been fiddling while Rome burns.”
My compliments,  Bruce

Ross writes:

It was a shocking lack of political nouse for Luxon to acknowledge any form of legitimacy by attending the hui.  It showed a very obvious weakness – a recognition and a willingness to negotiate instead of putting his foot down and saying “Enough”.

Māori Development Minister Tama Potaka said “they will deliver “ruthlessly” for Māori.” .

Frances Curtis of Te Arawa, said “we will not tolerate any attacks on our tino rangatiratanga, we will unite against the abuse. (he) asserted they will cede, and form its own political authority.”

Kiingi Tūheitia said “Don’t look at the courts to understand the treaty, look to the marae,” – in other words, if a Court were to rule against them, the Court would be ignored. 

And this from a “King” who DOES NOT either speak or understand the maori language !!!!

Will our Law Enforcement system look the other way at any manifestations of treason or will they allow it to fester and grow ???


Ron writes “As Julian points out, Christopher Luxon’s appointment of Tama Potaka as Minister of Maori Development, who from his law degree thesis is without question a strong supporter of Maori co-governance, is another compelling piece of evidence that Luxon is a closet Maori activist.

On that basis I suspect that at some point we’re going to witness a major meltdown of the coalition Government, with entrenched disagreement on such a critical issue.  Although that could take some time with Luxon no doubt attempting to keep up a charade of tacit support for the Treaty Principles Bill for as possible.  Luxon would not be a million miles from Ardern in that regard, with his own secret intent whilst side stepping discussion of the topic.”


How should we conclude?

Luxon is a man heading for a crisis.

On the one hand he is trying to look like a supporter of Peters and Seymour, a partner with them if you will.

He has a coalition agreement, no less, to keep.

But deep deep down in the psyche of Christopher Luxon, Prime Minister, is a hidden agenda to keep co-governance and Maorification going.

In his heart, he’s a white Maori activist.

If he was not PM, he would have been at Ngaruawahia, in the front row, joining in with the Maori activist cause.

Prove me wrong.

At the moment, he can hide his internal conflict, because these are early days.  But cracks are already appearing.

As time goes on, it’s going to be harder and harder for him to hide.

Peters and Seymour and Jones will demand delivery on the coalition agreement.  The public too.

Luxon has already been singled out by Maori activist as the weak link in the coalition.  Which means?

As I write this, my mind flashes back to a BBC documentary about Kenya, and the game parks.

The doco featured footage of  lions on the hunt.

The lions try and separate the calf wildebeest from its parents. They single it out.

HERE is a similar video.

Why? Once singled out, it’s easy prey.

Luxon’s wildebeest ‘parents’ in Parliament are Winston and Seymour.

Luxon is their calf.

The activist Maori lions and their hyena friends, the MSM, are circling.  HERE is an example.




Luxon An Activist By Stealth

Luxon An Activist By Stealth

Luxon is a big problem.

Over the last few days, various people have written to me voicing their concerns about him.

The general feeling is that he is an activist, albeit trying to hide the fact.

There can be no doubt that his ministery of Maori development, Potaka, was cherry picked by Luxon.

What for?

Potaka is the man chosen by Luxon to do what Luxon would like to do publicly, but can’t do.

Luxon has got to appear aligned with Peters and Seymour, but in reality, he is not.

He’s a man in hiding so he is pushing all his dreams and aspirations for Maori through Potaka.

Potaka would have had to get Luxon’s permission to attend yesterday’s big Hui.

Potaka attended.   As far as I know he was the only coalition minister to attend.

The following are some of our readers comments about Luxon and Potaka.


I have been concerned about the role of Tama Potaka in the National government as  Minister of Maori Development .  I have just found this on Kiwiblog.

Apparently he did his law degree thesis on A TREATY AGENDUM FOR LOCAL GOVERNMENT.  It can be seen here:
Reading the Conclusion alone is enough to raise serious concern about how far Luxon and National will go in supporting Act and NZ First.
His full details are at :Tama Potaka – Wikipedia
Maori’s (i.e. Potaka and the Maori King) usage and understanding of the meanings of many words in English is bizarre and at odds with accepted use, which will inevitably cause problems when interpreting meaning for comprehension of points being made. In part Maoridom’s level of English is an indictment of our education system, as well as the problem of a lack of education not being commensurate with the position held
 “that Government policy is underpinned by white supremacy were “premature”. (Potaka’s words)
“There’s no (Treaty) principles”. 
“What I want is for the Treaty to be engrossed in the law so they can’t change nothing”. (The Maori King’s words)
 What is equally concerning is that many words and expressions in te reo have differing meanings and intent. The fact that modern te reo is an artificially constructed language, full of mystical fanciful illusions, makes it unsuitable for the purpose for which language is intended, one of clarity and communication.

Firstly, well said by Amy Brooke.  However we are perhaps deluding ourselves by failing to accept that Christopher Luxon himself leans towards colonial apology.  Whilst CEO of Air New Zealand he championed “diversity”, a tendency of left leaning, liberal progressives.  His demeanour at Maori gatherings has been one of stumbling discomfort. He has only ruled out co-governance of national level services, which by implication means local co-governance is ok. He is a student of Maori language.  He has clearly downplayed the cultural division that exists in this country, unlike both of his coalition party leaders. None of which on their own clearly marks him as a Maorification supporter, whilst together they are somewhat damning, and entirely in keeping with his recent “mistake”.

Luxon as a Maori apologist would be entirely in keeping for a National PM, given we are now is in large part due to its tribal appeasement stance and policies, signing UNDRIP etc.  With Luxon it’s looking like National haven’t suddenly become the party to eliminate the fabricated principles and partnership Treaty rort and fix cultural division, One can only hope that Seymour, Peters and Jones will dig in and make it happen despite Luxon dragging the chain.


Potaka is an enabler to take pressure off Luxon – National are the weak link and unlikely to support sufficient change to become a reality.

Clear the direction being forced by Media to public – TV1 (propaganda) News last night rolling out another grifter pantomime dame Jenny Shipley in support of “no Treaty legislative review”.

How should be conclude?

Luxon is a closet activist.  Really, to me, it’s obvious.

As such, he’s going to be a one term PM because he will not action the will of the people in the last election.

Which was?

To rid New Zealand of Maorification and Co-Governance.

In the next election, New Zealanders will be looking for another Prime Minister to step up and do the job Luxon ought to have done, but didn’t.


It was clear from TV1 News that Tukuroirangi Morgan has in effect issued

a personal challenge to PM Luxon and intends to ‘get on top of him’.

His egomania / intensity / anger (?) was there for all to see together with

his customary attempted intimidation. Luxon must not buckle!
Morgan is the puppet master for the self-proclaimed (non) Maori King.

There is of course NO Maori king. There cannot be under the Treaty of Waitangi.

It is a fraudulent, fake and treasonous appointment at the very least, concerned

with trying to establish / set up  a ‘false authority’ for such as Morgan to capitalise on

and with which to stir anti-Sovereign discontent amongst Maori  —- ALL TREASONOUS !!
Government and the Governor General have a responsibility to put their foot down

and to stop this type of treasonous behaviour dead in its tracks —- permanently .
I was concerned to infer that the PM might not be going to carry the dismantling

of Maorification right through. This is majorly contradictory to what he (National)

promised and were elected to do. It would be a massive breach of undertaking / faith

on his electors and MUST NOT HAPPEN. There is absolutely no room for

compromise or backing off in this vital area relative to the full reinstatement of our

Democracy, without compromise —-    NONE!
We are looking to PM Luxon to be absolutely ‘HONEST ‘and firm in his resolve.

He was elected to represent US and not just himself.

Hugh Perrett

Threats, Protests, Emergency Gatherings With The So Called ‘Maori King’ - What’s Really Behind Maori Kicking Up Such A Big Fuss?

Threats, Protests, Emergency Gatherings With The So Called ‘Maori King’ - What’s Really Behind Maori Kicking Up Such A Big Fuss?

We have all seen it – protests, threats, fighting rhetoric, and now an emergency meeting with the so called Maori King.

Apparently ‘thousands’ are going to a big meeting with this Maori King tomorrow.

What’s all the fuss about?

Let’s not beat around the bush. 

Let’s get straight to it.

The coalition government has put the hand brake on radical Maori plans to take over the country.

The thing we have to keep in mind, always, front and centre, is that a coup by stealth is in progress in New Zealand.

Radical Maori want to take complete control of the country.

Who is in control of New Zealand has become like a game of snakes and ladders.

Remember that game?

In the game, the players throw dice.  The numbers on the dice tell the player how many steps they can advance towards the goal which is to be the first player to reach the very top of the board.

On the journey towards the top, there are ladders and snakes.

If you land on a ladder, you can advance quickly towards the top i.e. you can skip a lot of squares.

If you land on a snake, you go backwards fast, down the board, towards the bottom.

In other words, you lose a lot of ground.

It’s not hard to see the analogy between the games of snakes and ladders and what radical Maori are trying to do.

For 45 or so years, since 1975 and the passing of the Treaty of Waitangi Act, Maori have been progressing up the board towards their goal of taking complete control of New Zealand.

In the last six years, they landed on ladders, rocketing their journey to the top of the board – the election of Ardern, the hijacking of the Waitangi Tribunal, Labour ruling by majority, the formation of a Maori caucus…these were all ladders which enabled the Maori cause to rapidly advance.

Then, 2023, we had an election.  Luxon, Peters, and Seymour come to power.  The voters indicated strongly that they have had enough of Maorification and co-governance. They demand a reset.

Effectively, this change is a snake on the snakes and ladders game board for Maori activists.

They slide down a long snake.  It’s a significant slide too.

They are squealing like stuck pigs. 

Now here is the thing – the ‘issue’ is not stopping Te Reo, or changing Government department names back to English, or closing down the Maori Health authority etc etc. i.e. the coalition agreement. 

The squealing, ultimately, has nothing at all to do with these things. Nothing.

Their high pitched squealing has to do with Maori having their plans to take over New Zealand interrupted, retarded, halted.

This, ultimately, is what the fuss is all about.

We would do well to remember this and never forget it.

Our country is in dire straits and our situation is much more serious than most perceive.

Thankfully, with Winston Peters, Jones, and Seymour in, the radical Maori slide down the snake might be a death blow to their coup.

Let’s see.  Let’s get behind the new Government, supporting them 110%.

We want them, urge them, implore them, to deal the death blow. 


For more on the wisdom of not caving in to Maori radicals, and not appeasing them in any way whatsoever, of the wisdom of no compromise, read Julian’s later book HERE.

The More We Know About The Maori King, The More Laughable It Gets

The More We Know About The Maori King, The More Laughable It Gets

Today’s post is written by one of our supporters, himself an author.

He wrote to me about the Maori King and I want to share what he wrote with you.


Hi Julian,

Your blog post yesterday on Archdeacon Ngira Simmonds, the “chief of staff” to the Maori “king, Tuheita, saying on behalf of his “king” that Maori “can lead for all, and we are prepared to do that” is as terrifying as it is hilarious.

I always thought that archdeacons were to do with religion and not politics.

Simmonds sounds like one of the worst examples of that odious species: the “political priest”.

He is also a liar who seems never to have heard of the Ten Commandments, one of which is “Thou shalt not bear false witness…”

He refers to Tuheita as a “king” but that is not true.

Like five million other New Zealanders Tuheita is a citizen of New Zealand and, as such, a subject of King Charles III. And no king can be a subject of another; by both definition and law such a thing is impossible.

The archdeacon also calls our country “Aotearoa”. That is also false as since 1643 it has been called New Zealand, which is its official name.

Probably his greatest whopper is to say that the Maoris, presumably under his leadership but in the name of his “boss”, Tuheita, are ready to lead New Zealand. Not so. Tuheita, a poorly educated ex-truck driver, cannot even lead or govern his own family.

In 2014 his second son, Koritangi Paki, was charged in the District Court with stealing surfboards from surfers in a holiday park.

In the surfing community this is as low as a man can go since a surfer without a surfboard is unable to surf his beloved waves.

Many surfers are teenagers who do not have much money – certainly not enough to buy a replacement surfboard.

So, did he get convicted?

Oh no, some clown of a judge called Philippa Cunningham discharged him without conviction for the offences because of his “perceived aristocratic status” – just like in pre-Revolutionary France.

Her effort to ingratiate herself with the tribal elite was partially undone on appeal when Judge Mark Woodford convicted Paki on the drink driving but still discharged him for stealing the surfboards.

This is what happens when judges violate the basic principle of law, which is to administer justice without fear or favour, because they are too cowardly and unprincipled to stand up to powerful and bullying forces.

No other New Zealander would have been discharged for such a serious theft and yet these two judges had the nerve to remain on the Bench after displaying such an appalling  lack of judgement, if not racial bias.

Tuheita’s relationship with his older son is just as frayed as he made an extremely derogatory post about this son’s marriage in 2022. So, if he can’t “lead” his own family, how can Maori, under his influence, “lead” the country?

Furthermore by calling himself a “king”, Tuheita displays an identity problem for, as already shown, he is not a king. A chief maybe, even a “high chief”, but a king he is not and never can be.

As the columnist, Bob Jones, once put it, “The only throne he’ll ever sit on is the dunny in his own bathroom”.

This walking fraud promotes everything Maori but he can neither speak nor understand the Maori language.

When making a speech in English he reverts to swear words and this unfortunate trait has been passed down as, shortly after stealing the surfboards, Korotangi Paki was exposed on a video intoxicated and venting expletives after a disappointing decision on the kapa haka stage.

Another ugly pointer as to what life would be like under “Maori” leadership is the intimidatory ad intolerant attitude of Archdeacon Simmonds towards free speech.

We all know that free speech did not exist in the Maori world but was one of the many benefits that British rule brought to New Zealand. Pre-1840 any words that offended a chief or other person of power would call for immediate utu (revenge).

This could result in a war party setting off to attack the tribe of the person who spoke the allegedly offensive words.

To take but one example. An old chief, Taraia, living near the Thames River, “received an insulting message from the Tauranga tribe.

With a number of braves he started up the river and crossed the mountains which lie between the Thames and Tauranga, bent on vengeance.

They surprised a pah and killed three chiefs, one woman and a child.

The bodies of two of the dead chiefs, Te Whanake and Peko, they roasted and ate; but took their heads away with them”. (“Forty Years in New Zealand, Rev. J. Buller, P. 375.)

Although not a cannibal, Rev. Simmonds is also dismissive of free speech and is a bully in suppressing it.

When the Anarchist Society posted a piece saying that Tawhiao, the second Maori “king”, had a bank and made off with the depositors’ money, Simmonds wrote them a letter demanding “We request the post be removed immediately in the first instance, prior to any further action required”.

And this about someone who has been dead for almost a century and a half!

“Maori leadership” has not been able to have any impact on the appalling figures that show part-Maori to be at the bottom of every economic and social statistic.

The tribal elite don’t care about that. Simmonds, Tuheita and their mob seem to be in it for reasons of money and power. “Maori can lead, and we are prepared to do that”.

They deserve to be laughed off the stage.

Johnsonville John.


For more on the wisdom of not caving in to Maori radicals, and not appeasing them in any way whatsoever, of the wisdom of no compromise, read Julian’s later book HERE.

Maori King Says "Māori can lead for all, and we are prepared to do that."  Yeah, right.

Maori King Says "Māori can lead for all, and we are prepared to do that." Yeah, right.

First up, please read THIS

The Maori King is meeting with other Maori leaders on the 20th of this month.

His chief of staff Archdeacon Ngira Simmonds said “Māori can lead for all, and we are prepared to do that”.

Being the Kings chief of staff, we can assume he is speaking for the King.

When I first read this, I was dumfounded. I thought “He can’t possibly be serious.”

Why did I think that?

First, the country has just voted out all those pushing Maorification and co-governance.

Has not the King heard the election result?

The people have spoken loudly and clearly saying “We don’t want Maorification and co-governance.”

But the King, obviously living in la la land, thinks that Maori leading the country is still on the table.

No, it’s not.

Second, it’s all the people of New Zealand via democratic elections who will decide who leads the nation.

It’s not for Maori to decide who leads.

Obviously, they have it in their minds that they want to lead New Zealand.

This is what they are gunning for.

As Dr John Robinson has said “Many of the activists and iwi leaders intend a totally dual government system with separate Maori and non-Maori houses of parliament, and a Maori veto on all legislation.

“A Maori veto on all legislation” means private tribal companies have the final say on everything that goes on in New Zealand, on what laws and legislation are passed and accepted in both houses of parliament. 

Dr Robinson goes on to say “The words [in the He Puapua report] insist that power, “full authority”, must go to Maori.” (Dr John Robinson.  He Puapua; Blueprint for breaking up New Zealand. 2022. Tross Publishing p12 )

Third, for the King to say “Māori can lead for all, and we are prepared to do that” demonstrates an unbelievable level of arrogance. ‘…we are prepared to do that’.  i.e. we would lower ourselves to do that.

Fourth, what qualifies Maori to lead?

Maori top the statistics on all the negative social indicators – youth suicide, obesity, incarceration rates, child abuse, animal cruelty, family violence, dishonesty offenses in the courts.  The list is endless.

Yet, the King says “Māori can lead for all, and we are prepared to do that.”

Who is their right mind would vote a people group with this track record ‘to lead’? Answer?  Absolutely no one in their right mind.  Conclusion? Maori are delusional.

Fifth, there is no mandate in the Treaty for Maori to lead anything.

In the Treaty they ceded sovereignty to the crown and therefore signed up to live in a democracy.

They signed up to live under the law of the land.  Thus what they are doing not accepting the election result is a breach of the Treaty.

If Maoris want to stand for parliament or local council they can put themselves up for election.

But they have indicated over and over that they don’t want to have to be ‘elected’. Too much work.

Te Pati Maori leader  Waititi calls democratic elections “The tyranny of the majority”.

What’s he saying?

They just want power and control for no other reason than that they are Maori.

Sixth, as  I said they have not accepted the election result.  Instead they threaten violence, city wide protests, city shut downs, Utu.

This is what the meeting on the 20th is all about.

It’s about ‘how can we overturn the current government?’  This is treason, nothing less.

Is this really the kind of people Kiwis want leading their country?  You know the answer.

Seventh, they boast frequently about being ‘worth $70b’.

The money was given to them to buy businesses. Then they hire European lawyers and managers to run these businesses.  So they should not be boasting about the $70b.  Really, they ought to be embarrassed about it.

Why? As any businessman will tell you, the hardest part of starting a business is the beginning.  Maori skipped that bit. They were just given cash to go out and buy existing profitable businesses. Yet they boast ‘look what we’ve done’ without telling the whole story.

And if they are worth $70b, how come there is still so many Maori with so many needs?  How come this $70b is not helping their own?  How come most Maori businesses don’t pay tax? For more read HERE

All things considered, they would not have a clue how to run the country.

For more on the wisdom of not caving in to Maori radicals, and not appeasing them in any way whatsoever, of the wisdom of no compromise, read Julian’s later book HERE.

  1. Neil F on January 17, 2024 at 11:43 am

Tuuheitia saying the quite bit out loud. (My interpretation in brackets).

“What we’re looking for now is how (PART) Māori can lead (TAKE OVER) the entire nation. We believe mana motuhake or self determination (GRIFTING) will enable success for everybody (MAORI MAFIA) and won’t be a style of leadership (TRIBALISM) that will be detrimental to other people who live in New Zealand.

The next couple of weeks will determine if this Government believes in democracy or apartheid.

  1. Ron Segal on January 17, 2024 at 1:05 pm

“Lead for all”

Let’s not beat about the bush. Aside from democratic considerations, the notion that the aristocratic leaders of an anachronistic, hitherto illiterate tribal culture that nearly wiped itself out would be fit to “lead for all”, apart from being a joke, itself demonstrates exactly the kind of self-aggrandising, muddled thinking that nearly led to its near demise. So far the only thing that this culture appears to have excelled in is making money on the back of the hard work and ability of others through entitled victimhood handouts.

  1. Barry T. on January 17, 2024 at 1:19 pm

Maori King? Huh? Some deranged malcontent treasonous Waikato Tainui idiots. Not anyone else’s King. Not my King.
The delusions of grandeur run strong in the muddy supremacists.
To claim they could run the country is absolute nonsense.
No other iwi would listen to them for a start and they have proven they have no mana. Signed te Tiriti o Waitangi then promptly set about dishonouring it!
utterly untrustworthy grifters one and all.

  1. Lee Leonard on January 17, 2024 at 4:07 pm

As usual, lots of rhetoric and no detail about how they are going ‘to lead the country’ and what to – complete economic disaster and society collapse for sure . The Maori King seems to have visions of himself as big chief lolling about while the rest of us – and that includes all Maori of lesser status – become his slaves and hand over all our money to him and his privileged elite tribe to live in grandeur. Dream on, Maori Chief – it just isn’t going to happen!

One of Our supporters Called Mary Tell it as it is...

Is Chris Trotter Losing The Plot? I Think So.

Is Chris Trotter Losing The Plot? I Think So.


First up, please read THIS

Chris Trotter’s latest piece is a blend of historical fact, gross Treaty ignorance, and shameful unwiseness (if such a word exists).

Let’s start with the facts. The British did send in approximately 12,000 imperial troops under Lieutenant-General Duncan Cameron in the Waikato. However, they were not ‘the beginning of a Pakeha invasion of the Waitako’, as Trotter asserts.

To say what he said is either a deliberate twisting of the facts, or just simply ignorance.  Either way, it’s not why the troops were sent in. They were sent in to put down treason. 

Why treason? Through the Treaty, Maori chiefs ceded sovereignty to Britain.  As a result of this, Britain installed democracy in New Zealand. 

Democracy meant one person, one vote [although initially it was only males who owned property who could vote], all votes of equal value, all citizens willingly placing themselves under the authority and rule of the British government, all citizens being treated equally and having equal responsibility to the government.

Small factions of Maori [Kingitanga] in the 1860s through to the 1880s decided to breach the Treaty by rebelling against what they had signed up to at Waitangi in 1840. 

The British, rightly, considered this treason.   They applied force, and the situation was sorted.  This is the truth of the matter.

