Try Our New Treaty Of Waitangi Quiz!

Try Our New Treaty Of Waitangi Quiz!

Click on THIS link to try the test.

What’s the point? Radical Maori have gotten away with fraud and corruption all because Kiwis don’t know the Treaty.

That is to say, they were not able to say ‘No!’ to many of the interpretations and ideas dished out in front of them  because they did not know truth of the matter.

Now, at last, you can know the truth and push back.

Do the test over and over until you become an expert – someone who can argue and debate the issue intelligently from a place of facts and truth.

Remember, in the end, truth always wins, but you need to know the truth to be in the right position to win.

Who Should You Vote For?  We Examined Each Party And Their Stance On Co-Governance

Who Should You Vote For? We Examined Each Party And Their Stance On Co-Governance

One of our faithful supporters has spent considerable time analysing some of the parties to find out what their stance is on co-governance. Enjoy!

Hi Julian,

As you requested:

October 14th is the most important date this year. Here is a summary of the key parties opposed to Co-Governance based on information posted on their election websites as of 12/10/2023:

Parties Opposed to Co-Governance:

Freedoms Party

better FREEDOMS for you
– We will build a sovereign New Zealand

– We will be free from Global Control (UN, WHO, WEF + more)

-We will enshrine the NZ Bill of Rights so it has supreme law status
– We will restore true democracy to the people

– We will protect Freedom of Speech

better FUTURE for you

– We will end Race-Based Policies (3 Waters + more)

For more on policies:


Fighting against racist Separatism

New Zealand means New Zealand and not, ‘Aotearoa New Zealand.’
Legislate to make English the primary official language of New Zealand.
All public service departments, Crown Entities and SOEs will be required to
communicate in English except those specifically related to Maori.
Rule out working with any political party that promotes separatism.
Withdraw from the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples (UNDRIP) as it removes the rights of New Zealand citizens to write their own laws.
Defending Freedom

Protect freedom of speech by opposing hate speech laws
Defending Democracy and our nation’s Sovereignty

Require a national interest test to stop us being dictated to by the United Nations and agencies like the W.H.O.
Democracy & Government

Repeal the Local Electoral (Māori Wards and Māori Constituencies) Amendment Act.


“Waka Kotahi” to become “New Zealand Transport Agency” once again, and end the “Boat on the Road” nonsense


Return New Zealand to a single health system for all based on need not race

NZ First will abolish the Māori Health Authority, other race-based initiatives.

For more on policies see:


Rebuidling democracy:

1. Legislating that the principles of the Treaty are based on the actual Treaty, in contrast with the recent interpretation of obscure Treaty principles, and inviting the people to ratify it.

2. Repealing recent laws, such as the Three Waters legislation, local government representation legislation, and elements of the Pae Ora legislation, that give different rights based on identity.

3. Reorienting the public service towards a focus on equal opportunity according to robust statistical evidence instead of racial targeting, along with devolution and choice for all, as achieved with the recent Equity Index and Isolation Index policy for school funding, and charter schools among other devolutions.

For more on policies see:

Democracy NZ

We will end race-based discriminatory policies, and support everyone being treated equally

We will:
• End race-based discriminatory policies

For more on policies see:

Leighton Baker Party
Rebuild Freedom

Co Governance is a racist policy because it divides people and assumes one race is more important. Many New Zealand citizens have no other home and to alienate them is abusive and immoral. There should be one law for all New Zealanders, there is one race … the Human Race we are all the same and we should be treated the same by the law.

For more on policies see:

New Conservatives
Reject Co-Governance

We reject the unwanted proposals of divisive “co-governance” that are being forced on New Zealanders.

New Nation Party

Repeal He Puapua

We are one people one nation

For more on policies see:

Parties unclear on their position on Co-Governance:


The National party does not appear to have any specific policy to adress, oppose or repeal co-governance on their party website leading into the election. They do however explicity oppose current three waters management system.

Local Water Done Well

National will, in its first 100 days, repeal Labour’s Three Waters legislation and scrap the four mega-entities, with prescribed co-governance, that goes with them.

For more on policies see:

NZ Loyal

NZ loyal do not appear to have any policies specifically addressing or opposing co-governance. We emailed them for clarity on their position and received no reply.

In their policy overview on their website they mention they intend to ‘Remove all race-based policies’.
For more on policies see:


The Difference Between A Racist And A Fascist

A racist is someone who wants special privileges because of his/her race.

A fascist is someone who rejects democracy. Instead they want dictatorship.

Co-governance is racist and fascist. It promotes Maori wanting special privilege because of their race.

Co-Governance rejects democracy, instead wanting Maori dictatorship.

The Treaty of Waitangi stipulates : equal citizenship for all New Zealanders. Equal property rights for all New Zealanders. The rule of Law by a democratically elected government.

Conclusion? The protesters at Julian Batchelor’s events are both racist and fascist.

Go figure.

"Julian Batchelor The Most Hated Man In New Zealand" So Says Australian News Agency

"Julian Batchelor The Most Hated Man In New Zealand" So Says Australian News Agency

Yep, this is the latest from Australia’s largest News Agency.

The article quotes Professor Dominic O’Sullivan from Charles Sturt University.

Google him. Turns out he has spent a lot of his life working for Maori organisations who push ‘indigenous’ rights.

So he’s an activist.

Notice, too, as usual, that he doesn’t cite anything Julian says or does that’s actually racist.

According to O’Sullivan, Julian is just a racist because O’Sullivan says he is. No evidence needed.

The other great takeaway from this article is that is takes the stop-cogovernance movement right into the mainstream.

It can no longer be cast as a fringe movement run by crazy people with crazy ideas.

No. Far from it.  The exact opposite in fact.

Now it’s a mainstream movement backed 100% by significant politicians and significant political parties i.e. Act and NZFirst.

You can read the article HERE

Labour Will Be Out. But Will The Replacements Be Any Better?

Labour Will Be Out. But Will The Replacements Be Any Better?

In a few days, Labour will be defeated.

National, Act, and New Zealand First will form the next government.

But with respect to co-governance, will they be any better?

Answer? No.

Luxon wants to keep co-governance going, renaming it ‘co-management’.

So already the National Party is using the tricks of deception used by Labour over the past 6 years.

Winston and Seymour will fight to stop co-governance, but the fight will be in vain.

National will have too big a say, too much power, and Winston and Seymour too little.

As usual with our failed MMP system of government, compromise will be inevitable.  What does this mean?

Winston and Seymour will be a handbrake, but they won’t stop the car.

All they will do is slow the car, the car being co-governance.

What the car needs is to be stopped, crushed, melted down, and sent to China as waste, never to return to New Zealand.

With that in mind, we as an organisation are going to fight on.

You can read our vision for the next three years HERE

For us as a team, it’s incredibly exciting.

Michael Bassett has written an excellent piece on Labour, analysing how racist they have been for six years. You can read it HERE

What do Maori need Most?

It’s not more money, more houses, more benefits or any of the other things politicians are saying, just to win votes. 

The answer is in a completely different direction. 

You can read the answer HERE

The Difference Between A Racist And A Fascist

A racist is someone who wants special privileges because of his/her race.

A fascist is someone who rejects democracy. Instead they want dictatorship.

Co-governance is racist and fascist. It promotes Maori wanting special privilege because of their race.

Co-Governance rejects democracy, instead wanting Maori dictatorship.

The Treaty of Waitangi stipulates : equal citizenship for all New Zealanders. Equal property rights for all New Zealanders. The rule of Law by a democratically elected government.

Conclusion? The protesters at Julian Batchelor’s events are both racist and fascist.

Go figure.

Supporter Answer Otago Daily Times Criticism of Julian Batchelor

Supporter Answer Otago Daily Times Criticism of Julian Batchelor

Hello Alexia,
I read your article in the Otago Daily Times today, the 9th of October, entitled Tolerance, respect, humour useful tools. I was disappointed to see you throwing the word “racist” around willynilly. You may have thought that Julian Batchelor criticizing co-governance was racist when you said about his racist platforming. But to a lot, the slightest criticism of Maori is automatically seen as racism and when they’re asked to justify their comment they’re stuck for words. Can you describe what is racist about him?
Julian is absolutely not a racist. Like me, he doesn’t have the slightest thing against decent Maori. The problem is the Waitangi Tribunal, the Maori elite and brown and white politicians who have created modern interpretations of the Treaty of Waitangi to say it includes the word partnership, which they say allows co-governance.
The original Treaty is the one l, Julian and a large part of the population want Governments to adhere to.
It does not remotely even hint at a partnership. This lie is now perpetuated by many in high places and others.
Also, the so-called principles of the Treaty never existed in 1840 and since about 1987 they have been a figment of certain people’s imagination.
In the last few years so-called experts have used guesswork and imagination to create a few. That’s how ridiculous it is. Of course there are things we could say about Maori that are racist, but co-governance is absolutely wrong because Maori are not entitled to it.
The Treaty guaranteed them the same rights as British subjects, that’s all non Maori.
They were not guaranteed special privilege, as a lot would have you believe. So Julian and many others are trying to rid New Zealand ( the correct name ) of the cancer of co-governance. Contrary to popular uneducated belief, speaking true facts about Maori is not racism.
And how could we talk about eradicating co-governance without the possibility of mentioning the word Maori?
So please don’t let me see you associating racism with Julian again. Yours sincerely,
Gordon Hayes.

New Zeal Party Completely Lost With Respect To The Treaty And Co-Governance Issues

Act and New Zealand First are way ahead of the pack when it comes to stopping co-governance.

