In the last few days, we have had a flurry of donations and I am so excited to say that we have reached our $25k goal. 

So a HUGE thank you to all those who have given.  You are truly amazing! 

Please don’t stop giving! This $25k just gets us going.  We are going to need on-going support for the next 9 months, right up to the election.

As I said in yesterday’s blog, as part of preparation for our national road show, we are producing a small booklet which will help explain what co-goverance is and isn’t and the great danger of the same.

Yesterday and most of the  night we have worked on this booklet to refine it and improve it.  We have listened to people’s suggestions. 

 The goal is to get these printed and for these to be distributed into every letter box in the country. 

This way we have multiple approaches to reaching the average Kiwi on the street who knows NOTHING about co-governance –  in my experience there are lots of them, which is why Labour is still getting 30%+  support in the polls.  

That is to say, we will use social media, letter box drops, and public meetings to reach people, all for the purpose of brining awareness.

You can read the latest draft of this booklet  HERE

When the drafting process is finished, it will be sent to a graphic designer and then off the printer. 

It will then be also uploaded onto a platform where it can be read as an E book..  This means that anyone anywhere can forward a link to this E book from their computer / phone  to anyone on their address book. 

In this way, we have a good chance of reaching a huge proportion of the country before the election. 

 I welcome your thoughts and input on the booklet..  Please post them as a comment on our web site. Thanks