Which leads in nicely to Trotter’s Treaty ignorance. What he said was a clanger. 

I quote: “Henceforth the Kingitanga would represent a shadow kingdom. The kingdom of what might have been if the Pakeha settler government had been willing to keep faith with the letter and spirit of Te Tiriti.”

What?  Trotter is saying that the Treaty allowed for rival factions of Maori to set up their own governments?  Where in the Treaty, exactly, Chris, does it says this? 

Of course, it does not say this.  Nothing like it. Zip.

Chris, like all left wing journalists, is just making up what the Treaty says and doesn’t say.

Shame on your Chris for saying this. Shame on you for deceiving the New Zealand public.

Which leads nicely into Trotter’s lack of wisdom. 

How so? 

Trotter recommends caving in to Maori demands, threats and bullying, and for the coalition government to back down from all its agreements.

 It’s hard to believe Trotter is recommending a cave in, but he is. 

And why?

Well, he gives the reason clearly. So, what will Messrs Luxon, Seymour and Peters do to placate the Kingitanga and settle down the angry rangatahi that are Te Pāti Māori’s nation? If they are wise, they will either defer, or scrap altogether, their de-Maorification agenda.

Erect those bi-lingual road signs. Keep calling Hamilton “Kirikiriroa”. If necessary, retain the Māori Health Authority.

Then, having secured the peace, spend the next five years pouring resources into the Police and the armed forces.”

What he is saying is ‘cave in to Maori threats and bullying, give them what they are demanding’. 

Don’t worry about humiliating the coalition partners. 

Don’t worry about the majority of Kiwis who put the coalition partners in there to de-maorify the country and restore democracy.  They and their will are not important. 

Don’t worry that by caving in you’ll blow massive wind into the sails of the Maori radicals.

Don’t worry that you’ll encourage more bullying, threatening, and intimidation. 

Don’t worry that you’ll be teaching them that ‘their strategies’ are effective. 

Don’t worry that by caving in you’ll teach them to be more brazen and obnoxious in the future.

Don’t worry that if you cave in, you’ll be caving in to treason.  

Don’t worry that if you cave in to treason, you’ll be putting the lives of 98% of the country, good citizens, in danger.  

Don’t worry about the Sh_t hole our children and grandchilren will inherit if Maori radicals get their way.

Don’t worry that by caving in, you’ll be ignoring the example from history that the best way to deal with treason is with a show of strength (e.g. the 12,000 troop example), not a show of weakness.  And so on.

This is Trotter at his unwise, lunatic-left best. 

What’s interesting is that when speaking about the Kingitanga movement and land confiscations in the 1860s – 1880s Sir Apirana Ngata held a view directly the opposite of Trotter.  Read this…

“Some have said that these confisca­tions were wrong and that they contravened the articles of the Treaty of Waitangi. 

The Government placed in the hands of the Queen of England, the sovereignty and the authority to make laws. 

Some sections of the Maori people violated that authority. War arose from this and blood was spilled. 

The law came into operation and land was taken in payment. It was their own chiefs who ceded that right to the Queen. The confiscations cannot therefore be objected to in the light of the Treaty.” (Sir Apirana Ngata.  The Treaty Of Waitangi. An Explanation. pp 15-16).

America has a policy, wisely, to never give in to terrorists.  Their motto is ‘Peace through strength’.  They want to build the biggest military force on the planet as a deterrent to rebels.  It works.  

The argument against negotiating with terrorists is simple: Democracies must never give in to violence, and terrorists must never be rewarded for using it. Negotiations give legitimacy to terrorists and their methods and undermine actors who have pursued political change through peaceful means. Talks can destabilise the negotiating governments’ political systems, undercut international efforts to outlaw terrorism, and set a dangerous precedent.

It’s hard to believe, but Trotter recommends that we cave in to all the Maori demands now, which will give us time to build up our army ready for civil war in 5 years’ time!  

Surely, never has such folly been penned by a left wing journalist in New Zealand.

So what is the right approach to these Maori radicals?

The answer is simple.  Don’t negotiate, in any way shape or form, with terrorists, which is what these Maori radicals are.   

The coalition must stick to its agreement like there is no tomorrow.

Luxon and NZ First And Act should stay well away from the big Maori meeting  on the 2oth.

If they went there, they would simply be giving kudos and encouragement to the terrorists.

This is what a friend of mine wrote, and I agree:


“I don’t want any more conciliation, compromise or giving of ground by our Government – of either stripe.

Maori are the most privileged ‘race’ in the country. All of their woes are created by their selfish ambition exclusively for “their people” only. And an unwillingness to make an effort on their own behalf.

 Luxon needs to show strong leadership for the benefit of all 96 races and ethnicities in this country

If Luxon becomes just another weak-kneed wet prepared to make further concessions to Maori, for Maori, by Maori etc, then this country is doomed.

Perhaps if Maori don’t like the ‘terms and conditions’ here, they should go back to wherever they came from.


Best policy?


Ignore radical Maori completely and vigorously carry on with all that is detailed in the coalition agreement.

Treason, if necessary, must be put down with force.  

Let’s be clear.  Maori are trying to take over the country. Nothing less.  

So all our actions must be guided by this reality.  This is treason, and therefore a national security threat.

For more on the wisdom of not caving in to Maori radicals, and not appeaing them in any way whatesoever, of the wisdom of no compromise, read Julian’s later book HERE.

Ngapuhi Kaumatua Says "Te Reo is an obsolete inferior  language"

Ngapuhi Kaumatua Says "Te Reo is an obsolete inferior language"


An email was received yesterday from a Ngapuhi Kaumatua.

This email gives great insight into the place Te Reo ought to have in New Zealand life.



Assume 2% of Kiwi people can speak Te Reo fluently. That means that 0.00010125% of the global population speak Te Reo.

That means that anyone that devotes their time to learning Te Reo, and evangelises over it is one of just .0001% of the global population.

Fine as a hobby, but most definitely not something to burden your children with, or force on others.

Their chances of getting a job, buying food, socialising, or communicating with the world population is extremely limited to say the least.

The international language of Politics, Science, Engineering, Finance, and many other disciplines is English.

Why on earth would we go against the flow? Go to an international conference anywhere in the world, and the papers will all be printed and red in English.

If you wish to take Te Reo up as a hobby, good on you.

However do not expect me or mine to be respecting you for it or holding you in high esteem because you speak an inferior language.

 Personally I speak French well, German to survival level, a little mandarin, Turkish to survival level, and some Bahasa Malay.

French is for fun, the others were purely for commercial and social reasons because I worked in those countries,.

I enjoy the opportunity to speak another language, but it does not deter me from the strong belief that Fluent English is a necessity to get on in the world.  

In my view, Te reo is an obsolete inferior  language for which I can see no practical use whatever.

Tane Tupuna


As Julian Batchelor has said rightly all along, the forcing of Te Reo in New Zealand has absolutely nothing to do with ‘preserving the language and culture’.

If it was about this, Maori would have taken responsibility over the past 200 years.

But they have not taken responsibility.  They have done absolutely nothing about it…until government funding, our taxes, started to fund it….until the idea of using it as a tool by Maori radicals was launched.

All the other cultures in New Zealand just got on with the job of preserving their culture and language  in their homes and in their special places of worship without any funding. Good on them!

But not Maori.


The push is idealogical.  That’s all it is.  

The forcing of Te Reo is a vital piece of the jigsaw in a much bigger plan by Maori radicals to take control of New Zealand.

It’s being used to groom and brainwash the population, getting it ready for full blown tribal rule.


The Maori Language Act 2016 Must Be Repealed.  This Is Why.

The Maori Language Act 2016 Must Be Repealed. This Is Why.

First up, read THIS

After you have read this, you will quickly see that this Act should never have been passed.

John Key was ultimately responsible for passing it in the first place.

So what’s the solution?

An Act needs to be passed making English the main language in all communications in New Zealand, except for cultural groups and their ‘internal’ communications.

In other words, if Maori want to communicate in Maori on their Marae or in their homes, they must be free to do that.

Same for all the other cultures in our country, who already do this successfully.

This is how one has a truly functioning and healthy multicultural society.

English is the universal global language that virtually everyone wants to speak.

Virtually all the 160 cultures who live in New Zealand understand English and speak it.

It’s the language that helps to bind us all together.

In contrast, Te Reo is dividing.  For the vast majority of the country it’s  being forced on us, and we don’t want it.

Only a tiny number of Maori speak it!

And that tiny number use English in their day to day communications!

What does this tell us? The forcing of Te Reo has absolutely nothing to do with ‘preserving the language and culture’.


It’s idealogical.  That’s all it is.

It’s being used to groom and brainwash the population, getting it ready for full blown tribal rule.




South African Living In NZ Warns About What Is Coming In New Zealand If Co-Governance Is Not Stopped

South African Living In NZ Warns About What Is Coming In New Zealand If Co-Governance Is Not Stopped

Dear Julian,

I am a born South African and lived through that system for over 40 years.

I have seen how that works.

I am now a New Zealander for over 25 years now and do not wish to see NZ go down the hole to nowhere that SA went down.

For those who feel that Co-governance is the road to utopia, may I paint a picture that I see happening if this does come about.

I might be wrong in one or many points, but my thinking is based on what happened in the South African scenario.

Certain things follow fairly logical steps, but often people are not able to envisage these steps into the future.

OK, say that Co-governance is legislated into law in NZ.

What next?

Firstly, the question which needs to be answered is: “Who are Maori?” and the only true way of doing this is to see who has Maori blood.

And the only true way of finding this out is to do DNA testing of everyone who could have Maori ancestry.

What will this cost? And who will pay?

Then, we have to ask ourselves the question: “What percentage blood makes a person a Maori?” This will be the first point of friction.

As most people, I suspect all, with Maori ancestry have interbred with other immigrants, there is nobody with 100% Maori blood in NZ.

So, where is the cut-off line to be considered a Maori? 50%? 25%? 13%? 5%? Somebody, or a committee, will have to determine this cut-off point.

And there will be hell to pay when a person finds that he/she has not passed the line. So, there will have to be a committee set up to determine the result of any protests on this issue.

Of course, then there will be set up separate amenities, each for Maori and Non-Maori. South Africa did this, it was just called European and Non-European.

This will result in some people wishing to pass themselves off as one or the other category in order to get a perceived benefit which is provided at an amenity.

This must then be controlled, by whom? Will there be ethnic police to check everybody wishing to use an amenity that they are permitted to do so?

The simple way of doing this is to issue each person an Identity Card on which it is stated whether a person is Maori or Non-Maori. South Africa did this by issuing each person an ID number and a book in which this was noted, along with a photo. I still have mine.

Hidden within my ID number is not only my birth date, but also my sex and location of birth and a number to differentiate me from others born on the same day/place.

But it also includes a number which indicates my ethnicity.

New Zealand will have to do the same so that if a person, say a Non-Maori wishes to go to a Maori hospital, they will have their ID checked and be turned away if they are not Maori.

So, if this Co-governance madness goes ahead, the country will be faced with all sorts of additional bureaucracy to administer the process of keeping this process going.

Apart from doubling up on administration for the dual amenities, additional government departments such as Ethnic Determination, Identity document issue and Ethnic Courts will have to be established which will give jobs to many, but not improve the country’s economy or status in the eyes of the world.

And, of course, will it become a crime for Maori and Non-Maori to marry or produce children? Maybe one child will have more Maori blood than its sibling. What then?

This is a very dark hole that is being proposed and it needs to be nipped in the bud.





To watch a video about what happened in South Africa and how it collapsed, click HERE

Fact Checking Tuku Morgan Is Very Revealing

Fact Checking Tuku Morgan Is Very Revealing

First up, read THIS newspaper article.

We fact checked what Tuka Morgan said.

There is nothing in the 1995 Settlement about the goverment having to promote Maori language.

HERE is the 1995 Settlement.

How about you go through it and tell me if you can find anything that even remotely refers to the government agreeing to promote the Maori language.

Even if it did, it should never have been written into a settlement because it’s not part of the Treaty.

Below  is the Treaty.  Tell me if there is anything, even remotely,  in the Treaty about the government being contracted to promote the Maori Language?

Or partnership?  

Truly, there is absolutely nothing about either.


Her Majesty Victoria, Queen of England in her gracious consideration for the chiefs and people of New Zealand,and her desire to preserve them their land and to maintain peace and order amongst them, has been pleased to appoint an officer to treat with them for the cession of the Sovereignty of their country and of the islands adjacent to the Queen. Seeing that already many of Her Majesty’s subjects have already settled in the country and are constantly arriving: And that it is desirable for their protection as well as the protection of the natives to establish a government amongst them.Her Majesty has accordingly been pleased to appoint me William Hobson a captain in the Royal Navy to be Governor of such parts of New Zealand as may now or hereafter be ceded to Her Majesty and proposes to the chiefs of the Confederation of United Tribes of New Zealand and the other chiefs to agree to the following articles.


“The chiefs of the confederation of united tribes, and the other chiefs who have not joined the confederation, cede to the Queen of England forever the entire sovereignty of their country.”


“The Queen of England confirms and guarantees to the chiefs and the tribes and to all the people of New Zealand, the possession of their lands, dwellings and all their property. But the chiefs of the Confederation of the United Tribes and the other chiefs grant to the Queen, the exclusive rights of purchasing such lands as the proprietors thereof may be disposed to sell at such prices as may be agreed upon between them and the person appointed by the Queen to purchase from them.” 


In return for the cession of their sovereignty to the Queen, the people of New Zealand shall be protected by the Queen of England and the rights and privileges of British subjects will be granted to them.


“Now we the chiefs of the Confederation of the United tribes of New Zealand being assembled at Waitangi, and we the other chiefs of New Zealand, having understood the meaning of these articles, accept of them and agree to them all.  In witness whereof our names or marks are affixed. Done at Waitangi on the 4th of February, 1840”


So what shall we conclude?  

Absolutely everything said by Maori activists must be fact checked.  

Just presume everything they say is BS, and not fact.  

Then you will be safe.

Why is the Mainstream Media not all over this? 

Why is Stop Co-governance the only one fact checking and bringing the truth to the public?

You know the answer.  

The media in New Zealand is corrupt to the core, activily working with the Maori activist movement.

In the picture below is an advert telling you how you can help. 

If you listen to RCR, or Newstalk ZB, or the Platform, phone in during talk back and bring up the subject. 

Text them as well.

Get it out there. 

Your voice, and what you write, can make a big big difference.

If a lot of people did this, we could make a huge impact.


Media Corruption Set To Continue.  Here Is Why

Media Corruption Set To Continue. Here Is Why

First, read THIS  article.

Surely, our media is the most corrupt in the world?

Most outlets have taken bribes via the $55m Public Interest Journalism fund.

That alone verifies their corruption.

It’s obvious they are out to destroy New Zealand.

They have effectively become the opposition Party to the coalition government.

This is why we must get to the people by going around the main stream media.

This year, we’ll be getting two booklets to every household in the country, if all goes to plan.

The first book is called THE PSYCHOLOGY OF TAKEOVER.  18 Strategies Maori Activists Are Using To Try And Take Over New Zealand.

You can read it HERE.


Seriously, every book I could find on the Treaty was written by academics for academics.

Well, this is how it seemed to me.

So I have nearly completed this second book on the Treaty, which is pitched so that a 10 year old could pick it up and understand it.

This might not be the final title, but this is the sentiment behind the book.

It was also written to expose all the Treaty fraud and corruption so that if we have a referendum, Kiwis will be informed and savvy about the Treaty.

They will know the Truth.

They will be able to vote intelligently and rightly.


Please Do Everything You Can To Support National MP Paul Goldsmith!

Paul is the National MP who is responsible for everything to do with the Treaty, Maori bullying and intimidation,  threats, and so on.

He is a great guy and we need to show him our full support.

Maori are targeting him.

His email is

Read THIS article where Paul is standing up and being strong.

Encourage him to read THIS booklet so that he is aware.

Exhort him not to appease Maori activists.

Exhort him to bring ‘settlements’ to a full and final conclusion.


What Nationality Were The Guys Who Shot The Precious Fish In Sydney?

So much for being great conservationists.

Read THIS article

Why We Must Start Saying These Eleven Words: "The Goal Of Maori Activists Is To Take Over New Zealand."

Why We Must Start Saying These Eleven Words: "The Goal Of Maori Activists Is To Take Over New Zealand."

First, watch THIS  video.

You can read the transcript HERE.

It tells us clearly how activists think and what they think.

After watching it I said to myself we must start saying out loud,  “The Goal Of Maori Activists Is To Take Over New Zealand.”

A lot of Kiwis are sick to death of activist Maori activity in New Zealand.

Kiwis say things like, “They are the racists!” “They are unhinged!” “They are spreading separatism and apartheid!” “The Main Stream Media are helping them!” and so on.

But what Kiwis are not saying is, “The Goal Of Maori Activists Is To Take Over New Zealand.”

Why is it important to starting saying these words, using these words?

Because Kiwis need to wake up by being shocked.

In my recent book, I detail how Maori activists are using 18 Strategies to try and take over New Zealand.

You can read the book HERE.

The goal of those strategies is to have Kiwis lie down and not oppose the takeover.

Sadly, these strategies are working.

Helped by the Main Stream Media, many Kiwis have stopped opposing the Maori Activist cause.

Some have even joined it to support it.

Most Kiwis have drifted into apathy.

I am appealing to you to step up, and help us reach those apathetic Kiwis. Help us wake them up!

I am appealing to you to rise up, take action, and be part of the growing number of people who are coming out of apathy into action!

How? Pass on my new book to everyone everwhere and help support our cause financially.

We are wanting to initially print 50,000 copies of Julian’s new book which is going to cost $46, 000.

If you can help with this, please deposit your contribution into this bank account.


Every little bit helps! 

New Zealand is worth fighting for and we have limited time so the urgency is great.



The Way Labour Exited Government Shows Us Why They Must Never Be Allowed Back In.  They Ought To Be Formally Charged With Treason.

The Way Labour Exited Government Shows Us Why They Must Never Be Allowed Back In. They Ought To Be Formally Charged With Treason.

Labour, The Greens, and Te Pati Maori are treasonists.

In 1989 the law was changed so that people guilty of treason could not be put to death.

Read more HERE.

Before then, treason was taken very seriously, and you could lose your life if found guilty.

The Act which cancelled the death penalty for treason needs to be repealed because there are politicians and bureaucrats who ought to be charged.

I have not doubt they would be found guilty.

Read THIS article by Amy Brooke and tell me if you agree with me.


Treaty Tour Update. We Need Help. We Need Some People Who Can Do Some Phoning!

The Treaty Tour Is All On!

We need some people all over the country who can help with phoning.

You can choosed who much you want to do each day i.e. how many calls you want to make.

You work from home.

We’ll coach you will what to do and say.

Call Julian now! 0274 76 44 30

Maori Party Leader Illustrates Everything That Is Wrong With The Maori Party

Maori Party Leader Illustrates Everything That Is Wrong With The Maori Party

First, watch THIS video.

There is an immaturity about the Maori Party leadership that is frightening. How so?

First, it’s immature not to accept an election result.

Second, Debbie Ngarewa-Packer claims Maori are fighting against genocide, apartheid, and colonisation.

The truth of the matter is that activist Maori have created an apartheid state by demanding special rights. 

There was never ‘genocide’ in NZ.  No proof is given as to how or where genocide ever happened in our history.

Colonisation has been a Lotto win for Maoris. 

I detail what Ngarewa-Packer is up to in my new book  THE PSYCHOLOGY OF TAKEOVER – 18 Strategies Maori Activists Are Using To Try And Take Over New Zealand 

You can read the book HERE.

By saying Maori were subjected to genocide, for example, Packer is using Strategy 6 which is lying.

She is also illustrating Strategy 1 which is disseminating Treaty misinformation.  

Then there is Strategy 16 which is making emotionally charged statements with no proof of their veracity.

She plays the victim card, which is Strategy 9.  

Then their is creating confusion which is Strategy 15.  

Because Debbie Ngarewa-Packer is a leader, young Maoris watching on will drink in what she is saying and take it to heart.  

So she is radicalising young people, which is Strategy 14.

And on and on it goes.

Now here is the thing – is any of what she says helping New Zealand? Helping Maori? Helping anyone? Even helping the Maori Party?

Answer? No.

The only good thing Ngarewa-Packer is doing is showing how unhinged she really is, and in so doing, will cause sensible discerning Kiwis to steer well clear of her and her Party.



Waititi Declares War If A Referendum Goes Ahead

Waititi Declares War If A Referendum Goes Ahead

Waititi has declared war on New Zealand if a referendum proceeds.

You can watch his video HERE.

I have just completed a book called THE PSYCHOLOGY OF TAKEOVER – 18 Strategies Maori Activists Are Using To Try And Take Over New Zealand. 

You can read the book HERE.

This video exposes how unhinged the Maori Party are.

Waititi says Maori have been social, enonomic, and cultural leaders in New Zealand since 1840.  

Really? Where is the proof?

All the proof to the contrary exists.  So really, what he says here is an example of Strategy 6, which is lying.

Waititi talks about ‘honouring Te Tiriti’ but gives no specifics.    

He never actually reads the Treaty or proves from the actual Treaty what he means, or what he is talking about.  

It’s an example of Strategy 16, making emotionally charged statements with no proof of their veracity.

Near the end of this video, he says there is going to be a revolution if the referendum goes ahead.

This is code for civil war.  

What else could it mean?  Really, it’s an example of Strategy 3, frightening people.

My thinking is that this is a wonderful video.  

Why? Because it shows Maori Activists for who they really are.

And if there is a referendum, this will help our cause no end.

Waititi, please, keep them coming.



Terry Opines Produces Another Great Video About The Dishonesty Of Maori Activists

Terry Opines Produces Another Great Video About The Dishonesty Of Maori Activists

Well known political commentator Terry Opines is going to cover our Treaty Truth Tour in 2024.

This is wonderful news.  ‘The Psychology of Takeover’ booklet that Terry refers to is HERE.

This tour is crucial the get the public ready for voting either on a Treaty referendum or a Treaty Bill.

Either way, public opinion will be vital.  Public opinion will decide outcomes.