At the other end of the spectrum? The Maori Party and another minor party called NewZeal. 

 This party, which appeals to woke and naive Christians, is led by failed National MP Alfred Ngaro.

Horrified, one of our supporters sent me a page from their party brochure (below).

Read it and decide for yourself.

Alfred to trying to position himself as the Nelson Mandela of New Zealand, waiving an olive branch around , all the while ignoring the issues which are causing the division, namely co-governance. 

Alfred is an example of a history ignorant politician who got us into this co-governance mess. 

Thank God they are a minor party.

With Alfred at the helm, this is set to continue.


Our Universities Have Become Centres For Maorification Grooming

Our Universities Have Become Centres For Maorification Grooming

Our universities used to be the best in the world and students would come from all over the world to study here.

Not any more.


Academics and commentators from around the world have seen a huge change in our universities.

They have become places for grooming. Places where students are radicalised to support the Maori takeover of New Zealand.

In other words, they have become idealogical, not Educational. 

In short, radical Maori have infiltrated our Education system, targeting it.

What for? So that students who pass though can be groomed to support the Maori agenda.

This has taken our universities right away from their original purpose.

Our international ratings have gone through the floor.

This is a tragedy beyond words.

You can read the detail HERE

Government Tries To Tell Us There Are Two Treaties.  Don't Swallow The Lie

Government Tries To Tell Us There Are Two Treaties. Don't Swallow The Lie

Elizabeth Rata has written a brilliant piece on what she calls ‘The Two Treaties’

What she really means is that we have an original Treaty, signed on February 6th on the lawn at Waitangi 1840

Then we have an invented Treaty, a fraudulent Treaty, which is all about ‘the principles of the Treaty’.

This principles Treaty is a whopping lie, intended to deceive.

What’s really going on here? The original Treaty in Maori, Te Tiriti, is a beautiful document.

Rightly interpreted, it guarantees for all New Zealanders :
One law for all
One person, one vote, and all votes of equal value.
No special right for any cultural group.

The activists couldn’t stomach this, so they invented ‘the principles of the Treaty’ which was, in their eyes, a perfect way to get around what the Treaty in Maori was saying. Why? To birth co-governance. What’s co-governance? It’s code for the takeover of New Zealand by a particular group of Maori.

You can read Elizabeth’s piece HERE

More of Our Billboards Go Up Around Hamilton!

See the Gallary below

If you can put one up on your property, please call Linc 027 262 3496


Will Co-Governance Drive A Counter Revolution?

Will Co-Governance Drive A Counter Revolution?

Another brilliant piece by Graham Adams as we lead into the election. You can read his piece HERE

For 48 years lies and deceit around the Treaty have driven a revolution in our country. What is going to stop it?


Only a counter revolution!

This is what STOP CO-GOVERNANCE as an organisation is launching now, through the next 3 years, leading up to the next election in 2026.

Watch this space!

How Protesters Love To Hate (part 5)

How Protesters Love To Hate (part 5)

The protesters often say “We are all about love” and they often have signs saying “Aroha!” which is the Maori word for love.

But what is the reality? No, they are not all about love. And no, they are not all about Aroha.

The reality is, they are all about hate.

Below are just some of the messages we receive on a daily basis from our lovely protester friends

This one is fresh in...

This one is fresh in...

Name: Bill Clevedon
Phone: 021 234 5878
Message: Hello,

I received a copy of your pamphlet in my mailbox and I was immediately interested in the subject.

My interest in your subject comes only from a place of curiosity as I always want to learn more about our beautiful country.

Seeing your pamphlet this afternoon showed me just how far down the drain this country has gone.

The front cover left me with the immediate impression that someone missing a rather large portion of their brain had crafted it while in the depths of a meth binge.

Upon reading the title of this ignorant and honestly sad pamphlet I initially felt baffled that someone, or even worse, a group of people, could band together to promote just how stupid they are and still think it’s a good idea.

I hope with all my heart that when you are moments away from shuffling off your mortal coil, in anticipation of meeting your God, that you have the sudden are terrible revelation that you have wasted your life with this foolishness, I honestly want you to experience the deep horror that you wasted your chance to be a good person.

Go fuck yourself.

This one is fresh in...

This one is fresh in...

You have received an email from your website:

Name: Karen
Phone: 09 333 3333
Message: ow dare you arrogantly put your racist divisive shite in my mail box. I am not and will not ever be interested in this complete drivel…and how dare you taint the name of Sir Apirana Ngata by using our korero to push your cause.


On Sat, 7 Oct 2023, 7:51 pm G Hayes, wrote:
Hello Bill,
I read your strange email to Julian. You started off being reasonable but ended up being nasty. What the hell was all that about?
You mentioned our beautiful country. Yes, it is, and a lot of us want to keep it that way, which includes remaining a democracy.
If New Zealand was controlled by distant ancestors of part Maori who are only 17% of the population, it would be far from beautiful politically and would not be a democracy.
You’re right about the country being far down the drain, and we want to stop it from disappearing altogether.
Do you realize co-governance is not about taking from Maori?
It’s about them getting the same as everyone else.
What reasonable person would complain about that?
It sounds like you don’t know what co-governance entails.
If you do know, you’re a part of the problem. Do you know that partnership and co-governance are not mentioned in the original Treaty, which is the only one Governments should adhere to?
They are a lie which has been passed off as fact in modern interpretations. Also, there were never any Treaty principles but so-called experts have used guesswork and imagination to create a few.
Did you know Maori are guaranteed the same rights as other British subjects, not better, not worse, the same.
So co-governance is just plain wrong. Do you know of any other countries where an unentitled minority race is allowed to infiltrate all areas of Government and local bodies without being elected like everyone else?
It’s ironic that you think Julian is not a good person when he’s exactly the opposite.
How many do you think would give up a part of their life to fight for what is right?
One day he could be thought of as the man who saved New Zealand’s democracy.
Let me know if you’d like me to ring you, l’ve got your number.
Yours sincerely,
Gordon Hayes.
One of Julians Supporters Answers Bill

Push Back Against The Forcing of Te Reo Is Now Starting Appear Everywhere

The photo below is just one example

Sean Plunket  Subjected To Hate By Maori Leader

Sean Plunket Subjected To Hate By Maori Leader

Click HERE to get all the details





The following was sent to us via our Telegram channel.  This was written by a Maori lady called Nina (photo at left)

“This is for the racist honky’s and the racist honky’s only. FUCK YOU ALL YOU RACIST WHITE HONKY’S.

You were never welcomed to this country so what makes you think you can travel on MĀORI LAND and spread hate speech.


Notice how the english language is DEFACTO and MĀORI IS AN OFFICIAL LANGUAGE HAHAHA have a cry cause this land will be RIGHTFULLY RETURNED TO ITS MAORI PEOPLE.

Don’t ever talk about Māori theft yet your filthy white people forced their way in to the country! I hope nothing but the WORST for you racist white honky’s.

Your disgusting people brought these diseases among the world, the Māori say your disgusting people reeked of shit and death when they arrived and to this day, you all smell of shit quite literally especially your old people in those white old peoples homes.


All your chats have been screenshotted and will be shared to the public along with your first and last names.”

A Response From One Of Our Supporters To Nina

A Response From One Of Our Supporters To Nina

I thought it appropriate to reveal the level of absolute hatred that radical Maori have for so called white people. Please view the images attached posted on social media in New Zealand, accompanied by the comments, that can only be described as a threat to kill.

Why is this attitude tolerated by any New Zealand government, particularly in light of what is happening in the Middle East at this very moment in time. This is a photo of a mixed race self proclaimed Maori women, holding a high powered rifle with a telescopic site, who utters profanities and threatens death to people she has never met.

Now let us review the past week in the Middle East and assess the mentality of terrorists, who believe they have some form of divine right to slaughter unarmed civilians, with high powered automatic weapons. What is the difference between this women and those terrorists, are they not one and the same.

What I find amazing is that this women who claims to be a Maori, will be protected by anti discrimination laws, whilst those of European descent who speak in such tones, are immediately labeled racists. Have we not seen enough examples of the vile language used against Europeans, in poems by Tuisata Avea for example. I might add that this women who spewed forth her venom is actually applauded and funded by the arts council of New Zealand.

It appears to me that being Maori and having a vexatious attitude, whist threatening anyone that is on a hit list with annihilation is somehow acceptable. To be Maori and belong to violent gangs, who will attack anyone for simply wearing a certain colour is equally absurd.
But this behaviour and attitude is not only tolerated but fostered by a supposedly democratic government.

Do we not have a perfect example in the Middle East, of the level of slaughter and destruction that results from unbridled hatred, fuelled and fostered by a mindset of I was here first. Why are these separatists so vehemently opposed to working together for a common cause.

Well that’s easy to explain – it’s because they regard us as the enemy. It is somewhat ironic if not moronic, that that enemy is the very thing that sustains them in every way.

The simple solution is to cut the umbilical chord.

Democracy Action Go Into Bat For Aucklanders Against Maori Wards on Auckland Council

Democracy Action Go Into Bat For Aucklanders Against Maori Wards on Auckland Council

Good morning Julian;
I went to the Auckland Town Hall yesterday to support Lee and Susan Short’s oral submission against the introduction of designated Maori seats for Auckland Council.
The meeting was timed to start at 10.00am and did albeit a few minutes late.
Mayor Brown was absent until the afternoon according to the chair who was a part Maori woman councillor.
6 or 7 councillors were on Zoom or whatever the council uses.

