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Why Seymour Has Suddenly Become A Big Worry

Before doing anything, please read THIS article.

What Seymour says in this article is gob smacking.

He is seemingly unaware of the grooming for tribal takeover which is going on everywhere and at every level in our country.

To say what he said he is also demonstrating jaw dropping ignorance with respect to the Treaty of Waitangi.

How so? 

First, Maori are only one of the 160 cultures living in our country.

The Treaty of Waitangi established democracy in New Zealand. This means, categorically and without question, that all the people who live here are to be treated equally e.g. One person, one vote, all votes of equal value.  One law for all. No group is to have special favours or handouts which elevate it over other groups. When this happens, apartheid and racism are in evidence.

So why are we not seeing monuments erected which celebrate the other cultures and their leaders who have contributed to the building of our country? E.g. The Chinese? The Dutch? The Asians? The South Africans? The British? The Philippino? Just to name a few.  They, and others, have all made massive contributions.

Why are Maori singled out as something special? As a people group who must be elevated above all the other cultures in our country? Why? Why is what is going on here so wrong? Answer?

First, we are all just settlers here.

None of the 160 cultures living can be classed as is ‘indigenous’. The classic definition of indigenous is clear – indigenous people are people who have resided in a country from the very beginning.

Maori arrived here about 1250 AD so they don’t ‘fit’ the definition. The aborigines of Australia fit the definition because there is little evidence in all their history that they came from anywhere else. Note THIS article.

And even if Maori were indigenous (and they are not) the Treaty of Waitangi cancelled out any special indigenous status they perceive they have, since in the Treaty equality between all people living here was guaranteed. It was mandated. Period.

In Article three of the Treaty, Maori became British citizens, and in becoming this, they signed up to having equal status with all the other settlers.

Yet Seymour’s only objection to the erection of these poles is that they are expensive and a slap in the face of all Kiwis, many of whom are under pressure financially.

As such, he has missed the elephant in the room.

In saying what he said, like I said, he is also betraying his shocking ignorance of the Treaty and what it actually says.

Then comes the clanger “He was unsure why Te Kāhui Mōuri was installed this year and believed it was potentially a missed opportunity to align the installation with the 185th anniversary of the Treaty of Waitangi in 2025.”

OMG!! The 185th anniversary, unequivocally, and without exception, ought to celebrate the equality of all New Zealanders, not the erection of some Maori poles right outside our parliament! 

Seymour should, unequivocally and forcefully,  have objected to these poles being erected, for the reasons I have outlined in this blog, not for the reasons he actually gave i.e. they were expensive. Sheesh…honestly, it was hard to believe he said what he said.  But clearly he said it.   Worse still, Seymour gave the impression he was going along with it all, except for the price. 

On this anniversary, if we want to be faithful to the original meaning and intent of the Treaty in Maori, Te Tiriti, all race based legislation must immediately be expunged from all our laws and statutes. Equality and democracy in every respect must be restored.

To do this would be to be true and faithful to the original meaning and intent of the Treaty signed at Waitangi on the 6th of February 1840 – the original Maori version.

We have already lost democracy in New Zealand a long time ago. It’s time to get it back.

We’ve already lost equality in New Zealand a long time ago too. It’s time to get it back as well. These two, democracy and equality, are two absolute pillars of the Treaty. Seymour, seemingly, has missed them both.

But there is a second reason why Seymour’s thinking and comments were ‘off’, betraying terrible Treaty ignorance.

The article says “Te Kāhui Mouri is a physical representation of the partnership between Te Ati Awa Taranaki Whānui and Parliament.”

Again, this highlights the great lie being propagated by so many Maori in leadership in our country.

What lie? That Maori and the Crown (i.e) the government are in partnership through the Treaty.

Nothing could be farther from the truth. There is no mention of partnership in the Treaty. None whatsoever.

Why did Seymour not pick up on this too?

You know the answer. The only conclusion we can reach is that he is history ignorant with respect to the Treaty.  What other conclusion is there? 

In Julian’s Co-Governance booklet booklet, he notes near the end, that it’s history ignorant politicians of all political parties since 1840 who have got us into the co-governance disaster.

