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July 3 - Wonderful Waitmate!

July 3 - Wonderful Waitmate!

Another wonderful meeting last night in Waimate.

The day started with formally meeting the mayor who was woke.

He doesn’t realise it but he is well and truly entrenched with Iwi in co-governance arrangements.

He spoke about his deep and enjoyable involvement with Iwi, but no talk of consulting with any other cultural group.

Why only Iwi?

But what about the Philippino community? What about the Indians? About the Dutch? About the Croatian community?

And all the other 160 cultures now thriving in New Zealand?

Why isn’t the mayor in close communication with them as well.

That aside, the meeting in Waimate last night was fabulous.

There was a big team of volunteers on hand last night.

Led by John, Murray and Phil, the team down here were incredible.

Chris handled security as well as anyone on the entire tour.  As I said, he had command of a big team of helpers.

His wife Elizabeth handled the kitchen with all kinds of goodies being handed out. She and her team were amazing. The vibe in the room was fabulous.

Some protesters turned up, four of them. We allowed them in. They were white and woke and only stayed a little while.

Tonight we are meeting in a Church to discuss and plan for ‘what’s next for Waimate’ so I am excited about that.

There is nothing quite as powerful and energising as meeting of a group of intelligent, savvy people who are all on the same page!

Really, it’s thrilling.

A farmer has offered to fund the cost of the books for stage two at Waimate, so it looks like we are financially sorted down here.