Democracy Action Group Tells It Like It Is!

Democracy Action Group Tells It Like It Is!

There is a fantastically committed group of people in New Zealand who have for years been committed to stopping co-governance and the elite Maori takeover.

The group is called Democracy Action.

We are so indebted to them for all their work.

We are standing on their shoulders.

Just recently they produced a sterling Newsletter on the topic of Co-Governance.

It’s a must read. You can read it HERE

To Save On Postage, We Need Pick Up Points In Every Town And City

To Save On Postage, We Need Pick Up Points In Every Town And City

The cost of postage in New Zealand is horrendous.

So here is an idea which we trialled in Tauranga, and it is working.

In Tauranga, a local cafe (Banana Blossom, 45 Grey Street) offered to store our books and flyers in their shop.
They are right in the middle of Tauranga. This is called a PUP or pick up point. 

In this way, people in the Tauranga region can pick up book and go and do deliveries.

If you live in Tauranga and you want to deliver books, Just follow THESE instructions.

If you live in Hamilton, and you want to deliver books follow THESE instructions

.If you live in Christchurch, and you want to deliver books follow THESE instructions

We want to establish this system in every city / town / large suburb in the cities like Auckland.

Best of all? If people are travelling from Auckland to another city, they might think of picking up a few boxes of books from a Warehouse in Wiri, and transporting them back to their home town / city / suburb.  They would then drop them off to their local PUP (pick up point). 

This would save us even paying the postage to get them to the local pick up points. 

Below is a group of the team in Tauranga helping to glue / staple the ‘You’re Invited’ invites on to all the booklets and flyers. 

Once completed, these will be taken to the Tauranga PUP.

People doing deliveries can then go and pick up their books, find where to deliver them, and get cracking.

Before they start delivering, they contact their local BDL, or Book Delivery Leader.  

To find 0ut more about being a BDL, click HERE

We need a PUP and a BDL in every town and city.

Our research shows that by far the most effective way to get people to our meetings is a book in the letterbox.