*The meeting started by all Councillors standing up and we had a Maori Concert complete with guitar for some 15 minutes.
* The first two presentations were by part Maori leaders of Maori organisations. Both stories were the usual assertions , mis truths and victimhood. No councillor asked a question that would challenge any of their statements.
*One remark by a councillor that stood out, was that the Council was a creature of parliament and that the implication was given that the Council had the same obligation and duties under the Treaty as did the Crown. i.e the current Waitangi Tribunal gravy train
* The chair woman in remarks stated that the Maori version of the Treaty had a different meaning to the ‘pakeha’ version.
*Two councillors at different times when rebutting some of Lee Short’s presentation stated that ‘Yes’ they represented all the people in their wards, but that still left the Maori without representation. (Logic ?!!) . They were both part Maori.

Lee Short in my view gave a well argued presentation based on the numbers of M.P’s and Local body councillors with Maori blood . Therefore they had adequate representation. He had all the facts. Pity that only 3 of us were there to support him.
From what I observed, in my view the RAF’s among other things have an important task in monitoring and rebutting the ‘Maorification’ of local Government. Once people are educated with the truth the task of pushing back and overturning rubbish must surely become easier.

Thank you for the immense task you have taken on.

So So Proud Of Supporters Who Turned Out For Wellington March

So So Proud Of Supporters Who Turned Out For Wellington March

The whole team in Wellington was absolutely amazing!

Link, Phil, and Keith did a sterling job setting up the truck with our speakers and that worked so well.

Chris from Hastings was a superb cheer leader and he did a great job leading our chants during the march.  Best yet!

We had people from as far away as Hastings, Dunedin, and Mangawhai come and join us.

We would love to have seen larger numbers supporters us.  So why weren’t there larger numbers?

First, Wellington is the epicentre of woke.  We found that giving out Julian’s book on the streets, we got many rejections from grumpy people who say they support co-governance.  What’s interesting is that NONE had read Julian’s booklet.

Second, many supporters are afraid of coming to a march.  They don’t like confrontation, and they don’t want to put themselves in a confrontation situation. The media has worked, especially in the early days, to present an image / idea that our events are dangerous, all for the purpose of putting people off coming to our events.

Third, we talked to people in Wellington who were petrified of being seen in our march for fear of being cancelled by the Iwi mafia.  There are many many public servants in Wellington.

They are being heavily groomed for Maorification.

One man who marched with us, who is a public servant, told us what it was like inside the bureaucratic machine in Wellington.

Promotion was entirely dependant on how Maorified one was, and the extent to which one was running with the Maori cause.

In short, inside Wellington, all things Maori have morphed into a Maori religion, even a cult.  Great pressure, he told us, was being put on public servants to join the cult and punishments were issued if they didn’t, i.e. demotion or work place isolation.  There was great pressure to conform.

So, all in all, our Wellington March was an eye opener and an amazing day out.  We were so proud of those who turned up.

We are definitely planning to do more. We are only just starting!

You can view the TV3 News item HERE

Survey Shows Stopping co-governance is “most important” in helping decide the votes of around  1,036,000 Voters

Survey Shows Stopping co-governance is “most important” in helping decide the votes of around 1,036,000 Voters

There are approximately 3.4m eligible voters in New Zealand.

1 million of these voters are looking to vote for a party which is going to stop co-governance.

The way MMP works, if a party picked up a million votes it would get roughly 1/3 of the MPs in Parliament, or 1/3 of 120 MP’s.

That’s roughly 40 MP’s.

In other words, co-governance has become a major election issue.

And I say ” Thank goodness!”

Let’s hope the political parties take note.

Our job over the next 3 years is to move this percentage to 100%.

That is to say, our goal over the next 3 years is to increase awareness about the dangers and perils of co-governance, the absolute wrongness of it, and further raise the alarm.

The present government has worked hard, through the media, and the $55m Public Interest Journalism Fund, to hide the facts and truth about co-governance from the public.

Literally 10’s of millions of dollars have been poured into hiding it.  Other millions have gone into advertising it as a wonderful thing.

So to have roughly 1/3 of the voting public come out and say stopping co-governance is a major issue for them – well, really it’s a miracle.

It’s David and Goliath all over again.

One of the great challenges we have to counter in the next three years is the constant grooming of children going on via the politically tilted history curriculum which has gone into schools.

It’s terrifying and shameful propaganda. 

Add to this the fact that our universities have become activist hot beds, further grooming students to ‘run with’ and ‘support’ co-governance.

All this, carefully planned, is to capture the next generation of voters coming through.

As an organisation we have some great plans and strategies that we are launching in the next three years.

Watch this space. Together, we can do it.

You can study the full survey results HERE

National Party Using Labour's Trickery And Deceit Strategies To Fool Voters About Co-Governance

National Party Using Labour's Trickery And Deceit Strategies To Fool Voters About Co-Governance

First up, read THIS

Presently, Maori are 14% of the population of New Zealand, yet 25% of MP’s are Maori.

In other words, they are OVER REPRESENTED in Parliament.

Despite this, Luxon is issuing directives to recruit more Maori MP’s.

Dale Stephens is one of those.

In a recent interview, he explains how National is going to ‘get around’ the controversy of co-governance.

How will they do it?

By simply repackaging it. Re-branding it. Renaming it. It will be the same product, just a different packet.

So what’s wrong with the idea of co-management?

The reality is, it’s a minority cultural group receiving preferential treatment just because of their ethnicity. Yet, the Treaty teaches that all cultures are to be treated equally.

Remember the tender process? If the government wanted to outsource the management of some resource / project to a non- government body or organisation, it called for tenders.

The tender process opened up the contract to all people groups in New Zealand, and it was fair.

Let’s get back to the tender process for the management of our natural resources. Not like National, who want to give projects / resource management to Maori only.

What Australian Commentator Alan Jones Says About Australia Applies Exactly To New Zealand

What Australian Commentator Alan Jones Says About Australia Applies Exactly To New Zealand

What Australian Commentator Alan Jones Says About Australia Applies Exactly To New Zealand.

What he says is brilliant. You can watch the video HERE

Seymour Needs To Come Out More Strongly And Definitely Against Co-Governance

Seymour Needs To Come Out More Strongly And Definitely Against Co-Governance

First, watch THIS interview.

Take particular notice of the first 10 minutes.

About 6:30 Seymour is asked whether he thinks there are plans afoot by Maori to take over the country.

He replies “No”

This was a chance for him to come right out with it, and say emphatically “Yes”.

If he’d replied ‘Yes’, he’d then be able to go straight to evidence: He Puapua, 3 Waters, Separate Health Authority and so on. It’s all there.

But David didn’t do this. It was sad to watch.

The interviewer caught him out by pointing out that the ACT website makes frequent reference to Maori working by stealth to take over the country.

Basically, she called Seymour out and he was then forced to explain.

If Seymour wants to win more votes, he needs to be more upfront and definite about this crucial issue (i.e. CO-GOVERNANCE), not fudging it, trying to be evasive, having a foot in both camps.

Instead of saying what he said when asked about the Iwi mafia wanting to take over the country, he should have said “Yes, most definitely there is an Iwi mafia wanting to take over our country.”

Luxon is suffering from the same problem. He sits on the fence with virtually every issue, desperate to not offend anyone with anything he says.  

This Is not how a true leader behaves.

True leaders take people into truth, not into the shadows.

What struck more than anything in that interview is that the interviewer was actually trying to bully and intimidate Seymour.  

This is one reason the Iwi mafia have made such gains since 1975. Bullying and intimidation have worked for the Iwi mafia. 

What Kiwis are looking for, and deserve, is leaders who will say it as it really is – total transparency, brutal honesty, bravery, and deep inner conviction.

The public have had enough of vague misty answers and explanations, and politicians who are fudging it, just to get into power. 

What we need is a completely new breed of politicians who will be brutally honest and truthful.  

After laying the truth before voters, these leaders then leave it to voters to decide the outcome, instead of trying to manipulate voters to vote for them by only saying what they think voters want to hear.

When leaders only say what they think voters want to hear, we all lose because no one knows the truth. 

Really, it’s pathetic and a sign of terrible weakness in our leaders, and the terrible sickness in our country.

We are a sick, sick nation right now, and my pick is that in the next 3 years it’s only going to get worse.

Our country has become like an alcoholic who is so sick and addicted he just can’t break free, politicians being the leading examples.  


Heather Du Plessis Allen: Kiwis say big fat No! To co-governance!

Heather Du Plessis Allen: Kiwis say big fat No! To co-governance!

You can read her excellent article HERE

You Would Never Guess What A White, Woke, Left Leaning, "Event Organiser" Said About The Treaty of Waitangi

You Would Never Guess What A White, Woke, Left Leaning, "Event Organiser" Said About The Treaty of Waitangi

First, read the actual article HERE

This article gives a fascinating insight into how young white people have been groomed and brainwashed to comply.

This “Herald Contributor”  is a classic example.

What’s really interesting is that the Herald had no problem printing his article, but print our advert for our march? No. 

Right there is all the proof you need that the Herald is white, woke, and corrupt, under the spell of the Public Interest Journalism fund.

Then, read Julian’s response to this article HERE

Our Auckland Street March A Huge Success!

Our Auckland Street March A Huge Success!

Thank you to all those amazing people who turned up to support us! Truly, you are heroes.

Special thanks to sponsors who paid for buses from Tauranga and Whangarei.  You gave us an incredible lift.

There are many videos of the day on our web site.

Unlike Dene Begbie from the Whangarei police, the Auckland police were outstanding and must be congratulated. 

The difference in policing in the two centres is chalk and cheese.

We’ve done 60 plus meetings throughout the whole country and  by far and away the worst performance was from Begbie.

