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Co-governance is a serious political problem

Why did Julian Bachelor start "Stop Co-Governance"

The "Stop Co-Governance" Seminar

Stop Co-Governance Short Version (40min)

Stop Co-Governance Seminar Long Version - Part 1

Stop Co-Governance Seminar Long Version - Part 2

New Zealand – Communist Tactics Provide Playbook for the West.

SILENCED Documentary - the death of free speech in New Zealand - Watch it here

The face of the PRO Co Governance movement

“ALL”, or the “Aotearoa Liberation League”, comprising of two people, Pere and Samah Huriwai-Seger, he being a local of Maori descent, she an Iraqi-born immigrant.

Self-declared activists set on the “decolonisation” of New Zealand by mobilising people with poorly cropped and curated videos on TikTok, spreading lies about Julian and the Stop Co-Governance movement.  

See what they have to say about Julian HERE

Watch Invercargill Mayor Nobby Clark And Julian Batchelor Live Stream Recording!

On Saturday 24th June, Invercargill Mayor and Julian Batchelor met at the Ascot Racecourse In Invercargill to Discuss Co-Governance, what it’s like being a Mayor under the thumb of Iwi, and much more.

Nobby was brilliant.

You can watch the whole night HERE

Rowan Atkinson On The Absolute Necessity Of Guarding The Right To Free Speech

Rowan Atkinson On The Absolute Necessity Of Guarding The Right To Free Speech

On our stop co-governance tour, our right to free speech is being attacked at every point.
The police, with one or two exceptions, like our event in Kapiti, are being slow to enforce this right.
In fact, in many instances, they appear to be siding with those to oppose the right to free speech.

You can watch and hear what Rowan has to say HERE

TV One News 27 April

Erica Sanford should know better. She is the National MP for East Coast Bays. In her interview with Jack Tame, she says (at about 6:55 on the video) that Iwi and the Crown are partners. Shame on your Erica. They are not partners, and never have been. The Treaty...

Maori Demands For Undemocratic Favour And Privilege Are Spreading Apartheid.

Notice David Seymour just talks facts and reality. He is calm and reasonable. He makes sense. He is intelligent. He sticks to the issues.

Contrast David to Jacinda Ardern who is not telling the truth. 

Read more…

How The State Controlled Media Is Grooming New Zealanders For Maori Takeover

I have watched this video several times and there is so much to say about it. First, understand that TV1 has received funds from the governments $55m public information journalism fund. 

Read more…

How We Got Into This Mess. Dr John Robinson

  I urge you to listen to this video by Dr John Robinson. 
In this video, Dr John gives priceless information about the dreadful issues we are facing in New Zealand today with Maori and co-governance. I have listened to this video many times, and each time get something new from it. 
John details how we got into this co-governance mess, and his experiences working for Maori organisations. 
John has put so much work into research and writing to make New Zealand a better place, so let’s honour him and his work. He is a scholar you can trust. He is balanced, accurate, and honest. Share this video as widely if you can! 
Do a search on Google for Tross Publishing and you can see all of John’s books P.S I have absolutely no financial interest in Tross Publishing  

Winston Peters On Maori Corruption And The Wrongs Of Co-Governance

There is so much in this video which is worth noting. 
First, Winston names what’s happening in New Zealand with co-governance “A Radical social re-engineering program”
Second, he was Ardern’s deputy PM when the He PuaPua report was in existence. It was in her top drawer, but she failed to reveal it to him. Winston says “The He PuaPua report was commissioned in secret with no consultation with their coalition partner. He PuaPua is social engineering by stealth.”
As such, Ardern was treasonous. She also didn’t declare He PuaPua before the last election, so she hid her plans from voters. 
When asked by Sean “Why have not the MSM picked up on He PuaPua and Mahuta’s nepotism?”this was Winston’s reply.
“When you go from being the 4th estate (i.e. the mainstream media) to a columnist for a political organisation on the left, that’s the outcome you get. These journalists are utterly compromised and an utter disgrace to their profession. When you say Mahuta is royalty, this country’s stand for equality has just gone out the window. You are saying that some people are above the law.  We stand for one law for all, one set of value we share as a country, and one flag. The matter that has been foistered upon the country (meaning co-governance) has the propensity to take us to third world status very very quickly. What we need to do is confront them everywhere we can. The very people who will suffer the most from this when it’s all over are the Maori people. They will come to understand who has sold them down the drain. It’s very simple to see what’s happening here. It’s not far to get from a country like ours to Myanmar or Venezuela.  Governments do matter, and what politicians do matters as well. We are in a very dangerous circumstance at the moment.”

