Christchurch Learning Centre Bullied Into Providing Te Reo Course That Only Tiny Numbers Of People Want

Christchurch Learning Centre Bullied Into Providing Te Reo Course That Only Tiny Numbers Of People Want


Universities are going broke, or are already broke, and this story today helps to explain why.

Please read THIS story.

Here are the bullet points:
A course was set up in Christchurch for students who want to learn Te Teo
Very few students wanted to enroll.
A few did enroll, but not enough to meet the minimum numbers to continue with the course.
If there is insufficient interest in a course, universities can them.
This is entirely reasonable.
Universities are like businesses.
They work out what course will run at a loss, or break even, or run at profit.
They have a responsibility to run only courses which break even or run at a profit.
Tax payers demand accountability from the University admin staff, not running any course, no matter what the subject, which run a loss.
Why? Because if a course runs at a loss,  tax payers will have to fork out for the loss.

But everything changes if you are Maori.

What the tiny number of Maori students did to have their tiny run-at-a-loss course re-instated?

Answer? They protest.  i.e. bullying and intimidation.

What happens next?

The university caves in, and allows the course to continue, even if no one turns up.

What is this? It’s apartheid. It’s racism, plain and simple.

If this was any other course, other than a Maori course, it would have been canned, and rightly so.

So now the tax payer is paying for a course making a loss.

This is something broke universities can ill afford.

The kicker? Maori claim the course is too expensive.

Our response?

Go to your tribal leaders, the ones who have been given hundreds of millions of dollars, if not billions, and tell them to pay for your course, and the course lecturer’s salary, and the cost of power while the course is in progress. Tell them to stump up with all the costs.

Why should the taxpayer pay?

And here is the clincher. All this is being done ‘in the relentless pursuit of equity’. What does this mean?

If all people in New Zealand were being treated equally, this course would have been treated in the same way as any other university course which didn’t meet the ‘minimum number of students’ requirement. It would have been canned.

It was ONLY because the students were Maori that the course has been allowed to continue.

What do we call this? Inequality. It’s racism. Like I said, it’s apartheid.

The hypocrisy and the twisting of the truth of the matter is simply mind blowing.

Welcome to the world of co-governance.

 What’s really interesting for me is that all this year we’ve been told Te Reo classes all across the country were full to over flowing. 

Clearly, this was BS. 

The MSM was trying to talk it up, speaking it in to being. 

But their efforts to dupe the population of Kiwis has failed. Te Reo classes are near empty. 


"Stuff" Produces Hilarious Article About Our Billboards! It's A Must Read.

"Stuff" Produces Hilarious Article About Our Billboards! It's A Must Read.

First, I want you to read THIS.

Yes, what they said about what I say in my meetings is accurate – there is a coup going on.

Yes, a lady was dragged out of one of meetings because she fired up in our meeting blowing a whistle. She brought it on herself. She got what she deserved.

No, the tour is not over. We are just re-grouping.  We had a wonderful meeting in Taupo last weekend.

Yes, I am not worried about offending people. Everything good in this world, when it started, offended someone.

Yes, we are hoping for 1000 billboards up by the end of 2024.

As for Maori being offended? No, Maori sold their land in the 1800’s. The new owners can do with they like with it. What right do Maori have to say what the new owners of the land do with it? Answer? None.

Maori were not ‘pushed out’. They loved the trinkets colonials brough to New Zealand. So much so, they sold their land to get their hands on them. A willing seller, and a willing buyer. That’s how it was.

Yes, Maori do have more rights than others. Apartheid is running at record levels in New Zealand. Anyone who can’t see this is blind.

To Dave Young – explain how you are offended. Be specific. Are you woke?

Re: calling non-Maori who came to New Zealand ‘strange people’.

This is deeply offensive to us. If it was not for ‘us’, Maori would not have roads, schools, medicine, hospitals, KFC, McDonalds, Winz, Liquor land, houses, power, cars, TVs, phones, planes, boats, outboard motors, power tools…the list is endless.

Maori owe a lot to these ‘strange people’.

To historian Peter – yes, the signs do convey the idea of “Maori” know your place. What place? The same place as the rest of us. What’s that? One person, one vote. All votes of equal value, all people being treated equally, living in a democracy, having no place for apartheid and racism.

This is what ‘the strange people’ stand for because Maori live in the same country and signed up to all this in the Treaty they must honour the Treaty and live under the same rules as everyone else.

To all Maori in Tasman – stop complaining and start honouring Te Tiriti. 

To Tim O’Connell, Tasman council. What you say is nonsense. As it happens our signs are promoting the sale of land (Maori sold the land to Europeans), promoting a community event (stimulating discussion about important issues in New Zealand), and fundraising (if people would like to donate to the signs, this is the bank account number – 12-3232-0016590-50.)