Write to the Police minister to congratulate the Auckland police:

The Auckland Commander is Grant Tetzlaff

You can go straight to our Youtube video channel by clicking HERE

The He Puapua Plan.  Maori To Have Complete Control of New Zealand By 2040

The He Puapua Plan. Maori To Have Complete Control of New Zealand By 2040

Today  I want you to listen to an excellent interview between Rodney Hyde and Muriel Newman.

It’s brilliant.

Here it is  HERE

Map of Maori Place Names Fraudulent. NZ Herald Complicit

Map of Maori Place Names Fraudulent. NZ Herald Complicit

You can read the Herald story HERE

Why is this so called ‘map’ a complete crock, simply made up to further groom the country for Maori takeover?

Just think this through.

Maori did not have a written language until the missionaries arrived here in numbers.

Much of the work done to create the Maori written language was done post 1840.

Maori were nomadic people, moving from place to place in search of food, or other tribes to kill, eat, and plunder.

They did not possess ‘maps’. They did not have a written language.

A place name is only made meaningful when one has a map.  For example, if a place is called ‘Hamilton’ this place is completely meaningless without a map showing where it is.

Conclusion? If Maori in 1840 had neither maps or written language, then what the Herald claimed is just pure fantasy.

It’s more left wing nonsense, grooming the population to accept tribal rule, all under the guise of “Maori language week”. 

The Herald is the epicentre of woke.

What’s most disturbing of all, is that they are putting these maps  into schools to groom our children for the same.

Here is a quote from the article
Wendy Shaw, the board’s secretary, said years of research and consultation with mana whenua went into creating the maps.

Researchers also relied on the previous work of the late Te Aue Davis, who travelled around New Zealand collecting hundreds of place names for the first edition of the map, published in 1995, Shaw said.

This would make a good Tui Beer Billboard advert. “Yeah, right”

They also said this:

“This is about a reclamation for Māori, but it’s also a reclamation for all of Aotearoa New Zealand and we will be the better and richer for it.”

Hard copies of the maps have been sent out to all schools across the country.  Information on where you can purchase a map, or download a digital copy for free, is available online.

 Notice the word “Reclamation”.  There it is.  Right there.

Maori Claiming To Be The First To Reach Antarctica

Maori Claiming To Be The First To Reach Antarctica

You can read the article HERE

The upshot of the Maori claims?

7 Professors at Auckland University debated the claim, and they concluded it was pure fantasy.

The Maori comeback?

“You had the mātauranga Māori debate at Auckland University with the seven professors,” he says. “Clearly, that lot had no expertise in Māori knowledge systems. They didn’t know the language or anything else. Why are they crossing lanes into an area they’re not expert in?”

This is a typical response.  In other words “How dare you question my utter stupidity.  With Maori knowledge systems, I know things that no one else knows” 

Kiwis are stupid enough to accept this ridiculous answer. 

The fact is, if Maori had had “Maori knowledge systems” in the 600 years between arriving in New Zealand (about 1250) and 1800 (when the colonials started arriving in numbers), the colonials would have found a superior / advanced race of people.  

What did they find? Maori were described as a ‘prehistoric’ tribal people who had not even invented the wheel or shoes.  They were eating each other and were self annihilating. 

In other words, their claim about “Maori knowledge systems” is just BS. Nothing less. 

The cherry on the cake? Maori were given $660,000 by the government to further explore the validity of the claim that they were the first in Antarctica. 

Really, it was money to investigate pure fantasy.  A con job. This is tax payer money.  It was a way to funnel money to friends and family. 

Hard to believe this happened, and it did happen, but it’s true. 

My question is  “Where did that $660,000 go to?”  You know the answer.


Our Auckland March Is Only 3 Sleeps Away And Surprise Surprise, the NZ Herald Is Already Putting The Boot In

Our Auckland March Is Only 3 Sleeps Away And Surprise Surprise, the NZ Herald Is Already Putting The Boot In

Surely, the NZ Herald is the most woke left-wing dishonest paper in the country.

We booked a full page advert with this paper for today, Wednesday 20th September.  You can view our advert below.

This was advertising our march coming up on the 23rd September.

They said they had to have our advert (below) approved by the so called ‘legal department’.

So what is this ‘department’?

It’s a group of people inside the Herald who have to make sure the Herald is compliant with the terms and conditions they signed up to with the $55m Public Interest Journalism Fund.

In other words, the contract they signed stated that they could not print anything which opposes the government’s race-based agenda.

So it’s not ‘a legal team’ at all. So what is it? It’s a censorship committee.

What parts of our advert were offensive? Not acceptable?

First, we were not allowed to advertise our web site because they could not verify that everything on our web site was ‘factual’.

Second, they didn’t like the words at the bottom of our advert.

This is what they said:
Further to the below, we cannot accept this ad with the current banner text at the bottom [“Say No! To Racism and Apartheid! Bring Back Democracy and Equality! Return to the original Treaty in Maori! Honour Sir Apirana Ngata!”] . This statement is not permitted under the rule which requires statements of the advertiser’s opinion to be clearly distinguished from statements of fact (which must be substantiated). Our view is that this statement is expressed as fact.

In other words, when Stop Co-Governance as a movement says we are saying no to racism and apartheid, and yes to democracy and equality, the Herald is ruling that these are not factual statements. In other words, we’d have to prove this is what we are doing, rather than just our opinion about what we are doing.

Now here is where it gets interesting.  A week earlier, the Herald published a full page advert on their front page disparaging Luxon.

Look at the picture below.

Is ‘Out of touch, too much risk’ personal opinion or fact?  By publishing this advert, the Herald was ruling those statements were factual.

Were statements of fact clearly distinguished from opinions?  No, they were not.  Yet, the CTU advert was printed, no problem.

But my question is “who gets to decide which ads are in, and which are out?”  Answer? The Herald’s so-called “legal team”.

You see, the Herald is contractually obliged to promote the government’s race-based agenda so they MUST approve the CTU advert.

Why?  It puts people off Luxon and National, and presumably causes people to vote for another party Labour.

In other words, the whole ‘Herald Legal Team’ is a complete crock.  It’s a scam.  It’s a censorship team working for the current government.

Push back. Don’t buy the Herald. Cancel your subscriptions. This is a corrupt paper.

Email this lady



DDI 09 583 0351


You can read the complete email from the Herald HERE

Bob Jones On The Shape Of The New Government

Bob Jones On The Shape Of The New Government

The incoming government will have such a huge majority as not to need New Zealand First.

I believe New Zealand First will easily crack the 5% mark as Winston, being half maori, alone feels safe addressing the big issue upsetting New Zealanders, namely outrageous co-government propositions, maori favouritism and the like.

He’s pulling sizable audiences of older folk, a sector noted for their high voter turn-out.

While the National-ACT coalition won’t need NZ First to form a government, they’d be mad not to give Winston a Cabinet post. Better to have him inside the tent, than sniping at them from outside.

The Labour opposition will be a mess, such will be their decimation and the new government may take the view that no-one (rightly) takes attacks from the Greens and Maori Party seriously. That leaves Winston, a problem easily avoided by including him, and possibly Jones in minor Cabinet roles.

Just How Bad Is The Secret Funding Of "Maori Only" Initiatives? This Report Tells All

Just How Bad Is The Secret Funding Of "Maori Only" Initiatives? This Report Tells All

Just much tax payer money and how many ‘Maori only’ initiatives are now in full swing?

THIS report tells all. Truly, this is horrifying.

Click On The Photos Below!

To see more of the Christchurch march, click on the photos below.


Historian Bruce Moon Comes Out Swinging In Support Of Julian

The media have hammered Julian right from the start.

Their ‘articles’ are packed with a combination of half truths, some truths, twisted information, and out right lies.  

Often they use photos which have been photoshopped to make Julian look evil and angry.

Their attacks have been relentless.

Read THIS one first.  It’s a great example of a reckless media.

Then read Bruce Moon’s response HERE.

This Is A Must Watch Video!

This video was made by TVNZ in 2002.

It predicted what we are witnessing today with the Maorification of New Zealand.

It was futuristic.

It was supposed to have all happened in 2050.

The reality? It’s here now.

Large Area Of Northland Ocean Banned For Fishing - Except If You Are Maori.

Large Area Of Northland Ocean Banned For Fishing - Except If You Are Maori.

I am not kidding!


Julian Batchelor's Booklet Is Frightening

Julian Batchelor's Booklet Is Frightening

“Good Afternoon Julian.

Please let me introduce myself.

My name is Michael.

I am a small business owner who lives in Dunedin.

I have just read your Stop Co-Governance book.

I knew a lot of this already but when you start reading this it is actually quite frightening.

As I say to people they are coming after everything from:
place names,
legal systems,

Everything in your book is what I’ve been saying.

My son is actually part Maori so at the end of the day he is possibly ok because Maori will be getting all the benefits – possibly.

I have spent more time on Maraes than most people having attending Tangi’s etc.

Only a small segment of Maoridom will benefit.

I would like to play my part in helping this cause.

Let me buy 100 booklets if possible and I will then distribute.

Not sure how religious you are?  But may God Bless You and May God Bless this Country.  Regards Michael”

Centrist Media Goes In To Bat For Julian Batchelor

Centrist Media Goes In To Bat For Julian Batchelor

You can read their excellent article HERE

Great Letter To Luxon By Die Hard National Supporter "I will not be voting for you this year and here is why"

Great Letter To Luxon By Die Hard National Supporter "I will not be voting for you this year and here is why"

Dear Mr. Luxon.

