Why Co-Governance Should

Be Completely Rejected

Co-governance is a serious political problem

Co-Governance Defined

Co-Governance is code for the takeover of New Zealand by tribal companies and their representatives, the end of democracy, the installation of apartheid and separatism into everyday life, leading eventually to full-blown government by tribal rule.

15 Sound Reasons Why Co-Governance Should Be
Completely Rejected.  

1. Co-Governance Promotes Apartheid & Racism

Whenever Maori are gifted cash from the public purse, or gifted publicly owned assets, or are favoured in some way, any way, over the rest of the population, this is creating /spreading apartheid. Many New Zealanders fought against apartheid in the 1970’s and 80’s and now our country is the world’s greatest proponent of it.

Stop Co-governance New Zealand seeks to inform all Kiwis of the radical Maori political agenda. 

2. Co-Governance Is Based On Treaty Fraud

I have tried to make what you are about to read as simple as possible to understand.

Essentially, it is a summary of literally dozens of books on the subject.

The Treaty Of Waitangi comprises only 3 Articles, or paragraphs.

They are all similar in length.

If you Google “Treaty of Waitangi”, all the government-run web sites present the fraudulent versions of the Treaty as though they were ‘the’ Treaty.

This is entirely consistent with the deceit and deception which underpins those pushing for co-governance.

The final English draft of the Treaty was translated into Maori on February 5th, 1840, ready for the chiefs to sign the next day.  The translators were Henry Williams and his son who had been living among Maori for many years. Thus they were fluent in Te Reo. That is to say, they knew the Maori language as well as anyone in the country at that time, which is why Hobson chose them to do the job.

What the British intended in this draft is crystal clear. Article one of this English draft states:

The chiefs of the Confederation of the United Tribes and the other chiefs who have not joined the confederation, cede to the Queen of England forever the entire sovereignty of their country.”

The Maori version of the Treaty, called Ti Tiriti, is virtually identical in meaning to the final English draft.

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3. Co-Governance Is Destroying Democracy

The cornerstone of democracy is one person one vote. When Maori are appointed to boards, trusts, councils etc, instead of being voted on, this is undemocratic. If this continues, the end of the road is either dictatorship (e.g. Iran, Iraq, North Korea) or tribal rule. Take your pick.  In my view, there is only one thing worse than a dictatorship, and that’s tribal rule. New Zealanders must be shocked out of their stupor, defibrillator style, so they fully understand, and quickly, what is happening to their country.

Join in with Stop Co-Governance New Zealand. Get political. Inform your friends and neighbours and post on your social media networks.

4. Co-Governance Is The Reason Te Reo Is Being Forced On The General Population

The 83% non-Maori population are well aware that  some in 17% Maori population want to revive their language.

No problem. Go for it. It’s your culture. You have every right.

Just don’t try and force it on the 83% who don’t choose to speak or write Te Reo.

Have the decency to let the 83% make the choice.

Maori who love to write, speak, and hear Te Reo ought to watch Maori TV, and read Maori publications.

Most of the other 83% of New Zealand like to watch TV without Te Reo. They like newspapers and advertising which are free from Te Reo.

This is because their primary language is English, not Te Reo. The 83% don’t force Maori to read or speak English.

Maori choose to.

We’d like to choose too.

It’s offensive to have another language forced upon our European culture.

In fact, it’s cultural insensitivity. 

Proponents of co-governance think that by washing New Zealand with Te Reo, and forcing it, ramming it down the throats of the 83% will miraculously result in their increasing desire to use it.

The opposite is happening. Many of the 83% feel annoyed, offended, imposed upon, and strongly resent being brainwashed.

As a result they are now actively resisting Te Reo and encouraging others to do the same i.e. the plan for the Maorification of New Zealand is backfiring.

English must be retained as the primary language for commerce, education, law, and government communications, since it is the primary language most used by most of the population, including all the 160 other cultures who live here, and is the most accepted /prized/ spoken language internationally.

The exact opposite is true for Te Reo.

You can help this cause by becoming politically minded. How? Inform your friends and neighbours of what you have read here, and post on your social media networks. Encourage them to do the same. Thanks so much.

