Human Rights Commission Comes Knocking On Julian's Door

You can read their letter HERE and HERE

Private Meetings A Huge Success!

We are having private meetings in unadvertised locations.

Wow! They are so great. We are also live streaming from these events. We make sure those who who attend the event and the event location are kept anonymous.

In yesterday’s event, 1000 people were viewing it on line, all over the country.  

We want to publicly thank the activists for showing us how to reach more people. 

Credit where credit is due.

We would never have been able to reach 1000 in a meeting if the activists had respected our right to free speech.  

To them we are deeply grateful.

We have found these meetings are highly successful because they are relaxed and people can ask questions throughout. We often have very interesting discussions! 🙂

We allow 4 hours for the meeting, including at least two tea and coffee breaks. We make sure the start time is during the day e.g. 10am

This is the new New Zealand where we have to meet in secret, where the media are working in tandem with activists.

As I said, we do not involve the police now because we have strong evidence that they are are likely to be colluding with activists as well.

If you would like to host a meeting in your area contact Julian : or 0274764430

Bill Board Campaign Competition!

Please look at the mock up of one of our new billboards below.

We want your ideas for wording.

What ideas? As a team we have been brainstorming.

Possible designs we’ve come up with so far are:
“Waititi is not a racist”
“The mainstream media are not biased”
“Willie Jackson knows a lot about the Treaty”

“Willie Jackson is a historian”

“The Maori Party is contantly working for racial harmony”
“The Maori Party has the interests of all Kiwis at heart”
“The push for co-governance is not about the money”
“Co-governance promotes democracy”
“Co-governance promotes free speech”
“Co-governance promotes one law for all”
“Co-governance promotes equality”
“There is nothing racist about co-governance.”
“Co-governance is not promoting apartheid”
“The activists really know the Treaty”
“The activists are smart”

“The activists honour the rights of others to free speech”

“The activists are peaceful people”

“Racial harmony has gotten way better under Labour”

“The activists would never smash a laptop”

“The activists are respectful people”

The activists never kick or punch or spit on those attending Julian’s meetings”

The media is not working with activists”

“There is no apartheid in New Zealand”

“The people of New Zealand gave the government permission to change the name of our country to Aotearoa”

“The mainstream media is not corrupt”

“The Treaty is all about partnership”

“Maori and the Crown Are Partners via The Treaty”

“The people of NZ are not being brainwashed”

“The people of NZ are not being groomed for tribal rule”

“Te Reo is not being forced on the population”

“There is no brainwashing going on in government departments”

“The new history curriculum is historically accurate”

“The government is not grooming young people

“The Waitangi Tribunal Is Not Corrupt

There are no activists on the Waitangi Tribunal”

“Our politicians are history savvy’

“National Is Going To Stop Co-governance”

There is no corruption in 3 Waters legislation”

“Maori Chiefs did not cede sovereignty in the Treaty”

“Co-Governance promotes racial unity”

“The government would never stoop to brainwash children’

“The media are so balanced and professional in their reporting”

Those whose designs we choose will receive a free book from Tross Publishing.Please send your design ideas to Vicki:

Tikanga (Maori Customs And Beliefs) Are Being Made "Law"

Tikanga (Maori Customs And Beliefs) Are Being Made "Law"

This makes for chilling reading and shows quiet clearly how the elite Maori takeover of our country is ‘creeping’ relentlessly onwards and forwards.

You can read the article HERE

Next Event? Live Stream Today 1pm.  9th August 2023

Next Event? Live Stream Today 1pm. 9th August 2023

Click on THIS link to view the live stream.

Dene Begbie Whangarei Policeman The Subject Of IPCA Investigation

Dene Begbie Whangarei Policeman The Subject Of IPCA Investigation

The photo on the left is Dene Begbie, Whangarei police.

This photo is of Dene Begbie outside the meeting, mixing and mingling with protesters.

He is happy, jovial, and relaxed.

Inside, with Julian Batchelor and his team, he is flustered and incompetent.

Below is a sample complaint one of our team posted to the IPCA
Good afternoon Sydney.

The organisers of the Stop Co-Governance event will submit the evidence on behalf of all complainants and it would be expected that in the meantime Sergeant Begbie is stood down from Police duties awaiting the outcome of the inquiry into his gross failure of duty.

For me, this will be a crux point that will decide whether the NZ Police has any intention of upholding the reputation it once had over 3 years ago.

I will be sharing this with thousands of other New Zealanders who will be similarly waiting for a credible outcome that should, in my opinion, call on Sgt Begbie’s resignation.

Yours Sincerely,
HERE is a NZ Herald Article About Police corruption.

Whangarei Police Pathetic At Yesterday's Meeting

Whangarei Police Pathetic At Yesterday's Meeting

The photo on the left is Dene Begbie, Whangarei police.

You can read about what happened yesterday HERE

TV One Tries Hard To Shut Down Julian Batchelor And Stop Co-Governance

TV One Tries Hard To Shut Down Julian Batchelor And Stop Co-Governance

You can watch the TV1 News Item HERE

Want to know what propaganda and misinformation looks like?

Look no further. This TV item has it all.

No examples are given of how Julian’s booklet is ‘racist’ and how it spreads ‘misinformation’.


No examples are given as to how it represents ‘the long cloud of colonialism’.


No balance either.  

Why do they think 350,000 booklets have been printed?  

The fact is, this huge number of books have been printed because people want them.  

They are hot property.  

Kiwis are desperate to know the truth about this vital subject. 

So why is TV1 trying so hard to stop this booklet?  

They are paid to.

TV1 is under the spell of the $55m public interest journalism fund.

As such, it’s paid, using tax payer money, to pull Julian Batchelor and his booklet apart.

But the opposite is actually happening. We are booming.

Stop Co-governance is an organisation in New Zealand which is going to stop co-governance.