It’s vital that we give David Seymour our full support and that we do the groundwork to ensure his success.

You can watch Terry’s video HERE.


How Activists Work The System To Get What They Want

How Activists Work The System To Get What They Want

The Waitangi Tribunal and how it operates is a Mt Everest size racket.

Proof that the Tribunal is corrupt? Click HERE.

How do the members become part of this Tribunal?

Below is a quote from the government website.

“Waitangi Tribunal members come from all walks of life and are appointed for their expertise in the matters that are likely to come before them. They are appointed by the Governor-General on the recommendation of the Minister for Māori Development.”

There you have it.  “…on the recommendation of the Minister for Māori Development.”

It’s a Tribunal appointed by Maori, run by Maori,  for Maori. 

It raises a big red flag doesn’t it.

Thankfully, the Tribunal can’t make final decisions, only recommendations. 

The government makes final decisions.  But if you have a government in place like the last one, then ‘recommendations’ become ‘final decisions’ without a second thought. 

Activists run to the Tribunal often to make claims.

And who pays all the legal bills for them to make those claims? 

We do. The taxpayer. 

Who pays the salaries of the Tribunal members?

We do. The taxpayer. 

Who pays the salary of  the Minister of Maori development? 

We do. The taxpayer. 

If the minister is an activist, then, you guessed it, the Tribunal will become an activist strong hold. 

Who is the new Minister of Maori development? Tama Potaka.

He has a long history of being an activist.  If you want proof read THIS.

The fact that Luxon knew all this and appointed him is terribly worrying.

It’s looking very likely that we have a closet activist PM.  

My new book talks about Luxon and this possibility.  You can read a draft of it HERE

Now read THIS.  

It’s about a new book just about to be published on the Treaty of Waitangi by a Maori lawyer who is singing the praises of the Tribunal.

Why would she do that?  She doesn’t want historians outside the Tribunal saying what the Treaty means and says. 

Why not? 

The truth might come out. 

Then what? 

The gravy train would end its journey.  

This is what David Seymour’s referendum is going to do. 

We must support him. 

The Treaty and what it means and says must be opened to full public debate, not restricted to the ‘sacred priests’ inside the Tribunal, which is what the activists want.  

It’s what they are gunning for. 

They want to be able to say, “What Seymour says the Treaty says is not what it says” and so they can undermine the referendum. 

But that’s not all.  

Over the next three years, via the MSM,  they will be launching a massive propaganda campaign, relentlessly, to win over the public to gang up on Seymour.  

And what will be the focus on their campaign? 

Saying that only ‘Maori experts’ can say what the Treaty really means, and no one else is qualified.

And where do these experts, these sacred priests reside? 

You guessed it – inside the Waitangi Tribunal, members of which were recommended by Potaka, who was appointed by Luxon. 

Cunning eh. 

Wanganui Mayor And Councillors Email Addresses

Mayor, Councilors’, and Council’s contact emails:

Hi/Hello/Kia ora,
I am emailing because I …(insert comments).. with the removal of the Weeping Woman war memorial from Moutoa Gardens.
I think the removal of this memorial is …(insert comments)… Because …(insert comments)…
This is New Zealand’s oldest war memorial, and it should remain in place and be maintained by the Council.
We need to remember our history because …(insert comments)…
Do not remove this crucial part of Whanganui’s history.

Exemplar 1:
I am writing to express my disdain for the Mayor and Council’s broader comments surrounding the removal of the Weeping Woman from Moutoa Gardens.
Removing a war memorial that commemorates the death of people who died for Whanganui is disgraceful.
Attempting to rewrite New Zealand’s history is shameful. Rather than removing it, why doesn’t the Council, or the established bureaucratic Board that is now dealing with the Reserve, place additional information on a sign or placard next to the memorial?
Don’t pretend our history didn’t happen – honour it.

Exemplar 2:
I want to write in support of keeping the Weeping Woman war memorial in Moutoa Gardens.
As it is New Zealand’s oldest war memorial, it is a crucial part of our country’s history. Regardless of the changes in Whanganui’s, and indeed New Zealand’s, social climate, we should always remember our history. In fact, we should honour our history, and the people that died for us, to commemorate the past. After all, is that not the point of memorials?
Removing this war memorial would be shameful act. It would disrespect Maori and European alike, and this is not acceptable.
Keep the Weeping Woman in its historic site.
Yours sincerely,

Exemplar 3:
Greetings all,
I am getting in contact to tell you how I, and many other Whanganui locals, feels about your part in the decision to remove the Weeping Woman from Moutoa Gardens. Frankly, it’s disgusting behaviour from the Council.
This is New Zealand’s oldest war memorial and you are supporting the removal of it because of the changing socio-cultural environment. Is this not a myopic point of view? Your naïve presentism shamefully disrespects those people that died on Moutoa Island and the history of this country.
If anything, you could establish an additional information board in Moutoa Gardens to contextualise the monuments and memorials there. Instead, you opt to support the removal of them, and our history along with it.
This rewriting of history is extremely disrespectful and shortsighted.
I think the Weeping Woman should remain in place.

Exemplar 4:
Kia ora koutou,
Your comments and support surrounding the removal of the Weeping Woman war memorial are completely unreasonable and devoid of honesty and maturity in the face of New Zealand’s history.
The removal of Aotearoa New Zealand’s oldest war memorial will disrespect the Māori and European people who fought for Whanganui – and who, in reality, are deserving of our respect; they gave their lives, after all.
What is the purpose of a war memorial if not to commemorate those people and events of the past? Changing attitudes and beliefs should not dictate our learning of New Zealand’s history.
Keep the memorial in place – remember what was given and what was lost, and learn from it.
Nga mihi nui,

A Graphic Example Of How The Main Stream Media Does Not Understand The Treaty

A Graphic Example Of How The Main Stream Media Does Not Understand The Treaty

Recently, I watched a video of David Seymour being interviewed.

Watch it HERE.

The interviewer does not know the Treaty.  It’s obvious.

In the picture below is the Preamble of The Treaty.  Please read it carefully two or three times. 

Here are the facts you need to know.

First, on February 6th 1840 Britain acknowledged that New Zealand was a sovereign nation.

This meant that Maori owned all the land.

However, Article 2 of the Treaty stated that the Crown would buy land from Maori.

This they did. In fact, Maori, of their own free will, sold 92% of their land to the British.

HERE is the proof.

So where is the interviewer showing her Treaty ignorance?

Part of the Preamble says “…..and her desire to preserve them their land….”  meaning land owned by Maori and British settlers who have already purchased land from Maori between 1800 and 1840. 

Yes, it’s true, the Queen did, as at February 6th 1840, as I said, acknowledge that Maori owned all the land of New Zealand, except that which had been sold to settlers in the period 1800 – 1840. 

No problem so far. 

But the interviewer thinks that the British promised to preserve Maori their land FOREVER! 

Right there is the fatal mistake.

The British did not promise this. 

Maori were given the right to sell their land, which they went on and did sell. 

No ‘rights’ were ever taken from Maori.  This is just spin.  It’s lies.

The opposite is true. 

The British preserved the rights of Maori to retain or sell their land. 

Effectively, they said to Maori, “The land is yours. It’s your right to do what you like with it.”

This Maori did, of their own free will. They sold it.  It was not stolen or lost, as is the activists’ narrative. 

Even most confiscations were entirely justified, according to Sir Apirana Ngata.  You can read what he said in the picture below.  Confiscations that were not justified were compensated for in the Justice Sim Royal Commission 1920s to 1950s.  End of story. 

What Maori are suffering from today is nothing more than SELLER’S REMORSE. 

This, in a nutshell, is the guts of the Treaty of Waitangi.

You’ll not find a shorter explanation of the Treaty of Waitangi anywhere else.


If you remember just this blog, you’ll have a great handle on the Treaty.

More On The Removal Of New Zealand's Oldest Memorial, Wanganui

More On The Removal Of New Zealand's Oldest Memorial, Wanganui

Josh Chandulal-Mackay, Pākaitore Historic Reserve Board.

Dear Sir,

I am disappointed to see the  Pākaitore Historic Reserve Board has made the decision to relocate the Weeping Woman Monument to a more suitable, “obscure” location – presumably, out of the public’s view!

It seems the Board has overlooked the fact, this battle was fought to protect the majority of the Maori people of Wanganui from the rebel tribes who were travelling the country, slaughtering thousands of unarmed (muskets) tribes for the fun of it and the feasts that followed.

All this evidence is fully recorded in the New Zealand, Australian and American Archives, as well as the British Parliamentary Papers, although much of it being removed from the New Zealand Archives.    

It also seems the Board has overlooks the fact,  many Wanganui Maori are now descendants of the people who saved their ancestors.

In fact, if it had not been for these brave soldiers, many Wanganui Maori would not be here today.

To remove this monument only satisfies a few part-Maori who believes Colonization destroyed the Maori race, when in fact, it save a race of people of the verge of extinction by their own hand when New Zealand true history is known.

Sir, why satisfy a few part-Maori,  when you are doing a great disservice to the silent majority.

This monument is a monument that should be honoured by all, not destroyed by a few

Back in 1995, this monument was again targeted, but luckily the majority ruled and it was spared.

Hopefully, it will be spared again for future generation to know their ancestors, both Maori and Pakeha saved the Wanganui Maori from total extinction.


Your sincerely,

Ross Baker,

Researcher, One New Zealand Foundation Inc.  Est: 1988.


 You can sign the petition to stop the memorial being removed by  clicking   HERE

 This petition and protest in Wanganui is being led by Benn, one of our team

Video Master Terry Opines Shows How Maori Are Creating Racial Division

Video Master Terry Opines Shows How Maori Are Creating Racial Division

You can watch Terry’s brilliant video by clicking   HERE


Please Sign Our Petition To Save The Wanganui Memorial, New Zealand's Oldest

Please Sign Our Petition To Save The Wanganui Memorial, New Zealand's Oldest

You can sign the petition by clicking   HERE

One of our team, Benn, set it up and is leading an initiative. 

He’s a brilliant young guy

We are planning protests.

But first let’s get the petition signed.

Please pass it on to everyone everywhere.

You can read a Stuff article about it HERE

The removal is definitely cancel culture at work.

The British erected because a significant event had taken place.

It tells the truth about the battle.

Some Maori in 1865 were barbaric and fanatical. This is just a fact. Cannibalism was still being practiced by some at this time in history.

In the Stuff article, today’s Maori are going to say what happened “from their point of view.”

They say they are going to get the information from ‘oral history’ (which is code for ‘we’ll make it up’)  and carvings (which again means ‘we’ll make it up).  Yeah, right.

This is typical BS and I can’t believe the council, or anyone for that matter, is taking local Maori seriously.

What would the 15 loyal Maori (i.e. Maori who had joined in against the rebel Maori) and the one British soldier who lost their lives in the battle to preserve law and order say if they were here today? 

 They are being trashed, the loss of their lives insignificant.

We need to push back.  What is happening is wrong.

Thanks so much

Historian Bruce Moon Responds To Maori Removal Of Wanganui War Memorial

Historian Bruce Moon Responds To Maori Removal Of Wanganui War Memorial

You  can read what Bruce wrote  HERE

 The point is that at this time in history, certain Maori tribes were rebelling against the government. 

These tribes were breaching the Treaty that they had signed up to. 

The government said this was treason and moved, rightly, to put down the rebellions.

Sir Apirana Ngata, New Zealand’s greatest Maori would agree.  

He said:

“Some have said that these confisca­tions were wrong and that they contravened the articles of the Treaty of Waitangi. 

The Government placed in the hands of the Queen of England, the sovereignty and the authority to make laws. 

Some sections of the Maori people violated that authority. War arose from this and blood was spilled. 

The law came into operation and land was taken in payment. It was their own chiefs who ceded that right to the Queen. 

The confiscations cannot therefore be objected to in the light of the Treaty” 

(Sir Apirana Ngata.  The Treaty Of Waitangi. An Explanation. pp 15-16)

This is our history.  It’s completely wrong for the memorial to be removed and we will be protesting. 

I am going to approach a company today to have replicas made which can be placed all over the country. 

Not life size, but big enough to put in your garden or as an ornament in your home.

Let’s fight back and keep our history alive. 

Say no to cancel culture.

Here We Go! Maori Activists, In The Main Stream Media, Have Been Busy Making Propaganda Videos. Watch this one...

Here We Go! Maori Activists, In The Main Stream Media, Have Been Busy Making Propaganda Videos. Watch this one...

This is a must watch video.  Here it is HERE


Douglas Murray On What's Happening With Maori In New Zealand.  A Must Watch.

Douglas Murray On What's Happening With Maori In New Zealand. A Must Watch.

This is a must watch video.  Here it is HERE

 About 20 minutes in, he talks about Maori.

Removal Of Wanganui Memorial Should Not Be Allowed

Removal Of Wanganui Memorial Should Not Be Allowed

First up, please read THIS

We have to stop this.

Historian Bruce Moon is going to write a commmentary about what exactly happened in history that led to this memorial being erected in the first place.

Take it for granted that the Maori ‘spin’ on what happened will be fake history.

So what is going on here?

It’s Maori not liking their history, not having the dark side of their history on show, so they want it removed.

This is plan wrong.  Maori need to learn to face their past and live with it.  Facts are facts.

I am personally very offended by all the Maori totem poles appearing everywhere on motorways and right outside our parliament.

They remind me of all the Maori cannibalism, infanticide, and inter tribal warring that was typical of Maori pre-1840

They ought not to be there.

I want them removed.  They are highly offensive to me.

One of our team, Ben, is organising a petition on line to stop the removal of this memorial.

This will be up on line on shortly.

We’ll also have a link to the petition on our web site.

We need you to sign up and give us your email address so we can keep you posted about what we are going to do in Wanganui.

We are planning a mass protest to stop the removal.

By the way, the NZCPR (Murial Newman and her husband Frank) are running a pole for New Zealanders of the year.

It’s work having a look.  Click HERE  to see the details.


If Ever There Was A Story To Illustrate Where We Are Headed In New Zealand Under Maori Rule, This Is It!.

If Ever There Was A Story To Illustrate Where We Are Headed In New Zealand Under Maori Rule, This Is It!.

See what happens when you give Maori any sort of power or control? Corruption is inevitable.  Read THIS


Co-Governance By Stealth Is Still Going On.  Read This....

Co-Governance By Stealth Is Still Going On. Read This....

If you want to know how this is happening and where,  read THIS


Activists Have One Great Fear. They Don't Want The Truth About The Treaty To Be Known.  Read This....

Activists Have One Great Fear. They Don't Want The Truth About The Treaty To Be Known. Read This....

First, please read THIS

Below is the article in full. I have commented in CAPITALS

Following the redaction of the English draft of the Treaty of Waitangi at Te Papa, we have seen an outpouring of support from the public.




People are visiting and taking photos, sharing thoughts online, creating memes and

posters, and even getting tattoos of the artwork. Videos of the action have

been watched hundreds of thousands of times, and more than $10,000 has

been donated to support those arrested.




Most importantly, this action has encouraged a nationwide conversation

about Te Tiriti o Waitangi and the way the English draft is used to distort our





As the misleading nature of the exhibition is exposed, more people are

expressing support for the demand that the English draft be removed and

replaced with an accurate translation of Te Tiriti o Waitangi. This request has

also been made by academics, the National Iwi Chairs Forum, Network

Waitangi Whangārei, and other experts.






“We’ve seen support from a variety of ages, genders, ethnicities, socioeconomic conditions, professional and artistic backgrounds, and

community-based and civil society groups. We’ve also seen lots of international news coverage – from Manila to France. Eyes are on what Te

Papa’s next move is going to be.”




Said Te Waka Hourua spokesperson, Catherine Murupaenga-Ikenn. Unfortunately, Te Papa and mainstream media continue to mislead the public by referring to the English draft as a “translation” or the “English version”.




We urge them to listen to the experts and tell our history truthfully. The

English draft is not a translation, has no legal standing, and its conflation

with Te Tiriti causes real harm.






The challenge now is for Te Papa to honour Te Tiriti o Waitangi by urgently

implementing the following actions:

Tell the truth about Te Tiriti o Waitangi by engaging with Māori experts





Apologise to the public – Māori in particular – for creating an exhibition

which, contrary to their own expert advice, has been misleading the public

for over 25 years




Urge police to drop the charges against the artists involved in the action

Develop a free Te Tiriti public education programme led by Māori experts






Before the upgraded artwork is removed or altered, Te Papa needs to

publicly articulate a plan of action about how it is going to address this going

forward. Te Waka Hourua intends to deliver our challenge to Te Papa at

12pm on Wednesday, and we invite everyone to join us.



An Example Of The Dishonesty Of Archives New Zealand

An Example Of The Dishonesty Of Archives New Zealand

In the wake of the exit of the last government, New Zealand is still awash with dishonesty, fraud, and corruption.

Below is a graphic example.

One of our team (Piers) wrote to Archives New Zealand.

Archives New Zealand collects and stores historical documents on behalf of the people of New Zealand.

Piers asked to see a copy of the Littlewood draft, which is the final English draft of the Treaty.

For political reasons, and under pressure from activists, this document has never been acknowledged as the final English draft of the Treaty.

It’s definitley the final English draft.

It mirrors the Maori version almost perfectly.

It’s dated the 4th of February.

It’s in the handwriting of Busby.

Busby said he wrote the final English draft.

In every respect it meets the expected profile of the final draft of the Treaty.

So why is it not accepted as the final English draft?

It does not mention ‘forests and fisheries’ plus it includes ‘all the people of New Zealand’ in Article 2.

Through the fraudulent use of a James Freeman rogue version of the Treaty, used in schedule 1 of the Treaty of Waitangi Act 1975, Maori claim ‘forests and fisheries’.

In this supposed final English draft, ‘all the people of New Zealand’ is missing from Article Two.

In other words all the forests and fisheries don’t belong to ‘all the people of New Zealand’ but to Maori alone.

Sheesh. That’s fraud. Blatant fraud and deception.

Yet no one is saying anything about this.

Well, all this is going to change when Julian executes his ‘Treaty Truth Tour 2024’ which kicks off next year.

We’ll be hammering this and other key historical points of interest.

For example, Maori activists say, “Maori never ceded sovereignty”.  We’ll be knocking this one over too.

It’s going to be a great tour.

All we are going to do is present facts and evidence and leave attendees to make up their own minds.

OK, back to Archives NZ.

They sent Piers a link to click on.  When you click on the link, boom, the Littlewood Final English draft appears.

Look for yourself.  It’s clearly dated 4th February 1840. It’s clearly signed by Hobson.

But what I want you to notice is this:

“Contempary” means ‘living or occurring at the same time.’  So the way Archives New Zealand wants the public to think of  this document is to have them believe that Busby or someone else translated the Maori version into English and this was the result. 

In other words, it’s a translation. 

This is a complete lie. 

The Littlewood draft is dated the 4th of February.  This is the date it was written.  It says so on the document. See for yourself at the very bottom of page 2. 

The Maori version was not ‘made’ until the 5th.  

What actually happened was this – on the 4th of February 1840, 4pm, Hobson and his team achieved closer on the final English draft of the Treaty. 

At 4pm this draft was handed to missionary Henry William.  

He was instructed, along with his son Edward, to translate it into Maori. 

This he did on the evening of the 4th. 

By morning of the 5th, it was ready.

The Treaty writers, headed by Hobson, discussed the translation all morning on the 5th. 

At noon on the 5th, they left Busby’s house at Waitangi.

They crossed the lawn were 62 chiefs were waiting in the tent for Hobson to read the Treaty to them. 

Over 1000 people were on the lawn that day – missionaries, settlers, and traders. 

The Treaty was read in English and Maori to the chiefs.

All afternoon the Treaty was discussed and debated. 

That evening, the chiefs retired to Te Ti marae at Waitangi to discuss. 

The Williams father and son went with them to answer questions they might have.

The next morning, the 6th of February, the chiefs were ready to sign. 

52  Chiefs signed that day. 

The point is, the Treaty is dated the 6th. The draft the 4th. 

So you can’t make a copy of a document on the 4th which doesn’t exist until the 5th! 

Do you get it? 

I hope so, because it’s hugely important. 

Archives New Zealand is setting out to deceive the public the way it advertises this draft. 

Please pass this blog on to everyone you know.


Iwi Arrogance Strikes Again.  Maori Block Beach Access.  But No One Asks "What Right Do They Have To Do This?" Answer? None.

Iwi Arrogance Strikes Again. Maori Block Beach Access. But No One Asks "What Right Do They Have To Do This?" Answer? None.

Iwi leader Baden Barber was the guy who was behind the huge protests on the Hastings leg of our Stop Co-Governance tour.

He is at it again.  This time he’s blocking access to a beach using boulders.

No one asks ‘What right does he have to do this?”  The answer is that he has no right.

If a European or someone of any other culture did what he did, they’d be fined.

But not Barber.  He’s Maori.

As usual the woke local council are turning a blind eye.

This is so terrbily wrong.

Who does Mr Barber think he is?  Seriously.

The decision should have been made solely by the council in consultation with locals.

End of story.

You can read the story HERE.


Broadcaster Sean Plunket Interviews Julian Batchelor Who Reveals Stop Co-Governance Plans For 2024

Broadcaster Sean Plunket Interviews Julian Batchelor Who Reveals Stop Co-Governance Plans For 2024

You can watch / listen to the video HERE

How To Analyse The Writings Of Activists

How To Analyse The Writings Of Activists

Yesterday I asked you to read an article written by Margaret Mutu.

You can read it again  HERE. I suggest you print it out.

Then what?

Yesterday, I analysed her piece more closely using a series of four columns.

HERE is what I did. Take a look.

I am wanting to help Kiwis analyse the activities of activists and undo them.

This way, we can beat what is going on.

Margaret Mutu Illustrates Perfectly In One Article All 15 Strategies Activists Are Using To Take Over The Country

Margaret Mutu Illustrates Perfectly In One Article All 15 Strategies Activists Are Using To Take Over The Country

Margaret Mutu just wrote a mind boggling article about Maori in relation to the rest of us.

You can read it HERE. I suggest you print it out.

