Hi Everyone, 

As you know, yesterday I travelled to Auckland for a dinner hosted by Winston Peters. 

For obvious reasons, I can’t reveal all the details of anything that was discussed at the dinner. It was in-house talk. 

All I can say is that NZ First is very confident it will become a coalition partner in the next Government.

What was interesting is that when I arrived in Auckland at the place where I was staying, Mike Bush, who was police commissioner two years ago, was in the car park. 

I got talking to him.

We discussed co-governance and his comment was ‘There are lot of very wealthy well-connected people who are very concerned about co-governance too, including me’ so he took one of our new co-governance cards. 

Hopefully, Mike will connect me with these people. 

Once again, I urge you to get some of these cards printed.

I gave them out to all the people at the dinner with Winston last night. 

If I didn’t have them, I wouldn’t have been able to connect with Mike Bush the way I did either. 

They are a crucial tool in our campaign. Please get some printed and start using them. 

Here they are here.

Keep up the great work, and let’s keep moving forwards with determination and confidence!