Hi Everyone

Last night I was phoned by a generous New Zealand First supporter.

He invited me to a dinner in Auckland tonight ($1000 per head) and said he would pay for me. 

So kind. So generous.

Obviously, Winston Peters will be the keynote speaker. 

It will give me an opportunity to talk to politicians like Shane Jones and Winston about co-governance and where they stand with it.

I will make a point of handing out the business cards I have had printed. 

You can view them by clicking here.

I have been giving out these business cards and people are absolutely loving them. 

The overwhelming response so far from the public has been along the lines “Thank goodness someone is DOING something!  Thank you!”


Send the PDF file of the business cards to your local printer. 

Get some printed and start being proactive.

If we are going to stop co-governance, we are need a lot of people all over the country working as a team, being proactive! 

Thank you for all your encouragement and support. 

I will let you know how it goes with Winston and Co. 

Julian Batchelor M.Ed (Hons)  B.Th, Dip.T’ching.