5. Co-Governance Is The Reason That An Attempt Is Being Made To Change The Name Of Our Country From New Zealand To Aotearoa

Proponents of co-governance are actively brainwashing the population into not just a country name change, but changes to the name of towns, cities, and landmarks.  This is the outworking of a political agenda.

We see this worked out most obviously on the TV1 and TV 3 weather reports.

How does it work? A new name (i.e. Aotearoa) is joined to the original name (i.e New Zealand) so that a new double-banger name becomes common i.e. “Aotearoa – New Zealand”. At first, the populations are perplexed, wondering what the new name is, and why it is even there.

However, since it is appearing everywhere, they start to use the double banger name anyway. After a while they get used to it. They reason, “Why not use it? It’s appearing on Government communications and state funded TV and radio. It must be OK.”

Little do they know that in doing this they are allowing themselves to become victims of a carefully crafted propaganda campaign.

And what is the goal of ultimate goal of this campaign? It’s part of a plan for radical Maori to take over / conquer New Zealand. Essentially, it’s pre 1840 tribal warfare.

Over time the proponents of co-governance gradually phase out the original name so that all that remains is the new name.

If New Zealanders want a name change, let’s have a referendum, but don’t do it by stealth / deceit / brainwashing / propaganda.

Get political. Join in with Stop Co-Governance New Zealand. Inform your friends and neighbours and post on your social media networks.

6. Co-Governance Is Threatening Free Speech

The right to speak freely, without restraint, is essential to democratic government because it helps us develop better laws and policies through challenge, rebuttal, and debate. The proponents of co-governance have sought to shut down / muzzle opinions which differ from the Labour government pro co-governance narrative.

Stop Co-Governance New Zealand is campaigning to inform Kiwis of the great need to maintain freedom of speech. 

7. Co-Governance Is Threatening One Of The Pillars Of Democracy Which Is “One Law For All.”

If New Zealanders are one people, and we are, no matter what culture we belong to, then it follows we all should have access to the same Health, Justice, and Education systems.  No more separate entities for Maori only.

This is apartheid.

Tell your neighbours about Stop Co-Governance New Zealand. Inform them of this web site and of the truth about the radical Maori political agenda.

8. Co-Governance Is Causing Deep Racial Division

The picture shows the remains of a Maori carving destroyed by anti-Maori vandals at Pony Point Reserve on Banks Peninsula. Here is another example.

Stuff is one of the media outlets heavily sponsored by the pro-governance $55 Public Interest Journalism Fund so the report of this incident is, understandably, doctored. These acts of vandalism will increase as racial tension increases.

Why are these acts of vandalism happening?

A growing number of the 83% non-Maori are starting to deeply resent Maori and their culture for all the reasons detailed on this web site. In addition, we resent being made to feel ashamed for being white skinned. We resent the fact that the huge contribution made by Europeans to the development of this country, including those who went to war and died to preserve our democracy, is being trashed. If it wasn’t for Europeans coming to New Zealand, Maori would likely still be running around in the bush, killing and eating each other.  We resent accusations of white supremacy.

This racial division is unwanted, since many of the 83% have friends who are Maori.

Yet these feelings of resentment are growing.

Many Maori too are feeling deepening resentment towards the 83%. Why?

They have succumbed to all the propaganda / lies flowing out from the Maori radicals who are driving co-governance.

What propaganda? What lies?  Maori are being told that ‘white man’ is the reason Maori are poor and downtrodden; ‘White Man’ are to blame for Maori taking up 51% of beds in prison, despite the fact that they are only 17% of the population; ‘White man’ man is to blame for Maori winning the gold medal for virtually every negative social indicator; it was White man who stole New Zealand from Maori way back in history, and it needs to be given back, and so on.

Furthermore, many Maori do not want co-governance either. They perceive that a small elite group of Maori are harvesting cash and assets “on behalf of Maori”, yet none of the spoils of war are trickling down to the average Maori on the street.

Co-governance is fuelling and widening this division at an alarming rate.

Stop Co-Governance New Zealand is campaigning to restore racial unity. Join in. Inform others.

9. Co-Governance Is The Reason The Media Has Been Corrupted

When Maori began their push for co-governance, they also began their big push to control the media.

They established a $55m public interest journalism fund (PIJF).

It’s now $105m.

TV, Radio, and Print could apply for a slice of this money, but only if they supported co-governance and the Maorification of New Zealand i.e. there were strings attached.