Winston Peters – “Democracy, Not Co-Governance”

 You can read the full script of this address here

Richard Prebble. 3 Waters Reform Is A Coup

(and therefore co-governance is too)

This is a great video / interview with Richard Prebble, ex leader of the Act Party.

Following are extracts from the interview. What’s telling is that Sir Apirana Ngata was often acting deputy Prime Minister of New Zealand in the 1920’s and 30’s. He studied the Treaty and found no trace of any hint of the idea of co-governance.

Sir Āpirana Ngata Ninety years ago Ngata was often acting Deputy Prime Minister. He was the first Māori lawyer and a recognised scholar. Ngata wrote about the Treaty. Born in 1874, he would have known chiefs who signed the document. Ngata would reject this Government’s radical revisionist version of the Treaty.

This matters. Almost without debate, New Zealand is undergoing the biggest constitutional change since 1840. Those who question the wisdom of that change are being silenced by accusations of being racist.

New Zealand has been a liberal democracy since the British Parliament passed the Constitution Act 1852, setting up parliamentary government.

The Oxford Dictionary says: “A liberal democracy is a system of government in which individual rights and freedoms are officially recognised and protected. The exercise of political power is limited by the rule of law.”

Fundamental to a liberal democracy is government being accountable to the people by a system of one person, one vote.

Liberal democracy is incompatible with co-government by tribes. New Zealand has never been co-governed by iwi.

What is called co-governance of assets is actually de facto co-ownership. Co-ownership is a pragmatic solution to Treaty claims to assets such as national parks.

But taking the concept of co-governance and applying it to assets which iwi have no claim to is the confiscation of property. It is ratepayers – Māori and non-Māori – who paid for the pipes, dams, stormwater drains and sewage plants.

The Government’s Three Waters legislation is a coup. It is replacing liberal democracy with co-government with iwi. It’s never been agreed to by the courts. It’s never been in the Labour party manifesto. It has never been agreed to by the voters. Most Maori are in favour of one person one vote. 

It’s a coup. We are on a dark road.

The new Maori health authority is going to prioritise the needs of people based on race. That’s Apartheid. We fought against that in South Africa. It’s wrong.

People like Willie Jackson ought to be representing the whole country. This is his job. But he is going around the country having secret meetings with Iwi. It’s obvious he thinks he’s working for Iwi and co-governance. You can’t serve two masters, as the Bible tells us.

Co-government is leading us down a dark road. The logic of a Māori Health Authority is that in future medical decisions will be based not on need, but on race. There will never be enough money to pay for every possible treatment. Are people to be denied medical treatment because they are the wrong race?

Click here to read the full New Zealand Herald Article

Professor James Allan On The Stupidity of Co-Governance.