It’s fighting to preserve democracy, one person one vote, all votes of equal value, one law for all. It’s fighting for equality.

It’s calling the country to go back to the Treaty in Maori, Te Tiriti, back to the original meaning and intent of this Treaty.

Our government is currently not using this version. It’s using the Hugh Kawharu fraudulent version, and the James Freeman rogue version.

As such the original Maori version is now not recognisable compared to the versions of the Treaty which are being used by ‘revisionists’ today. 

This is fraud. This is corruption. 

Stop co-governance is fighting against separatism, racial division, and apartheid. It’s fighting for all New Zealanders who don’t want tribal rule.

We are fighting for all 160 cultures in New Zealand who want their children and grandchildren to grow up in a great New Zealand, a fair NZ, a democratic NZ, not in the Zimbabwe of the South Pacific.

Read Julian’s book here:

Sign up at our web site for news and updates

Eyewitness And Historian Mike Butler Gives His Report On "The Smashed Laptop" Meeting In Hastings

Eyewitness And Historian Mike Butler Gives His Report On "The Smashed Laptop" Meeting In Hastings

Mike Butler is a New Zealand historian who has written several books on the Treaty of Waitangi.

He attended two of Julian’s meeting in Hastings.

At one of those meetings, a Maori activist attempted to smash Julian’s laptop.

Mike was there to witness what happened. He was an eye witness. You can read his account HERE

Kaipara Mayor Subjected To Heavy Control And Manipulation

Kaipara Mayor Subjected To Heavy Control And Manipulation

First, read THIS article

So what is really happening here?

Local Maori, those cited in the article, at every level, are trying to control and manipulate the Mayor.

The issues local Maori raise, in reality, have absolutely nothing to do with the issues they raise.

So what’s really happening here? What’s really going on?

 What’s really happening here is that local Maori, those cited in this article, are intent on breaking the mayor down, getting control of him and his council.

And they will use any means to do it. 

This is the truth of the matter.


Great Crowd Turns Up To Hear Julian In Whakatane

Great Crowd Turns Up To Hear Julian In Whakatane

A great crowd turned up last night in Whakatane, including Maori. As always, they were savvy, hungry to learn, asking good questions. Brilliant. The police were not told of the meeting location. No activists turned up.

Number Of Julian Batchelor's Books Printed

Why Colonialism Was So Beneficial To New Zealand

Why Colonialism Was So Beneficial To New Zealand

There is a lot of spin coming out of government circles about how bad colonialism is.

Elite Maori are insisting New Zealand decolonises.

What is the truth of the matter?

Was / is colonisation bad? If so, why? If not, why is it not bad?

What is ‘colonisation’?

Click on THIS link to learn about this hugely important subject.

Be Sure To Join Our New Telegram Group!

Be Sure To Join Our New Telegram Group!

Just do a search for stop cogovernance in the app Telegram, and join up.

Or click on THIS link.

Please sign up (it’s free) and start talking!


Peter Williams Interviews Julian Batchelor

by Peter Williams

New Plymouth Live Feed Hugely Successful!

New Plymouth Live Feed Hugely Successful!

I have to say, the activists who were responsible for cancelling our event in Taranaki did us a huge favour.

Usually, we get between 50 and 300 people at our physical meetings.

This morning, I looked at the Facebook statistics for our live feed from our New Plymouth meeting and we reached 5521 people with last night’s presentation.

Many people have shared the post so the impact has been huge.

Our technology was not up to scratch last night, so we’ll work on this for future events and get it perfect.


Activist death threats and threats to burn buildings, plus all the bullying and intimidation of local organisers has resulted in our evolving into bigger and better.

Sincere thanks.

Maori Party Scraping The Bottom Of The Barrel "Julian Batchelor Is Now A White Supremacist"

Maori Party Scraping The Bottom Of The Barrel "Julian Batchelor Is Now A White Supremacist"

Waititi and Packer, co-leaders of the Maori Party are so out of touch with reality, it’s laughable.

They started out a few months back saying that Julian was ‘a racist’ and that didn’t get any traction. 

So now they have moved on to “Julian is a white supremacist”

This is the stuff of the desperate.  

Watch Terry Opines’ brilliant video analysis HERE

Julian Batchelor is the only person in New Zealand calling the nation back to honouring Te Tiriti, the Treaty in Maori, back to its original meaning, so how could he possibly be a white supremacist? 

You know the answer. 

He isn’t.  He’s actually a true blue Kiwi fighting on behalf of all Kiwis, all 160 cultures, fighting to reclaim our nation.


More On The Police Relationship With Protesters

More On The Police Relationship With Protesters

You can read more about possible police collusion with protesters HERE

We had another great meeting in Hastings on the 27th July.  Great crowd and interesting is hugely high. 

People want to know about the issue and discuss it.  


Massive Event In Hastings!

Massive Event In Hastings!

News is coming soon! Julian is doing media interviews! Try back after 1pm.

Read HERE for now!  In an hour or so I will report on what really happened, not what the media say happened.   They are such terrible liars, as you well know.


On the 24th July, 7pm Julian was booked to talk at the race course in Hastings.

At 10am on that day, the police were notified.

At 11am we were notified that the police had spoken to the racecourse managers.

At midday the racecourse managers phoned to inform us that our booking was cancelled.

Julian and local organiser Chris began searching for a new venue.

10 churches were called and all turned down the request to use their building. Woke.

So Julian began phoning commercial real estate agents, asking if they had empty buildings anywhere. The idea? Julian would get an empty building and hire chairs.

At 4pm Chris and Julian struck gold. A real estate agent called to say he had a suitable building in downtown Hastings.

We had until 4:30 to get the chairs.

Chris had a trailer so we went and picked up the chairs ($400 for the hire for the evening).

The building was free.

The owner was living in Bali!

Julian and Chris quickly marshalled volunteers who helped set up the chairs and the room.

We just got it done by 7pm.