Then what?

Then read THIS which details all the strategies which Maori activists are using to take over the country.

Tick off which of the 15 strategies Margaret uses.

I would love your feedback on this.  i.e. for someone to seriously analysis Margaret’s article and categorise each statement she makes according to the 15 strategies.

I will then post your analysis on this web site as a blog post.

Go for it!


The Treaty Truth Tour 2024 Kicks Off With A Bang In Orewa Yesterday!

The Treaty Truth Tour 2024 Kicks Off With A Bang In Orewa Yesterday!

Yesterday, we executed a warm up event in Hibiscus Coast (Auckland) for a our Treaty Truth Tour 2024!

Wow! We had such a fantastic time.

Nikki, the local organiser on the ground did a fabulous  job.

She hired a local hall and filled the place with private invitations.

Everything was incredibly well organised.

Nikki invited a few people, and those people invited their friends, and so the invites snowballed.

Everyone who accepted the invitation phoned Nikki to register for the day.

On the day, Julian invited questions from the get go.

This made such a huge difference.

On his tour of New Zealand earlier this year, and because of activists, he would structure his meetings to only allow questions at the very end.

In Hibiscus Coast yesterday all that changed.

People loved the opportunity to ask questions all the way through.

The presentation was packed with new slides and new facts from our history. 

Audience engagement was very high.  In amongst the seriousness, there was much laughter.

Nikki and her team put on a great afternoon tea.

The meeting started at 2 and ended at 5pm.  

And do you know what? We only got up to discussing Article one of the Treaty!

The reason? People had so many good questions!

If you would like to host an event in your town in 2024, to learn all about the Treaty, please call Nikki 027 490 9191

She will coach you every step of the way and show you what  to do!

To know more about the Treaty Truth Tour next year, click HERE


New Zealand Is At War. How Wins and Losses Work To Either Impede Or  Promote The Activist Maori Takeover Of New Zealand.

New Zealand Is At War. How Wins and Losses Work To Either Impede Or Promote The Activist Maori Takeover Of New Zealand.

Each day, like you probably, I keep a close eye on the news and what’s happening in New Zealand politically.

More and more, I am starting to see what is going on here.  What does that mean? Well, from 1975 (The year The Treaty of Waitangi Act was signed off) until now,  Maori activists have been hard at work. What work? They are plotting and planning to take control of the country.

That this is so is beyond dispute.  HERE is just one excellent paper on this subject.

So how have Maori activists been able to get so far? How have they been able to infiltrate every sphere of New Zealand society? How have they been able to brainwash a whole generation of our young people?

The answer? They have done it just a little bit at a time over a long period of time, that’s how.

Generally speaking, what 99% of the public don’t realise is that each day the activist Maori cause is either advancing or being retarded. 

Democracy is either being restored, or being eroded. Equality is either being restored, or it’s being eroded.  One person one vote is either being restored, or it’s being eroded. Control of the country by the democratically elected government is either being restored or eroded. And so on.

Everything MPs do, literally everything, is either advancing or retarding the activist Maori cause.

An example?

When Gerry Brownlee, the Speaker of the House, allowed Waititi and Co to swear their oath of allegiance the way they did, the activist Maori cause was advanced. How? By increment, they got a little bit more control of how things are done in Parliament.  They gained some ground.  They got more control.  Brownlee should never have allowed this to happen.  It was wrong. A boundary was breached that day.

Another example?

Nicola Willis started the day saying they were going to stop public servants getting up to $3500 to learn Te Reo. 

Her saying that was a win for equality and democracy. 

Then later the same day, she gave that win away.

How? She back tracked. She said that it was now Ok to give certain people this money if their job involved teaching Maori. 

I say no! When I did my 3 university degrees I had to pay for my own education.  I had to pay to go through Teachers’ College. I had to pay my way.  The reward? When I graduated and entered the classroom, I began to be paid.

It should be the same with people who want to learn Te Reo. 

Pay your own way.

And oh, is the same money being offered to people who want to learn Mandarin or Cantonese, or any other language in New Zealand?  Answer? No.  So why were was the Maori language singled out?  This is apartheid, and it’s wrong.

The net result? A win to activist Maori. Why? The get a little bit more control. 


Another example?

Winston Peters speech at the opening of Parliament was a huge win for democracy.

Why? He forcefully pushed back against Maorification (apartheid and racism), against Maorification  (i.e. the Maori Party) trying to get control of Parliament and New Zealand.  Winston was an absolute joy to watch. 

It was high drama watching a senior Maori whipping junior Maori (Waititi and co) into line. They were severely rebuked. 

It was a lion (Winston) playing around with his cubs (Waititi and co).  He was confrontational, bold, loud, unafraid, truthful, and blunt. Beautiful!  Winston took control back!

We need three years of Winston in full flight like that.  

Truly, he was magnificent. You can watch the speech HERE.

How can you help?

We are starting a web site called WINS AND LOSSES. 

We want to track and advertise all the wins and losses made each day in New Zealand politics. 

If you read something, or view a video of a win or a loss, email a link to us of the win or the loss, and we’ll post it on our new web site. Send them to Marianne :

We are believing that by setting up this site, Kiwis might get a better idea of how the takeover is happening, and that every little thing an MP does, for good or bad, either advances the Maori takeover of New Zealand or retards it. 

Either way, what we want, more than anything, is the full and absolute restoration of democracy.

Every win is a tiny movement towards the restoration of democracy. 

Every loss is a tiny movement to erode democracy. and replace it with tribal rule.

And guess what? There is no half way ground. 

Every day in New Zealand, democracy is either being restored or eroded and MPs, with every little move they make, do one or the other.

That’s the truth. 



How Increment by Increment, National Is Unwittingly Advancing The Radical Maori Cause

How Increment by Increment, National Is Unwittingly Advancing The Radical Maori Cause

First, read this  Rodney Hide News item.

Below is my commentary on what Rodney said.


Rodney is 100% right.
This is an extremely serious situation. I have said all along, that the last election, for Maori radicals, is just a temporary pause on the journey towards Maori takeover of our nation. A speed bump.
In He Puapua, they have openly said that their long term goal is complete control of New Zealand.
This is the big picture. The Big Picture is understanding, deeply, that Maori radicals are gunning to take over the whole country.
The big problem we have is that politicians (and many Kiwis) are not viewing today’s ‘issues’ with Maori activism through the lens of this big picture.
The big picture is everything. We must at all costs resist getting distracted by the minutiae.
Metaphorically speaking, the coalition legislation changes are just clipping the bush.
It’s bush clipping, rather than removing the bush completely, the bush being co-governance with all its various branches e.g. co-governance has infiltrated our education system, our judiciary, all government departments, our sports, our fisheries, our recreation, our media…everything.
There is now not one area of New Zealand life untouched by Maorification.
Now here is the crux of the issue. Maori say they are never going to give up until they achieve total control. They are doing it by increment. A click here, a click there.  A little win here, a little win there.  A tiny bit of ground won here, a tiny bit there.
It’s morphed into their life purpose, their new religion, their raison d’etre.
Ironically, by pandering to them since 1840, we have created this situation. We have created a monster. 
That Brownlee let them get away with what he did at the swearing in ceremony is just another incremental click.
It’s another piece of ground lost.  It’s a tiny win for the radical Maori cause. Brownlee and other MPs seem oblivious to the big picture.
Luxon starting his press conference with a bit of Te Reo is another click. More lost ground.
Nicola Willis caving in on allowing a $3500 allowance for public servants to learn Te Reo is another click. Ground lost. She moved from ‘No we want to cancel such allowances’ to ‘Ok, we’ll allow the relevant ones’. Click.
Little by little, I have to say, increment by increment, radical Maori are slowly achieving their goal.
What we have to do is look at the direction of the overall movement.  Conclusion? It’s very very slowly forwards towards Maori domination.  Sure, they have some losses for them, like this new coalition. But the overall direction, the over all gains, over 45 years, since 1975, is forwards.  To see this, is to see the big picture.
Tinkering with legislation, pruning the branches here and there, will only delay the inevitable.
It’s depressing to think that when Labour / The Greens / Te Pati Maori get back in, and that day will come, they will reverse all the coalition did – and then forge ahead again with their takeover plans.
What’s needed is a bulldozer and chain to arrive to remove the entire bush i.e. a very powerful strong ‘aware’ Prime Minister and cabinet ministers. Luxon is not that man.
And while you are at it, treat the bare ground with legislative Roundup so that it can never return which is what Seymour is trying to do.
Meantime, let’s give our full support to him, Peters, and Jones.
Hopefully, through them, our bulldozer and chain and Roundup might just arrive in time.
Fingers crossed.
If you want know how Maori have got so far taking over the country, read THIS

What Is Most Important Now Is That We Support Winston, Seymour, and Jones

What Is Most Important Now Is That We Support Winston, Seymour, and Jones

First, watch THIS TV1 New item.

What’s most important now is that we support Jones, Peters and Seymour.

Luxon is so utterly woke it’s nauseating.  

Please email Shane Jones, Seymour, and Peters and encouage them to stand strong from democracy against anarchy and tribal rebellion, for that is what these protests represent. 

If this was happening in the 1860s, the government would have stepped in and put the rebellion down, for that is what this is about. 

The people of New Zealand spoke through a democratic election that they did not want Maorification and tribal rule. 

Maori disagree, not accepting the election result. 

This is totally unacceptable. 

Luxon watches on, like a lost soul. All he can say, repeatedly is “We are committed to improving outcomes for Maori”.  Over and over, like a broken record. No detail of how he is going to do this.  And why is it always and only about Maori? What about all the other 160 cultures here?  Luxon always singles out Maori for special mention. Why? They are not more special than any of the other 160 cultures.  You can read my solution for the Maori problem HERE

It’s left to Jones, Seymour, and Peters to do the heavy lifting. 

We need to get behind them and blow wind into their sails!


Cam Slater has written an excellent piece on the Maori Protests

That’s Cam on the photo below. 

Read his commentary. 

It’s excellent.

Right about now plenty of ordinary Kiwi motorists will be stuck in a gridlock organised by Te Pati Maori, who are protesting about not liking the results of pesky things called elections and democracy.

They are angry and shouty, and disruptive, and they are acting in cahoots with the media.

Mass protests planned for tomorrow are expected to result in gridlock on the main highways heading into Auckland’s city centre, likely causing millions of dollars in lost productivity, Te Pati Maori party says.

Disruption is expected across North Island roads tomorrow morning as Te Pati Maori calls for nationwide action in response to the Government’s “assault on tangata whenua and Te Tiriti o Waitangi”.

Te Pati Maori party secretary Lance Norman said they were expecting hundreds – potentially thousands – of vehicles to join convoys heading slowly into Auckland’s city centre along the state highways from the North Shore, the northwestern and southern motorways.

He said the protests would likely cause “millions of dollars in lost productivity”.

“We are sending a clear message to Government on day one that we are not happy.”

Last month National agreed to support Act’s policy for a binding public referendum on defining the principles of the Treaty of Waitangi through its first stage.

The commitment does not ensure there will be a referendum, as National and NZ First have not pledged any support beyond the committee stage, but does ensure there will be a national conversation about the issue.

Norman said the protests had emerged after iwi leaders and Maori providers met soon after the new Government was announced, and confirmed last night a national day of action for the first day of Parliament on Tuesday.

”Every city will have some sort of protest, road block, march,” he said.

What they are saying is they don’t like the results of the election…or democracy, or how MMP works. No, instead they think they just need to issue demands and we will comply.

They got just 3.08% of the vote, and yet they are demanding 100% of the say on the Treaty. As Elon Musk would say “Go F*ck Yourselves”.

They are saying that we must not have a discussion about the Treaty of Waitangi, that their views are paramount, and therefore they are going to shut down any such debate using protests, blockages, and mass annoyance.

It is the thug’s veto – but at least they’re being honest about it. We can be under no illusion now that this lot of rag-tag Maori haters, wreckers and looters are in no way ever going to countenance reasonable debate. Instead, they’ve signalled very clearly, that they are going to be unreasonable.

The message is clear, if you don’t like the results of an election, then cause huge disruption.

Worse, the media are in on it. They are complicit. Note that towards the end of this NZ Herald article that they are deliberately promoting the protests, by helpfully listing all of the times and locations for protesters. Media are complicit.

The media are egging these scumbags on. They want mass protests, they want the clicks and the headlines and the anger because they too don’t like the results of the election.

Winston Will Be Luxon's Mentor

Winston Will Be Luxon's Mentor

First, watch THIS TV1 New item.

It’s clear isn’t it? Winston is already showing himself to be the master of parliament.

As you well know, he’s been around longer than anyone else in the Beehive.

He’s hugely experienced.  

He knows how to handle journalists.  

He knows how the Beehive operates.  

He’s a battle hardened politician.  

He’s a rottweiler. Luxon’s a fluffy poodle.

Thank goodness he’s there, right next to Luxon because Luxon desperately needs him.

Luxon has none of the Winston’s pedigree.  He’s new, green, inexperienced, and quite frankly looks out of his depth.  

He’s also woke, a label one could never in a million years attribute to Winston.

This is why Peters is so crucial.

Maori radicals would never get the better of Winston.  But if Luxon was on his own? They’d eat him alive.

Hopefully, Luxon is teachable and humble, and will lap up Peters being right there for him.  

Hopefully, he’d open right up to Winston and soak up how he speaks and acts, and Luxon will soak it all up like blotting paper.

Fingers crossed.


Radio Host Declares To Elite Maori "We've Had Enough Of Your Bullying BS!"

Radio Host Declares To Elite Maori "We've Had Enough Of Your Bullying BS!"

There is a radio station in Auckland that just released an excellent audio message. It’s only 7 or so minutes long, and a great  summary of where New Zealand is at with respect to elite Maori.

Below is the written message that went with the audio message.  The radio station is Radio Mountainside FM 88.3


“This is my message to you gravy-train Maori Elitists; your days of hoodwinking the everyday Kiwi are over. A massive majority of us have had enough of your bullying and voted to have your manipulative, dishonest grab of New Zealand and its assets stopped. Yes, your arrogance and deceitful actions including a constant stream of historical and hysterical fairy tales are why most Kiwis voted to give parliament the authority for your nullification.”

Click HERE to listen to the message

You can view the original BFD article HERE

The Stand Out Trait Of Activist Maori Is That They Want to Control People and Situation.

Take a look at the video below. The Maori lady talking says at about 55 seconds in “We (i.e Maori) should be in control of how we (i.e. Maori) want it (i.e. the Treaty) to work.”

This is why they hate David Seymour and his referendum so much. David is now in control. Parliament is now in control. 

This is abhorrent to Maori. 


Conversations with Rawiri Waititi

Conversations with Rawiri Waititi

 “The following is a press release from the Te Pati Maori Party.  I am going to comment on different aspects of it in red text so please follow along. I have called this piece “Conversations with Rawiri Waititi”.  In this piece, he’s asked me to comment on his press release, so I do.


Te Pati Maori

Press Release

1 December 2023

An Oath to our Mokopuna

On Tuesday, MPs will be required to pledge an oath of allegiance to ‘His Majesty King Charles the Third, His heirs and successors’ before they can be officially sworn into Parliament.

This is symbolic of the colonial power that Parliament places above the mana of tangata whenua, and the constraints that are placed on Māori MPs representing their people.


Rawiri , it is the colonial power which provides your salary, your car, your electricity, your housing, your petrol, your aeroplanes, your water in your home, your dental and medical care…the list is endless.  

So pay tribute Rawiri, and honour the colonial power which has treated you so well.  In 1840 life expectancy for a Maori male was 28.  A Maori female 20.  Now? It’s 76 for a female and 74 for a male.  

So don’t talk about how colonialism has ‘constrained you’ unless you are talking about how it constrained your pre-1840 warring, and cannibalism, infanticide, and barbarity.  If this is what you are referring to, then yes, it has constrained you. 


It is not the equal partnership that was consented to by Te Tiriti o Waitangi.


Where are you getting these ideas of ‘equal partnership’ in the Treaty?  They are not there.  They have never have been there. They are just a figment of your imagination.  Surely you know that in the Treaty you ceded sovereignty?  

The British government told Hobson that when he came to New Zealand that if he did not get sovereignty, then Britain could not carry on in New Zealand.  Hobson was a military man. He obeyed orders.  He obeyed orders to get sovereignty and when he got sovereignty, he obeyed orders to carry on and develop New Zealand.   The fact that he carried on is the best evidence ever that Britain got sovereignty and Maori ceded it.

And when Maori ceded, Britain gave your people British citizenship in return. Which means what?

You made yourselves equal with all the other people of New Zealand. You became one with them. You are a not a special group of people elevated above the rest of us.  We are all the same Rawiri.

It is pure fantasy to think that you are partners with the government.  So if not partners, what are you?  You are simply citizens of New Zealand, like the rest of us. That is all. You are not less, and you are not more. We are all New Zealanders, all equal before the Law.  

Really, when you think of yourselves as an elevated cultural group, as a superior cultural group, with special rights and entitlements, you are breaching the Treaty.   You are breaching the contract that your forebears signed up to, Te Tiriti.  Why do you continue to dishonour them in this way? 


Tangata whenua have always honoured our side of Te Tiriti, and we will continue to do so. We will not allow anybody to treat us as second-class citizens on our own whenua.


Really? If you were honouring your side of Te Tiriti, you would stop all your tantrums and sabre rattling, demanding that you be recognised as superior.

This is arrogant behaviour Rawiri.

Your ancestors asked the British to come to New Zealand because they could not stop warring, killing each other, self-annihilating.  The population of your people went down from 150,000 in 1800 to 75,000 in 1840.  This was Maori killing Maori. They were also afraid of the French.  

So the British came to their aid. They have kept their side of Te Tiriti, setting up the country, getting everything up and running for you and the other citizens who live here to enjoy.  What part have you got to play in the deal your ancestors struck with the Crown in Te Tiriti? What is your responsibility? 

Submit to the democratically elected government, like the rest of us.  This is your only duty under the Treaty.  Don’t rebel against it. It’s pretty simple really.  Pay your taxes, obey the law, work hard, and contribute to building a healthy happy country.

But instead, you don’t do anything except complain and demand and parade your ungratefulness like a tattoo-faced peacock.

These are not the behaviours of a responsible Treaty abiding citizen Rawiri.  Rather you are coming across as an out of touch with the truth of the Treaty spoilt brat.

As for being second class citizens?

Actually, Maori, of all the 160 cultures living here, are treated by our government, unjustly, as royalty. Your people get more handouts and benefits and advantages than the rest of us. In fact, it’s got so bad, that everyone (except you and your party) are saying that we are living in an apartheid state, like South Africa. People everywhere are noticing, Rawiri.  They are saying that you are the biggest racist on the planet. This explains why there was a change of government in the last election.  People had had enough of you and your people being treated like royalty.  They were right, of course.  You ought to be treated the same as everyone else because this is what your forebears agreed to in the Treaty. 


Māori owe no allegiance to the genocidal legacy of the British Empire.


Genocide? Really? Come on Rawiri. The colonials didn’t kill your people, they saved them.  As I said, they saved them from themselves and the French.  

They are still saving them today by providing hospitals, schools, social welfare, infrastructure and all the other things I mentioned above, the benefits of colonisation.  

Yes, the Brits killed a few Maori.  The reason?  The British were defending the country, putting down a rebellion, which is what a good government does to defend the nation.  There is nothing unusual there.  Don’t forget, Maori killed as many Brits too. You never hear this side of the story.  

You can read about all the British killed by Maori HERE. 

There is no honour in the Crown. It is tainted with the blood of indigenous nations, and its throne sits at the apex of global white supremacy.


Rawiri! Wash your mouth out. You owe everything good to the colonials. Shame on you for being so ungrateful.

99.9% of Kiwis are sick of your ungratefulness.  If I were Prime Minister, I would have a national holiday each year called “Colonial Gratefulness Day”.  

And I would want you up on stage as an exhibit, to show that all your clothes have come from the hands of colonials. Even the bone carving around your neck was crafted with tools made by colonials, and the design on your face  – the tools to do this were provided by colonials, and the ink to boot.  


To the sovereign of England, we say history will judge whether you have the moral capacity to shoulder responsibility for your family’s heinous legacy. It is beyond you to restore its honour – the harm caused by your Crown is now intergenerational and irreparable. Indigenous blood stains the throne you on.


Rawiri, it seems to me very clearly that everything you accuse England and the Crown of, you are all the more guilty. For example, it was not long ago that you had on your website that Maori were a superior race of people.

Rawiri, that’s racist, more so than anything that I can remember a white person saying about Maori. Yet you accuse England and the Crown of being racist. Look in the mirror and shout “racist!” Then you will be telling the truth.  Another example? You say they committed genocide against Maori in our early history.

Yet the facts are, 10x more Maori were killed by Maori than were killed by the British. You were the ones committing genocide on your own people!  So what is worse?

The British commiting genocide on Maori (which is not true anyway), or Maori committing genocide on their own people?  You know the answer.

We do not consent, we do not surrender, we do not cede, we do not submit; we, the indigenous, are rising. We do not buy into the colonial fictions this House is built upon.


Oh dear, I can see you are really getting worked up. Nonetheless, you have said some things I can’t just ignore. First, you are not indigenous.  You were settlers here.  You came from another country. So let’s clear that up. Furthermore, there is strong evidence that people groups were here before you.

In any case, whether you were first or last here does not matter. The earth, all of it, belongs to everyone. Some of us own a patch of it, and this is good and right and healthy.  But as for the rest?  It belongs to everyone.

If you don’t “buy into colonial fictions”, as though Maori created everything and colonials nothing, then name just one thing Maori have invented that has benefitted the rest of civilisation?  Just one, Rawiri.  Just one. I can’t think of one.

So then, who, really, is living in a world of fiction?  

What you say in your press release Rawiri, is at odds with New Zealand’s best and brightest Maori, Sir Apirana Ngata.He said the following.

“Let me acknowledge first that, in the whole world I doubt whether any native race has been so well treated by a European people as the Maori.” 


Te Pāti Māori pledges allegiance to our mokopuna, our whenua, and Te Tiriti o Waitangi. We will continue to do our best by you, in accordance to our tikanga, amongst the monsters whose portraits still hang on the walls of Parliament.