Co-governance is code for ‘Maori intending to move towards sovereignty’ i.e. two countries within one. Taxpayers will pay the bill.
The He Puapua Report amounts to a call to break the existing political and societal norms. 
It’s a plan for a new constitution for New Zealand – one that deals very much in group rights and identity i.e. by Maori for Maori. 
What the Report offers is unattractive and undesirable. 
The Report asks New Zealanders to leap without looking because there is nothing actually offered to look at, nothing concrete.
Significant powers are to be transferred to Maori.
Public education campaigns and school ones too are demanded to push the case
A process for constitutional change is again demanded.
The Crown is to give up power and all Maori initiatives are to be paid for by general taxpayers.
‘Maori participation in central and local government will be strong and secure; Maori will have a meaningful, and sometimes dominant voice in resource management decisions … and Maori will be providing for Maori’
Maori want an end to an election in which all citizens are counted equally and all have an equal vote for political parties, the winners of which will then decide matters for everyone during that electoral term.
Maori want ‘free, prior and informed consent on all matters that affect them.’ This will inevitably mean that every decision made in the country will have to be run past Maori in the first instance for their approval. In theory this could encompass every decision any elected legislature ever made.
Maori want more guaranteed seats in Parliament.
Strengthening legal recognition of the Treaty of Waitangi. At present under New Zealand’s constitutional arrangements a treaty is not part of the domestic law and cannot be enforced by unelected judges unless it has been incorporated into a statute.
All resource consents and building consents will have to be approved by Maori.
There will be a significantly increased return of Crown lands and waters to Maori.
New Zealand will be divided up into Iwi tribal boundaries.
Throughout the report there is a constant refrain for ‘more resourcing needed’ which is code for ‘we will need a lot more money from the government to do what we want to do.’
Maori land will be exempted from rates.
Maori to ‘receive royalties for the use of particular natural resources such as water, petroleum and Maori to be involved in trade negotiations to protect resources.
History must be re-written so that Maori are viewed favourably. 
All museums are to be bicultural. 
Maori knowledge and science are to be given equal status with Western science and knowledge.
Maori knowledge and science are superior to Western Science and knowledge.
There will be two groups in New Zealand – Maori and non-Maori.
No criteria are provided as to who will be a Maori and who will not.
Colonisation has damaged the status of Maori women.
All prisoners will be given the right to vote.
Maori should exercise authority over Maori matters. ‘Maori matters’ are ever defined. 
Land and resources need to be returned to Maori.
Maori need to have a bigger say in resource management decisions as well as in local and central government. Better still, these new arrangements need to be locked in.
New Zealand will have a new constitution favouring Maori. 
International law must be able to trump local law. That is to say, what the United Nations says overrules what the New Zealand government says. 
The two players in the ‘new New Zealand’ are Maori and non-Maori. Maori will have the final say.
Basically, Maori want more: 
Power, money, resources, and influence. There is a big emphasis on having to Educate non-Maori to flow with these changes i.e. rachet up the brainwashing.
There is a lot of Maori language in the report which leaves it open to ‘Maori only’ interpretation. 
The following is the executive summary of the report.
This is a radical Report. Its recommendations are radical. Were those recommendations to be fulfilled to any considerable degree they would undercut majoritarian democracy; they would impinge upon elements of the Rule of Law; and they would exchange newer, worse, more aristocratic constitutional arrangements for older, better, more democratic ones.
At times the Report deals in condescension, verbiage and arguably deliberate linguistic obfuscation. There are repeated calls for more and more and more taxpayers’ monies. To attempt to legitimate the Report’s recommendations international law is made to do a great deal of work, too much work. Putting international law on the same plane as (or possibly even on a higher plane than) the domestic law of one of the world’s oldest and most successful democracies is a tough sell, to put the point as kindly and as generously as possible.
None of those points in the preceding paragraph runs contrary to the possibility that the authors of the Report have delivered just what the government that commissioned the Report wanted. Indeed, the fact that that commissioning government has already taken steps in the areas of water and health to fulfil the spirit and general exhortations of the Report certainly suggests this is a plausible possibility.
The purpose of this first Analysis has been to examine in some detail the underpinnings of the Report, to lay out its conceits and first principles, and to show that these are unlikely to be widely shared or desired by the preponderance of New Zealanders. Whether an opposition political party will want to make use of this Analysis to fight back against its worldview and its suggested changes is something only time will tell.

Is Jack Tame Playing The Devil’s Advocate, Or Does He Personally Believe it?

