Soon after it was established in 1975, the Waitangi Tribunal was hijacked by Maori radicals. 

It’s now 2022 and nothing has changed.  Only the radicals are even more radical than they were in 1975 

The Tribunal has become a complete farse, a massive agency for conning Kiwis out of billions of dollars, all to fill the pockets of elite Maori.  

Of course, the Tribunal cannot  itself pay out money.  It can only recommend to the government that the government pays out.

Now when you have a radical Maori tribunal and radical Maori government, there is absolutely  no handbrake  

What you have is unrestrained corruption and fraud.  There are foxes inside the chicken hutch and they are feasting.

In my previous blogs on the subject of the Waitangi Tribunal, we discussed a. newspaper report which stated (basically) that Tribunal recommended that Northland be given to Maori.  Hard to believe, but true.

You can read the newspaper report HERE

In today’s blog I am going to pass on helpful comments made by two contributors to this blog on the subject of the Waitangi Tribunal.

You can read their comments HERE