Monsters in Parliament? Rawiri, there are many mirrors there too. I want you to do something for me. Every time you pass one, stop, square up, and say loudly ‘Racist!’  

And when you come to another, do the same, but this time shout “Monster!” 

Why do this? I want to teach you a new habit, which is telling the truth. 

Maori Are Using Our Money To Take Us To Court...And A Whole Lot More

Maori Are Using Our Money To Take Us To Court...And A Whole Lot More


Start by watching THIS video

This is a hugely interesting interview for a host of reasons.

First, Tuku Morgan says he’s going to mobilise his people for action. Question – why don’t they mobilise their people to build houses for their people, set up food banks, start gyms and diet education so that their people will live healthy lifestyles?

Why don’t Maori ‘mobilise’ their people to better their own people?  The only time to see Maori mobilise is for protest.  Surely, they can do better than this.

Second, he says ‘We are going to fight this in the court’. Oh really? And who is paying for this? Answer? The New Zealand taxpayer. If Maori go to court, they don’t pay their legal fees. We do.

Third, he says the Maori economy is worth $70 billion. So why are not Maori using this money to sort their own people? i.e. build houses for them, schools, food banks, gyms…everything one needs to live a balanced life.

To stop the dreadful statistics which show Maori getting the gold medal in the Olympics of negative social indicators in every event. Why are not Maori not paying for their own? Sorting out their own back yard? Why are we still shelling out?

Fourth? Maori have a lot of money but it’s been given to them. This is very different from having to earn it. Anyone who has billions gifted to them, then gets smart Europeans to invest that money, and manage that money, and run their businesses, will succeed. So really, the gloating is hollow.

Fifth, he mentions the Rangiriri ‘slaughter’. Good job Historian Bruce Moon gives the facts about what happened at Rangiriri, because Tuku Morgan doesn’t.

You can read what Bruce Moon wrote HERE. Honestly, Tuku’s rendition of what happened is a litany of lies.

Sixth, Tuku is challenged by the interviewer that ‘this is democracy – that you were voted out’. His answer?

“This is the tyranny of the majority”. Clearly, Tuku is a bad loser. He can’t stomach not having his own way.

For him, democracy is a stench in his nostrils. I guess he would rather have tribal rule, or Maori dictatorship.

Seventh, he claims the government, particularly Seymour, is racist. Oh really? All David is calling for is equality before the law and an end to separatism, apartheid, and racial division. No one in their right mind would argue against this.

Clearly, Tuku is not in his right mind. The truth of the matter is that Tuku and his cabal are the biggest racists on the planet.

Only recently, the Maori Party posted on its site that Maori were a superior race of people.

Eighth, Tuku says ‘this is hunting season for Maori’. Oh, come on. Tuku is behaving like a spoilt child who has had a lollypop taken off him.

Just because the New Zealand public have voted to stop apartheid, racism, and separatism and voted No! to the Maori taking over the country, Tuku has a tantrum.

Really, is this mature behaviour? No, it’s not. Losing an election and having people disagree with you is called letting the people speak. It’s how democracy works Tuku.

Ninth, he says 2100 Maori die a year of smoking related deaths and then blames someone else for this! Tuku, no one is forcing Maori to smoke.

The fastest way to stop Maori from dying from smoking is to get Maori to stop smoking.

How do you do this? Teach Maori about self discipline and the development of character so they have the will power to stop smoking.

You can read about my program to help Maori with this HERE

Tenth, Tuku in this interview uses all the strategies Maori activists have used for 45 years to get where they have got.

This interview has them all from bullying, to making threats, to pulling out the victim card (Rangiriri and smoking), to intimidation, to making people feel fearful, to boasting about how rich and powerful Maori are.

How come they did not become rich and powerful during the 600 years between 1200AD and 1800AD when they had New Zealand all to themselves?

When there were no ‘evil’ colonialists around?

The truth of the matter is that all the wealth and goodness of colonials have given Maori what they have today.

For the full list of strategies Maori use to control people, click HERE.

Finally, and on a humorous note, the interviewer looked terrified! See how wussy the woke are?



Why Poor Leadership Is Costing Our Country Dearly

Why Poor Leadership Is Costing Our Country Dearly

Amy Brooke has just written an excellent piece which you can read HERE

NZ's Biggest Myth? "Maori Lost Their Lands" The Truth? They Sold Them!

NZ's Biggest Myth? "Maori Lost Their Lands" The Truth? They Sold Them!

One of the greatest myths floating around New Zealand is that Maori lost all their land. 

The implication is that it was ‘stolen’ by Europeans, by colonialists. 

This is absolute nonsense, a complete lie. 

You can read the truth about this issue  HERE

Here Is Why Educating Kiwis About The Treaty Needs To Be The Top Priority Over The Next Three Years

Here Is Why Educating Kiwis About The Treaty Needs To Be The Top Priority Over The Next Three Years

Maori activists are re-grouping getting ready for mass protests.

All along this is what they have said they would do.

 They are furious about the ‘deals’ coalition partners have come to.

They are also preparing for election 2026.

Our response?

We must prepare for election 2026 too, and with great urgency.


You can read about our plans  HERE

Māori Party Comes Out Swinging Against Act, NZFirst, and Luxon

Take a look at what they have said below

Māori Party Issues Veiled Threat Of Armed Revolution If Referendum Goes Ahead

Take a look at what they have said below
New Coalition? Don’t For A Second Think The Fight Is Over. Because It’s Not. In Fact, It’s Just Starting, But In A New Way

New Coalition? Don’t For A Second Think The Fight Is Over. Because It’s Not. In Fact, It’s Just Starting, But In A New Way

The fight against co-governance is not over. In fact, it’s just beginning in a new way for us here at Stop Co-Governance. Why?

I have studied in detail the ‘arrangements’ that the National / Act / NZ First have come to (NAZ for short).

Conclusion? They are a good start, but there are barbs / red flags everywhere.

Why? Well, think about it.

First, absolutely every policy decided upon can be reversed when Labour, the Greens, and Te Pati Maori get back in.

One day, in 3, 6, or 9 years time, they will be back in power. That day will come. We can say this with absolute certainty.

Remember too that the Maori Party are playing a long game. They have openly stated that they want to be in complete control of New Zealand by 2040.  Read HERE for more details.

Remember too, that in the last election they received 40% of the vote.

So nearly half of  those who voted agree that co-governance, apartheid, racism, and the Maorification of our country are wonderful. It’s a frightening thought.

It’s equally certain that they will reverse all these new NAZ policies that can be reversed when they get back in.  In fact, they will be planning it now.

Nothing can be more certain.  They will see all of this, what NAZ has done, as a temporary speed bump on their road to total control. 

Second, Luxon has said all along he wants to keep co-governance going with respect to natural resources.

That is to say, he wants to give Iwi (Maori) special rights and privileges when it comes to the management of our DOC reserves whether it’s lakes, or rivers, or mountains or the oceans or any natural resource.

This is racist. It’s apartheid. And it’s plain wrong.

If the government wants to enter into arrangement with the private sector to manage our resources, the resources that belong to all New Zealanders, the opportunity to do so should be opened up to all New Zealanders, not just Maori.

Those opportunities, those contracts, should, rightfully, be put out to tender so that anyone of our 160 cultural groups can have a crack at winning the tender.  Let the best tender win, which is how it used to be.

That would be fair. To do this would be the right thing to do.  This would be the democratic thing to do. 

Luxon’s way is racist, it’s undemocratic, and it promotes apartheid.

What makes Maori special? Why are they singled out? They made a mess of New Zealand when they were running ‘natural resources’ on their own before colonials arrived here.

27 species of birds were made extinct when Maori were managing resources on their own prior to the arrival of Europeans.

So in my view, they are the very last group you’d want to put in charge of “natural resources.”

But that’s not the reason Luxon should not be entering into co-governance arrangements with Maori for the management of natural resources. 

The main reason, as I have said, is that it’s undemocratic.  As such it’s wrong.  Luxon is spreading racism and apartheid. 

So what is the problem with Luxon?

Luxon is confused. On the one hand he says he wants to get rid of all raced based legislation, yet on the other he is keeping it going.

What’s this all about? Answer?

He’s woke. How do we know?

It’s a crucial cornerstone trait of the woke that they can live with glaring contradictions. For example, they bang on about the terrors of climate change, but at the same time have no trouble using planes and petrol cars to go about their business.  That’s Luxon.

Woke people denounce racism and discrimination yet can still exhibit these behaviours themselves, highlighting the presence of contradictions within the woke movement. That’s Luxon.

Woke people say they are all good with LGBTQ and late term abortion, and that it’s quite Ok to be a Christian and hold these views. That’s Luxon. 

Woke people stand for inclusivity, yet don’t give all the other 159 cultures in our country to opportunity to tender for the management of natural resources. In other words, they really stand for exclusivity.  That’s Luxon. 

 Woke people denounce violence, but are quite happy to endorse it when people like Posey Parker are roughed up by the transgender cult.  That’s Luxon. 

I could go on.  You get the idea. 

One thing is certain, if it were not for Winston and Seymour, nothing would have changed much in our country with respect to co-governance.  Luxon is only toning down co-governance because he’s been forced to. 

If Luxon had won the election by a majority, he would have carried on where Labour, the Greens, and Te Pati Maori left off.

Seymour and Peters have acted as an antiseptic on Luxon’s secretly held co-governance aspirations and his closet love for all things Maori.

Really, Luxon is a secret advocate for the wonderfulness of Maori, but he can’t come right out with it in public.

How do we know he is a secret lover of Maorification?  He’s learning Te Reo and for quite some time now he’s had what he calls ‘A Maori advisor’.  Look carefully at the job description of his cabinet Minister Potaka.  It’s telling. 

The good news?

The anti co-governance attack dogs (Seymour and Peters) are on the loose roaming around Parliament ready to bite on the bum wokesters like Luxon who step out of line.

Left to himself, Luxon would have been a co-governance train wreck.

We have to keep throwing the attack dogs bones? What’s a bone? It’s keeping the pressure on Peters and Seymour to force Luxon to expunge co-governance completely. 


We have a lot of work to do.

Co-governance must be expunged.

We are nowhere near that point. We are a mile off.

We must educate the population about the Treaty and the truth of it.

Because if it comes down to a binding referendum, and I am gunning for this, then we have to be sure that the public will vote wisely and rightly.

As it stands, the public of New Zealand, generally speaking, are completely ignorant when it comes to their knowledge of the Treaty.

And ignorant voters are dangerous voters. If a binding referendum was held today, there is a good chance they would vote the wrong way. Heaven forbid!

We can’t take that chance.

So we have three years to launch and execute a massive Treaty education initiative. You can read more about what we have planned HERE.

OK, let’s wrap this up.

Think of co-governance like a car. When Hipkins and co were driving the car, the accelerator was flat to the boards.

With Luxon and co in the driver’s seat now, the car is just idling.

What ought to have happened? 

This car should have been sent directly to the crusher, Judith Collins style,  then melted down and turned into lapel badges saying ‘Thank God co-governance is gone forever”. 

But no.  Luxon did not do this.  He could have be he didn’t.  Seymour and Peters were willing and wanting this.  But Luxon was not. The blame is squarely on Luxon for keeping it going.  Voters must never ever forget this. 

What am I saying? 

The point is, Luxon’s foot is deliberately still on the co-governance accelerator, albeit lightly. 

Effectively, by not getting rid of co-governance completely, the car engine will be warmed up  and ready for when Hipkins and co are back.

When Hipkins and co are back in power, Luxon will be dumped on the side walk.

With Hipkins in the driver’s seat, Luxon will watch the co-governance car revved to the max, dropping a patch right where he is standing.

The co-governance car will scream off into the distance with Packer and Waititi and co squealing with delight in the back seat.

When then? All the ‘stop co-governance arrangements’ implemented by this coalition will be reversed, at huge expense to the taxpayer.  The waste of money is mind boggling.  

For example, just think of all the stationary and books and publications with Maori all through them which NAZ are going to have to dump.  Massive land fill.    And this is only one consideration.  Then there are all the signs which will have to be changed from Maori to English.  The list goes on. Sheesh. 

Then when the Greens, Labour, and the Maori Party get back in, all the NAZ stationary, books,  publications, car signage will be dumped, and Maorified versions re-printed.  Can you see how crazy this is? 

This is why co-governance must be expunged. Gone forever once and for all. 

When Labour, the Greens, and the Maori Party are back in, our fight to preserve democracy, to fight for equality, to fight against racism and apartheid, will all be back on again, full force. 

So too will the radical Maori plans to take over the country.

What’s the solution?

We must push forward with a referendum to entrench into law once and for all, law which can never be repealed or reversed.

Co-governance must never again, in any form, be allowed to resurface in our once beautiful country.

And by the way, just in case you didn’t know, Maori were working hard the last three years to bring in what they call ‘constitutional change’ to make sure co-governance could never be taken out of our country’s statutes, so we are war here.

Yes, this new government is a good start, but we are not where we should be, or want to be, not  by a long shot, so let’s get cracking.

Historian Bruce Moon Shows How Claire Charters Is Not To Be Trusted

Historian Bruce Moon Shows How Claire Charters Is Not To Be Trusted

You can read Bruce Moon’s excellent piece HERE

Christchurch Learning Centre Bullied Into Providing Te Reo Course That Only Tiny Numbers Of People Want

Christchurch Learning Centre Bullied Into Providing Te Reo Course That Only Tiny Numbers Of People Want


Universities are going broke, or are already broke, and this story today helps to explain why.

Please read THIS story.

Here are the bullet points:
A course was set up in Christchurch for students who want to learn Te Teo
Very few students wanted to enroll.
A few did enroll, but not enough to meet the minimum numbers to continue with the course.
If there is insufficient interest in a course, universities can them.
This is entirely reasonable.
Universities are like businesses.
They work out what course will run at a loss, or break even, or run at profit.
They have a responsibility to run only courses which break even or run at a profit.
Tax payers demand accountability from the University admin staff, not running any course, no matter what the subject, which run a loss.
Why? Because if a course runs at a loss,  tax payers will have to fork out for the loss.

But everything changes if you are Maori.

What the tiny number of Maori students did to have their tiny run-at-a-loss course re-instated?

Answer? They protest.  i.e. bullying and intimidation.

What happens next?

The university caves in, and allows the course to continue, even if no one turns up.

What is this? It’s apartheid. It’s racism, plain and simple.

If this was any other course, other than a Maori course, it would have been canned, and rightly so.

So now the tax payer is paying for a course making a loss.

This is something broke universities can ill afford.

The kicker? Maori claim the course is too expensive.

Our response?

Go to your tribal leaders, the ones who have been given hundreds of millions of dollars, if not billions, and tell them to pay for your course, and the course lecturer’s salary, and the cost of power while the course is in progress. Tell them to stump up with all the costs.

Why should the taxpayer pay?

And here is the clincher. All this is being done ‘in the relentless pursuit of equity’. What does this mean?

If all people in New Zealand were being treated equally, this course would have been treated in the same way as any other university course which didn’t meet the ‘minimum number of students’ requirement. It would have been canned.

It was ONLY because the students were Maori that the course has been allowed to continue.

What do we call this? Inequality. It’s racism. Like I said, it’s apartheid.

The hypocrisy and the twisting of the truth of the matter is simply mind blowing.

Welcome to the world of co-governance.

 What’s really interesting for me is that all this year we’ve been told Te Reo classes all across the country were full to over flowing. 

Clearly, this was BS. 

The MSM was trying to talk it up, speaking it in to being. 

But their efforts to dupe the population of Kiwis has failed. Te Reo classes are near empty. 


"Stuff" Produces Hilarious Article About Our Billboards! It's A Must Read.

"Stuff" Produces Hilarious Article About Our Billboards! It's A Must Read.

First, I want you to read THIS.

Yes, what they said about what I say in my meetings is accurate – there is a coup going on.

Yes, a lady was dragged out of one of meetings because she fired up in our meeting blowing a whistle. She brought it on herself. She got what she deserved.

No, the tour is not over. We are just re-grouping.  We had a wonderful meeting in Taupo last weekend.

Yes, I am not worried about offending people. Everything good in this world, when it started, offended someone.

Yes, we are hoping for 1000 billboards up by the end of 2024.

As for Maori being offended? No, Maori sold their land in the 1800’s. The new owners can do with they like with it. What right do Maori have to say what the new owners of the land do with it? Answer? None.

Maori were not ‘pushed out’. They loved the trinkets colonials brough to New Zealand. So much so, they sold their land to get their hands on them. A willing seller, and a willing buyer. That’s how it was.

Yes, Maori do have more rights than others. Apartheid is running at record levels in New Zealand. Anyone who can’t see this is blind.

To Dave Young – explain how you are offended. Be specific. Are you woke?

Re: calling non-Maori who came to New Zealand ‘strange people’.

This is deeply offensive to us. If it was not for ‘us’, Maori would not have roads, schools, medicine, hospitals, KFC, McDonalds, Winz, Liquor land, houses, power, cars, TVs, phones, planes, boats, outboard motors, power tools…the list is endless.

Maori owe a lot to these ‘strange people’.

To historian Peter – yes, the signs do convey the idea of “Maori” know your place. What place? The same place as the rest of us. What’s that? One person, one vote. All votes of equal value, all people being treated equally, living in a democracy, having no place for apartheid and racism.

This is what ‘the strange people’ stand for because Maori live in the same country and signed up to all this in the Treaty they must honour the Treaty and live under the same rules as everyone else.

To all Maori in Tasman – stop complaining and start honouring Te Tiriti. 

To Tim O’Connell, Tasman council. What you say is nonsense. As it happens our signs are promoting the sale of land (Maori sold the land to Europeans), promoting a community event (stimulating discussion about important issues in New Zealand), and fundraising (if people would like to donate to the signs, this is the bank account number – 12-3232-0016590-50.)

Conclusion? Our signs fit perfectly the council criteria for acceptable signage. So if the council ‘challenges’ us formally, we’ll see them in court.

To DB Breweries. You don’t have copyright on the words ‘Yeah, right’.

Write to the Tasman councillors:
Mayor Tim King by emailing

Let them know that you support the signs. 

Brainwashing In Our Education System Intensifies. School Principals Now The Target

Brainwashing In Our Education System Intensifies. School Principals Now The Target

First, I want you to read THIS.

If you want to be a principal of a school in New Zealand, watch out – you have no choice but to Maorify.

You are going to have to speak Te Reo, Promote Maori myths and legends as though they were scientific fact, run your schools according to Maori law or Tikanga, and much much more.

Schools are now no longer places of learning the 3 r’s: reading, writing, arithmetic.

No no. The 3 r’s are long gone in terms of emphasis.

These have been replaced by a plan to radicalize the students into all things Maori.

Clearly, the thinking in the Education Department goes like this.

The principal is the head of the school.
Whatever he or she models, the teachers will follow.
Whatever the teachers model, the students will follow.

What’s the point? Well, this is the most important bit.

These students will become voters one day.

If they are thoroughly Maorified, which Party will they surely vote for when they are old enough? That’s right, the Maori Party!

No surprises here.

What happens next? The Maori Party get more and more MP’s into Parliament.

In time, they take over Parliament, legitimately.

This is the plan.

Let’s consider what this actually means.

It’s means that your taxes are being used to:
Pay for Maori Party recruitment.
Pay for the Maori takeover of our country.
Pay for the Maori Party to brainwash our children in all things Maori.
Pay for our children to join what is effectively a Maori religious cult.
Pay for all the materials and resources in school necessary to effect these ends.
Pay for Maori ‘stuff’ to replace reading, writing, and arithmetic.

I want you to know something. The classic definition of ‘the purpose of education’ is to ‘prepare students for success in life’.

How will teaching children all things Maori achieve this end?

Answer? It won’t.

In fact, it will prepare them to fail in life. Why? Because in the real world, Maori ‘stuff’ has absolutely no relevance or use. It’s completely useless.

Most Maori don’t speak Te Reo!

For God’s sake, apart from a few white woke virtue signalers, and a few radical Maori, no one wants to be Maorified!

In other words, this is all being forced on people, particularly innocent children.

And here’s the thing. Each day in the classroom, there is only a finite time to teach. You only have a certain number of minutes of teaching time.

All the time you spend on Maori ‘stuff’ you take away from learning other vital and more important subjects like the three r’s. The 3 r’s are the stuff that will help a student succeed in life when they leave school.

Really, these new criteria released by the education department for choosing a principal are criminal.

They are actually abusive because they are not thinking about what is best for the students, only what is best for the Maori Party and their plans to take complete control of this country.

Please help us wake the country up to these realities before it’s too late.

Call me, and I will tell you how you can help. 0274 764 430

Try Our New Treaty Of Waitangi Quiz!

Try Our New Treaty Of Waitangi Quiz!

Click on THIS link to try the test.

What's the point? Radical Maori have gotten away with fraud and corruption all because Kiwis don't know the Treaty.

That is to say, they were not able to say 'No!' to many of the interpretations and ideas dished out in front of them  because they did not know truth of the matter.

Now, at last, you can know the truth and push back.

Do the test over and over until you become an expert - someone who can argue and debate the issue intelligently from a place of facts and truth.

Remember, in the end, truth always wins, but you need to know the truth to be in the right position to win.

Want More Details On How You Can Help With Billboards In Your Area?

Click HERE 

Please Help Us Get Our Billboards Up Around The Country!

Please Help Us Get Our Billboards Up Around The Country!

Stop Co-Governance is deadly serious about protecting democracy, free speech, one person one vote, all votes of equal value, and equal opportunities.

We think it’s worth fighting to stop racism and apartheid, Treaty of Waitangi fraud and corruption, and attempts by elite Maori to take over our country by stealth, trickery, and deceit.

Defending the one and attacking the other successfully requires skillful and relentless communication – booklets, flyers, blogs, emails, phone calls, marches, placards, banners, seminars, and….wait for it…billboards!

Billboards are an incredibly effective way to raise awareness and keep the issue top of mind. All political parties know this. Just look around the streets prior to an election.

