Quick update on our drive to raise $1750 for a new web site

Yesterday, one more person kindly donated $1000. Total donations so far come to $1635. Thank you to all those who have given! I am very grateful.

So $115 to go. Please give. The donors to date are:   

Chris $20, RDDB $30, J and Jo $20, TD $50, SC $125, Warrick $100, LR $50, OB family $100,  Kim $20, PM and J $20, Miss RA $50, T and K $50, JH $1000  

To know more about the new web site, what it’s for, why we need it etc, please click here

The web developer tells me I can expect to see the new site up and running this week. Exciting.


Hi Everyone,

I have been invited to speak on the subject of co-governance at the Warkworth town hall on the 18th of September, 3pm.  It’s free and it’s a beautiful venue.

Winston Peters spoke there two weeks ago, and he filled the place. It was a great event.

The organisers is Teresa : unifynz@proton.me 

If you can’t come yourself, please try and think of your friends / contacts / family who are within a hours drive of this venue and invite them to come! 

Thanks a million!