Is Jack playing the devil’s advocate, or does he really believe it? In this interview, he challenges the dictionary definition of democracy. Jack uses terms like ‘modern democracy’ and ‘nuanced democracy’ as though there is some form of democracy with is different from one person, one vote. Recently Willy Jackson did the same thing, calling for democracy to be ‘redefined’. To entertain the idea that there are different types of democracy is absolute nonsense. The sky is blue. Being nuanced blue, or modern blue, doesn’t change the colour blue. 
Article 3 of the Treaty actually says : “In return for the cessation of their sovereignty to the Queen, the people of New Zealand shall be protected by the Queen of England and the rights and privileges of British subjects will be granted to them.” 
What’s this saying? What does it mean? 
First, it means that in 1840 Maori gave New Zealand to the Queen. 
Second, it means that the British (now the New Zealand government) are in charge and in full control of the country. This meant then, and means now, the end of Maori control. The British back then or now never invited or envisaged two groups ruling the country. 
Third, that all New Zealanders will be protected by that government, and that that government will protect the rights and privileges of all New Zealanders, not just Maori. 
The ONLY way to do that is one person, one vote. No special rights to anyone or any group.
What article three is actually saying is that everyone in NZ will be treated equally. 
What I see in reality is Maori getting favours and backhanders over the rest of us right left and centre i.e. the 83% non-Maori population are getting screwed over by being forced to fund, out of their taxes, Maori co-governance.
If anyone is not experiencing inequity, it’s the 83% non-Maori population. Literally billions of our tax dollars are going into funding Maori co-governance activities and initiatives. 
Enough is enough.
I thought David was fantastic. 
However, I would say I thought he could have ‘nailed it’ at the very start if he had memorised the exact wording of Article 3. If he’d memorised it, he could have given it to Jack line by line, and dissected it word by word, as we have done on this web site, and the debate would have been over in 5 minutes. 
Instead, it went on for 14 minutes and, in my view, plummeted into a lot of convoluted verbiage (excessively lengthy and technical) and nonsense, talking about, really, nothing. All Jack was trying to bait / trap David. 
In a sense, though David answered all Jack’s inane questions really well, and can be proud, he fell into Jack’s trap of going down the nonsense rabbit hole. 
I so admire David for getting in the ring with Jack. All credit to him. He was brilliant.

Maori Takeover Of Private Land Frightening

Government departments / agencies which are directed by Maori and staffed by Maori have found ways of grabbing land for private land owners.  This is all part of the coup. 

The hypocrisy here is mind boggling.  Maori have always pleaded with successive Governments to compensate them for ‘illegal land confiscations’ in history past, and they have obliged. But when Maori get into power, they are the first to do to European land owners what was done to them. 

Read more…

Dr Elizabeth Mary Rata. New Zealand academic.

New Zealand Is At War

Fortunately, I was actually at the Act party conference in Auckland yesterday where Dr Rata delivered her powerful address.
It was the highlight of the day, but in a bad way.
I left the building after her speech feeling numb and deeply somber.
For me, it clarified the reality that New Zealand is at war, and the situation we are facing here is much much more serious than most of us think.
What kind of war?
It’s a pre 1840 style tribal war.  The 83% non-Maori population are one tribe, and Maori are the other.
Little by little, Maori are taking over the nation.
Quite literally, they are conquering New Zealand.
I see it, I hear it, and feel it. It’s real.
Maori are using every trick in the book to do it: brainwashing, indoctrination, propaganda, deception, lies, bullying, intimidation, nepotism, bribery, collusion…the list is endless.
It’s a dirty war. Very dirty.
As I have said all along, a full on coup is underway, and the terrorists driving it have made great headway.
The reasons that they have got so far are many: a series of decisions made over 50 years by a string of poorly informed / ignorant / easily bullied / spineless politicians, deep and widespread Maori corruption marked by terrible deceit, bullying, intimidation, and lies; a population which is naive and easily duped, and the rise of Ardern etc.
These are only the tip of the iceberg.
But if one peels back the onion to the very core, the very foundation of this coup, this heist in broad daylight, is a fraudulent interpretation of the Treaty of Waitangi.
What infuriates / disturbs me beyond belief is that our taxes are funding this coup.
Yep, the 83% are paying Maori to takeover our country.
Stop and let that sink in for a minute.
It’s as if we are being invaded by a foreign power (e.g. in the same way Ukraine is being invaded by Russia), yet we, the 83% majority, are paying for the invasion by the 17% minority. OMG!
It’s takeover by the fifth column.
fifth column is defined as “any group of people who undermine a larger group from within. They work to undermine the national interest. “
So where to from here?
The Three Waters Roadshow has just finished, and it was a great success, travelling from town to town, alerting the population about how undemocratic this bill was / is.
What we need now is a co-governance road show, not just town to town, but suburb to suburb in each of the main centres.
And not just one off, but relentlessly and repeatedly until the day of the next election.
Awareness is the key to change.  
The public must be exposed to the terrifying truth and reality of this situation.
If we can make the population aware of the sheer evil of co-governance, we can stop it.
What’s needed is a national revolt such as we have never seen in New Zealand’s history.
Brian Tamaki’s efforts are just the entree compared to what we must create.
Luxton must be given a clear and frightening message – shock and awe – that if he in any way, shape, or form, or to any degree, continues with co-governance, not only is he as a leader finished, but National are going to lose a swag of seats to Act.
Every last bit of co-governance legislation, law, and statute, must be repealed, so that absolutely nothing of it remains. Not even a whiff of it.
New Zealand must be purged of every trace of even the idea of co-governance.
We need to make it a real and terrible possibility for National that if they don’t officially and completely and forever campaign to torpedo co-governance, there is a possibility that they may become the minor party in the next coalition government.
Luxton and National must be flushed out, and forced into a clear and unambiguous  ‘absolutely no co-governance’ policy stance.
The time is now.
Today, in museums around the world, the record of the history of the WW2 holocaust has been been stamped in bold red capitals on its cover:  “THE MUST NEVER HAPPEN AGAIN”.
When this co-governance evil, this new state funded Maori religion is finally vanquished, this cult, and it will be, once and for all, it too must be stamped with the same.
Are you in?
Sheesh, this is now so very serious.

