Fraud Plunder Treason and our Treaty


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Christopher Newman authored the book ‘Fraud Plunder Treason And our Treaty’ to expose the tricks used by Treatyists and political activists since 1975, as they subvert the meaning of Te Tiriti to destroy the nation’s unity. The book is available online at

Te Tiriti, written in Maori In 1840, was signed by three participants, the chiefs and tribes, the people of New Zealand, and Captain Hobson for Queen Victoria. All agreed to accept British Law as sovereign and to submit land purchases to the Crown for registration.

This book proves that Te Tiriti does not establish a Crown-Maori partnership, nor does it set up two rival sovereignties, or support race-based legislation. The author exposes the fakery of the English “Freeman Treaty”, identifies the indigenous pre-Maori settlers, clarifies the statutory (legalistic) definition of Maori and the role of the Common Law, and exposes Tikanga tribalism as anti-democratic, anti-modernity and anti-Treaty.

Activists twist the meaning of Our Treaty for private gain. They manipulate Parliament’s statutes to steal political power, money, and assets from the people of New Zealand. These thieves conceal their crimes, then pay the media to create the cloud of half-truths that confuses most Kiwis.

How can we correct a Parliament fallen into fraud with its Waitangi Tribunal endorsing thievery of the New Zealand people’s lands, resources, and treasure?

Your eyes will open with amazement when you read Newman’s research on how the deceitful few organized the politics and bureaucracy to plunder the nation. You will learn that Te Tiriti and British law provide us with the Jury system and its powers to protect us from criminals. The jury can examine evidence and pass judgement on violators of the Crimes Act – it can also guide Parliament to correct its errors. The book will give you plenty more “ammo” to push back and defeat the politically correct wokesters with their Maorification agenda and endless lies or half-truths.

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The Original Treaty has been hijacked to serve the interests of the few. Read why this is such an important issue for New Zealanders.


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