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As you’d expect from Willie Jackson, in this video there is a collage of brainwashing, wishful thinking, lies, and half-truths. 

Our Parliamentary Pinocchio. We know there are lots of other pinocchio’s in parliament, but Willie is King of them all. 

At the start, he labours the fact that he wants everyone to feel comfortable in a Maori environment, which is code for ‘get used to being in a Maori environment more often, because, like it or loathe it, this is what’s coming. But we will be here for you to help you adjust and join in.’

Willie even sounds Prime Ministerial, as though he is the PM already, as though radical Maori are already in charge of the country. 

He talks grandly about ‘the fight for indigenous people’ and, he assures us, once we all start talking about it, then we will feel comfortable about ‘Maori self-determination’ which is code for radical Maori takeover of New Zealand. 

Willie assures us that if we implement the UN Declaration, it will not divide New Zealand, but will unite us all. It will result in better outcomes for all New Zealanders. 

He can’t be serious, surely? Yep, he’s serious. Pinocchio.

The reality is that what radical Maori have done to date has ripped New Zealand apart. 

Apartheid is rampant. 

Racial friction is at an all-time high.

Democracy is being trashed.

School children are being brainwashed.

Te Reo is being forced. 

Race based laws are being pumped out of the Beehive more frequently than the toilets are being flushed. 

A few Maori elite have become extraordinarily rich, while the rest of Maori are left in the ditch. 

Willie assures us that we are one of many countries who are putting into practice what the Declaration details. This is more brainwashing. 

The message is ‘if they have done it, we should too. We want to follow, and be part of, a worldwide movement to give ‘indigenous people’ the rights they deserve and have been deprived of. New Zealanders, join in! Jump in! Join the worldwide movement. Hey, if others are doing it in other countries, surely there can’t be anything wrong with it? Relax and jump on board!” 

It’s nonsense. We are not going to join in Willie. Why? Because the whole affair is a crock, a con job. Pinocchio again.

In my previous blogs, I noted why Maori are not the indigenous people of New Zealand.  Remember, to be indigenous, a people group had to have lived in a country from the very start of the country i.e. the beginning of time.  Maori do not fit this definition. They moved here, just like the rest of the settlers. Thus, they ought to be treated no differently than anyone else who came here.

So really, Willie ought to stop right there, throw the Declaration in the bin, and walk out of the room. 

Second, in another blog, I spoke about how Article 46.3 of the declaration clearly states that any indigenous people in any country do not have any right or mandate to supersede democratic process and do anything other than promote absolute equality i.e. one person, one vote; no person or group being favoured over another person or group. 

The truth? Maori activists have constantly trashed democratic process and they are incessantly making decisions and giving handouts based on race, not equality. 

So Willie is either completely ignorant of the document he is referring to, or he’s lying. 

Although this video is nauseating to watch and listen to, let’s keep going anyway. 

Willie goes on to implore his audience “to recognize the urgent need to respect and promote the inherent rights of indigenous peoples which derive from their political economic and social structures and philosophies, especially their rights to their lands, territories, and resources.”

This too is absolute nonsense. Why? 

Barrister, solicitor, and court Judge Anthony Willy has studied the Declaration extensively and concludes:

“It is difficult to name a single benefit which the Declaration seeks to make available to indigenous peoples which has not long since been accorded to New Zealand citizens having some Maori blood.  

There is nothing of any substance contained in the Declaration which is, or has been for many years denied Maori people in New Zealand.”[1]

What he is saying is that all the ‘injustices’ Maori claim they are suffering by living in New Zealand are fake. They are fake because Maori are not suffering any injustices.

They are as fake as saying “Maori in New Zealand are not permitted by law to drive on the roads or eat KFC.” 

As if this isn’t enough, Willie moves on to congratulate the government for ‘strengthening their commitments to the Treaty’ and ‘settlements’ and ‘the new history curriculum’ and ‘the revitalisation of our language’ and ‘the Matariki Public holiday’ and ‘the separate Maori health authority’ etc.

These things, says Willie, “are popular and make us a better country”

Once again, this is utter nonsense. Pinocchio.

