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It didn’t worry me that this business had printed a cover on their chocolate which was in Maori.  

Matthew Whittaker is young. He doesn’t know what he doesn’t know about co-governance and how it works.  

As the Master said about those who were about to kill Him, “Forgive them, they know not what they are doing.”  The same could apply to Matthew. 

Most young people in New Zealand it seems are like Matt – easily sucked in, gullible, and politically unaware.  

For me, what was most interesting about the Herald story was the way the media covered it. 

 It had the marks of the $55m public interest journalism fund all over it. 

Let me explain. 

First, those in favour of the Maori language chocolate cover were given 4/5 of the air time. i.e. 80% of the comments cited were in favour of the Maori labelling, 20% for those against. 


Good journalism reports 50/50.  It’s called balanced reporting. So the journalist was not balanced, which is no surprise given that the MSM under Ardern has become state owned and state manipulated.

They have been paid to push the co-governance / Maorification of New Zealand narrative.

Second, those who were against the Maori chocolate cover were labelled as ‘racist haters’ ‘racist bigots’. Cam Slater is labelled a right wing New Zealand commentator. No big deal. 

Once again, it’s typical of those pushing the Maorification of New Zealand to get nasty.

This is to make anyone thinking of criticising co-governance and Maorification to think twice. 

The message is “You will be attacked, so don’t do it”.  

This is exactly what Maori radicals want.  It causes those who oppose what they are doing to back off, so that they can keep moving forwards unopposed. 

Third, and most important for me, is the way co-governance and the Maorification of New Zealand is being talked up i.e. the ‘fake it until you make it’  brainwashing approached. 



However, Māori Language Commissioner Professor Rawinia Higgins welcomed the block’s release.

“For those who have complained that this is a step too far for our country: the reality is that the rest of New Zealand has already taken that step,” she said

“We know that eight in 10 of us see te reo as part of our identity as a Kiwi while one in three of us can speak more than a few words of Māori.”

“Young New Zealanders are helping to drive change; they are not threatened when they see or hear te reo, they see te reo as absolutely normal.”  


What are we to make of this? 

I would make 3 comments.

1. Rawinia is lying. There is no research to show 8/10 of us see Te Reo as a part of our identity.  This is brainwashing.

 Rowena thinks that if she says “8/10 of us see Te Reo as a part of our identity” then somehow it might just come true.  She is “talking it up”. 

Rawinia, you are wrong.  More and more Kiwis are worried about the direction New Zealand is headed, and co-governance is one of the major issues contributing to their worry. 

2. “the reality is that the rest of New Zealand has already taken that step,” Wrong again.  The resistance to co-governance and the Maorification of New Zealand is growing.  Labour (i.e. Maori) are sliding in the polls.  Ardern, the funder and pusher of Maorification, had her lowest ratings ever in the latest Colmar Brunton Poll.  

3.  It might be true that young New Zealanders are helping to drive acceptance of co-governance and the Maorification of New Zealand.  For the past week, I have been walking the streets, talking to people, and giving our business cards advertising our web site.  

You can view the cards here.

It’s no secret that New Zealand has been subjected to a heavy propaganda campaign over the past five years. The aim of this campaign has been to groom Kiwis to accept and even embrace co-governance and Maorification. 

The young people I have talked to are completely unaware of co-governance. Many have not even heard of it.  Most are woke, thinking that speaking Maori is cool. They have a vague idea that Maori had New Zealand stolen from them way back when, and it needs to be given back to them.  Yep, the grooming has worked. 

The good thing is, that after I had challenged the young people I talked to, they were open to changing their views.  They would change their views if they were given a good reason to change them.

This is why we must get out there and ‘detox’ the population with quality information and facts to undo the brainwashing and effects of propaganda. 

Awareness is the key to change. 

If you think that going out into the public arena and talking to people (strangers, one at time, with some of our stop co-governance business cards in your pocket) is a waste of time, then watch this one minute video

It will change your point of view. 

Until next time