Chris went to the racecourse to redirect people who were at the racecourse venue, the advertised venue, to guide them to the new venue.

Unfortunately, and this was our mistake, we ran out of helpers.

A very green naïve person was on the door filtering people into our private meeting.

He let a large number of protesters in who sold him the lie that ‘they had been invited’.

So we had challenges from the get go.

Julian started the meeting soon after 7, explaining the rules. The rules were “No talking / shouting anything out / no questions until the Q and A time at the end of the meeting.
If people disobeyed this rule, they would be removed by police.”

Soon after we started, the protesters fired up, shouting and interjecting.

The police were called, and soon arrived.

One at a time, the police removed people, but they were not going to remove Maori.

They only removed Maori when they were reminded that if they removed white protesters and not Maori, they were being racist. Did they want to be a racist police force?

With that, they began removing Maori protesters.

This all took an hour. So we lost the first hour of Julian’s presentation.

During this time a Maori lady in her mid 20’s entered the room and sat in the front row.

Julian ought to have been suspicious as the Maori protesters congregated at the back of the meeting and we would have expected her to join them, but she didn’t.

We also noticed she got into conversation with a man next to her and began abusing him.

Both these behaviours (i.e. sitting at the front near Julian’s laptop and abusing other guests) were red flags.

Sure enough, about 30 minutes after her arrival, and while Julian was presenting, she suddenly, in a rage and without warning, lunged at Julian’s laptop, ripped out all the wires attached to it, raised the laptop above her head, and threw it to the ground with all the force she could muster. It was a dramatic moment.

The ground below was concrete.

This lady was on a rampage, like a bull elephant.

In a few seconds, she managed to tip over the table on which the data projector was sitting.

It crashed to the ground and the light went out.

She then proceeded to pull the wires out from the sound desk, and push it onto the floor as well.

In just a few seconds, it appeared that she had caused $10,000 worth of damage.

Julian pushed her away from the equipment to try and stop her and the destruction she was causing.

The police swooped in on her, arresting her. They took her away.

So much for Maori being peaceful and respectful. Would we do this on their Marae? No, we would not.

Julian calmly put all the equipment back together again, expecting absolutely none of it to work. Absolutely nothing, you’d expect, would have survived this violence.

Really, what is the chance of a laptop being thrown with great force from a height onto a concrete floor, and surviving? Zero. Zilch.

Now this is a miracle. Julian inspected both the laptop and the data projector and they were both in mint condition, seemingly unaffected.

Both worked perfectly.

Really, that this was a miracle is the only reasonable explanation.

What other explanation is there? I can think of none. What happened defied the odds.  You might have different explanations, but Julian is sticking with the miracle.

Within minutes Julian was back presenting.

By now there were 20 or so police in the room.

Outside the building the protester numbers had swelled to 100 or more.

At one point they did a Haka, and our building literally shook.

Julian calmly kept presenting.

Unfortunately, the protesters broke through the front door of the building.

Basically they stormed the meeting.

Police poured into the building to prevent them getting to the area where the attendees were quietly listening.

The police chief came in, advising Julian that the meeting had become unsafe, asking for it to be halted.

We followed their advice. The meeting ended.

Julian and his team packed down. The protesters stole his data projector bag.

It was a sight to behold to see police and protesters lining the streets, like a presidential cavalcade as Julian left the building in his vehicle, following by police vehicles.

Just another night at the office, defending free speech and democracy, imploring the attendees to honour the Treaty in Maori, Te Tiriti.

Just another night at the office, fighting for equality for the 160 cultures who live in New Zealand, fighting against separatism, apartheid, and racism.

Really, it was a great night. We experienced miracles, and we were faithful to the public of New Zealand to inform them of the wrongness/ illegality of co-governance.

Tribal rule was on display for all to see.

Not to be defeated, the following night we held another meeting and a great crowd turned up.

This time the police were not informed.

This time invite was by telephone only.

We held the meeting, and no protesters turned up which has never happened before on tour.

It was the first time we had not told the police where we were meeting.

Free speech ruled and reigned.

Tonight we hold another meeting in a secret location and we are expecting 150 to attend.

We will not be telling the police again. Let’s see what happens.

What are the lessons we are learning from Hastings?

The protesters are strengthening our cause. Those who attend our meetings, our supporters, get to see first-hand co-governance in action, or if you like, tribal rule.

Then the media write about the events, and / or video is posted on social media, and thousands more see what happened with their own eyes, and they too become supporters of our cause.

The protesters have not woken up to this, but this is what they are doing. They are shooting themselves in the foot.

The second lesson? Miracles happen in our meetings i.e. the supernatural preservation of Julian’s laptop and data projector.

The third lesson? There are many people out there in society who are strong and tough on the inside. They are fighters. They are not deterred by activists and threats.

In fact, intimidation, threats, and bullying increase their resolve to attend the meetings.

The fourth lesson? We are the only people in NZ who are calling the country back to the original Treaty in Maori, Te Tiriti.

If we got back to this treaty, we would have democracy and equality.

We would not have racism and apartheid, which is what we have now.

We would get our once beautiful country back.

The tour goes on.

2am Finish In Palmerston North!

2am Finish In Palmerston North!

Wow! What a night!

150 protesters, 90% Maori, 20 police, a full house of supporters for Julian and his team inside the building.

The gate into the property was high and made of steel. Protesters tried to block this entrance so that those who had come to hear could not get in.

The police did their best to make a way for these people to enter the meeting, but it was difficult.

Our team at this gate had to literally pull people by their clothing to get them through the protesters. A rugby scrum!

Many of those who came to hear Julian were elderly but they handled it so well. They were invariably brave and courageous!

We find out later that quite a few people who wanted to get in, couldn’t. Free speech is no longer in New Zealand.

Julian’s car, outside the building and in the carpark where the protesters were, incurred damage.