The truth is, these things are destroying New Zealand. They are shattering the social cohesion of our country. 

Then Willie gets down to the nitty gritty. He says cabinet has signed off on a two-step ‘declaration plan’. 

The first step is what he called ‘targeted engagement of Iwi and significant Maori organisations.’ 

But my question is ‘why the secrecy?’ 

Aren’t we all New Zealanders? Why not invite all New Zealanders to these meetings? 

If I was up to no good, I too would have ‘secret meetings’. 

The real reason for secret meetings? 

It’s at these meeting that radical Maori can plan and plot their coup, their takeover of New Zealand. It’s at these meetings that moderate Maori and those on the fringe can be radicalised. 

Let me say it as plainly as I can. Radical Maori in New Zealand are not interested in co-governance. They want the lot. They want to own New Zealand – all the land and all the resources. 

The vast majority of Kiwis have not woken up to the fact that we are in a pre-1840 style war here. 

Pre-1840 Maori tribes in New Zealand were warring for land, slaves, food, and resources. Might was right, and the biggest baddest tribes got the best results. 

Today, 2022, the Maori radicals are a tribe, and the rest of us are another tribe. 

They are coming at us for everything we’ve got. 

This is, truly, the reality of the situation and anyone who says otherwise is naïve and gullible. 

Willie assures us that the ‘Iwi only’ meetings are not racist or separatist. 

Really Willie? That’s exactly what they are. 

So right there, by holding private ‘Iwi only’ meetings to talk about issues which will affect all New Zealanders, Willie is contravening Article 46.3 of the Declaration. (see my blog 24/8/22 for details).

Willie says he going to consult with legal experts with links to the Human Rights commission. 

Why? Possibly so that he can find a way around Article 46.3. So he can fudge it. 

From all these Iwi only meetings, Willie wants ‘a declaration plan’ by the end of 2022 and to have this signed off by cabinet. 

Really Willie? You mean signed off and finalised without talking to the rest of New Zealand? 

Willie says he is going to talk to the rest of us, albeit begrudgingly, but only after “the plan” has been finalised. 

We all know, as Willie’s track record shows, they have absolutely no interest in what the rest of New Zealand says.  Asking us is just a PR exercise. Pinocchio.

He says he is only doing this – consulting the rest of us – because we are Treaty partners.

My question is, by only consulting the rest of New Zealand after the fact, then what’s the point? You’ve already made up your mind. The Declaration plan will have been finalised.

Consulting ‘the rest of New Zealand’ is just rubber stamping. 

To Willie, we are simply Treaty partners. 

With a slip of the tongue, he says “it would be easy to ignore them” – that’s us, all those who are not Maori radicals in Parliament and Iwi. 

My response? First, welcome to tribal rule. With tribal rule, we’ll be relegated to slaves with no say.

Second, where does it say in any of the three Treaty articles that we are Treaty partners? 

Answer? It doesn’t. I will cover how this idea came about in another blog. 

Then, at about 9:45 on the video, Willie comes up what is arguably the most significant statement in the whole video. 

“We have settlement processes in place, we have contracts in place, we have a government that works closely with us more so than any other governments around the world.”

Yes, this is a reference to series of foolish, naïve, ill informed, history-ignorant, and easy bullied New Zealand politicians over a 50 year period who have allowed all this to happen. 

Politicians in NZ are bowing to the demands of activists more than any other politicians in the world. Why is this? 

Historian Mike Butler comments on this truth.

“Governments in New Zealand appear to operate under the ‘black armband’ version of history as they seek to ‘honour the Treaty’ as activists demand. 

[Historically] Maori policy started to reflect an assumption that colonisation and the treatment of first people was disgraceful and the descendants of colonisers should feel guilty. Successive governments have bowed to activists. 

The Treaty settlement process has created a gravy train for both claimants and lawyers. 

The transfer of public cash and assets created new tribal entities that could trade as charities, fee of the obligation to pay tax. 

Each settlement tied local bodies to these new groups in networks of co-governance bodies to manage resources. 

The new groups have regular meetings with cabinet ministers, and began demanding voting rights on councils. 