Broadcaster Peter Williams On Why 3 Waters Reform Is Unconstitutional, Undemocratic, and Plain Wrong

I have watched this video several times now. No one could argue with what Peter says about anything. He is factual, balanced, and presents excellent bullet proof arguments. 
But for me, what is most disturbing in this video is the huge lengths Maori will go to to get money. 
Kiwis have got to understand that Maori, at a DNA level, are a warring warrior people and at the core of their DNA is corruption, lies, deceit, trickery, brutality, bullying, intimidation, aggression, violence, and dishonesty. They can’t help it. It’s just who they are. 
In pre-1840 New Zealand, they were running about in the bush as pre-historic cave men and women, killing and eating each other, killing their female babies, and committing all kinds of abominations to each other. 
In pre-1840 days, their raison d’être was to work out ways and means to conquer the tribe next door. By this I mean either take them as slaves, or eat them for food, or both, or rape their women, and take over the land they occupied. 
They have a lust to conquer, and we are now seeing this being expressed in modern day New Zealand. 
Peter Williams’ analysis of 3 Waters was a perfect illustration of what I am saying here. 
The plan for how 3 Waters will operate is confusing, difficult to understand, highly complex, and deliberately convoluted. This is all carefully planned. Maori have designed it to be like this. 
Why? It then gives them the option to do whatever they like, whenever they like, when the legislation is passed. It gives them the wide open door to say “This is what we meant when we said such and such.”
You see, when the detail in documents / contracts / legislation is not defined / detailed / laid out clearly, the door is left wide open for ‘interpretations’. 
Maori did this with the Treaty of Waitangi. For them, the official and original Treaty of Waitangi was far too clear and unambiguous. This was not what they wanted.
They deliberately wanted to muddy the waters so as to open the door to claims, assets, and cash. To conquer. They reasoned that if they could muddy the Treaty of Waitangi waters, they could then have the means to pull off the heist of the century. 
And what is / was ‘the heist of the century’? 
It was a coup by stealth, a plan to take over / conquer New Zealand completely. 
In 1975, Maori MP Matiu Rata, tapping into his Maori DNA, saw an opportunity to muddy the Treaty of Waitangi waters, and start the ball rolling towards complete takeover. He concocted The Treaty of Waitangi Act which introduced ‘the principles’ of the Treaty of Waitangi. The then Labour PM Bill Rowling and other MPs were gullible in the extreme, naïve, and foolish. They didn’t understand the Maori DNA. 
The Bill was passed. ‘Principles’ are undefinable and vague. They can be made to mean literally anything. This is exactly what Maori wanted. 
From 1975 on, Maori had the golden ticket to do whatever they wanted and to get whatever they wanted.
So the gravy train pulled out of the station, and as a result public assets and cash have been pouring into the Maori coffers ever since. The term ‘gravy train’ is used to refer to a situation in which someone can make a lot of money for very little effort. 
You see, when non Maori meet non Maori to do business with each other, it’s taken for granted, generally speaking, that the person on the other side of the table is honest and reasonable and that they will tell the truth in discussion. There will be no trickery or deceit. They do not have a forked tongue. There will be no bullying or intimidation or aggression. Their word is their bond, and so on. 
No so with Maori. The exact opposite is true. You can guarantee that if a Maori is on the other side of the table, generally speaking, you are about to be shafted. 
Non Maori New Zealander’s are naïve in the extreme. Because Kiwis are, generally speaking, nice people, they think everyone else is like them. Not so. 
Mahuta and co, and those driving 3 Waters, Co-governance, and every other Maori initiative designed to bring about Maori self-determination and pull off the heist, are the epitome of the corrupt Maori DNA. 
If you watch the video on this site by Dr John Robinson, he says at one point, “New Zealanders are a stupid people.” 
By this he means they are gullible, naïve, and green. They don’t ‘fact check’ anything they are told, and they believe everything. 
They certainly don’t understand the DNA of Maori. 
They rely on their feelings to guide their voting e.g. they voted for Ardern because she was ‘nice’ looking and friendly. OMG! Now look at the result of their foolish, feelings driven voting. 
If you don’t vote with your head, and after thorough fact checking, and after carefully thinking through issues, considering both short and long term consequences of actions, it will be highly likely you are going to make a grave mistake, and this mistake is going to cost you, sometimes dearly. 
We as a country are now witnessing the result of thoughtless feelings-driven voting. 
Really, it’s a tragic situation for such a beautiful country to find ourselves in this situation. 

