Twenty or so years ago now, I was saying that elite Maori were going to stage a coup to take over all of New Zealand.

Back then, this came from a gut feeling.  Call it intuition.

When I first started saying this, most Kiwis were unbelieving.

The 5 Waters Bill was passed this week.

This is a major step forward for Elite Maori and their takeover of New Zealand.

The 5 Waters Bill will give them cash flow to take over the rest of the country.

Yes, we the people of New Zealand,  by voting Labour into power, gave permission for elite Maori to do this.

When are we going to wake up, and get in touch? This is not intuition now.  It’s reality.

Even if National and Act form the next government, and repeal 5 Waters, the Maori caucus will be back again in a few years and will have another crack.

What’s needed is gutsy, courageous politicians in the next government to shut the whole thing down, lock stock and barrel.    

They must eliminate co-governance, every last bit of it, and legislate to stop it ever coming back again.I have shared a flow diagram with you before which shows how the 5 Waters Bill will provide cash flow for Maori to complete the takeover of New Zealand.

Here it is again here.

Please pass this on to everyone..  The more people who get it the more the possibility of stopping this from progressing any further.