You have again showed your ignorance of the English language and history to the public. Winston Peters is right and you are wrong. Maori are not indigenous.

Indigenous is a word in the English language which defines it in the OED as “originating or occurring naturally in a particular place; native” and “not from another place”.

The UN has made its own definition but it has no authority to do that. The UN is made up of many countries that use English as a second language and that organisation cannot unilaterally change the English language.

For your information, Maori spread from the Asian continent through Taiwan where there are areas on the east coast that understand the Maori language even today.

Your personal wokeness over this and similar issues concerning Maori could very well cost you this election; I hope it does.

This country of New Zealand hosts about 160 different former nationalities and we should all be equal before the law and all subject to the same democratic principles and values.

Unfortunately you, and people of the same ilk, forget about the 159 other former nationalities and by promoting Maori above all others you are supporting serious undemocratic values.

I have always voted National but this will be the first time that I will not.

I seems many, many others feel the same way and will be voting for ACT or NZ First.

National maybe leading the polls but with around 36% of the vote it means that 64% do not support your views and policies. And that is because National is little different from the abhorrent Labour government of Ardern and Hipkins.

I realise that you do not pay any attention to what people think and want. You are intent on just winning the election at any cost.

You will then do what those in high positions of the National Party want, and damn the people. Under your leadership National has become grossly arrogant.

It is a pity you do not see fit to come clean and be transparent for the sake of this country and all the people that call it home.


How Identity Politics Is Destroying New Zealand

How Identity Politics Is Destroying New Zealand

    Amy Brooke, New Zealand writer, has written another great piece.

    You can read it HERE

    Luxon Continues To Be A Huge Problem

    Luxon Continues To Be A Huge Problem

    Just yesterday, Luxon came out and said he was not going to support Acts drive to reform the so called ‘principles of the Treaty’.  

    These so called principles are no where to be found in the Treaty.  They are simply a tool used by activists to say and claim whatever they want. 

    They must go.  Seymour agrees, but National doesn’t. 

    Please read the article below.  


    New Zealand Is Officially An Apartheid Country

    New Zealand Is Officially An Apartheid Country

    Dr JOHN ROBINSON is a hero.

    He continues to write brilliant articles about New Zealand and our current political situation.

    You can read his latest writing HERE

    National Is Starting To Copy The Deceitfulness Of Labour

    National Is Starting To Copy The Deceitfulness Of Labour

    If there is one thing we will remember about Labour over the past six years is that they have been the party of lies, trickery, deceit, and dishonesty.

    Now National is turning to the same tricks with respect to co-cogovernance.

    Read THIS email from Stuart Smith, National MP for Kaikoura.

    Then watch THIS video 

    Then watch THIS  interview with Jack Tame and Nationals Eric Stanford.  Go to about 6:45 on the video

    What’s going on here? Well, it’s obvious. Luxon is ‘for’ co-governance.  But they are trying to hide the fact, for fear of losing votes.

    He says he’s not ‘for’ co-governance with respect to social services like hospitals, but he is ‘for’ co-governance with respect to what he calls ‘the management of natural resources’ like rivers, forests, mountains, the ocean etc.

    What he doesn’t understand is that co-governance is like cancer. When you’ve got cancer, the doctors try and get rid of all of it, not some of it.

    They work hard to get a cancer patient into a state of cancer remission. That is to say, where there is not a trace of it left.

    Likewise, New Zealand must go into co-governance remission where not a trace of it is left.

    Why? Because it’s illegal. There is absolutely no basis for it in the Treaty. It’s undemocratic and it’s wrong.

    Luxon and co are trying to get around this, secretly and privately supporting co-governance. Luxon is woke.

    They are turning to Labour Party tactics to lie and deceive. How so?

    They are now talking about being “against co-governance” but they are “for co-management.”

    OMG! They are the same thing! They are copying Labour, trying to dupe voters!

    Sheesh. It’s called re-branding an old product, giving it a new name and packaging.

    Giving the old thing (co-governance) and new label (co-management).

    Co-governance must be EXPUNGED. That is to say, it’s must be completely removed from all legislation.

    And if National is starting deceiving voters, as Labour has done all through, then National is on the way out, before they are even in.

    Snell's Beach Event A Huge Success!

    Snell's Beach Event A Huge Success!

    Last night we held an event at Snells beach.

    It was a huge success with roughly 100 in attendance.

    About 15 protesters turned up and a couple got inside, but the police quickly and efficiently removed them.

    Unlike the police in Whangarei, led my Dene Begbie, if he can be called a leader, the Warkworth police were outstanding

    The office in charge last night was Sargeant Mark Stallworthy who is also the office in charge of Warkworth police.  You can watch a short video of Mark HERE

    He and his team marked out where and where the protesters could go, allowing Julian’s meeting attendees freedom to come and go without being harassed or intimidated.

    Mark balanced perfectly the protesters right to protest, with the right of Julian to speak, and the rights of those who had come to hear Julian speak. 

    What an outstanding young policeman.  What an outstanding leader.  Such a credit to the police.

    When protesters needed to be removed, the police did this quickly and efficiently .

    Truly Mark was a total contrast to Dene Begbie in Whangarei.

    Mark was easy to work with, Dene was not. Mark was genuinely working for the public good. Dene was not.

    Mark was a true police officer, Dene was not.

    Dene was woke and white and not working for the good and safety of the general public. He was clearly working with the protesters.

    Mark was neutral, applying the strict letter of the law to everyone, including us.. Mark was impartial, just doing his job. Truly professional.

    Mark is an absolute credit to the police force, Dene is not.

    I would encourage to write to Mark’s superiors, and the Minister of Police, to commend him.  

    By the way, we are still awaiting the outcome of a flood of complaints to the IPCA about Dene Begbie. We will keep you posted.  

    Marks boss is detective

    Mark’s email is

    The minister of police is


    Special credit must also go to Phil, who organised the whole event and his excellent. team.  Phil. is an incredible leader.  It was one of the best organised events on tour.  This is saying a lot because all the events have been well organised but this one was right up there!

    Well done Phil and your team.  We are so grateful to all the hard work and effort your team put in! 

    You can watch a great video of someone who attended last night  and their thoughts.  Watch the video HERE



    New Zealand Police Are Being Groomed

    New Zealand Police Are Being Groomed

    Yesterday, an excellent piece was written about police grooming by Lindsey Mitchell.

    You can read it HERE

    Be sure to read the comments.

    One comment read as follows
    This is no surprise.

    There is an Iwi mafia at work in New Zealand.

    Co-governance has morphed into a monster with 100 heads and a 1000 tentacles.

    There is not one aspect of New Zealand that is not untouched by Maorification. And each tentacle is going deeper by the day.

    It’s also blackmail.

    After reading about ‘the five generations of trauma’ they want the reader to think “Sheesh…we better give in to all their demands otherwise they are going to get more and more violent”.

    The reality? The whole rationale is spin and BS, from start to finish.

    They just want us to lie down and not oppose the elite Maori agenda for New Zealand – the coup.

    It’s just another attempt by Iwi to screw non-Maori over and get more stuff for free, via a perpetuation of the victim mentality.

    They are extremely cunning and devious and successive governments have been duped.

    This is why we are where we are with co-governance today. On the verge of civil war.

    Never have so many been so conned by so few.

    DB Breweries Pushes Back Against Stop Co-Governance Bill Boards

    DB Breweries Pushes Back Against Stop Co-Governance Bill Boards

    DB Breweries don’t know what we stand for, and what we are fighting for.  This is obvious, otherwise they would not be pushing back.

    You can read the newspaper article  HERE

    What can you do? Write to or phone the lady in DB Breweries who is dealing with this issue.  Voice your support for the Billboards

    Karyn O’Loughlin

    General Counsel

    M: 027 526 3169



    Teenager Tells What's Happening In Schools

    Teenager Tells What's Happening In Schools

    Yesterday I received an email from a year 10 student (he is 14 years old)  in a New Zealand high school. This is what he said:


    “I am are absolutely fed up with the near abolishing of any culture that isn’t Maori in our schools.

    In fact I’m so upset with my subjects for next year because I’ve chosen classics (Roman history) to get away from the bull crap and would you believe it now in the classics curriculum you have to compare Roman culture to Maori culture 🙄.

    Anyways thanks again Julian And The Stop Co-governance team, for making our voices heard.”————————

    It’s obvious what is happening, isn’t it.   Young people are being targeted by Maori pushing ideology, not education. 

    They want to capture the next generation of voters. 

    These voters will, they hope, join in with the Maori takeover of our country, or at the very least, not oppose the takeover. 

    Those pushing their ideology on children ought to be ashamed. Young people are innocent. They come to school to learn, and to be prepared to succeed in the life ahead of them. 

    Instead they are being unwittingly politically groomed by people who have no interest in them personally, or their success in life, only wanting to secure their votes when they get older.

    Really, it’s child abuse.

    What can you do? Sit down with your children and teach them what is going on so that they become savvy and aware.  Push back.

    Below is a picture of a young person taking one of our billboards onto the streets! 

    The second photo is of a booklet ripped up by the teacher in the classroom in front of the class.

    “My friend took it out to show his friend in class and the teacher said ‘Can I see that’ then ripped it in half when she had it in her hand.


    Help Julian And His Team Keep The Fight Against Co-Governance Going

    Help Julian And His Team Keep The Fight Against Co-Governance Going

    Julian and his team are fighting for all New Zealanders.

    To maintain the fight, and our independence, and our daily updates, and Julian’s tour, the STOP CO-GOVERNANCE MOVEMENT does not seek State assistance, run ads, have paywalls, or ask for subscriptions.

