Erica Sanford should know better. She is the National MP for East Coast Bays. In her interview with Jack Tame, she says (at about 6:55 on the video) that Iwi and the Crown are partners. Shame on your Erica. They are not partners, and never have been. The Treaty clearly does not teach this.

For the last 40 years many MPs in all the parties have been history ignorant, allowing legislation and Acts to pass without fact checking the historical accuracy on which the legislation / Acts of Parliament have been based. They have been fast and loose with their “Treaty Statements”. What Erica said in this video is a prime example.

The result? Co-Governance.

Erica and all other MPs must held them to account. The public deserve better.  If MPs are making momentous decisions affecting all New Zealanders, and the basis of those decisions is erroneous, then this is wrong. Very wrong.  Furthermore, what MPs say is usually well publicised.  They therefore must be doubly sure that what they are saying is truthful and accurate, especially with respect to the Treaty. . 

Co-goverance is the most serious political problem faced by New Zealand since 1840. It must be stopped.

Why? It destroys democracy, creates racial division, and separatism. It promotes apartheid. Co-governance cannot be justified on the basis of the Treaty in Maori, Te Tiriti, which is the bone fide Treaty. The only Treaty.

To understand co-goverance, what it is, and why it must be stopped, read Julian Batchelor’s book on this issue. Here it is here:

This news item was total spin, twisting the truth.  The media are supporting the activists, and demonising stop-governance. Typical. We are actually the people fighting to preserve democracy, and one person one vote. Activists are promoting the opposite!