Our country simply can’t afford to have any more history ignorant politicians in positions of power anymore. None.

National (Luxon) and Act (Seymour) and Peters (NZ First) must get with it quickly, become really savvy about Te Tiriti, the Treaty in Maori, about what it says and doesn’t say, about the final English draft (Littlewood) before they get into power at the next election, so that it becomes their compass for reform direction, or this co-governance bus will roll on, taking us all closer to the edge of the cliff.

And if the bus goes over, the crash will be unsurvivable.

This is an undeniable fact.

Summary?  What various Maori say in this article is just spin.  It’s propaganda.  It’s grooming.  It has no basis in the Treaty.

Luxon is already lost with respect to the Treaty. He’s woke.  He supports co-governance and will keep it going for natural resources.  He’s tried to hide this fact by saying things like “Oh, National is going to co-manage natural resources with Iwi,  and this is different from co-governance”.  Nonsense. They are exactly the same.   Smoke and mirrors.  What he has said is just pure spin. Luxon is learning these spin tricks from Ardern and Hipkins.

If Seymour turns out to be history ignorant, the bus we are all on will slow down with a change of government, but it’s still headed for the edge of the cliff.

All the election will do is swap one set of history ignorant politicians for another.

Don’t let this happen.

Keep getting Julian Batchelor’s booklet out everywhere to raise public awareness.  Our window of opportunity is closing fast.

Join our public marches in Wellington, Auckland and Christchurch.  To view details, click HERE

Our only hope is to put massive pressure on Luxon and Seymour and Winston Peters to become Treaty savvy before the election.  Experts. Too much is at stake if they don’t.

Write to Seymour and all his candidates. Write to Luxon and all his MP’s. Write to Winston.

Implore them to come up to speed with the Treaty.

If they don’t, New Zealand will still be on track to becoming the Zimbabwe of the South Pacific.

Nothing could be more certain.  It’s now or never.

Tell them to put in writing, in official policy statements regarding: 

  • What version of the Treaty they are referring to
  • What final English draft they are referring to.

If they can’t / won’t give the detail, then don’t give them your vote.  It’s the same for all political parties.  Voters need to know who and what they are voting for.  Period.

As you well know, talk is cheap, and politicians are good at spin.  We want more than spin.  We demand more than spin. We want detail, in writing. Offical policy statements. Nothing less. Generalities and vague statements will not be good enough for this election.  It’s way too important.

In fact, this is the most important election since 1840.  



New Immigrant Gives 'Downtrodden Maori' A Lashing

You can read his email below


Hi Julian,

Good on you for taking a stance and pushing back on all these persons who are either intent (or apathetic) on destroying true democracy in NZ.

We are all New Zealanders, born with the same democratic, social and economic rights and opportunities.

If certain individuals choose to discard these values in favour of laziness, illiteracy, non-education, drugs and alcohol, unemployment, gangs, crime, etc., then they should be held accountable for their life choices and the consequences thereof.

They should not be given any preferential treatment or consideration based upon a historical event that has been misinterpreted and applied toa society for which it was never intended. NZ has changed and moved on dramatically since 1840.

I came to NZ as an immigrant in 2003 with 2 teenage kids. I had $21000 cash, no other assets, no car, no job, no home….but I did have an education and a passion to succeed.

20 years later I retired. Kids grown up with partners, degrees and jobs.

I have only rented a home, now have over $250000 in Kiwisaver, a caravan and ute and am exploring this amazing, beautiful country I call home.

An education, correct attitude and a can-do approach is all that is needed.

Time for the “Maori downtrodden” to wake up and realize they hold their futures in their own hands.

Please feel free to publish this comment if it helps in any way.

Immigrant Fires Up About Co-Governance!

“Clearly the mainstream media are trying to portray Stop Co-Governance as a fringe, extremist group with little support. However, I believe the great majority of New Zealanders do not want Maori given control of the country, which is what Co-Governance is trying to achieve. The protesters at the meetings are showing the rest of the country what Co-Governance looks like, and it not attractive.”

Chris, from Wellington

Media Desperate To Portray Stop Cogovernance Organisation As Fringe Movement - The Opposite Is True!