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Why Are We All Being Forced To Bow Down To Maori Religion?

Why Are We All Being Forced To Bow Down To Maori Religion?

Historian Dr Trevor Bentley writes “Maori admired cunning as much as courage.”

Please read this classic case before you go any further. Click HERE. 

As you just read, a developer wanted to develop a block of land in Whangarei for housing.  Local Maoris heard about it.  They objected, claiming the site was ‘sacred’.  This objection ought not to have progressed.  Such a claim ought not to be able to hold up a development.  

Why?  Maoris believe sites are sacred when a Maori has been buried under the ground in the area.  They then believe the bones of the dead person are alive.  Believing that the bones of people remain alive after they are dead is a religious belief.  Science does not support this belief. 

How is it that in modern New Zealand, religious beliefs of one cultural group can dictate development rights of other people on their private freehold land?  This is akin to the same beliefs which led to the burning of witches in the Middle Ages and beyond. 

This ought never to be allowed, but it is allowed. Church and State must be separated.  

What does this mean?  Here is a definition “In 2014, the Supreme Court [in the US] held that “It is an elemental First Amendment principle that government may not coerce its citizens to support or participate in any religion or its exercise.”  

Did you hear that?  The State (i.e. the New Zealand government or local council) should not and cannot force its citizens to participate in any religious exercise.  Yet this is happening literally everywhere in NZ. 

A Maori prayer here, a Maori blessing there – all of this is evidence of religious beliefs being forced on New Zealanders.  It’s a giant racket, Maori often demanding money to ‘bless’ something.  Really, it’s Kiwis forking out to pay for Maori religion.  But it’s more than this.  It’s extortion and it’s absolutely wrong. 

If Christians pray at a civic event, or the opening of Parliament, there is never money exchanged for the service. 

OK, back to the landowner in Whangarei.  The activists threaten occupation (bullying and intimidation) which is heavy psychological warfare.

The Environment Court is mentioned.  This court is stacked with activist judges who are appointed because they are woke and naive, people who have been sucked in by the psychological warfare I am describing here.  For more on judicial activism, click HERE 

These judges are frogs who have been in the frog pot for a very long time.

They too are victims of Maori activist propaganda. 

The key statement in the report is this one “It’s a kahore (means ‘no’) for all of us. This will not benefit us at all. The 93 homes that are proposed will be for everyone else, except our hapu.”  

What’s going on here? Answer? 

Activist Maoris are complaining, objecting, trumping up some offences, citing some fake ‘sacred sites’, hoping to be able to manipulate the land development company into giving them some of those 93 sections for free.  

The corrupt woke councils nearly always side with Maoris, so the developer nearly always caves in because he has no choice.  

Some developers now even factor ‘iwi extortion’ into their development plans.  What is this?  It’s bribery and corruption, plain and simple.  It’s an iwi tax.  It’s apartheid.  It’s racism.  It’s witch hunting.

Here is another example.  

Recently, there was a case of a man who wanted to develop his property.  You can read the story HERE

This involved cutting a path through some sand dunes on his land.  Local Activist Maoris kicked up a huge fuss, claiming that there were bones of deceased relatives in the sand dunes.  

The local man backed down, and now can’t develop his property in the way he wants to.  

My view?  As I said before, he should have fought this all the way and not backed down, at all. 

As I have said, believing that the bones of people remain alive after they are dead is a religious belief. 

The landowner in Northland,The Sand Dunes Man, is being forced to participate in Maori religion. So are the Councils.  So is the Government.  So are young people at our schools and universities.  It’s being forced everywhere. All of us are caught up in Maori religion.  It is completely wrong.

Why isn’t the media all over this?  Answer?  

The media in New Zealand has been bought out by the government via what’s known as the $55m Public Interest Journalism Fund.  They are in league with the activists.  You can read about it HERE and  HERE

But that’s not the end of the matter.  I believe activist Maoris make up stories to control people and situations.  

You should have heard the stories they made up about my land in Rawhiti. You can read my book about our home invasion HERE

Really, this ‘bones in the sand dunes’ case was nothing to do with ‘bones in the sand dunes’.  It was a made up story.  

It was about controlling people and getting the upper hand, making other people subservient to Maoris.  

In other words, as I have already said, a return to pre-1840 New Zealand, where Maori chiefs had slaves. 

Proof that the sand dunes story was made up?  Heritage New Zealand archaeologists, as the newspaper article explains,  conducted a dig in the dunes and found no bones. 

In other words, it was proven to be all about control and manipulation.    

Incredibly, the council is still going to reclassify his land as sacred Maori land.

One developer I know had similar threats made to him, so what did he do?  He simply ignored Maoris and carried on developing.

The council arrived and demanded he stop developing. 

He carried on.  The council issued fines. He didn’t pay them. He carried on. He didn’t pay the fines. None of them.  

He refused to back down. He carried on. I believe this is the right response. 

It’s stressful but it’s the right thing to do.  Never forget the lesson the British learned in New Zealand in our early history when dealing with Maoris. 

Commenting on this problem, the former colonial secretary Lord John Russell  said in 1843: “This is the consequence of want of firmness in not resisting unjust demands. Such conduct [being soft on Maori] appears humane and generous, and kind;  But really it is a weak yielding to intimidation and foolish concessions which lead to absurd demands.  Such is always the consequences, especially when you are dealing with savage tribes”.  

This is significant.  It’s the truth of history and we ought to learn from it.  Can you see how history is repeating itself? 

Maori Activists through their communications put politicians on notice, saying things like ‘we are watching’ or ‘let’s see what happens’ or ‘previous National governments did such and such, will this one do the same?’ etc.  HERE is an example.  Really, it’s just heavy manipulation and being devious.


We must fight to separate Church and State.   Never ever give in to iwi demands, no matter what.  If you do, you will blow wind into their sails, and you will embolden them.  You will encourage more bribery and corruption.  What happens when the next developer comes along?  Iwi will be asking for 20 sections instead of 3 out of the 93, all because you caved in to their demands.


As I have said, we must get behind Winston, Jones, Seymour and Luxon, emailing them regularly with encouragement and our full support to expunge co-governance and Maorification from New Zealand.

Leaders need encouragement constantly.

Email Luxon urging him to do what the people of New Zealand elected him to do, which was to rid the country of Maorification and co-governance.

Warn him that he will be a one term PM if he doesn’t.

Here are their email addresses:

Brooke Van Velden: