We Tried It And It Worked

We Tried It And It Worked

We have had three meeting in Tauranga in the past 2 weeks.  

Before the second meeting began, we worked with the owners of the hall to stage a third meeting.  That is to say, we secured a time and date for a third meeting before the second meeting took place. 

In this way, we are able to announce at the conclusion of the second meeting when and where the third meeting would take place.  

The idea behind this was simple – people who attended the second meeting would go out and invite people to the third meeting. 

We wondered whether the people in the second meeting would actually go out and help us fill the third meeting – and they did! 

Our team were so encouraged by the faithfulness and decision of those who attended the second meeting – they were amazing! 

One couple brought 4 people, others 2 or 3, and before we  knew it, we had a great meeting! Sincere thanks to all of you!

It take time and effort to invite people, but they did it.

I took a video of the meeting at 4:50, 10 minutes before the start time.  You can watch it HERE

Special thanks to Joy once again for all the amazing food she provided for everyone, to Sue for the hall, and for Jack and Wayne and others who helped set up and pack down. 

We had a wonderful night! 

The next meeting in Tauranga is 6th of May, Saturday, 5pm.  345 Maunganui Road. Then again on the 13th of May, same location, 5pm.

Please invite everyone everywhere! 

Tauranga supporters – if you are giving out booklets, please advertise these dates by stapling the meeting notices to the books, as per the picture below.    

Click HERE to download the meeting notices that you will need for the events on the 6th and 13th May.  The Digiprint Copy Centre in Tauranga will print them and chop them up for you for a small cost 07 578 5002 or  

Just email them the file I have provided here, then just go and pick them up.