    Instead, the significant role we play in touring New Zealand, informing public opinion, and influencing decision-makers is only possible through the wonderful generosity of our readers.

    If you find value in our fight against co-governance, and would like to see it continue, then please go to to click the ‘donate’ button to help.

    And, if you don’t like website forms, you can donate directly via Internet Banking: please credit the STOP CO-GOVERNANCE WEB SITE Bank Account 02-0261-0025679-000– but please include your first name as well as surname in the reference area … and email if you would like a receipt

    We Recommend You Sign Up To This New Media Agency In New Zealand

    You can read their article about stop co-governance  HERE

    Please spread it everywhere!

    These Are Some Of The Placards We Are Using For Our Street Protests!

    You can view the placards   HERE

    When you come to the start of the March, we will be giving these to select people! 

    People who we know are part of our team!


    Christchurch Street March A Massive Success!

    Christchurch Street March A Massive Success!


    Our first street March in Christchurch, yesterday 16th September 2023, was an outstanding success.

    Why? There are a whole lot of reasons.

    First, Derek Tait led the Destiny Church team with security. In the photo on the left, Julian has his arm around Derek.

    The Destiny Team were incredible, each man taking up a strategic position. They had walkie talkies and were constantly communicating with each other.

    Derek was the general, his men and women following his every instruction. They also set up the sound systems. All credit to those in his team who did all that. Thank you!

    Julian had a personal body guard.

    Derek gave a mind blowing speech at the start, addressing all the protesters, telling them that he was a Maori and that it was shameful that laws and legislation were being passed in this country favouring people based on the colour of their skin. I saw visions of our very own Nelson Mandela!

    My eyes were welling up listening to him. Such bravery. Such clarity. Such truth. Such commitment to democracy!

    By saying what he said, he put himself well and truly in the sights of Maori bullies and thugs, Tikanga, who ‘pull into line’ those who step out of line, saying things counter to ‘group think’.

    He was incredible.

    Second, a large crowd turned up. Some had come from as far away as Blenheim and Dunedin and Timaru. Our supporters outnumbered protesters 3 to 1. 

    Others, like the group from Rangiora, were simply amazing. They had hired a bus, had professional placards made, and were just Stellar in their attitudes and example.

    Some who came admitted that they were fearful, but they overcame their fears and came. In other words, this March, and participation in it, was a personal growth point for them.

    Each had to make a decision personally. Were they going to let fear overcome them? Or were they going to push through their fears and overcome and grow their inner person?

    Each person had to ask these crucial questions too: “Are my convictions about the wrongness of co-governance larger than my fears of protesters? My aversion to conflict?

    Is the future for my children and grandchildren more important and critical than my personal fears in 2023?

    Or the excuses I had for not attending the march?

    Do I REALLY believe co-governance is wrong and our country is in deep trouble?

    Or am I just mildly unhappy?

    Is my abhorrence to go-governance only skin deep, or is it deep and real to me? So deep and real that it drives me through my fears and into protest action?”

    Really, these marches are going to filter people. The brave and the courageous and the deeply convicted are one group. The other group the shallow and the fearful.

    You see, it’s like this – this is our generation. This is our time in history. We can’t change what other past generations did in their generation. We can’t change what future generations are going to do with the country in their time.

    We are ONLY responsible for our generation, for this time in history. This is OUR time.


    The third reason the march was a success has to do with presence.

    What is presence?  It’s a visible show to the world that a group of people are prepared to go public with their views to effect change. 

    It’s a visible demonstration to all those watching that there is a group of people in this country who are brave enough and courageous enough and convinced enough to say loudly and publicly “Co-governance is wrong.”  

    You see, hundreds of thousands will quietly grumble.

    Tens of thousands will take a small step of action and grumble by writing to an MP, or a local councilor, or to an online forum of some kind.

    But only a few will take affirmative, PUBLIC, action.  They don’t care about their identity being publicized.  They don’t care that they might be mocked by protesters as racists. 

    These considerations pale into insignificance when they consider the gravity of the issue that drives them along, like a yacht is driven along by the wind.

    They care little about the opinions of watching people.   What matters to them more than anything is a defense of truth, the preservation of democracy, and the plight of their country. 

    To defend these things, and more, they are willing to put themselves ‘out there’ in public, to join with likeminded others to create a VISIBLE PUBLIC presence 

    It is impossible to do this from the comfort of one’s home.  No no. 

    Presence is created by going public. It has to be public.  You have to leave safety and comfort behind, like a boat leaving the safety of a harbour and a mooring, and set sail across the ocean.

    When Martin Luther King gave his famous ‘I have a dream speech’ hundreds of thousands turned up.  Those people, in combination, created an indelible presence in the minds and memories of those who watched on.  All those people in one place created presence.  Luther’s speech was the cherry on the cake.  In combination, the cherry plus the presence  created CHANGE FOR THE BETTER

    And ultimately, change for the better is what the stop–co-governance movement is all about.  What change?

    A change from tribal rule back to democracy.

    A change from race-based funding and legislation back to funding and legislation based on need, irrespective of skin colour.

    A change from people being appointed to councils and bodies based on their ethnicity, back to people being appointed to councils and bodies based on the will of the people in the electorate via democratic elections.

    A change back to one person one vote.

    A change from Aotearoa back to New Zealand.

    A change from Maori signage everywhere back to English as the main language.

    A change from a corrupt history curriculum to an honest one.

    A  change in our schools where the emphasis is on competency in maths, reading, and writing, not ideological clap trap.

    A change to honour the Treaty of Waitangi in Maori as signed by the chiefs at Waitangi on the 6th of February 1840

    A change to honour Sir Apirana Ngata.

    A change to move Maori from “a victim mentality”, a “grievance mentality”, an “entitlement mentality”, to a “I take full and personal responsibility for my life’ mentality.”

    The banning of the forcing of Te Reo in schools, public places, and businesses. 

    If Maori want to develop / save their culture (which I am in favour of) they ought to be encouraged to do so in their homes and their special places of gathering, which for Maori is on their Maraes. 

    This is how all the other 160 cultures keep their culture and language alive.   Why are Maori the only culture in New Zealand to preserve and grow their culture using tax payer funding? It’s apartheid and it’s unfair.

    This is what we are marching for.



    This Is A Must Watch Video!

    This video was made by TVNZ in 2002.

    It predicted what we are witnessing today with the Maorification of New Zealand.

    It was futuristic.

    It was supposed to have all happened in 2050.

    The reality? It’s here now.

    The Latest Accusation? Julian Batchelor Is Now A Treaty Of Waitangi Conspiracy Theorist

    The Latest Accusation? Julian Batchelor Is Now A Treaty Of Waitangi Conspiracy Theorist

    Julian started his tour in February, 2023.

    As soon as he started, the media morphed into a pack of dogs, trying to shut him down.

    The Human Rights Commission have tried to shut him down. 

    Then the Electoral Commission. 

    Then the Disinformation Project.

    Then the Charities Commission.  

    The accusations were free flowing

    They have moved from:
    Racist (Feb / March)
    Purveyor of hate speech (April / May)
    White supremacist (June)
    Nazi (July / August)
    Demagogue (September)
    Conspiracy theorist (September)

    A Russian spy sent to New Zealand to divide the country, working with Putin?
    A relative of Trump, being coached by him?

    You can read the story HERE

    So how does one tell if someone is a conspiracy theorist or not?

    That’s easy. Just ‘fact check’ what they are saying and see if those facts align with reality.

    If they do align, then the person is not a conspiracy theorist.

    If they don’t align, they are either a liar or a conspiracy theorist, or both.

    The fact is, nothing in Julian’s booklet or his seminars on the Treaty have been found to be in error.

    Historians and Treaty commentators of the highest order (e.g. Bruce Moon, Dr John Robinson,  Andy Oakley, and Mike Butler) have personally attended his seminars. 

    They all approved of everything he said. In effect, they peer reviewed his work.

    Everything Julian says is academically referenced.  

    All his material, before he goes public with it, is checked by reputable Treaty commentators.

    If you, the reader, find something that is not quite right, then write to us, and tell us.

    As a team, we are eager to get better and better as we go, so that we deliver on the truth and facts to the New Zealand public and in doing so, stop co-governance.

    This is our mission. 


    Grandmother Horrified At What Her Grandson Is Learning At School

    Grandmother Horrified At What Her Grandson Is Learning At School

    The following is an email Julian received yesterday


    “Hello Julian,

    Just to put this in context I am a Nanna – my grandson and I have just been doing the Stuff Quiz – which led to a discussion about the state of education in this country – he’s Year 10 & it turns out the only book they’ve done in English this year is “White Lies, Maori Legends and Fairytales” – it’s just occurred to me that the aim of the whole Education System is to eliminate any connection with their own culture – he’d never heard of “Black Beauty” – I’m just horrified – and my poor mother must be turning in her grave – she was an English teacher & a Shakespearean expert – it’s a relief she’s not here to see it!

    I absolutely agree with what you’re doing – I just pray that a change of government will have some positive effect – although I fear it might be too late.

    Kind Regards,


    Willie Jackson: "Seymour is the most dangerous man in New Zealand Politics"

    Willie Jackson: "Seymour is the most dangerous man in New Zealand Politics"

    Julian would love to be labelled that by Jackson!

    Really, Seymour should take this as a badge of honour!  It’s a wonderful compliment, an accolade.

    At last, someone (Seymour) is going to tackle the problem head on. What problem? The problem of the elite Maori takeover of our country. The takeover is all based on lies, trickery, deceit, and fraud.

    Seymour has broken through!  He is over the target.