The Maori protesters used marker pens to deface the artwork on his car, and some of the signage was pulled off. Other parts of the car were heavily scratched.

Two of the tyres on his car were let down by the protesters.

This meant that when Julian went to leave, he couldn’t.

The AA was called to help pump up the tyres, but then could not get there for an hour.

Meanwhile, the protesters would not leave until Julian left.

They were waiting for him with eager anticipation, all 150 of them.

To get Julian out of the event was quite an ordeal.

12 police had to surround him and Jackie (the event co-organiser) in a circle, each policeman holding the belt of the policeman in front.

So what you had was a circle of 12 police with Julian and Jackie in the middle of that circle.

At a command, the police shuffled forward slowly, through the 150 protesters. The protesters would have been 15 deep all around this circle.

They were hurling abuse and threats at Julian.

Slowly, ever so slowly, the police made their way to Jackie’s car.

Other police were already at the car, surrounding it too.

This meant that when Julian arrived at the car, he and Jackie were able to get in to it, fully protected by the police.

Really, the police did well.

Julian and Jackie then drove off, through the crowd, with the police pushing protesters away.

When Julian arrived at the place where he was staying he had to wait an hour for the AA to arrive. By now it was 1am.

At 1am Jackie and Julian drove back to the venue, to meet with the AA, who promptly pumped up the tyres.

Together, Julian and Jackie attended to the meeting room, vacuuming and cleaning, plus putting all Julian’s gear into his car.

By the time this was all done, it was 2am.

The AA man wanted some booklets as he was fully behind our cause!

Jackie and Chris and their team did a fabulous job! Amazing dedication to the cause.

You can watch video footage of the event HERE

Electoral Commission Moves To Shut Down Julian Batchelor's Booklet

Electoral Commission Moves To Shut Down Julian Batchelor's Booklet

Julian received a letter recently from the Electoral Commission.

Really, the author, Kristina Temel, was scraping the bottom of the barrel.

Among other things, she claimed the booklet was discouraging people from voting for the Labour Party and The Maori Party!

Hard to believe, but true.

You can read the letter HERE

I would encourage you to write to Ms Temel and let her know your views.

Massive Event In Picton!

Massive Event In Picton!

The Picton event yesterday was massive!

The hero was a guy called Linc who travelled a long way to get to Picton.

When we were cancelled out of our last two venues in the town, due to activists’ threats against the owners of venues, Linc kicked in.

He had a marquee which he brought all the way from his home and erected it on a spare piece of land.

The land belonged to Yvonne and Leighth who were themselves heroes for opening up their property to us.

Special credit must also go to Margaret who looked after Julian, putting him up in her most beautiful home.

It was Margaret who organised Yvonne and Leighth!

And Margaret was organised by Jo, our Picton co-ordinator who was herself a hero!

If it was not for her and her great team, nothing would have happened in Picton.

As always, it’s about one person being really committed (in Picton it was Jo), and from there miracles happen!

Ok, back to Linc.

He erected his marquee on Yvonne and Leighth’s lawn which worked perfectly!

Margaret made scones with fresh cream and homemade jam.

Others brought other delicacies and before you knew it, we had a party happening!

At the appointed time, the marquee filled to over flowing with people and we were able to have a massive meeting!

They were a great crowd, fully with Julian and fully supportive.

It was one of the few meetings on tour where there was not one Maori in the crowd.

They loved all the food and drink at half time!

Julian surveyed the people at the start, asking why people had come to the meeting, and most had come as a result of having a booklet with an invite placed in their letterbox.

What’s the great lesson we learned from Picton?

When people are committed, and work together, miracles happen.

It’s turning a lemon of a situation into lemonade!

This is what happened in Picton.

Below are some pictures, taken by Jo. Enjoy!

Feedback From The Kapiti Meeting!

Feedback From The Kapiti Meeting!

“Hi Julian,
It was great to attend the Stop Co-Governance meeting at Lindale, Kapiti, last night.

We had also attended the earlier meeting at Lindale.

We were glad we did, because we picked up additional bits of information from the presentation last night.

The antics of the protesters were the same as before – basically just trying to disrupt the event in various noisy ways, but also with the same inability to even shout something intelligent or relevant in their heckling.

They could only mouth the labels and slogans they have been taught – hurling insults about the audience being racists, fascists, liars and so on and keeping on yelling ‘Maori never ceded sovereignty’.

When we were driving up the road to the venue, the protesters were all lined up along the road as before.

But this time, in addition to holding up signs, they were shouting abuse at the people driving towards the venue.

I wound down my window in order to hear what one woman (not a Maori) was shouting at me as we went past – she came stepping out towards the car, and called me a ‘racist’, a ‘fascist’ and ‘a disgusting person’!!

She doesn’t know me at all, and yet she felt entitled to call me those names.

I really felt for you, Julian, having to face this kind of attitude every day from these people.

It must be awful having to deal with this kind of negativity every day.

Thank you for your courage in keeping on with your tour!!!”


Julian’s comment on this

“At its heart, wokeness is divisive, exclusionary, and hateful. It basically gives mean people a shield to be mean and cruel, armored in false virtue.”
Elon Musk


“There will always be someone whose identity is wrapped up in being offended. They’re constantly searching for it. These people are the woke mob devotees. Let them be. It’s all perfect. Just don’t let their tears stop the important discussions from happening. 

Good people don’t go out of their way to cause suffering, but they also don’t avoid upsetting people at all costs. They speak their truth unapologetically.

Discussing topics that might get you cancelled is incredibly important.

Let them be offended.
Do not let them silence you through fear of the repercussions.”
Benjamin Brown


Electoral Reform Just More Racist Nonsense!

Electoral Reform Just More Racist Nonsense!

You can read the report HERE.

It’s just another example of apartheid and racism being peddled by Maori MPs and white woke politicians.

Brilliant Meetings In Kapiti and Wellington!