Billboards cement a message for motorists, as they see them day after day, travelling to and from work.

The fact is, if we want to stop co-governance, we won’t do it without billboards. They are an incredible tool.

Below are just some of the designs we have come up with. You will think of others, and we welcome this.

If you like to help by putting a billboard on your property, or your fence, and you want to know how to do it, click HERE

You can view more design ideas HERE

Enough of Te Reo. Why English Must Officially Be Recognised As THE Official Language Of New Zealand.

Enough of Te Reo. Why English Must Officially Be Recognised As THE Official Language Of New Zealand.

(the picture above left was designed by lanyard wearers in Wellington so we thought we’d use it) 

One of our supporters wrote a great piece about why English should be recognised as THE official language of New Zealand.

I agree.

But Hugh does not go far enough.

The ONLY reason that Te Reo is being pushed and shoved down our throats is for the purpose of grooming us for tribal rule.

Saying that it’s being done to ‘preserve / revive the language’ is simply nonsense.

It’s just a smoke screen.

All other cultures in New Zealand, and there are 160 of them, preserve their cultures very successfully by speaking / writing it in their homes or/ and their special places of meeting.

So below is what Hugh wrote. It’s an excellent piece.


‘Maori’ was only made an official language in 1987 ( as later, was sign language) to compel authorities to ensure teaching facilities were made available to learn Maori ( or sign language) for / by those who wished to or needed to learn it .

That intention has, of course , since been escalated by ‘activist’ Maori ‘plotters‘ and ‘sympathisers’ to become an enhanced “mandatory-type” approach to teaching / learning Maori which was NEVER the original intention.

ENGLISH should unquestionably be officially designated ‘THE’ official NZ language to appropriately differentiate the relative importance of the languages .

English is the most widely spoken language in the world and is THE official international language of law; science; commerce/ business; air travel control ; diplomacy and tourism.

Why no Government has acted on this is beyond me , it is so obvious a so self-evident.

Quite frankly if Maori are so keen on speaking Maori.

WHY don’t they speak it themselves in their tribal settings and WHY don’t THEY teach and learn it inside their tribal settings.

Because there is NO POINT —- they ALL speak English.

No one else is interested in learning Maori.

There is absolutely no point in doing so !

And further , it is an insult to tourists to insist on Maori being used in official documents ; Government Department names; traffic signs etc etc —- let alone Maori being a requirement for employment in the Government service.

It is unquestionably an obvious ‘pandering’ to Maori solely for political-patronage purposes.

Our politicians need to GROW UP !

‘Maori’ should NOT be mandatory in any shape or form or use .

Hugh Perrett

Veteran Kiwi Explains Why He Is Committed To Stopping Co-Governance

Veteran Kiwi Explains Why He Is Committed To Stopping Co-Governance

You’re absolutely on target with this much needed awareness campaign and l am standing beside you on this regardless of the cost

I always remember my father challenging me with these words back when l was 11 years of age.

He stated that we must stand up on principle for what is right regardless of the cost ,he added that the day we won’t is the day that we have no principle at all.

He was raised on a sheep and beef farm, he flew spitfires in World war 2 and came home and found Truth and became a Baptist Minister.

Once l asked him if he would share something of his war experience.

He began to try and share a story then with tears in his eyes 👀 he turned to me and said, don’t ever forget the price that was paid for peace.

Out of respect I never dared ask him again to share any of those memories.

I would love to accommodate several of the billboards in our valley.

I have 7 kms of road line that runs through the property which is one of the most culturally sensitive valleys in the history of this country.

The road is also a shared road with the WestCoast Wilderness Cycle Trail.

Let’s get some billboards up. I don’t care about the cost.

What Is The Most Crucial Thing You Can Do, Practically, To Stop The Radical Maori Takeover Of Our Country?

What Is The Most Crucial Thing You Can Do, Practically, To Stop The Radical Maori Takeover Of Our Country?


Start A TEG!

T-E-G stands for “Treaty Education Group”.

Why this name?

We believe that radical activist Maori have gotten away with fraud, corruption, deceit and trickery with respect to the Treaty over the last 45 years.


The reason is simple.

Politicians and the people of New Zealand at large have been ignorant about  the Treaty, and our history.

I know this is a generalisation, but for the vast majority, and I am talking about upward, in my estimation, 98% of people, this is true.

Now here’s the thing.

One can’t detect lies, deceit, and trickery if one does not know the truth. Think about that.

One can only detect these things when one knows the truth.

Truth is hugely, hugely important. In fact, it’s everyhting.

If our people in New Zealand do not know the truth, with respect to the Treaty, then they are weak and sick, politically speaking, and easily fall prey to being shafted / robbed.

This is exactly what has happened in our country over the past 45 years.

Farmers will tell you, and so will doctors in hospitals, that when animals or people are weak and run down, their immune systems become compromised, and they become vulnerable to further disease and sickness.

It’s the same with New Zealanders and the subject of Treaty truth.

At present, they are weak and run down.

For numerous reasons, which I won’t go into here, the people of New Zealand have been subject to intense grooming, through a corrupt media, to remain in ignorance.

Thus they have become weak and run down with respect to our history and the Treaty, and thus vulnerable to being shafted, to having the wool pulled over their eyes, to being easily tricked, fooled, and deceived.

This cannot continue.

If it does, New Zealand will be lost to radical Maori infiltrators, treasonists, who will eventually take over total control of the country.

These people, and the media, want New Zealanders ignorant. 

I want you educated and sharp. Truth pedlars.  Lie detectors.  

What happens next if the activists get their way?

New Zealand will quickly degenerate into becoming the Zimbabwe of the South Pacifice.

What does this mean, practically?

Here are some highly likely possible outcomes:

  • Tribal tolls for boats out on the water. Maori only fishing areas. Fines.
  • Tribal tolls for cars moving between tribal areas.
  • Tribal tolls to use beaches. Fines for infringements.
  • Tribal tolls to use ex Doc land and National parks.
  • Land grabbing. Farms and private freehold property being ‘reclassified’ as Wahi Tapu (i.e. sacred Maori land) with no recourse for redress or appeal.
  • Tribal road blocks, with Iwi handing out infringement notices.
    The replacement of European town / city / landmark names with
  • Maori names. Changing our country’s name to Aotearoa. Road signs in Maori.
  • An exodus of good people leaving New Zealand.
  • With fewer people living in New Zealand, the tax take will be down, so to pay the bills, taxes and rates will increase for those left in the country.
  •  With a decline in the tax take, there will be less money for infrastructure maintenance and improvement.
  • The collapse of superannuation funds.
  • With a decline in the tax take, social services like hospitals, schools, and the police will decline, plummeting our country into 3rd world status.
  • An increase in corruption in government departments. Reports show that wherever the so called indigenous people have taken control of a country, this is one of the outcomes which follow.
  • Renowned philosophers / thinkers say separation (i.e. self determination and sovereignty for Maori), will result in disaster for Maori and only assimilation will work i.e. Maori joining the modern world and being Westernised, while at the same time being free and encouraged to retain and grow their language and culture.
  • This is hugely important, not just for Maori, but for all cultural groups living in New Zealand. i.e. to assimilate.
  • Tourists will choose not to come to New Zealand because of our “Zimbabwe Of The South Pacific” reputation. So the tourist industry will collapse.
  • Development costs will skyrocket, since tribal involvement will add another layer of bureaucracy. Developers will pass these costs on to end users.
  • A water meter on every dwelling in NZ with 50 percent of water charges going to private tribal companies.
  • Special preference given to Maori in employment situations.
    An end to free speech. Punishment (e.g. fines or imprisonment) for people who speak out against tribal rule. Intense Maorification of society.
  • Radicalisation of Maori young people. Aggressive behaviour toward others.
  • Bullying behaviour, typical of Maori land occupations, will increase as will noisy marches and rude interruptions to meetings.
    Fighting between tribes as they jostle for dominance.
  • The emergence of authoritarian Maori dictatorship where subservience and submission is demanded, including Maori of the non-dominant tribe.
  • You’ll pay an Iwi toll when you want to go fishing, or want to go to the beach.

 What I have listed is just some of the expected outcomes, the tip of the iceberg. 

We have 3 years to educate the public. Why three years?

Luxon is going to be a woke flop, a big disappointment.

He will be a one term Prime Minister.

Others are thinking the same. Read THIS 

What then?

There is a good chance, that at the next election, Te Pati Maori, The Greens, and Labour will be back in power.

Horror of all horrors, no!

Remember, they collectively received 40% of the vote in the last election.  That’s not far off having enough votes to form a government.

What am I saying?

I am saying that this last election was close. It was not a landslide victory for National.

And if / when Te Pati Maori, The Greens, and Labour are back, and they will be, for certain, sometime, what happens next?

That’s obvious.

Maorification and Co-Governance will be back, full force.

These parties will march on towards their goal of total Maori control of our country.  Where is the proof of this goal?


The HePuaPua document is another. Read it HERE

 Read the progress radical Maori have made with this HERE

What’s my message to you?

We have a small window of opportunity.

We have three years.

What can you do?

Start a TEG in your town or suburb if you are in a city with suburbs.

Phone me, Julian Batchelor, 0274764430

We provide all the materials, coach you, show you how to do it.

Now is the time!

To send this blog post to others,  quickly, as a link, click HERE

Be Sure To Watch The Douglas Murray Video Below!

Highly Respected Historian Bruce Moon Gives Dame Anne Salmond's 'History' Writing The Thumbs Down.

Highly Respected Historian Bruce Moon Gives Dame Anne Salmond's 'History' Writing The Thumbs Down.

Dame Anne Salmond wrote a piece recently about why David Seymour’s Treaty Referendum Should Not Go Ahead.

You can read Salmond’s piece and Bruce Moon’s response HERE

Stuff No Longer Hitches "New Zealand To Aotearoa"

They have dumped “New Zealand”

We knew all along that this was going to happen. 

It’s happening everywhere. 

It’s just part of the propaganda and grooming going on all over the country. 

Look at the screenshot below. 

Support Don Brash's Petition

Support Don Brash's Petition

Hobson's Pledge

Click HERE to sign the petition to stop the sea bed and foreshore being given away.

Youtube Have Cancelled Us!

Youtube Have Cancelled Us!

You Tube has decided that we are too influential and affecting people in a way that they don’t approve of.

So they have removed our ability to upload new videos.

We had over 1000 follows. This meant that if we uploaded a new video, these 1000 followers would be notified.

Our Youtube channel was growing fast.

We have only been going 8 months.

Then Youtube decides “That’s too fast a growth. Too many people watching. Wrong message. Shut him down”

Censorship by big tech.

So we have moved everything to Rumble.

Please subscribe to us. We have to start from scratch again.

Hopefully everyone who was subscribed to us on Youtube will subscribe to us on Rumble and we can build up again.

Here is a link to your new address on Rumble:

Increasing Number Of Rubbish Bins Are Having Maori Words Scrubbed out.

We are getting reports from all over the country of rubbish bins having Maori words scrubbed out, or painted over.

What’s this telling us? A growing number of the population have had enough of being force fed Te Reo.

One person who phoned us said “Putting Maori words on everything has nothing to with ‘preserving the Maori language’.

It’s about one thing and one thing only. What’s that? It’s about grooming the population for tribal rule.”

Plain and simple.

Watch the video below 

Maori Reveal Their Plans For Taking Over New Zealand

Maori Reveal Their Plans For Taking Over New Zealand

Please take time to read THIS

Why The Next Three Years Is Going To Be The Roughest Yet For New Zealand

Why The Next Three Years Is Going To Be The Roughest Yet For New Zealand

When you add up the percentage of the vote Labour, the Greens and Te Pati Maori received in the election just past, it’s frightening to realise that 40% of the voting public are either a) still not awake to the reality that radical / elite Maori are on the move, and well under way, to taking over the entire country or b) are awake and actually on board with the takeover. Hard to believe, but this is true.

Why? Both groups have succumbed to heavy brainwashing over the past 45 years.

Our universities and schools have been centres for the Maorification of our children, radicalising the same.

Our media have become agents of the state, promoting Maorification and the wonderfulness of Maoridom, viciously attacking those who oppose.

There is a chance that if we had a referendum, we might lose i.e. the majority would vote for a continuation of the status quo. That is to say, they would vote with their emotions, not their minds i.e. vote from a place of ignorance.

Which is why, with the greatest urgency, we must put the pedal to the metal in our efforts to educate and inform the population about the truth of the Treaty.

Research shows the vast majority of Kiwis have not even read the Treaty, let alone understand it.

We can’t expect a wonderful Treaty referendum result from a Treaty ignorant population. It’s way too risky. Dangerous in fact.

So what can we do?

We must rip the covers off all the fraud and corruption which has occurred over the past 45 years and expose it.

We must expose the depth and breadth of the extent to which Maorification has infiltrated our entire society. Let me assure you, what is reported and what you see is only the tip of the iceberg. Much is hidden, so as to not alarm the voters.

We must target the under 40’s to de-program them (to use a psychological term) so that they come to terms with the truth that they have been systematically targeted and brainwashed.


Without such a massive education counter offensive, the 2026 referendum might result in disaster.

A nightmare, in fact.

As an organisation we are developing an on-line video series explaining the history of the Treaty complete with quizzes and tests and fun stuff, as well as producing hundreds of thousands of flyers and brochures on various topics to be delivered into letter boxes, plus billboards and social media.

If you can deliver some flyers around your area please call Vicki 021 029 85419

Or sponsor a bill board for $135. Call Julian 0274764430

Or start a monthly automatic payment to support the cause. This is the bank account:


It’s crucial now that all the various amazing initiatives like Democracy Action, RCR, Hobson’s Pledge, Murial Newman and NCPR, and others, all work together to bring about this great end.

By this I mean, launch a massive and sustained education counter offensive to get us all ready to vote rightly in the referendum.

Rest assured, the Maori Party will be (and is already) full steam ahead with their own offensive.

They have already kicked off with threats of violence and city wide shut downs, bullying, intimidation, and sabre rattling. More is set to come.

Add a weak and woke PM into the mix, and we are in for a very rough three years.

As for “us”, we must move on from just complaining.

We must, each of us, take action.

If we don’t we’ll play into the hand of Te Pati Maori and all its allies.

We have three years to do it.

Let’s go for it!

When Will New Zealanders Stand Up And Say No To The Cultural Takeover?

When Will New Zealanders Stand Up And Say No To The Cultural Takeover?
By Michael Bassett

Yesterday Graham Adams’ column referred to Michael Bassett’s now ‘infamous’ piece which earned him a lifetime ban from the NZ Herald.

So we thought we’d give it another whirl!

A bizarre craze seems to be sweeping New Zealand right now.

All things derived from Europe except our creature comforts must be set aside as we are expected to embrace all things Maori.

It’s racism on a grand scale.

No longer do our television stations refer to New Zealand.

In fact, we are lucky if its Aotearoa-New Zealand.

No reference to the fact that, as Michael King shows, Maori didn’t have a name for these lands, and only came to accept “Aotearoa” in relatively recent times.

Several newspapers are falling into line and are now calling our country Aotearoa, a name unknown to most people beyond our shores.

No public debate.

We are expected to acquiesce.

The name “New Zealand” which dates back to Abel Tasman’s visit in 1642 came more into early use and is the name by which our land has always been recognized abroad.

It won’t be long before the woke who are driving all this insist on officially changing our country’s name.

Instead of being proud New Zealanders, we’ll be expected to call ourselves Aotearoaians.

They’ll try to avoid a referendum lest it results in rejection like occurred with changing the flag.

Just impose it! The woke have no respect for democracy.

Government departments and public institutions are being renamed at such a rapid rate that it isn’t clear what the names refer to.

Waka Kotahi for Transport? Why? Since all forms of transport except the canoe were unknown to Maori, and were imported from overseas, why a Maori name?

Where did Waka Kotahi come from? Waka, yes. But Kotahi? It doesn’t appear in the revered Bruce Biggs’ Maori dictionary. Waka Kotahi wasn’t a term used by Maori before settlers arrived in the 1840s and 1850s.

There are other institutions with self-bestowed Maori names that are unrecognizable to ordinary Kiwis.

Radio New Zealand, too, has been working full time.

They are deleting the words both “radio” and “New Zealand” from everyday use.

Nowadays it’s “Te Irirangi o Aotearoa” or “RNZ”.

Don’t mention dreaded English terms!

Some Radio New Zealand reporters fall over themselves trying to conform to a ruling from on high that they should introduce themselves in Te Reo, despite the fact that the concept of radio came from overseas, and was absolutely unknown to Maori.

We have also been told recently that all streets in New Zealand are to be given a Maori name.

Wow. That will be an expensive exercise!

Who will dream up the new names?

The Maori Language Commission that seems to be churning out new words at 200 kph?

And since Maori were very thin on the ground in the Auckland area in 1840 and were soon rapidly outnumbered by settlers,

it won’t be appropriate either. A relevant fact provided to members of the Waitangi Tribunal during the Kaipara case I heard was that in 1840 there were only 800 Maori living on the million acres of land between the Kaipara and East Tamaki.

That fact will be conveniently overlooked. Nothing is sufficiently disrespectful for Pakeha whose street names quite often have family or historical significance to them.

Similar examples of cultural cringe are showing up with the move to teach New Zealand history in our schools.

Scratch the surface and it becomes clear that those driving the idea want to downplay the huge significance of the arrival of European culture in New Zealand.

Rather, they intend to replace it with only partially accurate accounts of the difficulties Maori faced when brought into contact with a more developed culture.

Recently, I sought from the Ministry of Education details about who was designing the curriculum.

Back came the names of a couple of black arm band school teachers and a collection of Maori radicals.

There were a couple of academics, both Maori. No serious Pakeha historian in sight.

We can say with certainty that a skewed version of New Zealand history will be devised, one that leaves out things like the Musket Wars where Maori did irreparable harm to their own economy and society.

Instead, there will be much concentration on “evil” colonial land purchasers and settler governments, and excessive Maori land confiscations at the end of the wars of the 1860s. About the last of these, of course students must be told.

The confiscations came on top of the damage that Maori had already done to themselves and helped further depress the Maori economy and damage Maori society.

But what is taught to modern students should not exclude everything that reflects badly on Maori themselves.

Moreover, kids need to know that up to 50% of Maori in the country in the 1860s sided with the Crown.

And they need to be told why. The term “Kupapa Maori” to describe those Maori is regarded by modern Maori as equivalent to being called an “Uncle Tom”.

But it was respected in earlier times.

And if one needs any more evidence that cultural cringe has reached massive proportions in Auckland, have a look at the programme for the Auckland Arts Festival between 4-21 March 2021. Its Maori name, Te Ahurei Toi O Tamaki, takes precedence on the front cover.

Remember, that in Auckland, Maori are only 11.5% of the total population.

Pacific Islanders are 13% of Auckland’s population and Asians constitute more than 25%, according to the latest census.

People of European ethnicity make up more than 50% of Auckland’s population, but in the eyes of the organisers of the festival they don’t count.

The programme is “kapa haka, Maori artists, waiata sing alongs and korero [that] will bring the taonga that is te reo front and centre for audiences”.


In a city where almost 90% of people are not of Maori ethnicity?

Why hasn’t Auckland City, Creative New Zealand, Foundation North and a collection of worthy sponsors spared a thought for the overwhelming majority of Auckland citizens and ratepayers?

Where is the “equity” in this festival?

Answer: too much power has been allowed to slip into the hands of crusaders who for too long seem to have been able to commandeer the resources of others for their own political ends.

When, or will, Aucklanders, and New Zealanders as a whole, stop cringing and wake up to what is being done to their culture and largely with their money?

This Is How To Deal With Crime And Criminals In NZ

check out the video below.

An random bystander steps in to stop and innocent Asian from being robbed.

It’s beautiful to watch.

If the New Zealand police adopted this approach, our crime stats would plummet and we’d become the safest country in the world. 

Crime free.

Peters Says "No" To Seymour's Treaty Referendum. But...

Peters Says "No" To Seymour's Treaty Referendum. But...

First up, read THIS Herald article.

In response to this article, one of our supporters wrote the following.
There are two problems with the Tribunal/government
1. The Tribunal is supposed to make recommendations, but the government accepts them as directives – they are rubber-stamped.

2. The government gave them (by legislation) the false and totally unofficial copy of the Treaty to use – the copy that makes the two races separate and gives the maori rights over land and water etc (Rights NOT in the maori language copy signed by about 540 maori).

The solution to kill several birds with one stone is to pass a Bill replacing the fake Treaty (Freeman) with the REAL one (Littlewood).

A perfectly legitimate move that could not be opposed by even the Supreme Court OR the maori.

Of course, even though this would put an end to all the nonsense that has cost us billions, and will cost us heaps more in money and freedom when the foreshore claims start rolling in,

I cannot see Luxon, who loves the maori, DOING anything constructive a long as he holds the reins.

He does not have the balls to upset 2 – 3% to obtain justice for the 80% that pay and give up rights for all this.

This is something where NZ First and ACT should be applying pressure.

It would also kill the basis for the thousand-odd “principles” that revolve around the unauthorised changes to Article 2 (which was written in English only, then later translated into maori by the maori themselves to make it “airy fairy” enough to mean anything they liked – – Principles industry).

(If anyone has doubts, I have copies of both versions)

Another wrote this:
The Referendum proposed by ACT , assuming it is an absolutely true and totally honest reflection of the original Littlewood-draft based Treaty signed by the 500 plus Maori Chiefs , and it is clearly shown in advance by properly conducted research will be passed by a majority of at least 2 to 1 ( ie 67pc) , must be pursued .

The Waitangi Tribunal must be immediately terminated and abolished.

It is a highly Maori-partisan, Government sponsored “gravy train” for Maori , with appointees to the Tribunal , without observable exception,so heavily biased towards successful / preferential outcomes for Maori, as to make impartiality / objectivity of decision making and outcomes impossible.


I don’t agree with both completely.  What these two men have written would be excellent first steps, but definitely not the complete package, as it were. 

I believe the Waitangi Tribunal must be disbanded and all race based legislation repealed.


