Take a look at this protestor hypocrite, young Maori ‘leader’ Mikaela Matenga In Action Vandalising Private Property
Last weekend TV3 ran a news item on the 6pm news covering our Orewa Event.
They interviewed a young Maori lady who said on the news item how terrible the behaviour of the protesters was.
First, watch the TV story HERE.
Now watch the behaviour of the exact same Maori woman Mikaela Matenga ripping up our books while the police look on, unconcerned.
The books were our property.
Hypocritical .
A thief.
Below is a photo ‘butterwoudn’t melt in her mouth’ Mikaela.

Where were the good Maori stopping here?

In fact, where are the good Maori all over the country not stepping up to stop the disgraceful behaviour of their own people?

Answer? They won’t. They fear being bullied and intimidated.
Either that, or they are complicit.
This is how tribal rule works. This is how co-governance works.
Might is right.
Notice too the media corruption. TV3 wanted ‘an angle’ on the news item. They wanted to show how Julian was sanctioning the bad behaviour of one or two supporters in the crowd. They didn’t show the context of this bad behaviour. They didn’t show what incited the supporters to behave the way they did. What was that behaviour? It was Mikaela ripping up books. They didn’t tell the truth. Snap. We have caught the TV out because we video everything.
Welcome to co-governance.