Brilliant Meetings In Kapiti and Wellington!

Both meetings in Kapiti and Wellington were brilliant!

Once again, leaders and intelligent people turned up.

Last night, in the Kapiti meeting, we had several Maori in the great crowd.

At the end, two young Maori men in their 20’s came to the front expressing their appreciation, even asking Julian to autograph his booklet, which he did.

They wanted photos with Julian.

They said “We didn’t know anything about the Treaty.

Now we really know the truth about it, and we can see you are the one honouring Te Tiriti.

So thank you.

We’ve had our eyes opened to the truth.”

Activists were there too, but they were of little consequence.

As we have said before, the activists fuel the fires of Julian’s supporters. How so?

The supporters get to see first hand what co-governance is all about.

What’s it about? Fascism, cancelling free speech, mob rule, dishonesty, violence, deceit and trickery.

Really, it’s about a mob of people who are misinformed, brainwashed, and lost.

One, we found out, had come all the way from Brisbane to be part of the protest group.

Our security team, who were doing security the last time we had the event at Kapiti, said it was the same ‘rent a mob’ who were at the previous event.  

They recognised them.   The same activists who came to the Wellington event also came to the Kapiti event. 

Conclusion? The activists are a small group who follow Julian around.

The police were there too, with their riot squad, complete with shields and batons. 

There were six police cars too.  


Watch This Video About What Those Who Are In Favour Of Co-Governance Think

Watch This Video About What Those Who Are In Favour Of Co-Governance Think

You can watch the video HERE

Please send your responses / comments / reactions to this video  to

Thanks a million

HERE is a response sent in by one of our supporters. 

HERE  is another.


Help Us Get Our Bookings At Remuera Reinstated

Help Us Get Our Bookings At Remuera Reinstated

We were booked into the Remuera Club in Auckland for two meetings. You can see the invite HERE.

Under massive pressure from activists, the management of the Club caved in to these activists.

So, please can you go onto the Remuera Club FB page which is HERE, and message them.

Or just send them an email directly:

Suggested posts could be:

1. We are extremely disappointed to hear that you have caved to the minority and cancelled the Stop Co Governance meetings in August.

These are important events for people to hear and to discuss the issues around co governance, Please stand up for free speech and reinstate the bookings.

2. I cannot believe you are stifling free speech and stopping the planned co governance meetings in August.  Where is our right to hear what this is about?

3. I wanted to learn and understand what co governance is all about and you have cancelled the August meetings. Sadly this is typical of the cancel culture run by a mafia minority in this country

4. Please reinstate the bookings for Stop Co Governance, we all have the right to hear all view points about this important issue.

Mayors Are Defecting In Light Of Iwi 2040 Takeover Date

Mayors Are Defecting In Light Of Iwi 2040 Takeover Date

You can read the excellent article HERE

How Elite Maori Got Control Of Our Health System

How Elite Maori Got Control Of Our Health System

The below article has been written by Dr Muriel Newman, Director of the New Zealand Centre for Political Research The Labour Government has betrayed the trust of New Zealanders by changing key constitutional conventions without any mandate from voters. When Labour took Office in 2017, equality of citizenship and the Rule of Law were constitutional cornerstones of New Zealand democracy. Now, five and a half years later, New Zealand is no longer a society of equals. Labour has elevated the leaders of multi-million-dollar iwi business corporations into a privileged ruling class. On the basis of race, they have been given the power to influence Government decision-making. As a result, a Maori world view is now being imposed onto the country. The effects are everywhere. Maori has replaced English in the name of our country, government departments, streets, and towns, and now even road signs. Throughout the workforce, public servants are being forced to swear allegiance to the Treaty of Waitangi, undertake cultural competency training, learn te reo, and even stay overnight on marae. Similar requirements are also being imposed on the private sector in companies that rely on government registration or funding. A Labour Party Private Member’s Bill, the Companies (Directors Duties) Amendment Bill, has even proposed that private companies should honour the Treaty. Nowhere can the takeover be seen more clearly than in health, where an Equity Adjustor Score has now been introduced to prioritise Maori patients over others in greater clinical need. As the Herald reports: “Some surgeons said the new scoring tool was medically indefensible. They said patients should be prioritised on how sick they were, how urgently they needed treatment, and how long they had been waiting for it – not on their ethnicity.” Surgeons were said to be “disgusted” by the new ranking system: “It’s ethically challenging to treat anyone based on race, it’s their medical condition that must establish the urgency of the treatment.” The public outcry following the revelation that an Apartheid health system has been imposed onto our country, sent Labour’s PR machine into overdrive as they flailed around to release a flood of reports and announcements – some before they were even ready – to distract the media and the public away from their blatantly racist health policy. To achieve Maori control of the health system, the District Health Boards had to be abolished and replaced with a centralised system jointly controlled by a Maori Health Authority. The Pae Ora legislation not only prioritises “improving the health sector for Maori”, but it also ensures Maori control the Health Minister. To accomplish this, a permanent ‘Maori Advisory Committee’ of eight members has been established with such authority, that any advice given to the Minister that is not accepted, must be publicly notified. In addition, the Minister must not only “have regard to advice of the Maori Health Authority when determining a health strategy”, but “iwi-Maori partnership boards” have also been established around the country to influence health delivery. The legislation requires both Health New Zealand and the Maori Health Authority to have expertise in the Treaty, tikanga, and matauranga Maori – and by requiring both bodies to “jointly develop and implement a New Zealand Health Plan”, Maori have been given the power of veto. And just to be sure, the Government Policy Statement on health prioritises Maori: “The new system design must place Te Tiriti o Waitangi at its heart. It will strengthen Maori leadership and… improve the responsiveness of general health services for Maori…” Under Labour’s race-based health system New Zealanders are no longer equal.
100 Protesters At Takaka, Golden Bay 14 July

100 Protesters At Takaka, Golden Bay 14 July


100 Protesters turned out to greet Julian and his team at Takaka Golden Bay yesterday.

They were mostly white and woke.