Kelvin Davis, Maori MP."Seymour Must Get Permission From Maori First If He Wants To Have A Referendum"

Kelvin Davis, Maori MP."Seymour Must Get Permission From Maori First If He Wants To Have A Referendum"


Already, Maori think they are in control of the country.

When they say “You must first get permission from Maori to have a referendum” this is tribal rule.

In the minds of radical Maori like Kelvin Davis, they are already in control. They think they rule the roost.

Their cockiness is on the increase, along with their arrogance.

What they want is to be in control, and everyone else to be their slave. Which is? Back to pre-1840.

Below is the piece that was published yesterday.

Et tu Kelvin Davis, ‘ “I think the first thing that David Seymour needs to go do is go out to the people and ask for their permission,” he said. “He needs to get validation from Māori in the first place.”

Today, 8th November, 2023
03:19 pm
Bridie Witton

Willie Jackson: ‘People will go to war … against Seymour and his mates’
Labour Māori caucus co-chair Willie Jackson is suggesting there could be civil unrest if David Seymour’s hopes for a referendum on the Treaty of Waitangi are successful in the ACT Party leader’s coalition discussions with the National Party.

He warned people are so strongly opposed that they would “go to war” to stop it.

Jackson was speaking in Upper Hutt after the Labour caucus of 34 MPs undertook a secret ballot and confirmed Chris Hipkins as their leader, despite the party’s historic election loss.

Jackson said he would spend the next six months deciding whether he wanted to stay on as an MP. However, he would definitely stay on if such a referendum went ahead.

“If there’s one, if that happens, then it’s going to require me to stay around,” he said.

“I don’t want civil unrest in our country. I’m just giving a warning. I work amongst our people. I’m amongst people who will go to war for this against Seymour and his mates. Now Mr Luxon can get all disappointed with me. I’m just giving you a warning from the people who are saying to me, ‘they’d better not go through [with it].'”

Kelvin Davis, who has stood down as Labour Party deputy leader after the meeting, said he would evaluate whether he also wanted to stay in politics over the summer period.

“We’ve got still got the largest Māori caucus and in Parliament and you know, with Willie and I, we know that we need to continue to build and help the party to become a strong opposition,” he said.

He also raised concerns about a referendum on the Treaty of Waitangi, and said Seymour had not asked advice.

“I think the first thing that David Seymour needs to go do is go out to the people and ask for their permission,” he said. “He needs to get validation from Māori in the first place.”

What is this?  Simple. It’s arrogance.

The latest interview between Julian Batchelor and Sean Plunket

by Sean Plunket
Willie Jackson "Maori Will Go To War To Stop Seymour's Referendum"

Willie Jackson "Maori Will Go To War To Stop Seymour's Referendum"

First, read THIS article from today’s Otago Daily Times

The logic of Maori leaders like Willie Jackson is mind boggling.

WILLIE JACKSON: “What gives them the right to unilaterally tutū with the Treaty, when there are two partners … two groups that signed it, and yet one group is making a unilateral decision?”

STOP CO-GOVERNANCE: But wait a minute. The original Treaty in Maori, as signed at Waitangi on the 6th of February 1840 is a beautiful document. But between 1975 and now it’s been so contorted and twisted by Maori radicals, activists judges, lawyers, MPs and others that it’s now not recognisable compared to the original. It’s been completely and utterly fraudulently manipulated.

So, no, Mr Jackson. It’s Maori like you have been tutuing with the Treaty. This is why Mr Seymour is calling for a referendum. He wants to expose all the fraud and corruption.

OTAGO DAILY TIMES: Jackson said he was hearing from some they were ready to “go to war” over the matter.

STOP CO-GOVERNANCE: I can guarantee Maori are not saying this. It’s purely Willie Jackson and his cabal trying to frighten the New Zealand public, and particularly the PM Luxon.

They want him to cave in.

WILLIE JACKSON: “Be very clear, I don’t want any disruption or violence. I’m not advocating for that at all. But I do understand our people’s frustration and anger if this was to go ahead … I’m saying to you what Māori have been saying to me … they’re saying ‘This is not going to happen, we will do anything that has to be done to stop that referendum’.

“I’m just giving a warning: I work amongst our people … who will go to war for this, war against [ACT leader David] Seymour and his mates.”

OTAGO DAILY TIMES: He said people like Sir Graham Latimer and Sir Tipene O’Regan had been just two examples of people who mortgaged their homes to seek a resolution to Treaty breaches through the courts

STOP CO-GOVERNANCE: Sir Tipene O’Regan is now one of the wealthiest men in Canterbury. Basically, he invested in the Treaty Industry and it paid big dividends for him. Jackson makes it sound like O’Regan made a great sacrifice on behalf of Maori. It was not like this at all. For Sir Tipene is was a business venture”

Radical Maori always play the sympathy card to try and win the public to their cause. 

WILLIE JACKSON: “They won through that through the English system. This is such an affront – if that referendum comes forward, I would imagine to be hell to play (sic) if it goes through.”

STOP CO-GOVERNANCE: This is code for “We Maori infiltrated parliament, the Waitangi Tribunal, the courts, schools, universities – focussing on the Treaty – and we worked hard to corrupt the lot so that we could plunder New Zealand by going on a tribal raid. And it’s worked.”

Enough is enough.  Let’s fight hard to stop this nonsense.  What nonsense? All this lying and twisting of the truth, fooling the public of New Zealand.   


Stop The Referendum! Maori Activists Collaborating  "Let's All Threaten Violence!" To Put The Willies Up Politicians (Pun Intended)

Stop The Referendum! Maori Activists Collaborating "Let's All Threaten Violence!" To Put The Willies Up Politicians (Pun Intended)

This tells you why THIS

Hugh, one of supporters, comments on this
These Maori radicals / activists like Jackson , Packer , Davidson , Tamihere and the Tribal-elite know that if these things ‘go to a vote’
in a referendum , THEY WILL LOSE .

Hence the thinly disguised threats and attempted intimidation and not too subtle incitements to violence .

The Tribal-elite are very anxious to regain the “ authority “ and “power” their ancestors enjoyed (only at tribal level mind you) prior to the ToW , which their ancestors requested because of the near genocidal inter-tribal war / murder / slaughter they were continually involved in , associated with enslavement , rape , infanticide and cannibalism .

Is this what Jackson , Packer, Davidson and Tamihere are threatening us with and inciting —- a return to “ the good old days” ?
Don’t be sucked in by this , Government. It is aimed at intimidating YOU.

They KNOW they cannot get their way under a Democratic vote , hence the threats and incitement.


Stand up and be counted FOR US — who you represent.


The Treaty Of Waitangi Act 1975 Was A dishonest, inaccurate piece of legislation.  Here Is Why

The Treaty Of Waitangi Act 1975 Was A dishonest, inaccurate piece of legislation. Here Is Why

This tells you why THIS

MICHAEL BASSETT explains why the Radical Maorification of New Zealand must come to an end

MICHAEL BASSETT explains why the Radical Maorification of New Zealand must come to an end


Be sure to read the comments

More Threats. This Time From Maori Party Co-leader, Debbie Ngarewa Packer

More Threats. This Time From Maori Party Co-leader, Debbie Ngarewa Packer

Start by reading THIS

First it was Tau Henare threatening revenge on Auckland councillors who voted against Maori wards.

Then it was John Tamihere who threatened violence and city wide shutdowns if David Seymour touched the Treaty.

Now it’s Te Pati Maori threatening a hikoi of all hikois (protests).

John Key caved in when such threats were made when he was prime minister.

Maori have learned from this. Learned what? They have learnt that MP’s are, generally speaking, cowardly.

So what do Maori do? They play on this.

They threaten, bully, and intimidate. Lesson? John Key’s cave in actually fuelled bad Maori behaviour.

As I said, radical Maori have worked out that most MP’s don’t like conflict, and will avoid it at all costs.  

Most MPs, rather than accept conflict is inevitable if you are fighting for a better world, opt out of conflict, and try and appease.

It’s a great mistake to do this.  A disaster in fact.

In WW2, to stop the advance of evil, Churchill declared war on Germany.

He was a brave courageous leader.

The fact of the matter is that there is evil in this world, and there are bad people and good people.

Anyone who denies this is delusional.

If you want to side with the good people against the bad, you have to take sides.

And if you take sides, there will be conflict, because bad people like Hitler, must be opposed.

And opposition means conflict.  Why? Because you can’t reason with bad people.  All they know is bullying, intimidation, manipulation, and threats.

Co-governance is wrong.  It’s based on fraud and corruption.  It destroys democracy and equality.

It’s a bad thing being pushed by bad people, and therefore must be opposed.

So, sadly, conflict is inevitable.

Luxon, are you listening?

By the way, the media have a lot to answer for.

They too are bad.  How so?

They report co-governance as being a wonderful thing, (i.e. For the media good is bad, and bad is good, and they report it like that) just like they report Hamas as being wonderful.

Only a corrupt / bad / evil media would do that.

We have work to do. 

So what’s the take away? 

Conflict is good when you are fighting for what is good, as Churchill showed us.

In fact, it’s inevitable because bad people (like Hitler) won’t stop their advance by good people (like Churchill) being “nice” to them.

That’s called being gullible, naïve, and foolish.  

If radical Maori declare war on New Zealand, which is what they are doing, then we must, like brave soldiers, rise up and meet that challenge.

With what?  With truth, and whatever else it takes. 

For the sake of our children and grandchildren, this is a conflict we cannot and must not lose.


‘Nah, f… off’: Māori say Treaty referendum would trigger widespread protest |

It’s time Maori realised that referendums are indeed a numbers game – it’s called the majority rules. That’s why the voice referendum in Australia voted majority NO.

Maori will resort to violence and intimidation if their grievance industry is under threat.
They will use every dirty  trick in the book to halt the Co Governance referendum.
Maori know they are outnumbered and are terrified of the prospect of a referendum.
David Seymour and Winston Peters need to stand up and be counted or they will be resigned to the history books as bigger traitors than Jacinda Ardern.
All we need is that referendum to put a stake in the ground then it’s all down hill for Maori from there.
We must push these gutless politicians every step of the way or they will falter.
This was a comment by a stop co-governance supporter

More Threats. Marama Davidson Vows "We Will Be Resisting Julian Batchelor's Rubbish!"

More Threats. Marama Davidson Vows "We Will Be Resisting Julian Batchelor's Rubbish!"

Start by reading THIS

After yesterday’s election recount result, Marama Davidson has come out swinging.

She calls Julian Batchelor’s message to New Zealand ‘rubbish’ but as to be expected, no examples given, and no detail provided.

For Marama, it’s rubbish for no other reason than Marama says it is.

She claims Julian Batchelor is creating division.

But is this true?

No, it’s not true. Julian is fighting for all New Zealanders against apartheid, racism, and separatism.

He’s fighting for all New Zealanders to preserve democracy which is one person one vote and all votes of equal value.

He’s fighting for all New Zealanders to stop one racial group being favoured over another.

Hitler wanted to favour one racial group against another, and look what happened.

The Maori Party, the Greens, and The Labour Party want to favour one racial group over all others, just like Hitler.

Who is that group? Maori.

Why is the media not exposing this? Why are they not picking up on this? Why are they not calling it out for what it truly is?

Answer? The $55m Public Interested Journalism fund which is still bubbling away.

So, no, Julian Batchelor is not creating division.

It’s the Maori Party, The Greens, and the Labour Party who are creating the division.

And Luxon, Seymour, and Peters better stop it by going to the root cause.

You can read the root cause HERE

More On The Indoctrination Of Health Care Workers

Check out the screenshots below

Don't Be Fooled By Dame Anne Salmond.  She's An Activist

Don't Be Fooled By Dame Anne Salmond. She's An Activist

 Start by reading THIS

This latest piece by Anne Salmond is serious tripe.

How so?

Anne says “Much of the scholarship, and official and legal commentaries on Te Tiriti have also been provided by scholars, officials and lawyers who are unable to read Te Tiriti o Waitangi in the original.”

This might be so, but it needn’t be so.

If one wants to know, accurately and precisely what the Treaty in Maori is saying, one does not have to go to ‘scholars, officials, and lawyers who are unable to read the original’ to find out.

There is a much easier path to fully and completely understanding what the Treaty in Maori is saying, but Anne does not want to tell you.

Rather, she wants to muddy the waters and confuse her readers.

She wants to keep the mystery going, or the muddying going, by spinning convoluted speculations with fanciful ideas about ‘back translations’ and ‘ancestral Māori understandings’, ‘contra proferentem rules’ ‘whakapapa lines’ ‘evolutionary theory and scientific racism’ ‘racialised readings’ and on and on she goes.

This is serious tripe.

For example, she claims that “The original gap between the understandings of the English officials who drew up the English draft of the Treaty of Waitangi, and those of the rangatira who debated and signed Te Tiriti o Waitangi in te reo was difficult to bridge, as Henry Williams and his son Edward found when they translated the English draft into Māori.”

Who says, Anne, that there was a “gap in understanding between the English officials who drew up the English draft, and the understanding of the Maori chiefs’?

Where is your proof?

This is pure speculation, springing from Ms Salmond’s fertile activist fuelled imagination.

Who says, Anne, that Henry and Edward Williams found bridging the gap between Te Reo meanings and English meanings  ‘difficult to bridge’?

Again, Anne provides no proof that this was so. She simply imagines it to be so.

The historical record shows, in fact, the very opposite of what Anne is asserting here.

Who says so? Well, Henry Williams himself.

“Henry Williams reported to Bishop Selwyn. ‘The instruction of Captain Hobson was not to allow anyone to sign the treaty till he fully understood it. To which instruction I did most strictly attend. That the natives to whom I explained the treaty understood the nature of the same, there can be no doubt.”’ (Bruce Moon. Twisting The Treaty. A Tribal Grab For Wealth And Power. Tross Publishing. 2013. p 35)

There. you have it. Clear as a bell. 

Why is Anne trying to muddy the waters?

Why does she want to make something simple (The Treaty) very complicated?


She is an activist.

She’s also showing off, trying to sound erudite and deep. Activists often do this.  It’s a well known strategy. 

Remember when you were at school? You had good teachers and bad teachers?

The mark of a great teacher is that they simplify and clarify. They make it easy to understand.

The mark of an activist is that they complicate and confuse. They obfuscate.  That’s Anne. And she is deliberate.

She can’t and won’t accept the simple wording of the Treaty because she does not like / cannot accept what it says. To do so would be horrific.  Waititi, Packer, Marama Davidson – they are all the same.

They all have  hidden agendas. 

The Treaty of Waitangi comprises  three simple Articles, a preamble, and an Affirmation.

Even a 10 year old child can understand them.

Here they are:
Her Majesty Victoria, Queen of England in her gracious consideration for the chiefs and people of New Zealand, and her desire to preserve them their land and to maintain peace and order amongst them, has been pleased to appoint an officer to treat with them for the cession of the Sovereignty of their country and of the islands adjacent to the Queen. Seeing that already many of Her Majesty’s subjects have already settled in the country and are constantly arriving: And that it is desirable for their protection as well as the protection of the natives to establish a government amongst them. Her Majesty has accordingly been pleased to appoint me William Hobson a captain in the Royal Navy to be Governor of such parts of New Zealand as may now or hereafter be ceded to Her Majesty and proposes to the chiefs of the Confederation of United Tribes of New Zealand and the other chiefs to agree to the following articles.

Article 1
“The chiefs of the confederation of united tribes, and the other chiefs who have not joined the confederation, cede to the Queen of England forever the entire sovereignty of their country.”

Article 2
“The Queen of England confirms and guarantees to the chiefs and the tribes and to all the people of New Zealand, the possession of their lands, dwellings and all their property. But the chiefs of the Confederation of the United Tribes and the other chiefs grant to the Queen, the exclusive rights of purchasing such lands as the proprietors thereof may be disposed to sell at such prices as may be agreed upon between them and the person appointed by the Queen to purchase from them.”

Article 3
“In return for the cession of their sovereignty to the Queen, the people of New Zealand shall be protected by the Queen of England and the rights and privileges of British subjects will be granted to them.”

“Now we the chiefs of the Confederation of the United tribes of New Zealand being assembled at Waitangi, and we the other chiefs of New Zealand, having understood the meaning of these articles, accept of them and agree to them all. In witness whereof our names or marks are affixed. Done at Waitangi on the 4th of February, 1840”

This preamble, these 3 Articles, this Affirmation, are copied from the final English draft given by Hobson at 4pm on the 4th of February 1840 to Henry Williams to translate into Maori.

This draft was signed by Hobson and we have this document.

There are only two differences between this final draft and the Treaty in Maori.

One is the date. The draft is dated the 4th. The Treaty is Maori is dated the 6th.

The second difference?

The Treaty writers inserted the word ‘maori’ into Article 3 of the version in Maori so that it read ‘…the Maori people of New Zealand shall be protected….’.

Anne Salmond does not want to tell you about this draft and I have told you why.

That’s Dame Anne Salmond for you. 

Her article has back fired. 

Have a nice day. 


Yet Another Maori Leader Talking Nonsense.This Time Dame Tariana Turia

Yet Another Maori Leader Talking Nonsense.This Time Dame Tariana Turia

First, please read THIS

My commentary is in red.

Dame Tariana Turia says she has never anticipated political parties using the Treaty of Waitangi document as a way to further disenfranchise Māori from their lands and their indigenous rights in Aotearoa.
First of all, our country is not called Aotearoa. It’s call New Zealand.

Second, Maori are not indigenous. Indigenous means you were here from the very beginning of time. Indigenous means you didn’t come from somewhere else to settle here.

Clearly, Maori don’t fit the definition of indigenous. They were settlers here, like everyone else.  Maori have the same rights as everyone else.  

I would challenge Maori to name just one right that non-Maori have that Maori don’t have. There are none.

What does she mean when she says “Maori were disenfranchised from their land?”  

No detail is given.  I will talk about what Maori did with their land  further down in this commentary. 


She believes Pākeha have also benefited from the Treaty.

“After all, they wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for that document,” Turia says. “I mean they are the ones who have benefited from that document and now they’re trying to use it against us.”
Notice how no detail is given. When she says ‘they are the ones who have benefited from that document’ what does she mean?

She does not expand on this statement.

Why? Well, because it’s not true.

Here are the facts.

Maori invited the British to come to New Zealand.

Why? Maori were self-annihilating.

They were drunk with war, with Utu (revenge) Muru (plunder) and they could not stop killing each other.

Cannibalism was rife, as was infanticide and slavery.

Tamati Waka Nene literally pleaded with the British to come and show them how to live.

The Maori population between 1800 and 1840 went down from 150,000 to 75,000.

This was Maori killing Maori in the musket wars.

Maori had no unifying government only petty tribes at war.

Essentially, Britain came to New Zealand in the spirit of the missionary, to help a failing self-destructing cultural group avoid self annihilation.

It cost Britain a lot of money.

They were walking into a bubble of trouble, but they knew that.

Yet they did it anyway.

It cost them millions of pounds to set up hospitals, roads, bridges, schools, infrastructure, government, law and order. The list is endless.

Just look around today at literally everything Kiwis have.

All of it has come from the goodness and goodwill of the British via colonisation.

And what did it cost Maori? Absolutely nothing.

 It’s all been laid on for them.

All they had to do was sit and watch.

The benefits for Maori just rolled in, at someone else’s expense and trouble.

“You can’t have your cake and eat it too. You either believe in the document and believe in what it really stands for and the rights that it affords all of us or you keep your thoughts to yourself. I think lots of things too but I’ll have to think very carefully about expressing them.”

Again, and as usual, no detail is given.

What does Turia believe the document stands for? She doesn’t tell us.

We must presume she does not know.

All she knows is that, “You either believe in the document and believe in what it really stands for and the rights that it affords all of us.” Absolutely no detail. No elaboration.

I will fill in for Turia and explain what she couldn’t.

The Treaty gives mandate for the establishment of democracy via the granting of British citizenship. From this, all the pillars of democracy follow:
– One person, one vote
– All votes of equal value
– All people in our nation are to be treated equally.
– No cultural group is to receive special favour.
– Apartheid is forbidden.
– Racism is forbidden.
– Private property is protected.

Maori bang on about tino rangatiratanga (a translation of the word ‘possession’ in Article two) as meaning ‘self determination’ or ‘self government’.

This is utter nonsense. It simply meant that whatever Maori owned on the 6th of February 1840 would be protected by the British.

Now this is where it gets interesting.

Research shows Maori had sold 97% of New Zealand by 1900.

So they have nothing to cry about.

What about confiscation?

Sir Apirana Ngata says they were justified.

What about any injustices?

These were investigated in 1924 by Justice Sim and reparations were completed by 1959. Done and dusted.

So why are we still paying out?

Why are settlements on-going?

The short answer?

We are being conned.

And why are we being conned?

Limp cowardly politicians with no spine are allowing it. Luxon is going to be another in a long line. 

The is precisely what David Seymour is addressing.

Let’s get behind him and support him.


What a classic statement from Tariana Turia,  in light of the small percentage of Maori genes most people claiming to be Maori (in the 21st century) now have. Exactly who is in denial?

"I Told You So".  Luxon Shows He Is A Coward By Refusing To Deal With New Zealand's Most Serious Issue.

"I Told You So". Luxon Shows He Is A Coward By Refusing To Deal With New Zealand's Most Serious Issue.

First up, please read THIS

All this year, Luxon has shown signs of being someone who is not going to deal with New Zealand’s most serious issue.

Which is? It’s the issue of the Treaty and the fraud and corruption which has surrounded it for the last 45 years.

And why won’t he deal with it? He possesses a fatal flaw.

And what is that flaw? Cowardice.

One can’t be a leader and a coward at the same time.

You can be a manager and a coward, because a manager can organise people without the need for bravery and courage.

But a leader? No. He or she must be brave and courageous to be called a leader.

Luxon does not have this essential character quality.

He says he doesn’t want to touch the Treaty because it will cause division. In saying this, Mr Luxon is so out of touch.

He does not realise that it’s the fraudulent manipulation of the Treaty that has CAUSED the division in the first place.

And it’s only set to get worse.

Apartheid, racism, and separatism are running at an all time high in our country.

Our democracy is collapsing. Equality is no more. Free speech is no more.