    Meanwhile, Luxon is not even on the playing field.  He is sitting in the stands, watching the game, not even recognising the problem in his pledge card of 8.

    It’s an absolute insult to Luxon that Jackson does not regard Luxon as dangerous.

    Why is he not dangerous?  Well, because he is not. 

    Rather, all the indications are that he is complicit, an ally of elite Maori.

    National voters ought to be very worried that this is so.

    Actually, the signs are ominous.

    Luxon is almost completely silent on the issue of co-governance. And why would that be?


    He is going to keep it going when he becomes the PM but if he came out and said this outright before the election, he would, quite probably, lose the election.

    That’s my take on Luxon.
    Below is the story first published in the Herald
    By Joseph Los’e

    Māori Development Minister Willie Jackson says in his opinion Act leader David Seymour – who he once described as a useless Māori – is the country’s most dangerous man, and if he gets into power will make life a misery for more than Māori.
    Jackson said Seymour’s Trump-like rhetoric was anti-Māori and in an instant would wipe out decades of Māori development.

    Both were involved in a fiery political debate last night in Auckland.

    “I want to say to our people, be very nervous because a National-Act Government will do away with everything that is dear to us. David Seymour’s already threatened that,” Jackson told the Herald.

    In his opinion: “I think he’s the most dangerous man that we’ve ever seen in New Zealand politics. He gets away with it because he’s quite articulate, well-dressed.
    “This is someone who will challenge and has challenged every High Court and Supreme Court judge who’s been in place since 1987.

    “He thinks they’re all wrong. He thinks every Prime Minister since ‘87 is wrong when they agree and talk about partnership between Māori and the Crown.”

    “He believes that’s nonsense. He is saying that there’s no partnership in the Treaty and wants the Treaty revamped and reshaped. It’s Donald Trump-type politics.”
    Seymour said one of Jackson’s oral skills was his ability to exaggerate and Jackson needs to explain what makes him so dangerous.
    “People are tired of accusations of racism. It is a very serious accusation and people who make it need to explain what it is that I have ever said or done they believe is racist,” the Act leader said.

    “Racism is treating someone differently because of their race. It is a strange irony that we are called racist for criticising Government policies that treat people differently because of their race.

    “There are Māori and Pacific people who are doing extremely [well] and there are non-Maori and non-Pacific people who are having problems.”

    Following last night’s debate, Seymour contacted the Herald to set a few matters straight.

    “The Trump like accusations are ironic considering after the debate Willie Jackson had to correct himself for making incorrect statements about Act Party policies when confronted by journalists,” Seymour said.

    “That sounds like Donald Trump to me. The second point from the debate, he said Act and National would be bad for Māori but his own organisation applied to operate a charter school under the National government.

    “Plus this says it all, he spent all the debate talking about leader of the Act party rather than the leader of his own party.”

    But Jackson said that was Seymour trying to deflect the issue and was still rolling out the same rhetoric and divisive politics, just like Trump when he won the US presidency.

    “Trump said the same thing in America and changed the laws,” Jackson said.

    “Seymour wants to do the same thing. He wants to rehash, history in terms of the Treaty and rights.

    “He doesn’t believe Māori have any rights that are derived from the Treaty.

    “And there’s no politician in terms of senior politician in the last 30 years who has had that view.

    “There’s no politician who has been Prime Minister, deputy Prime Minister or senior minister who has agreed with him, not one politician apart from one – and that is Winston Peters.

    “And that’s the ironic thing, isn’t it?

    “They call them special rights. We know their Treaty rights, their indigenous rights.

    “They, every judge, every court, every prime minister, every senior minister has supported and agreed with [it], including the Act Party.

    “Rodney Hide went on and actually agreed to set up the Māori statutory board, that was a Rodney Hide creation.

    “So they’ve all, they’ve all supported it. But this guy Seymour says, no, I’m gonna give everybody the same rights and Māori will not have those rights anymore.

    “And I’m saying to our people to vote because if not, we let Seymour with his anti-Māori politics and his views into power.”

    Brilliant NEW Video From Democracy Action!

    You can watch it HERE

    Please spread it everywhere!

    National And Luxon Are A Big Problem

    National And Luxon Are A Big Problem

    Yesterday Luxon and the National Party released its EIGHT PLEDGES.

    Honestly, the eight pledges look exactly like what the Labour Party would say and do, are saying and doing.

    The BIG takeaway is that  CO-GOVERNANCE does not even feature on the list of eight.

    When I watched the video of the speech made by Luxon, and the audience reaction, they were hardly enthusiastic. The crowd looked a little bored, as if they were being forced to clap. 

    Like a child forced to it his greens at the dinner table.

    Seriously, the ACT party just completed a survey and found CO-GOVERNANCE to be the number one issue on the minds of Kiwis, and how they wanted it stopped.

    Luxon is learning Te Reo and has a Maori adviser.

    Join the dots.  


    Luxon is all for keeping co-governance going but does not want to say so before the election for fear of losing 100’s of thousands of votes, possibly losing the election. 

    The next three years are going to be rough.  Guaranteed.

    Put your seat belt on.

    As an organisation, we are carrying on until the next election in 2026.  

    You’ll be blown away when you hear what we are planning.


    Don Brash And Hobson's Pledge Are Heroes

    Don Brash And Hobson's Pledge Are Heroes

    Don Brash has been a tireless campaigner against co-governance for a very long time. Really, he should be knighted for his service to New Zealand.

    He and his organisation have just released bumper stickers and bill boards to try and stop co-governance. They are amazing. You can view them HERE.

    All the major organisations – Hobson’s Pledge, Democracy Action, and NZCPR (Muriel Newman) are coming together (not formally) to fight this one thing – C0-GOVERNANCE!

    It’s a fantastic thing that is happening.

    Co-Governance = The Death Of Free Speech

    Co-Governance = The Death Of Free Speech

    You can read the excellent commentary HERE

    Bill Boards Going Up Around The Country!

    We have incredible volunteers all around the country who are gearing up to put up our bill boards in various parts of the country.  

    If you have a fence or farm where one could be displayed, this would help our campaign hugely.

    Another Maori Leader Attacks Julian.  This Time, The Front Page Of The BOP Times

    Another Maori Leader Attacks Julian. This Time, The Front Page Of The BOP Times

    You can read the article HERE.

    To view the source document and watch the video, click HERE

    HERE is a great response.

    Notice Buddy never cites exactly where in the booklet there is something ‘racist’ or ‘a half truth’ or ‘rubbish.’

    This is now standard practice for the critics of Julian Batchelor – plenty of accusations with no proof.

    In other words, Julian Batchelor’s critics have no real arguments.   They never have.  Why?  Julian just communicates facts / truth.


    Maori Leader Attacks Julian.  Historian Bruce Moon Responds

    Maori Leader Attacks Julian. Historian Bruce Moon Responds

    First, read THIS attack on Julian by Maori leader Bill Hamilton

    Then read Bruce Moon’s response HERE

    Historian Mike Butler wrote a brilliant response too. You can read it HERE

    Auckland City Mission Now Heavily Maorified

    Click HERE to hear what’s happened

    TVNZ Responds To Julian Suing The Station For Defamation

    TVNZ Responds To Julian Suing The Station For Defamation

    The latest? TVNZ has responded by ‘adjusting’ their online article defaming Julian, but the changes they have made do not address the defamation in any way whatsoever.

    Julian is seeking a full retraction and apology, on TV1 News, 6pm. They did not give this.

    So the court case continues.

    Please! Get some Bill Boards Up In Your Area!

    Please! Get some Bill Boards Up In Your Area!

    To know how to do this, click HERE

    Thanks a million!

    Brainwashing.  Make no mistake, they are out to capture the minds of our young people.

    Brainwashing. Make no mistake, they are out to capture the minds of our young people.

    Make no mistake, those pushing for the Maori takeover of our country are “after” the next generation. What do I mean?

    The over 50 age group in our country are, generally speaking, smart and savvy. The have experienced pain, disappointment, heartache, loss, trouble, struggle, victory, success, and joy.

    In combination, these experiences result in the acquisition of two critically important elements of a successful life: wisdom and discernment.

    They turn up in numbers in Julian’s meetings because they are wise and discerning. They can filter out lies and deception and they can discern truth from error.

    They know when ‘something is up’.  That ‘something’ in this instance, this time in history, is the Maori takeover of our country.

    In contrast, the under 50’s, generally speaking, have not lived long enough to experience pain, disappointment, heartache, loss, trouble, struggle, victory, success, and joy.  And the younger they are, the less likely. 

    This makes them easy targets for those driving the Maori takeover. This makes them vulnerable. Susceptible. They are soft targets for propaganda.

    And the younger their minds, the easier they are to brainwash.

    This is precisely why the brainwashing starts in kindergartens and progresses right through to universities. And once they leave University, the baton of propaganda is handed by the universities to the media.

    What’s their goal? They are grooming young minds to either:
    1. Join in with the Maori takeover of the country i.e. support it.
    2. Or at the very least, not oppose it.

    HERE is a graphic example of how our young people are being targeted by those driving the Maori takeover of our country.

    What can you do?
    Home-school your children and grandchildren. 
    If you can’t home-school them, research carefully where they can go where there is zero te reo and zero Maori culture.

    If Maori children in the class want to learn about their culture and learn their language, then do it at home or on the Marae.  

    This is what other cultures have done – taken responsibility for the preservation of their culture and language in their homes and special places of worship – and have done so for decades, and done so successfully.   

    English is the prized global international language of choice, and everyone on the planet wants to know how to speak and write it.  