Their slogans / signs / shout outs / banners including the usual:
Call yourself a Christian?!
You’re bringing division!
Thanks for dividing our community!
Honour the Treaty!
Shame on you!
Love not hate!
And so on.

The meeting started at 2pm.

When he arrived, the protesters were already there in numbers.

They were loudly singing songs in Maori.

Not sure of the point of this, but this is what they were doing.  

Perhaps they were thinking that singing songs would stop all the corruption and fraud surrounding co-governance.

Ill-informed and ignorant of the facts of our history, particularly the Treaty, I am certain these are people with no identity who are looking for a cause, a purpose in life.

Sheep without a shepherd. They ranged in age from little children up to the elderly.

Really, they were a sad lot.

Be that as it was, Julian and his team set up, the venue was filled, and the meeting got underway.

We gave the police a 10/10 rating yesterday.

This was completely different from our meeting in Richmond (Nelson) where the police were a 1/10, a dismal failure.

What did the police do that was so great yesterday? Which was so different from all other venues?

They started by giving the protesters a lecture on how to behave (as a parent would with little children, for clearly they do not know how to behave).

The key, and rightly, was to explain to them that they were not allowed on the property, which included the car park.

Essentially, this meant they could not come near the building. That is to say, they had restricted access.

This limited their movement to the grass area and footpath outside the property.

Legally, this was entirely correct.

Julian and his team had hired the entire venue for a private meeting, and ‘the venue’, in legal terms, included the car park, the driveway into the property, and of course the hall itself.

In other words, everything within the legal boundaries.

The police in Golden Bay and Motueka understood this, and they got it right. In Richmond (Nelson) the police were ignorant of these facts, which was shameful.

In Richmond, the protesters were able to roam free, thugs and vagabonds on the loose, smashing windows, and banging on the outside of the building while the meeting was in progress.

The police in Richmond (Nelson) failed abysmally to stop them.

They failed to realise that the protesters were, by being on the property, trespassing.

They failed to realise, that by letting the protesters onto the property, those inside the building were having their right to hear Julian speak infringed.

They were also infringing Julian’s right to speak.  In total, 3 infringements, 3 police failures.

Sure, the protesters have a right to protest, but not at the expense of cancelling the right of others to free speech. 

This is the balance.

The police in Golden Bay understood this balance perfectly, and they must be congratulated for this.

We must also congratulate Warwick and Debbie, Dot and Nicola, and their team for organizing this event so well.

They did an incredible job.

We actually met in a church, which was so unusual, as most churches are marinating in woke and political correctness, proudly so, and they won’t host us.

In contrast, the police in Richmond must be condemned for being so ignorant of the law and so poorly informed.

I would encourage everyone to write to the police minister to complain about the police in Richmond (12 July) and to congratulate the police in Motueka (July 13) and Golden Bay (July 14).

Ok, back to the meeting itself.

Soon after we started, a guy in his fifties rose to his feet, part Maori (like 100% of all Maori in NZ), loudly singing “Jesus loves you this I know, for the Bible tells me so.”

I guess he was trying to show that it was possible to be a Christian, and a protester, and history ignorant, all at the same time.

He was also shouting out “Julian has only come to get your money!”

With that, a very humorous thing happened.

Another man in the audience shouted back “Well, he can have mine!”

He rose to his feet, beaming from ear to ear, pulled out his wallet from his top pocket, walked to the front, and plonked a few bank notes on the table at the front.

What a quick-thinking legend of a man!

The crowd looking on laughed and clapped.

The whole scene was comical.

The organisers told me afterwards that the man who caused this, the man who was singing, the disrupter,  had told them at the door that he was genuinely interested in hearing Julian speak, assuring them that he would be respectful all the way through.  That he was not a protester.

So by firing up and protesting, by doing what he did, he lied.

What a great Christian. What a hypocrite. Such a lost soul.

The meeting progressed.

30 minutes or so later, a rather large Maori man in his forties broke through security and entered the building.

Once inside, he announced boldy and threateningly, “I want to know who is in this meeting!” He glared at the crowd, casting his eyes over them. Intimidation.

Tikanga in action.

He demonstrated the very opposite of the protester signs outside “Love, not hate!”

Really, it’s laughable.

The police arrived and he was removed by them.

Another young lady, white and woke, had sneaked in the back door, as a rat would sneak into a house, and promptly sat in the row near the front.

She too fired up while the Maori man was making his threats, so she too was ejected by the police.

The meeting progressed.

After the half time coffee break, and well into the second half of Julian’s presentation, a scuffle broke out at the door.

Several protestors broke the police line on the street and rushed the door.

One of our team was assaulted and knocked to the ground.

The police came running and arrested one of the protesters and they were taken away.

One of our team had a flour bomb thrown at them, in the face, and needed treatment.  So right there, was more humour – the black and white minstrels show just started.  

Seriously, if you want a fun night out, come to one of these meetings.

Several of the protesters held up signs saying boldy “Love, not hate”.

Ironically, Julian and his team are the ones who are loving.

The protesters are the group filled with hate and animosity. Funny that.

Of course, they don’t see this, which is the mark of a true hypocrite.

A true hypocrite is so deep into their hypocrisy and ignorance, that they fail to see the true state of their condition.

To boot, these protesters are blindingly ignorant with respect to the Treaty, of what Julian is truly fighting for (democracy, unity, the Treaty, one law for all, one person one vote etc), and fighting against (racism, apartheid, separatism, and government corruption).

 The protesters have not woken up to the fact that their protests are serving to fuel this tour.  How so?  

First the people who come to our meetings get to see first hand how cancelling free speech, bullying and intimidation are now normal, and co-governance is the ideology driving these things. 