Criminologist Greg Newbold On Why Maori Are 3x Overrepresented In Prison

It’s incredible that the Human Rights Commission is investigating whether comments
made by TVNZ criminal expert, Greg Newbold were racist in nature.He commented on the connection between Maori, criminal behaviour, and Maori being 3x over represented in prison. 
He says “60% of the people who are in prison are there for crimes of violence and 50% of all prison inmates are Maori. The majority of Maori who are in there are there for crimes of serious violence. Children who are brought up with violence and exposed to violence, children who are brought up with alcoholic role models and alcohol – people who were brought up in these kinds of dysfunctional environments grow up to the be the violent offenders of tomorrow. “ 
When challenged by people who claimed that the high rates of Maori in prison were the result of prosecuting bias, Newbold replied “It’s a cop out to say it’s the result of police bias or court bias. That’s a nonsense.”  
The Maori TV station says “The Human Rights Commission agrees Newbold raises very serious issues.They won’t comment until they’ve fully reviewed his comments.”
This is an interesting comment from the HRC. What they are saying is “Hey, he is just telling the truth, and no further action is needed. But just to appease these crazy Maori people, let’s just say ‘we won’t comment until we’ve fully reviewed his comments’ and hope it all blows over and Maori will forget what they are complaining about.”
Why would the HRC investigate? What for? He is just reporting the truth of a matter. The threats made my Maori to tell tales to the HRC are just that – threats, bullying, and intimidation. This is the Maori way. They don’t enter into reasoned debate or discussion on how they might address the issues. No. They just default to their old ways, to their Maori pre-European tribal DNA. 
Reasonable, rationale, sensible people would go and seek help from Dr Newbold asking him “Can you help us address these issues. What do we need to do?” 
But no.
Maori opt instead to send a message to anyone else who reports Maori in a bad light “Watch out, if you say anything negative about Maori, we’ll report you, and try and get you into trouble.” 
This is high level manipulation. The ultimate end of this manipulation, control, threats, bullying, and intimidation is a free unopposed passage for co-governance.  Maori want to close down opposing voices. They want all 83% non-Maori population to become performing seals, clapping and cheering Maori on towards self governance.
Sadly, most government departments are now crawling with Maori and so they are all colluding, working together to achieve the same end. 

Some Light Humour. John Ansell gives Waititi a lashing!

In a fiery exchange, John Ansell appears via Zoom before the Maori Affairs Select Committee on April 22, 2022 to give his submission on the Rotorua District Council (Representation Arrangements) Bill. The bill, which was later paused, sought to give Maori on the Māori roll 2.6 times the voting power of citizens on the general roll. 


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