Why Strategy Is Crucially Important

Why Strategy Is Crucially Important

Strategy is ‘the plan’.  In mass movements, crucially important political movements, the people need vision. 

As the saying goes “Without a vision, the people perish.”

We don’t publish everything about ‘our plan’ on line, for obvious reasons, because we don’t want to enemy to know what we are planning.

However, there are some big picture perspectives (i.e. Macro) we can publish here, which is what we are going to do today.

Phase one: Establish  communications portals. 

September – December 2022.  Set up a blog, social media, and up a web site, which we’ve done.

Phase two: Go to the people. 

January – October 2023 

Organise and execute a national tour, which we are doing.  At present, Julian is the only person presenting ‘live’ seminars.  

He is currently training another person to present weekly in Auckland.  His name is Ian.  He is passionate, intelligent, experienced, and dynamic. Tailor made. 

A third person is in the wings. Her name is Joy, who is heading up our youth / young people’s wing.

Watch this space. 

Phase three: Produce tools.  

January – February 2023 

Write a small booklet which was easy to read, factual, accurate, short, and succinct (i.e. Julian Batchelor’s book), detailing the problem. Done.

Phase four: Bring Awareness.  

2023 : January – October

We are raising finance to get the booklet into the hands of every New Zealander.  The reason? To raise awareness.  Many kiwis don’t have a clue what is going on with respect to co-governance.  This is just the way elite Maori / government want it.  Keep the population in the dark.  Push co-governance through without people knowing.

Someone recently gave $43k to get Julian’s book into all the rural letter boxes in the Bay of Plenty and central North Island.  Other donors have given significant gifts. 

Radio advertising and print advertising is crucial for phase four.  We are starting radio advertising this week 

Print advertising is on going. 

What is most crucial at this stage, right now, is that we keep printing Julian Batchelor’s booklet and raising up people to get them out to all kiwis.  100,000 are coming off the press, paid for by donors.  All we need now is for you amazing people in your towns and suburbs to distribute them! 

Phase five: Street Marches.  

June – September 2023

Hold on going street marches in every city, and every small down. Here is a really helpful booklet book together to help people organise street marches.

Phase six:  

May to October 2023 

Raise up co-ordinators in each region who will organise buses to get people to Auckland for phase 7.

Phase seven:

September 2023

Hold our mass rally in Auckland with 1-200,000 people. This will be New Zealand’s biggest mass rally. As people become aware, these numbers will grow.

It should be this, because co-governance is the biggest problem our country has faced since 1840.  

The message to all political parties will be clear “Expunge co-governance or you will lose our vote.”

 100,000 votes could swing the election either way, so politicians will take this seriously. 



New Strategy For Filling Our Meetings!

New Strategy For Filling Our Meetings!

Someone has come up with a great idea to fill Julian’s live meetings! 

Our strategy to date has been:

  • Book a hall
  • Distribute flyers
  • Give out Julian’s books
  • Advertise the meetings on our web site. 

Someone, a brilliant person, has come up with a better way.  

Sure, for the very first meeting in a town or suburb, we book a hall, deliver flyers, and give Julian’s book out.  We advertise on the radio, and in print.  

This is all good, and we need to keep doing this FOR THE FIRST MEETING.

Now this is where the new strategy kicks in. 

Before the first meeting in a certain venue happens, we book in a second meeting IN THE SAME VENUE!

In this way, at the end of the first meeting, the initial meeting, we can announce to those attending that there will be a second meeting in the same venue at the same time in one or two or three weeks time. 

This gives the people in the first meeting time to go out and give out booklets and invite people to the second meeting. 

Then at the second meeting, we announce the date and time of the third meeting, and so. 

So we have on-going (rolling) meetings in every location. 

We are doing this in every location now.  

We are doing this in Mt Maunganui today! 

We held a meeting in Mt Maunganui Tauranga last week i.e. a week ago. 

This past week, all the fantastic people who attended the first meeting were told of the second meeting this afternoon, April 29, 5pm, Mt Maunganui Community Centre.

This past week, they have been out. there inviting people.

What’s the key point?

The people who attend our meetings become our greatest advertisers!  

Once their eyes are opened to the dark realities of co-governance, they (rightly) want to go out and tell others! 

So we are tapping into this great truth and leveraging off it to create bigger and better meetings.

This morning, Saturday 29th April, a group of us are meeting in someone’s home at 8am with a box of Julian’s books. 

We are all bringing a stapler and some spare taples. 

We then staple one of the pre-made small notices onto the cover of Julian’s book (SEE THE PICTURE TOP LEFT)

Once done, we are heading out to deliver these in letter boxes all around the area where the meeting is taking place at 5pm tonight! 

Really, we should have been out there all week doing this all over Tauranga, but this new strategy is so new this is all we had time for for this meeting! 


We took the notice to a copy centre advising that we wanted 9 notices on an A4 page and that we wanted 400 notices in total, and we wanted them all chopped up to maKe 400 individual notices. 

The local copy centre did it in no time and it cost $19. 

You can see what the A4 piece of paper looked like HERE

The little piece of artwork “You’ve Invited” you can download HERE

Now here is an important thing. 

What say you don’t have a meeting in your area yet? 

Or your meeting is a long way off? 

What you do is buy a stack of Julian’s books, staple a wee notice on each one, as per the explanation above, and start delivering them. 

:So what do you write on the notice? You write:

“You’ve invited!  

We are gathering a group of people together in such and such a town / suburb to meet and discuss the issues / concerns raised in this booklet.  

Our next meeting is at such and such a time in such and such a place.  Tea and coffee and muffins will be provided!

Call or email such and such to us know your are coming!

Join the fight against co-governance.

Help save our country.  We need you on the team!

Call me now!

There are so many benefits in doing this.  First, you’ll build a team of people who can deliver booklets around your suburb / town / city.  Second, you’ll make friends. 

Third, you’ll be doing something great for New Zealand, and for all New Zealanders.  They may not know it yet, because they are unaware, but this is what you are doing. 

Don’t have one meeting.  Have on going meetings once a fortnight in your home.

Build your team.