Second, being intimidated and bullied bonds Julian’s supporters together.  It does not break them.  We have seen this everywhere.  

Third,  the people coming to our meetings, Julians supporters, know first hand, after interviewing protesters, that they are ignorant about the Treaty, about our history, and blind to our political situation.  

This fuels the desire of Julian’s supporters to help the protesters out their rut.  

These protesters are the NZ equivalent of BLM.  Julian’s supporters are genuinely caring loving people.

The good news is that the meeting finished well.

The crowd who had come to hear him left wiser, better, more informed about the Treaty, our history, about co-governance, and media corruption, the extent of the fraud in government, particularly the Waitangi Tribunal.

The protestors, all 100 of them, lined the street to farewell Julian when he left.  He was so appreciative.

Really, the whole scene, start to finish, was like a movie.

Essentially, it was huge fun, so dramatic, and so interesting.

Julian always says that fighting for our country and helping people understand the Treaty and our history is magically fulfilling and satisfying. Likewise, fighting corruption has its own rewards.

These are the elements that drive him, giving him energy and zeal.

He has always said, too, that truth is supernaturally powerful.

When a man or woman speaks the truth, lives the truth, and expounds the truth, serving others, determined and resolute, undeterred by opposition, great forces flow into that man or woman, and through them, giving all who join in life and life abundantly.

Truth, combined with bravery, is unstoppable.

This is what drove our soldiers in World War 1 and 2 to success.

This is what our ANZAC parades and memorials are all about.

This is, without a doubt, too, is what this stop co-governance tour is all about, and it’s absolutely thrilling to be part of it.

Mid 1800's Missionary Tells The Truth About Maori And Their Land

Mid 1800's Missionary Tells The Truth About Maori And Their Land

Recently, I read a fascinating first hand account of a missionary living in the mid 1800’s in New Zealand. 

There is so much of interest in what he wrote, mainly because it completely contradicts the narrative we hear today about Maori and their loss of land, about land confiscations, about the evils of colonialism, about how settlers and the government of the day diddled Maori out of their land, about how Maori in the early settlement period were faultless, and so on.  

What this account does is it exposes the absolutely propaganda and corruption coming from activists and elite Maori today about our history. 

The account I am sharing with you today make for riveting reading. Everything about it rings true.  You decide for yourself.

The stand out feature of this piece, for me, is that it shows how history is repeating itself.    In the mid 1800’s Maori were fighting over land, trying to get control.  In 2023,  it’s all happening again. 

 But now it’s much more serious because they are inside the Beehive, the centre of our government.

The piece was sourced from Historian Bruce Moon’s book “New Zealand; the fair colony” 2nd Ed., ISBN 978-0-473-53728-9, 2020, pp 41-3, enquire at 03 5444940.

Here it is HERE

Julian, This Is What I Thought Of The Missionary Account Above!

Julian, This Is What I Thought Of The Missionary Account Above!

Name: Vernon
Email: colonel

“Following on from today’s post re “Mid 1800’s Missionary Tells The Truth About New Zealand’s Early History,” there is an interesting an relevant comment from John Nicholas to be found on page 35 of Adam Plover’s Book, “New Zealand, The benefits of colonisation.”

“The New Zealanders are (i.e. Maori) , of all the people I ever met with, the most importunate in their demands upon strangers, and some of them are so covetous a disposition that, give them what you will, they are not to be satisfied.”

Nothing changes……..”

Everyone Should Study This, Not Just Read It

Everyone Should Study This, Not Just Read It

 Martin Doutre (left), Historian and Researcher, sent me his entire work on the the Littlewood Treaty draft document,  

Every Kiwi should not just read this, but they ought to study it. 

When one reads it, one gets to see so clearly how Treaty of Waitangi fraud and corruption is so deep rooted in our country. 

Reading Martin’s work has just fuelled my fire to take our tour to a new level. 

You can read Martin’s brilliant work HERE


Co-Governance And How History Is Repeating Itself

Co-Governance And How History Is Repeating Itself

Seeking to better understand our political situation with respect to co-governance in 2023, I have been reading a hugely important book about the Kohimarama conference in 1860 where over two hundred Maori chiefs gathered.  

What struck me was that the Maori rebellion in the 1800s, wanting a King, in competition with the Queen, is exactly what is happening today in 2023.  

History is repeating itself.  

Read the following and see if you don’t come to the same conclusion. 

The following is a direct quote from Dr John Robinson’s book on this subject

“At this conference, they unanimously affirmed their commitment to the Queen as their sovereign ruler, and  reaffirmed the fact that they had ceded sovereignty to the Queen.

Governor Browne invited chiefs to attend mainly to gain their support over the war in Taranaki and against the king movement in Waikato.

This was a sensible and necessary step to assure the security of the nation, an act which would have been taken by any government given the circumstances.

That aim, to understand together the reasons for war, and to seek the co-operation of the chiefs with the Government, was made clear by Governor Browne in his opening address at Kohimarama.

“The minds of both Races have lately been agitated by false reports or exaggerated statements; and, in order to restore confidence, it is necessary that each should know and thoroughly understand what the other wishes and intends.

There is also a subject to which I desire to invite your special attention, and in reference to which I wish to receive the expression of your views.

For some time past certain persons belonging to the tribes dwelling to the south of Auckland have been endeavouring to mature a project, which, if carried into effect, could only bring evil upon the heads of all concerned in it.

The framers of it are said to desire that the Maori tribes in New Zealand should combine together and throw off their allegiance to the sovereign whose protection they have enjoyed for more than twenty years, and that they should set up a Maori King and declare themselves to be an independent Nation.

Such ideas could only be entertained by men completely ignorant of the evils they would bring upon the whole Native Race if carried into effect.”

(From Dr John Robinson’s book “The Kohimarama Conference 1860: chiefs support Christianity and the Queen” page 25.  The book is published by Tross.) 


