We are facing massive changes to our system of Government. There are many questions that are not being discussed in the mainstream media. These questions  demand an answer.

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Proof of the scale of Land sold by Maori before 1840

Have you heard Maori commentators say they loved their land and would never sell willingly.  This is just not true. Many Maori were keen to sell land in return for Food, Utensils, Muskets, Tools and more.

Here is an early account of land sales before 1840.


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The Two Treaties

Elizabeth Rata on the Treaty

There are two versions of the Treaty of Waitangi. The first is the 1840 Treaty – the ‘Articles Treaty’. The second is what I call the ‘Principles Treaty’…

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What did Sir Apirana Ngata have to say about the Treaty?

In his review of New Zealand’s history, Sir Apirana Ngata (1874-1950), our greatest Maori MP said:

“Let me acknowledge first, that in the whole world I doubt whether any native race has been so well treated by a European people as the Maori.” And:  “These are the words of the first article of the Treaty of Waitangi. The First Article: “The Chiefs assembled including Chiefs not present at the assembly hereby cede absolutely to the Queen of England for ever the Government of all of their lands”

These are but a few words but they indicate a complete cession.”    Read more…

Old Words Made New – The Revision of Tino Rangatiratanga

How Tino Rangatiratanga is being misinterpreted to create Racism, Apartheid, and open the door to Treaty fraud and corruption…

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Maori Nats to redefine cogovernance

National’s Christchurch Central candidate, Dale Stephens, says the party’s senior Māori members will try to preserve elements of co-governance….

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What did Tamati Waka Nene have to say about the Treaty?

On his Headstone at Russell, the inscription begins: “In memory of TAMATI WAKA NENE Chief of Ngapuhi.  The First to Welcome the Queen’s Sovereignty in New Zealand. A consistent supporter of the Pakeha.  This stone is erected by the Government of the Colony, which for upwards of 31 years he faithfully upheld. Sage in Counsel, Renowned in War.  He died regretted by all the inhabitants of these Islands at Russell on the 4th August 1871.”

He Puapua – The Blueprint for Maori Control

Race Based Division

Race based special treatment rather than treatment based on need (for any ethnicity) is becoming a real issue…

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The current state of He Puapua (18 July 2023 )

As recommendations of the report have become a reality, Labour has been quick to distance themselves from this report, denying it is policy, denying it is a plan, and denying that they have acted on the recommendations. Nothing to see here, folks. Or is there…

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The VETO danger in He PuaPua

… People (still far too few) may have acquired a general understanding of the co-governance model proposed which is based on power-sharing with rights distributed according to ethnicity with appointed representatives and veto power for a specific minority only…

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Fact Checking

Fact Checking Maori Health

Māori doctors and health leaders have called the New Zealand health system “systemically racist” primarily contributing to poor Māori health and reduced Māori longevity…

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BILL HAMILTON: “I saw one of the slides (Julian Bachelor’s slide) there saying that Māori are arming”

First, listen to this interview between Paul Brennan, Julian Batchelor and Bill Te Huia Hamilton, Chairman of the Iwi Chairs Forum.

He is supposed to be a senior Maori leader in New Zealand. All his experience is listed below. But really it means nothing because he’s a terrible liar who has been caught out. The lies start pretty much immediately, in the first 3 minutes on the interview. Listen to what he says about Julian’s seminar slide show.

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The United Nations Declaration of the Rights of Indigenous Peoples (UNDRIP)

Much is being made of our “obligations” to UNDRIP but activists conveniently ignore Article 46:3 – The provisions set forth in this Declaration shall be interpreted in accordance with the principles of justice, democracy, respect for human rights, equality, non-discrimination, good governance and good faith.

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James Shaw: A Referendum on the Treaty could lead to violence.

Green Party co-leader James Shaw is warning there could be violence and wide scale social disruption if ACT Party leader David Seymour is successful in negotiating for a referendum on the Treaty of Waitangi’s principles.

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Buddy Mikaere – former director of the Waitangi Tribunal – from an article by Frank Chung  12 Oct 2023

“[The movement) (meaning co gov) is big enough that they get people up and out protesting about it, it’s got a reasonable following. But it’s mainly the older generation. What I’m saying is, look, just calm down – these people are going to die, and the world their grandchildren are being raised in is a far different one. Just ride it out and be patient, but in the meantime you do have to put up with some rubbish.”

John Tamihere, Te Pati Maori President – speaking on the Tova podcast

‘ (John Tamihere) warned of civil disobedience which could shut down cities and major center’s if a referendum on the Treaty went ahead. If Māori were backed into a corner on the issue they would have to resort to protest, he said. That protest will be significant, as it should be … there will be days of national Māori action and they’ll close down Whangarei, Auckland, Tauranga, Hamilton, Wellington.’  View here

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The Way Forward

What Maori Need

There is a lot of talk, especially around election time, about what Maori need. The solutions offered are usually things like better access to education, better housing, more housing, better health care, better everything.

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We are flat out developing an on line video teaching series with small group discussion manuals. The idea is to have people all over the country meeting in homes in small groups studying the Treaty and a host of other co-governance related topics, like the $55m Public Interest Journalism Fund.

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What You Can Do

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Why Co-Governance Should Be Completely Rejected?

Co-Governance Promotes Apartheid & Racism

Co-Governance Is Based On Treaty Fraud

Co-Governance Is Destroying Democracy

Co-Governance Is The Reason Te Reo Is Being Forced On The General Population

Co-Governance Is The Reason That An Attempt Is Being Made To Change The Name Of Our Country From New Zealand To Aotearoa

Co-Governance Is Threatening Free Speech

Co-Governance Is Threatening One Of The Pillars Of Democracy Which Is “One Law For All.”

Co-Governance Is Causing Deep Racial Division

Co-Governance Is The Reason The Media Has Been Corrupted

Co-Governance Is Damaging To Maori

Our Children Are Being Brainwashed Via The New History Curriculum

Compulsory Use Of Maori Language In Schools Is Putting Ideology Before What’s Best For Children

Iwi-Based Businesses Have A Very Substantial Tax Advantage Over Other Businesses

Via Co-Governance, Radical Maori Now Turning To UN Declaration To Plunder NZ…Again

Weak Politicians To Blame For Allowing Coup By Maori Elite


There is a strong and hugely committed team who are touring New Zealand starting mid January 2023.

The purpose of the tour is to raise awareness of the danger of co-governance, and to gather political support to stop it.
We would like you to help us….
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Together we CAN Stop Co-Governance

What We Stand For

  • One person, one vote. All votes have equal value.
  • One law for all. One Flag.
  • All ethnicities are equal.
  • Stop apartheid.
  • Stop special favours / handouts for Maori.
  • One Health, Justice, & Education system for all.
  • Our country is New Zealand, not Aotearoa.
  • English is the main language.
  • Stop forcing Te Reo.
  • We are all Kiwis, not Maori and the rest.
  • Launch a Royal Commission to investigate Treaty fraud & corruption.
  • Repeal all race based legislation.
  • Take out all the Maori preference clauses from the RMA.

A Great Video

Julian Batchelor speaking Warkworth Town Hall, September 2022

New Zealand is at War, fighting for democracy and freedom, against tribal rule.