Offering money to media outlets in New Zealand was akin to dangling a jumbo box of KFC before a starving family in Africa.

But there was a catch – they could only have the box if they went on TV to say how wonderful the Aid organisation was who gave them the food. The world of media in New Zealand is crowded.

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10. Co-Governance Is Damaging To Maori

How? Those pushing co-governance are telling Maori that their poor status / performance in society is due to white man – that they are victims. It’s the blame game.Victims of what?

  • The  effects of colonialism (e.g. it was the white man who brought alcohol, cigarettes, and guns into New Zealand and these items had a devastating effect on Maori),
  • High Maori crime numbers are the result of police racial profiling (e.g. this  is the reason given to Maori for Maori being 17% of the population, yet  51% of the beds in prison are occupied by Maori)
  • Poor  Maori education performance is due to racism in schools and universities (e.g. not enough Maori language being spoken, not enough Maori culture in the classrooms etc)
  • Poor Maori health is caused by a racist health system (e.g. the reason given to Maori for why they are unhealthy is not to with things like diet and  exercise and healthy living– rather, they are told, it has to do with racism)
  • White  privilege. Maori are being told that the reason they are down and out has to do with inherent advantages possessed by white people. As a result,  Maori are not being treated equally. Rather, they are being treated  unjustly. This is utter nonsense. It’s a lie. All people have equal  opportunity in New Zealand. In fact, Maori are given MUCH more opportunity  than other citizens e.g. a certain percentage are guaranteed entrance to medical and engineering school. So Maori come to believe that their poor status / performance in society is nothing to do with them personally. Rather it has to do with external influences. That is to say, it’s someone else’s fault. They are victims. The blame game. 

This is terribly damaging. Why?

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11. Our Children Are Being Brainwashed Via The New History Curriculum, And Co-Governance Is The Reason.

 The new revisionist history curriculum recently launched in schools is a prime example of the weaponization of education. It has been carefully crafted to ensure the next generation do not oppose co-governance. More to the point, that they enthusiastically support it.

It’s an example of the state misusing the education system to indoctrinate the next generation. What for?

To benefit their own political aims and aspirations. Most people know this type of political indoctrination via education is commonplace in Totalitarian States like North Korea, and China.

In the new history curriculum, there is a notable absence of pre-1840 Maori history e.g. tribal society ruled by chief elites who had the power of life or death over their slaves.

Include cannibalism, infanticide, tribal wars, the decimation of the wildlife and the environment during their own colonisation phase.

Sometimes slaves had become part of the communities of their captors, but in most cases they were eventually killed and eaten. Tell of the time Tainui famously acquired corn by disembowelling another Maori and removing the kernels in his stomach for seed.

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12. Compulsory Use Of Maori Language In Schools Is Putting Ideology Before What’s Best For Children, and Co-Governance Is To Blame

It’s the ultimate example of selfishness.

Each day our children only have a few hours to learn what is going to be important and necessary for them to succeed in life. Reading, writing, and mathematics are absolute baseline essentials.

I am a professional educator, and one of the things I remember on my journey to a Master’s degree in Educational Psychology was the definition of education – “To Prepare Children For Success In Life.” How does forcing Maori language on our children do this?

Answer? It doesn’t.

In fact, it is just wasting their precious time.

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13. Iwi-Based Businesses Have A Very Substantial Tax Advantage Over Other Businesses And Co-Governance Is To Blame.

Publicly, the newly wealthy tribal corporations are lauded for contributing to the economy, but these entities pay little tax because they trade as charities.

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14. Via Co-Governance, Radical Maori Now Turning To UN Declaration To Plunder NZ…Again

15. Weak Politicians To Blame For Allowing Coup By Maori Elite

In yesterday’s blog (i.e. 23/8/22), we discovered by the Oxford dictionary definition, and an understanding of history, that Maori are not the indigenous people of New Zealand.

They are settlers in this country, no different from all the other settlers who came here from many different countries in the 19th century.

Elite Maori have leveraged the fact that they are the indigenous people of New Zealand to launch a coup under the guise of ‘co-governance.

The implications of the fact that Maori are not the indigenous people of New Zealand is huge.

First, this fact completely nullifies, under John Key’s watch, “The United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples”which New Zealand foolishly signed up to in 2010.

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