The bottom line is that elite Maori today, tribal representatives, tribal companies, are staging a rebellion, exactly like the rebellion of certain tribes in the 1800s, against the government of the day. 

Look carefully at the wording of governor Grey’s speech “…endeavouring to mature a project…”.

“The Project” today is called Co-Governance. 

The maturation of ‘the project’ in the 1800s would have disastrous consequences for all New Zealanders back then, just as co-governance will have disastrous consequences for all Kiwis in 2023 and beyond. 

As my book clearly states, the plan of elite Maori is to have complete control of New Zealand by 2040.

Are you happy about this? 

If not, then join in directly.  HERE is a list of ways you can help. 

The greatest way you can help right now is to contribute to our drive to raise $4000 for radio advertising.

You can donate through our web site or directly into this bank account:


Brilliant Journalist / Broadcaster Terry Opines Comes Running To Our Defence

Brilliant Journalist / Broadcaster Terry Opines Comes Running To Our Defence

Watch his brilliant video HERE

Terry, thank you for standing with us, working for us, against thuggery and those who are determined to shut down free speech.

Your constant work and skill and dedication is five star! We love your posts. Keep it up!


The Debate: Julian Vs The Activists, Sean Plunket Moderates

The Debate: Julian Vs The Activists, Sean Plunket Moderates

You can hear the debate  HERE

The guts of the argument is that the Aotearoa Liberation League is a group which suppresses free speech. They are quite happy to deny other people free speech.  

As for the Kaumātua mentioned. He was not a Kaumātua at all.  He was a known trouble maker in the Waipu area, according to locals. 

Even if he was a Kaumātua, so what?   If someone breaks the rules of our meeting, which are clear, they are out. not matter who they are.  

All people in our meetings are treated equally, no matter what race or status.  We have one law for all.  This is how it is in a democracy. 

The activists, clearly, think differently. 

By inference, they suggest that because he is a Kaumātua he should have been treated differently.  This thinking is how co0-governance works.  Maori will be viewed as a superior race of people, above all of us.

This betrays the predominant attitude of elite Maori.  

That is, “If you are Maori, you are treated differently to everyone else.  The rules that other people have to abide by don’t apply to Maori.”  

What do we call this attitude? That’s easy. 

It’s racism. It’s apartheid. It’s separatism. And it’s wrong.

By the way, it was also easy to see what Pere was doing when he pulled out the Kaumātua card.  He was race baiting, trying to get other Maori on board i.e. “How dare you offend a Kaumātua!”

My question is this.  If so called Kaumātua are so wonderful, how come not one Kaumātua in the whole country has come forward to pull into line the Maori protestors whose behaviour in our meetings has been disgraceful.  They have been an absolute blight on good Maori.

Why are they quiet? Because if they say anything they will be bullied and harassed by other Maori.  

Such is the hypocrisy and double standards of Maoridom. They will smash up their own if they step out of line. 

Welcome to Tikanga and co-governance.


Newstalk ZB interview with Auckland Council's Claudia Wyss - Wyss lied

Newstalk ZB interview with Auckland Council's Claudia Wyss - Wyss lied

Listen to the interview  HERE  

The following are quotes from the interview:

“The site is a very busy site.”

“There is a lot of traffic”

“We sought advice from security experts”

“We sought advice from the police”

“We work closely with organisers and give them advice on what security measures they should consider.   We do give them advice, but when their security measures fall short that is when we sometimes need to make a decision.”

“And we worked with the organisers to understand their safety plans and I am afraid those safety plans came up short.”

These statements in red are outright lies.  

Ms Wyss did not ‘work the organisers.

 Ms Wyss did not give us any advice.  

Ms Wyss, show us where you gave us advice.  Prove it.  Requiring us to come up with a H and S plan is not advice, It’s a directive. 

HERE is the letter we received from Ms Wyss. Can you, please, see any security advice in her letter? You won’t be able to, because there is none.

The following are the facts. 

We booked the hall on the 2 February 12:34pm.

The period of time between the 2 February, the booking date, and the first notice from Ms Claudia Wyss on the 27th March  at 11:47am was 53 days. That’s 7.5 weeks.  That’s right, Ms Wyss has 7.5 weeks to ‘work with the organisers’ but she did not do this. 

She decided to start communicating with us roughly 36 hours out from the event, asking for a Health And Safety plan. 

She gave us only 1.75 hours to come up with one, which we did.  

Julian ended his reply email to Ms Wyss asking council to advise if anything from the plan was missing or deficient, and if so, to let Julian know so that he could address it to avoid cancellation.

Ms Wyss did not do this.  She simply cancelled the event.  She left corresponding with Julian to the last minute, even though she had known about the site, the traffic, the building, and the situation for 7.5 weeks.

The was a political decision. Now here is the kicker.  Ms Wyss actually orchestrated the conflict. How so? She allowed the 9pm booking immediately after our meeting! In other words, she set up the conflict situation.  Hard to believe but true. Then she bangs on about ‘safety concerns’ when in reality she actually created the safety concerns. 

You make up your own mind after listening to the interview.

My Conclusion?

Ms Wyss clearly lied to Heather du Plessis-Allan and she must be held to account.  Not only this, but she deliberately created the conflict situation by allowing the protestor booking straight after hours. For what reason? To give her an excuse the cancel our meeting. We were stitched up by Ms Wyss.

The Free Speech Union will be climbing into this, and we will too. 

Ms Wyss, see you in court.


“Clearly the mainstream media are trying to portray Stop Co-Governance as a fringe, extremist group with little support. However, I believe the great majority of New Zealanders do not want Maori given control of the country, which is what Co-Governance is trying to achieve. The protesters at the meetings are showing the rest of the country what Co-Governance looks like, and it not attractive.”

Chris, from Wellington

Media Desperate To Portray Stop Cogovernance Organisation As Fringe Movement - The Opposite Is True!