Soon, the new tribes had wealth, influence, and power that eclipsed that of the biggest companies in New Zealand.” [1]

Under Jacinda Ardern, the Maori caucus has become the tail wagging the dog. 

Ardern has basically given the Maori caucus a blank cheque. Anything they want, Ardern will oblige. 

It’s unfortunate that Ardern is a socialist. Socialists specialise in taking money from those who have earned it and giving it to those who have not. 

Politicians between 1970 and 2017 were, as I said, foolish, naïve, ill informed, history-ignorant, and easy bullied. 

Ardern is not only all of these things, but with her her eyes wide open, she is wilfully and deliberately funding and promoting the coup.

Under her watch, the radical Maori takeover of New Zealand has reached heights that no one could have dreamed or imagined was possible. 

So, yes, Willie, you are absolutely right. 

NZ political parties have worked with their fake indigenous people, the Maori people, more than any other government in the world, for all the wrong reasons. 

Really, the behaviour and the decisions made over 50 years by NZ politicians has been absolutely disgraceful and inexcusable. We’ve been terribly and horribly betrayed.

They have allowed New Zealand to be stolen.

Then, as Willie’s speech is coming to a close, he makes a point of saying that the He Puapua report is not government policy and will no longer be used by Maori activists. 

Why is that Willie? Answer? We can only speculate, but it probably goes something like this.

“The UN declaration” thinks Willie and co, “will give us a mandate to keep the coup going forwards. 

It’s better than He Puapua because it carries more weight coming from the UN. 

He Puapua was a plan for a coup written by Maori. 

The declaration is a plan for a coup written by the UN. 

One is local, the other is international. 

The international sounds better because it written and backed by the biggest organisation in the world. 

As such, we can say ‘these are their ideas, not ours’. 

In this way, we can achieve the same result, which is takeover of New Zealand, and have the UN back us up. Perfect!” 

I want to leave the final word about the Declaration to Judge Anthony Willy. 

“Given that on any rational analysis the claims made in the document are plainly hollow, it is difficult to understand what is its purpose. To have any purpose there must be another agenda in play and it has become clear what that is. 

What we used to call the Labour Party, and which enjoys an absolute majority which the advocates for MMP said could not happen, is now in the grip of a group of Maori activists, who will stop at nothing to undermine the sovereignty of our Parliament, our democracy and the Rule of Law. 

This all masked by dishonest and disingenuous political spin. Thus Tamiti Coffey can say ‘we only want to “tweak” democracy to make it fairer for Maoris. ‘

Nanaia Mahuta told us ‘we are solely concerned with improving your drinking water’ (no mention of sewage and storm water, no money in that only expense). 

‘Co- governance is no problem. It has been going on for years’ according to Christopher Finlayson a former Attorney General no less. 

He sneers at older New Zealanders who raise these issues, people who have given a life’s work and contribution to make the country what it was before the last election and who have nurtured their children to believe in the principles we hold dear. 

But never does he disclose any conflict of interest from the money that he and his former law firm made out of Treaty settlements. “[2]


As I said in a previous blog, never in the history of New Zealand has so much bullshit been used so liberally to justify the transfer of wealth, assets, and privilege from the honest and the hard working to the biggest bullshitters on the planet, chief among them Willie Jackson.


· Maori are not the indigenous people of New Zealand. They moved here like all the other settlers.

· Maori already have all the rights and all the privileges specified in the UN declaration. 

· As such, the UN declaration ought to be binned. It’s a non event.

· Article 46.3 makes it clear that the indigenous people of any country can’t do anything which undermines democracy and equality. 

· The real motive of Maori activists is to undermine the sovereignty of parliament, our democracy, and the Rule of Law.

· And the reason for this is so that they can make constitutional changes to legally take control of New Zealand. 

· When this happens, tribal rule will be fully implemented.


[1] Butler, Mike. The Treaty Basic Facts. Tross Publishing. 2021. P59 and P63

[2] Willy, Anthony, The Rights Of Indigenous Peoples. NZCPR.COM web site. June 25, 2022.