There are two things I want to you to know.

First, a book has been written by NZ lawyer  Ned Fletcher.  It’s called “The English Text Of The Treaty Of Waitangi.”

It ought to be recycled as an egg carton.  Fletcher is clearly an activist.

Second, a so called ‘Maori academic’ Morgan Godfrey reviewed the book. You can read his review HERE

Really, he’s just an activist too,, masquerading as an academic.

‘Academics’ across all disciplines, are charged with seeking truth, and once found, to relay their findings to the rest of us.

Clearly, Godfrey is not interested in truth.  What interests him is spin and propaganda, keeping the gravy train going. 

Keeping the takeover of New Zealand going.

He ‘reviews’ Fletcher’s book.  Well, if the book is rubbish, and it’s been reviewed by an activist spin doctor, imagine the outcome!

We in New Zealand are so fortunate to have academics like Dr Bruce Moon who are willing to stand up and take on the misinformation / lies / propaganda about the Treaty Of Waitangi that flows through the MSM with frightening regularity.  

In today’s blog, Bruce takes on Godfrey and Fletcher by exposing the lies and deceit of both.

Every Kiwi ought to read and memorise what Bruce writes here, because he exposes the epicentre of Treaty of Waitangi fraud and corruption: the so called James Freeman version of the Treaty.

You can read  Bruce’s brilliant response HERE