At its root,  it’s all because of activists and Maori radicals fraudulently manipulating and twisting the Treaty. 

Once the fraud is complete, then they move on to bully and intimidate politicians to enact legislation which gifts them cash and assets.  It’s a complete rort, a plunder of the public purse.  A heist.  

Everyone is noticing it. Noticing what? How our country is being taken over, or Maorified.  Plundered.

Racial division is here and it’s destroying our nation, and Luxon has the power now to stop the avalanche, but refuses to.

Think about it.

The very thing he says he does not want to create (division) is already here, and the cause is obvious, but he won’t deal with it.

Either he is a fool, or a coward, or politically blind, or all three.

My pick is all three.  Basically he is terrified of Maori. 

Wouldn’t a real leader discern the root cause of division, and be brave, and deal to it? You know the answer.

Cowards sidestep these big issues.

Yesterday, Don Brash wrote an excellent piece on why David Seymour’s referendum must go ahead.

I commentated on Don’s piece. If you read the comments, you can read what I wrote.

Here is what Don wrote and what I wrote  HERE.

Senior Maori Leader Found Lying In Radio Interview

Senior Maori Leader Found Lying In Radio Interview

He calls himself Te Huia Bill Hamilton (left)

His profile on LinkedIn advertises him as being involved in several significant Maori organisations.

Recently, he was interviewed on RCR radio by Paul Brennan.

In that interview, he said some things about Julian Batchelor that were simply not true.

To put it bluntly, they were lies.

What’s interesting is the way he told those lies.

What do I mean?

Well, the lies were bold faced. No hesitation, no stuttering, no loss of pace as they were uttered.

It seemed to me that Bill Te Huia Hamilton was used to telling lies. In fact, he was very very good at it.  He was practised. 

Make up your own mind by listening to the interview HERE

You only have to listen for 3 minutes into the interview before the lies start. 

Where are all the other Maori leaders piling in on Bill Te Huia Hamilton, demanded that he ap0logise? Censoring him? Answer? Silence.  

Reason?  They must be complicit. What other conclusion is there?  Is this just normal behaviour for Maori culture? 

Te Huia Bill Hamilton is an activist Maori.

Lying is just one of the bag of tricks they use to advance their cause.

I wonder how many other lies he and other Maori activists have told over the past 45 years to the New Zealand public?

Apart from massive treaty of Waitangi fraud, brainwashing our children through their new history curriculum, brainwashing real estate agents, brainwashing medical practices, brainwashing hospital staff, lying about the health system saying it was racist when it was not, brainwashing politicians, lying about 3 Waters and what it was really all about, lying about He Puapua saying it was just a discussion document when in reality it was being rolled out in front of our eyes, lying about the new RMA, lying about tino rangatiratanga and its meaning….the list is endless.

You can read about the true meaning of tino rangatiratanga HERE  

My pick is that when an activist is talking, there is a 99% chance it’s BS.

You can read the details of this Bill Te Huia Hamilton case  HERE

We think Bill Te Huia clearly defamed Julian Batchelor so legal proceedings will start. 

Maori activists, like Bill, and others, need to be called out and exposed.   They have got away with it for years, and no one has said anything.  There has been no accountability. They have been running wild and free, wreaking havoc. 

It’s because we’ve said nothing that activists and their agenda to take over the country have got so far. 

The time for hiding and evading is over.   The time for fact checking everything they say must start. 

If you want to contribute to the legal costs, please do so into this account: 02-0261-0025679-000

Just reference your gift with ‘legal fight’.  

Bill will likely have his court costs covered by the government because he is Maori. 

We have to cover our own court costs because we are not Maori. 

This is apartheid, plain and simple, I know, but this is how it is. 

Thank you so much in advance. 


Real Estate Agents Targeted For Indoctrination. The Next Group? Medical Practices.

Real Estate Agents Targeted For Indoctrination. The Next Group? Medical Practices.

Recently Real Estate Agents were writing to us to explain how they were being forced to complete a course in Maorification.

You can read about this HERE

It was essentially heavy grooming getting the agents ready for more tribal rule in the future.

If they didn’t complete the course they could not continue as a real estate agent.

It was a case of “be Maorified, or lose your job”.

A few days ago, another sector in the work force informed us of their maorification requirements. 

What was that sector?

Medical centres throughout the county.

This is what the General Practice said.

I am not joking and this is not a prank.


“RNZCGP, The Royal New Zealand College of General Practicioners requires all GP Practices in New Zealand to be endorsed for general practice services with Foundation or Cornerstone Accreditation as a legal and contractual requirement.

To achieve this accreditation:

ALL staff must complete two online courses or courses in person on 

1) Treaty of Waitangi in Healthcare and 2) Cultural Competence (Maori based)

A GP practice cannot operate in NZ without this accreditation. The accreditation will not be approved without evidence of ALL staff having passed these courses. Receptionists, Admin, Nurses and Doctors.

Each separate course, online is $99.00 so it’s a total of $198.00 per staff member.


Discrimination, indoctrination and milking the cow is what i call it!

Good afternoon Julian

So called ‘cultural safety courses’ have to go!

The practice of gratuitous imposition of courses in cultural understanding and sensitivity seems likely to continue.

In some employment fields, and medicine is one, a measure of cultural sensitivity is obviously a good thing; it is the exploitation of that good thing for political intent that is both objectionable and dangerous.

Because it is a good thing if done with sincere intent and appropriate moderation, it is not always easy to define the point at which the good thing becomes objectionable and hence warrants opposition.

Co-governance itself is easy to identify and hence to oppose; opposition to courses in cultural understanding is a more complex matter particularly in fields like medicine and education.

We know that Maori activists will exploit them for their own ends, but pinning down the point at which the exploitation begins and so should be opposed is often difficult.

Hence, I wonder if, in this area of concern, an alternative strategy might be considered, namely that of “overload”.

Instead of questioning and opposing cultural understanding courses, we might, with reference to Article 3 of the Treaty, agitate for the extension of them to cover all 160 cultures now present in New Zealand.

And we might with good cause allege that Maori (as evidenced by Te Pati Maori) are spectacularly lacking in understanding of, sensitivity towards, and interest in other cultures, so are prime examples of people in need of cultural sensitivity training.

Having established that, we might then move on to provide examples of the kind of things that people in medical practices should be aware of.

Just for starters, being of Scottish descent, I would expect all personnel at my local GP Practice to be aware of and sensitive to the following:

1. that I am of Clan Gordon and I do not want to find myself in the Waiting Room with anyone associated with a clan that was on the other side at Culloden
2. that I continue to suffer from inter-generational trauma resulting from the Clearances
3. that appointment bookings should be managed so as to avoid having anyone of MacDonald and Campbell descent in the Waiting Room at the same time, otherwise there could be a re-run of the Massacre of Glencoe.
4. that any dietary advice I am given should not go so far as to suggest that I refrain from consumption of haggis
5. that a range of specified traditional Scots expressions will be understood by medical practice staff

This is just for starters; a comprehensive list would be much longer and, of course, there remain 159 other cultures whose requirements would have to be added. Scottish people enjoy their culture and, I am sure, would enter into this exercise with great gusto, as would the French and the Irish.

And, just for good measure, anyone who questioned or opposed extending such training to all 159 other cultures would be a self-identified racist.

I trust this provides food for constructive thought.

Best wishes


Cultural Safety Courses Have To Go

Maori Activists Default To Their Biggest Tricks To Stop The Act Party Referendum : Threats, Bullying, And Intimidation

Maori Activists Default To Their Biggest Tricks To Stop The Act Party Referendum : Threats, Bullying, And Intimidation

This was a recent meeting at the Kaipara District Council. The Maori lady speaking is a guest speaker.

When I first saw this video, I thought “This has to be staged. It just can’t be genuine, surely?”


So I phoned the Mayor of Kaipara, just to check.

And sure enough, it was genuine.

The lady talking is not acting, she is not fooling around, she’s actually being serious! OMG!

These are the kinds of people we are told we are in partnership with via the Treaty.

Seriously, who would want to have this lady or any like her in any kind of team?

Who would want her in any kind of leadership position? Who would want to be in any kind of partnership arrangement with her?

In my last blog, yesterday, I talked about Maori activists having a bag of tricks.

What are these tricks? Things like lying, bullying, intimidation, violence. threats, bluffing, acting, and so on.

On display in this video is one of the big ones: the desire to control .

And so what they do is use all their other tricks to achieve this end.

The desire to control people and situations is really what I call the King trick. It’s the one that over arches all others.

Activist Maori want to control people and situations. They are addicted to it.

This desire can be traced all the way back to pre-1840 when Maori chiefs had slaves.

And of course, the key thrill for the chief was that he had a group of people who were totally under his control. This is one reason stop cogovernance as a movement was formed.

What reason? We refuse to be slaves of the Maori elite.

Just watch this lady pull out a series of tricks from her bag of tricks to get control of the councillors in the room.

First trick? intimidation. Her demeanour is aggressive with a lot of finger pointing, arm waving, neck protrusion, and eye glaring. These are all tricks to get control of the councillors.

Second trick? voice tone. The tone is once again aggressive and accusative. She accuses the councillors of not listening, of being distracted by their phones and laptops, of not giving her their full undivided attention, of not answering her emails, of not being attentive to her every need. Voice tone is designed to break down the councillors to get control of them.

Third trick? voice volume. This is a big one for activists. They often raise their voices so as to talk over the top of people. This is why I never engage with them. They want to draw their opponents into a shouting match. You’ll never beat them with shouting louder. They have had a lot of practice in their homes, with police officers, court staff in our judiciary. Really it’s using bullying to get control.

Fourth trick, there is attitude. She talks down to the councillors in the room like they are toddlers being told off. I am surprised she did not tell them to sit up straight and fold their arms otherwise they would not be allowed out at play time. Once again, control and manipulation.

The classic instruction from her was definitely ‘no eye rolling’ and ‘no looking at each other sideways’ and ‘definitely not looking at the important papers on your desk!’ She obviously is quite familiar with how audiences in previous meetings have reacted to her. At least she is observant.

She starts off by saying she is going to ‘set expectations’ and waves her phone around. Truly, this is the stuff of Nazi Germany and the third reich.

Click on THIS link to see the reaction of one of the councillors during the meeting.

Fifth, they ignore the rules. The mayor asks her to stop but she ignores him. This goes back to the need to control and to be in control.

Sixth, there is gross hypocrisy. She demands respect, but gives none. This is typical activism behaviour. She bangs on about how she has had to take time off work to go to the council meeting, but ignores the fact that her 6 minute rant is wasting the time of 12 councillors and other staff in the room. She wants our sympathy for taking time off work.

Be wary of the sympathy card they pull. They use it a lot. The sympathy card is trick number seven.

The eighth trick? arrogance. She thinks she is a hot shot, and amazing, but really, for all the above reasons, she is the opposite. A loser, in fact.

Number 9? , delusion. She advises the council that they should consult with “experts”. Who are these experts? Manu Whenua, she says. This would make a good Tui Beer advert. “Yeah, right”. As such, she is delusional.

Tenth trick? ignorance. She accuses the council of shirking their Treaty obligations. What were those obligations? To set up democracy and rule. What does that mean for the people of New Zealand? Submitting to the authority of the government. What does that mean?

Given that local councils are representative of ‘government’, this activist, by pulling out her bag of tricks in the council meeting, is breaching the Treaty. How so? She is not submitting to government. Rather, she is trying to ride rough shod over it and take control.

How should we conclude?

In yesterday’s blog I talked about activists being toddlers in adult bodies.

This lady is a prime example.

The real hero in the room is Mayor Craig Jepson.

Why? He shut her down, and was applauded by other councillors for doing it.

My only criticism of Craig was that he was six minutes too late in making that call.

But all was not lost, It was playtime anyway at the Kaipara council kindy.

Huge Area Of Hauraki Gulf To Be Designated "Maori Only Fishing". This is apartheid, plain and simple.

Huge Area Of Hauraki Gulf To Be Designated "Maori Only Fishing". This is apartheid, plain and simple.

The image below is from South Africa in the 60’s. It says CAUTION. BEWARE OF NATIVES

Kiwis in the 1970’s and 80’s were so horrified by this image, and others, coming out of South Africa that we took to the streets in protest.

And rightly so.

Yet now, only a short 40 of so years later, we are promoting Maori only this that and the other thing.

In other words, we are promoting apartheid.

What would you think if the sign said ‘CAUTION. BEWARE OF WHITE PEOPLE’ and such signs began to appear all over New Zealand.

Sound ridiculous? Not so.

The signs have not started to appear yet, but the ideas have. Yep, big time. Apartheid is back in New Zealand.


Well, the latest to surface is the plan by the government to designate huge areas of the Hauraki Gulf as MAORI ONLY FISHING AREAS

Hard to believe it’s actually happening, but it is.

It’s only a proposal at this stage, but the very fact that the people drafting this legislation are serious about implementing it is a real concern.  

The fact is, their proposal is not a sick joke.  They are deadly serious.

You can read the story HERE

Our Children Are Being Deliberately Brainwashed At School.

Our Children Are Being Deliberately Brainwashed At School.

Your children, our children, are deliberately being brainwashed at school.

This morning a parent sent me an email with a great example.

Check out the picture below.

The reason they are being brainwashed?

Activists have made it clear they want to what they call ‘groom’ the next batch of voters coming through.

What this means is that they are grooming our children to vote for all things Maori when they are old enough to vote.

In other words, schools have changed from places of leaning into being idealogical Maorification centres.

If you have more examples of how your children are being brainwashed at school, please send them to me.

Look At The Picture Below

This is sent to Board of Trustees, which is in turn sent to all teacher. 

If this is not brainwashing, what is? 

Why Are Maori So Worried About Act And David Seymour's "Principles Of The Treaty" Being Defined?

Why Are Maori So Worried About Act And David Seymour's "Principles Of The Treaty" Being Defined?

First, watch THIS VIDEO

My question is this – if Maori are only interested in truth, the truth about the Treaty, why would the Maori Party and Maori radicals want to oppose what David Seymour is wanting to do?

That is to say, if Maori are telling the truth about the Treaty, walking in the truth of the Treaty, and standing on the Truth of the Treaty, they would have nothing to fear.

Truth speaks for itself. 

But they are not standing on the truth. This why they are so worried. 

They are standing on 45 years of lies, deception, bullying, and intimidation.

The only reason they are opposing David Seymour is because he is threatening to bring to truth out in the open. 

He is going to take the covers off 45 years of lies, deception, trickery, the loss of billions of dollars and assets fraudulently obtained by Maori over all those years. 

What does interest them, more than anything, is keeping the gravy train going.



The Maori Party and Maori Radicals and their fellow white woke travellers have weaponised the word ‘racist’ to shut down opposition so that they can carry on with their plans to take over the country unopposed.

Labelling people ‘racist’ is just a cheap psychological trick.

But when you ask them what a racist is, they don’t know, as we have just seen in the video.

Now here’s the thing-most Kiwis don’t know what a racist is either. All they know is that it’s not nice to be called a racist.

So to avoid being called a racist, they stop opposing anything racist that the Maori Party and radical Maori are doing.

They “Keep their heads down and keep quiet”

So we come full circle back to being exactly where the Maori Party and radical Maori want us to be which is?

Lying down, keeping our mouths shut, not opposing anything they say or do.

This is a completely wrong response.  Surely, surely, you can see what’s going on here? 

The irony is, we (i.e. Stop co-governance and all our supporters) are not racist at all.  In fact, we are the ones standing up against racism!

We must recognise how all this works, and stand up and fight the coup and those who are driving it. 

What’s more important – you being labelled a racist, and taking it on the chin and not worrying about it, and taking a stand by taking up the fight, or you getting sucked in by their cheap psychological tricks, lying down, shutting up, and losing your country? You know the answer.

Take the heat, grow some, take it on the chin when you are called ‘racist!’ and start openly and radically opposing the coup.

Stop being a sissy and make a stand.

Complain To Hoyts Cinemas

Look at the picture below. This is appearing in Hoyts cinemas.

What wrong with it? It’s brain washing.

But hang on, what, specifically, is wrong with it? 

First, Maori are not Tangata Whenua. This means ‘people of the land’.

Maori take this to mean ‘the first people of the land’ or ‘the most important people of the land’

Or ‘the people in the land who everyone must show respect’. 

No, there are 5 million people here and 160 cultures. We are all equal. So singling out one group over the rest is racist.

Second, Maori were not the first people here.

There is strong evidence that other people groups were here before them.

So Hoyts is advertising at worst lies, at best highly controversial opinion.

There is absolutely no scientific proof Maori were the first here. 

In fact, there is strong evidence other people groups were here before them.  

They are definitely not indigenous. 

Third, Aotearoa is not the official name of our country. It never has been. This change was never mandated by the 5 million people of New Zealand.

Rather, it was forced on them by the radical Maori racists in collaboration with a corrupt media.

Using the word Aotearoa is now highly offensive to many Kiwis. 

Fourth, when Hoyts says “we pay respects to such and such,……”  this is blatantly racist.

I re-iterate, whenever one racial group is elevated over another,, this is evidence of racism at play, and of the spreading of apartheid.

So in summary, it could rightly be said that Hoyts is propagating lies, racism, apartheid, inequality, and historical controversy.

This is a message to Hoyts Cinemas.

“If you want to stop people coming to your theatres, and start losing revenue, and keep offending people, keep up this advertising.”

Let Hoyts know you object strongly to all this. 

Email their CEO

Letter to Hoyts

Letter to Hoyts

CEO of an Auckland company

Dear Damian,

I was surprised to see the following on the screen in Sylvia park

There are no defined principals of the treaty, there are only the actual articles signed in 1840, by the Maoris and Queen Victoria’s representative, Period.

These “Principals” you speak of are not related to the articles, they were created in 1986 when Jeffery Palmer our PM at the time inserted the term “the principals of the treaty” into legalisation. They were and still remain undefined by parliament.

These statements on your screens are racist, they disregard the facts surrounding the origins of Maori and their incredible journey to reach NZ in the 14th Century

We are one people in New Zealand and this racist separation promoted by Hoyts is unwanted by the vast majority of New Zealanders.

This is no different to when on the 14th October the Australian people spoke clearly and overwhelmingly with a no – they rejected racist separation for Australians, just as we will in New Zealand

When you separate one group of our society based on race over all other New Zealanders you promote separatism, disharmony and racism. I would remind you that Racism is illegal in New Zealand.

Just so you are aware “Tangata whenua” means all people born in New Zealand not just one race

These statements are a highly political issue in New Zealand and not something businesses and you representing your shareholders should not be involved in taking political positions on

These messages are offensive to most New Zealanders including Maori

I hope Hoyts can reconsider there position on promoting racial disharmony in New Zealand



More and More Kiwis Are Pushing Back Against Maori Language

More a more Kiwis are pushing back against the forcing of Te Reo in New Zealand.

The incident reported in the newspaper report below is just one of dozens happening all around the country.

We hear about them because people sent us photos of what they are noticing / seeing as they go about their day.

By the way, the statistics about the number of kiwis who know the Maori language or who speak a bit of it is fake.

The ‘statistics’ and this ‘research’ are contrived. They are attempts to ‘talk into being’ something which is not.

Anne Tolley is well known as the queen of woke.

More Homeowners Suffer Possible Private Property Loss As A Result of Iwi Interference.

More Homeowners Suffer Possible Private Property Loss As A Result of Iwi Interference.

You can read the story HERE

A different home owner wrote to me. You can read her story

Hi Julian and Brooke,
Don’t you think it is time to start getting a signed partition going for a stop co-governance referendum and putting it forward to govt so they have to take action.

I don’t think the majority of NZers have any idea of the repocussions of co-governance nor the probability that racism catering to a minority group of elite tribal Maori will undermine NZ and all NZers, the justice system and every other govt department and basically enslave us all except elite tribal Maori to lives of complete and utter control by Elite tribal Maori.

I live in the west coast and the te tai poutini plan which is claiming historical Maori significance to large areas of land including my very small lifestyle block, which never had any such significance.

This means that I will have to go to nga taihu or local Maori tribe to get permission to do what I want with my land. Submissions are being heard, however delays due to numerous mistakes made by the incompetent designers/instigators/council managers of the whole sorry corrupt racist travesty that I call limposter land control”, are holding up the process.

I see it as an illegal way to again take what is not theirs to take.

It won’t be long before elite tribal Maori will control the whole shibang.

Nothing less than a third world country under elite tribal Maori dictatorship. I for one have had enough.

I sure as hell am as angry and disgusted with continuing govts to have let it get to this contemptuous stage considering that most of co-governance has been formulated on myths, deceit and BS.


Free Speech Union Goes To Bat Against Taupo Council Who Stopped Julian Batchelor From Speaking

Free Speech Union Goes To Bat Against Taupo Council Who Stopped Julian Batchelor From Speaking

Earlier this year, the Taupo Council stopped Julian Batchelor from speaking at one of their council owned buildings

The Free Speech Union said this was illegal.

So they are mounting a legal challenge against the council.

You can read the story HERE

Massage Therapist Denied Accreditation For Not Being Able To Do "Maori Massage"

Massage Therapist Denied Accreditation For Not Being Able To Do "Maori Massage"

Massage Therapist Denied Accreditation For Not Being Able To Do “Maori Massage”

A person who is a qualified massage therapist with an NZQA Level 6 Diploma in Therapeutic Massage and holds a New Zealand Massage registration rang ACC to apply for accreditation with them. This person is a New Zealand citizen raised in NZ.

They asked her what her iwi was.

She replied that she did not have one and asked how she could get one.

ACC asked her if she knew Miri Miri Maori massage.

She replied that she could learn it.

Even though she was willing to learn Miri Miri Maori massage, she was still denied. She was not able to be an ACC Massage Therapist because she did not have an iwi and was not trained in Miri Miri Maori Massage. This is a shocking case of racism.

This highly experienced and qualified massage therapist was turned down on her race. Her experience did not matter.
There is a Maori woman in her area who is ACC registered and who only does Miri Miri Maori massage.

Say No To Maori Wards On Auckland Council.

Say No To Maori Wards On Auckland Council.

In spite of widespread opposit