Yesterday I went to Warkworth to hear Winston, and I have to say, he gave a magnificent and classic Winston Peters speech. 

It was vintage.

He is truly on the same page with what I am saying on this web site so came away genuinely excited.

The Warkworth town hall was packed with over 300 in attendance. At the end he received a rousing applause.

There was a Q and A time was well, which was equally gripping. 

Someone asked why he chose Labour over National in 2017 and he gave a great answer. I know that a lot of people have written him off because of this.

But when one hears why he chose as he did, it makes total sense.  He explained how Jacinda Ardern hid crucial documents from him about her real agenda. So really, he was tricked by her. 

I also noticed this morning that mainstream media has not reported this event. Typical.

They have been paid not to.  His speech would not ‘fit’ the co-governance narrative. 

Really, it’s disgraceful that they have not covered it.  We have become the Zimbabwe of the South Pacific.

The speech was videoed and will appear on line shortly. I will let you know as soon as I get wind that it’s up and viewable. 

Until then, have a marvellous Monday!