    Children at school only have limited time each day at school, and this time should be spent on what is going to help them succeed in life.  Learning Te Reo does not fit this criteria.  Learning to write, read, and speak English does. End of story.

    Find schools which truly emphasise teaching children to be supremely skilful with the basics: maths, reading, writing. 

    If they want to pursue music, or the arts, or a career in sport, or some other great subjects, well and good.  All power to them.  But get them brilliant at the basics first.  Later on they can branch out and specialise in the subjects of their choice.


    Julian Has Just Completed Successful Meetings In The South Of The South Island

    Julian Has Just Completed Successful Meetings In The South Of The South Island

    Julian has just completed successful meetings in the South of the South Island including:
    The Haka (the old Haka School) Hakataramea Valley, Naseby Lodge in Nasby, the 28th in Balfour and the 29th, in Balclutha. 30th he was in Tussock Creek. 1st September in Christchurch. There were no protesters.

    Although at one meeting, a lady asked “If Pakeha were 14% of the population, and Maori 85% would Pakeha be happy with one person one vote?” Julian’s answer? “100%. That’s what democracy is all about”

    She was obviously sympathetic to Maori getting more than one person, one vote. Yeah, right.

    A huge shout out to Dennis and Marilyn in Nasby, Karen and Terry in Balfour, and Phil in Balclutha, Chris and Margaret in their private home way out in the country, and Sharon and Richard in Amberley.

    These are the incredible Kiwis on the ground in our country who have to guts and courage and fortitude to stand up and be counted.  They all organised the meetings at great personal cost and expense.  Truly, they are great Kiwis! On behalf of all the rest of the country, thank you. 

    And especially to Emma who was the  overall organiser. Wow!

    It’s safe to say that farmers in the south are not just ‘over’ co-governance and the Maorification of New Zealand, but they are so worried, many are talking in terms of pulling up sticks and moving to Australia or other countries.


    Why The Maorification Of New Zealand Is So Wrong

    Why The Maorification Of New Zealand Is So Wrong

    Read THIS to know why.

    Want A Deep Delve Into The Iwi Elite Mind And How They Think About Co-Governance? Then Read This.

    Want A Deep Delve Into The Iwi Elite Mind And How They Think About Co-Governance? Then Read This.

    When I read THIS I was stunned at how ‘off’ elite Maori are with respect to their understanding of the Treaty.

    Not only the Treaty, but also democracy.

    What he writes, in my opinion, is spin.

    Make up your own mind.

    "The Principles Of The Treaty"?  There are none.

    "The Principles Of The Treaty"? There are none.

    A lot is made of the so called “principles of the Treaty”  to justify policy, handouts, payouts, racism, and apartheid.

    The truth of the matter is these principles of the Treaty were simply made up as a way to manipulate the Treaty.  

    They are a lever that radical Maori can pull whenever they want to justify getting anything they want. 

    Essentially, they are a mechanism to justify fraud and corruption. 

    Read THIS excellent piece by Sandra  Goudie. 

    Phil Twyford - a graphic example of a history ignorant politician

    Below is a letter Phil Twyford sent to a constituent about his stance on co-governance. 

    Surely, he has to win the gold medal, if there were to be an Olympics for history ignorant politicians. 

    Just read what he has to say below, and make up your own mind.  

    His thinking and reasoning are absolutely appalling.


    Absolutely Fascinating. This Is How A Labour MP Thinks About Co-Governance

    Absolutely Fascinating. This Is How A Labour MP Thinks About Co-Governance

    Labour MP Te Atatu

    “I too am a democrat and love my country.

    I agree one person one vote, and equality under the law, are important to our democracy.

    I think where we differ is I believe genuine attempts to partner with Maori, and ensure they have a voice in the shaping of our future, actually strengthen our democracy. They don’t weaken it.

    Maori as the indigenous people of this country, who are a minority and otherwise risk being out-voted at every turn, rightly seek policies and structures that ensure their voice is heard, and their priorities addressed.

    I am proud of the progress our Labour Government has made in this area: more provision for Maori seats on local councils, enhanced Maori participation in the new planning system, mana whenua input into the new water entities, the Maori Health Agency so we can at last tackle the health disparities, to name a few.

    These initiatives build on 50 years of progress, under both Labour and National governments. We are a much better country for it.

    I worry that the ACT party, and some in National, and people for whom co-governance is a dirty word, would take our country back to the days when assimilation of Maori was official policy, with no recognition of Maori as the indigenous people of this country. But I take comfort that such views are not shared by most people in this country, and certainly not by the younger generation who are more open, liberal and understanding of diversity than ever before – and who don’t believe that we are some kind of little white Britain in the South Pacific.”


    Phil Twyford
    Member of Parliament for Te Atatū

    The need to get rid of these MPs is obvious

    Maori Leaders: "Co-Governance?  There Is Nothing To Worry About"

    Maori Leaders: "Co-Governance? There Is Nothing To Worry About"

    Nothing could be further from the truth of the matter.  Read Graham Adams’ brilliant piece HERE 

    Julian Batchelor files defamation case against Disinformation Project

    Julian Batchelor files defamation case against Disinformation Project

    Watch the TVNZ1 news item HERE

    You can view the DEFAMATION LETTER  HERE

    The Disinformation Project is a tin pot organisation.  Judge for yourself HERE

    Stop Anyone Unelected From Being Appointed To Auckland Council

    Stop Anyone Unelected From Being Appointed To Auckland Council

    You can view the file HERE

    Stop Anyone Unelected From Being Appointed To Auckland Council

    Stop Anyone Unelected From Being Appointed To Auckland Council

    Auckland Council is considering appointing unelected Maori to positions of power on the Council.

    If this happens, it’s a breach of the Treaty. The Treaty mandates democracy.

    Democracy mandates one person, one vote, and all votes of equal value.

    Democracy mandates that if people want positions of power on councils or in government, they must be elected, not appointed.

    When people are appointed, not elected, we move from democracy to tribal rule. To Maori dictatorship.  This must not be allowed to happen.

    Fight to preserve democracy. 

    To register your opposition, click HERE.

    Yesterday (26/8) we raised another $600 towards the $86,000 needed

    Total donated so far in seven days? Roughly $73,000 

    $13,000 to go. 

    We have printed 200,000 more booklets 

    Thank you so much for all those who donated so far.

    If you can contribute, this is the bank account:



    Otago University Maori Lecturer Called Out For Misinformation

    Otago University Maori Lecturer Called Out For Misinformation

    First up, read THIS.

    Then read historian and author Mike Butler’s brilliant response HERE

    Fill Out The Act Party Survey Now

    Fill Out The Act Party Survey Now

    The Act Party wants to know what you think is the major issue facing New Zealanders.

    Take the survey and let them know your thoughts

    Click HERE

    If you want to hear what 'woke' sounds like, listen to this!

    If you want to hear what 'woke' sounds like, listen to this!

    I don’t usually read or listen to what ‘the other side’ say about me or us, but I was driving so had time.

    OMG! This radio interview is a deep and revealing delve into the world of woke.

    Take a listen HERE.


    Below is a recent Tweet from Maori Party MP Rawiri Waititi. 

    There is a saying ‘out of the mouth, the heart speaks’. 

    This tweet tells you what is REALLY in the heart of radical Maori and their attitude towards non-Maori. 

    What’s interesting is that research shows that the only way any native people group have ever progressed and succeeded  in the modern world is to assimilate.  

    In other words, Westernise and modernise. Join in. 

    Radical Maori, like Waititi, are calling for the opposite. They want all Maori to separate.

    No where in the world has this worked. 

    So what’s the view of hard research? 

    Native cultures like Maori need to do what every other culture in New Zealand has to do. 

    What’s that? 

    They grow their culture in their homes in their special places like their church or (in the case of Maori) their Marae.  In these places they can keep their language and culture alive, causing it to thrive.

    The rest of the time they are modernising and joining in with the rest of the modern world.  In other words, assimilating. 

    If Maori don’t westernise and modernise, including making English their primary language, and take responsibility for growing their language and culture, like all other cultures in NZ are doing, and doing successfully, they are doomed to failure.  


    This Week We Launch Our Billboard Campaign!

    Below are some samples.

    We’d like you to order these to erect at your home or business or farm or life style block.

    They cost $150 and they measure 2400mm x 1200mm

    You can see the whole range by clicking on THIS link.

    You can order them by clicking on THIS link. 

    Or just go to the shop on our web site. Click on the tab “shop” 

    Book Delivery People Urgently Needed All Over New Zealand!

    Book Delivery People Urgently Needed All Over New Zealand!

    We urgently need people all over New Zealand to deliver books, particularly in Auckland, but also in Southland, as per the detail below.

    Julian’s booklet is having an amazing impact on this country, so help other’s who have not read it yet get a copy.   

    If you can deliver, please call Vicki 021 029 85419

    Stop Co-Governance – South Island Tours 

    Saturday 26th August

    The Haka (the old Haka School)

    9 Farm Road, Hakataramea Valley

    Time: 1pm

    Sunday 27th August

    Naseby Lodge

    26 Derwent Street, Naseby

    Time: 1pm

    Monday 28th August

    The Hanger

    34 Old Balfour Road, Balfour

    Time: 3pm

    Tuesday 29th August – confidential

    Balclutha – TBC (Vicki organising)

    Time: 4pm

    Wednesday 30th August – confidential

    298 Cooper Road, Springhill on map but Tussock Creek

    Time: 6pm arrival for 6:30pm start

    If you live in or near or around any of these areas, and can deliver a few books, please contact Vicki 021 029 85419

    Please click HERE for more details.