Conclusion? Our signs fit perfectly the council criteria for acceptable signage. So if the council ‘challenges’ us formally, we’ll see them in court.

To DB Breweries. You don’t have copyright on the words ‘Yeah, right’.

Write to the Tasman councillors:
Mayor Tim King by emailing

Let them know that you support the signs. 

Brainwashing In Our Education System Intensifies. School Principals Now The Target

Brainwashing In Our Education System Intensifies. School Principals Now The Target

First, I want you to read THIS.

If you want to be a principal of a school in New Zealand, watch out – you have no choice but to Maorify.

You are going to have to speak Te Reo, Promote Maori myths and legends as though they were scientific fact, run your schools according to Maori law or Tikanga, and much much more.

Schools are now no longer places of learning the 3 r’s: reading, writing, arithmetic.

No no. The 3 r’s are long gone in terms of emphasis.

These have been replaced by a plan to radicalize the students into all things Maori.

Clearly, the thinking in the Education Department goes like this.

The principal is the head of the school.
Whatever he or she models, the teachers will follow.
Whatever the teachers model, the students will follow.

What’s the point? Well, this is the most important bit.

These students will become voters one day.

If they are thoroughly Maorified, which Party will they surely vote for when they are old enough? That’s right, the Maori Party!

No surprises here.

What happens next? The Maori Party get more and more MP’s into Parliament.

In time, they take over Parliament, legitimately.

This is the plan.

Let’s consider what this actually means.

It’s means that your taxes are being used to:
Pay for Maori Party recruitment.
Pay for the Maori takeover of our country.
Pay for the Maori Party to brainwash our children in all things Maori.
Pay for our children to join what is effectively a Maori religious cult.
Pay for all the materials and resources in school necessary to effect these ends.
Pay for Maori ‘stuff’ to replace reading, writing, and arithmetic.

I want you to know something. The classic definition of ‘the purpose of education’ is to ‘prepare students for success in life’.

How will teaching children all things Maori achieve this end?

Answer? It won’t.

In fact, it will prepare them to fail in life. Why? Because in the real world, Maori ‘stuff’ has absolutely no relevance or use. It’s completely useless.

Most Maori don’t speak Te Reo!

For God’s sake, apart from a few white woke virtue signalers, and a few radical Maori, no one wants to be Maorified!

In other words, this is all being forced on people, particularly innocent children.

And here’s the thing. Each day in the classroom, there is only a finite time to teach. You only have a certain number of minutes of teaching time.

All the time you spend on Maori ‘stuff’ you take away from learning other vital and more important subjects like the three r’s. The 3 r’s are the stuff that will help a student succeed in life when they leave school.

Really, these new criteria released by the education department for choosing a principal are criminal.

They are actually abusive because they are not thinking about what is best for the students, only what is best for the Maori Party and their plans to take complete control of this country.

Please help us wake the country up to these realities before it’s too late.

Call me, and I will tell you how you can help. 0274 764 430

Try Our New Treaty Of Waitangi Quiz!

Try Our New Treaty Of Waitangi Quiz!

Click on THIS link to try the test.

What's the point? Radical Maori have gotten away with fraud and corruption all because Kiwis don't know the Treaty.

That is to say, they were not able to say 'No!' to many of the interpretations and ideas dished out in front of them  because they did not know truth of the matter.

Now, at last, you can know the truth and push back.

Do the test over and over until you become an expert - someone who can argue and debate the issue intelligently from a place of facts and truth.

Remember, in the end, truth always wins, but you need to know the truth to be in the right position to win.

Want More Details On How You Can Help With Billboards In Your Area?

Click HERE 

Please Help Us Get Our Billboards Up Around The Country!

Please Help Us Get Our Billboards Up Around The Country!

Stop Co-Governance is deadly serious about protecting democracy, free speech, one person one vote, all votes of equal value, and equal opportunities.

We think it’s worth fighting to stop racism and apartheid, Treaty of Waitangi fraud and corruption, and attempts by elite Maori to take over our country by stealth, trickery, and deceit.

Defending the one and attacking the other successfully requires skillful and relentless communication – booklets, flyers, blogs, emails, phone calls, marches, placards, banners, seminars, and….wait for it…billboards!

Billboards are an incredibly effective way to raise awareness and keep the issue top of mind. All political parties know this. Just look around the streets prior to an election.

Billboards cement a message for motorists, as they see them day after day, travelling to and from work.

The fact is, if we want to stop co-governance, we won’t do it without billboards. They are an incredible tool.

Below are just some of the designs we have come up with. You will think of others, and we welcome this.

If you like to help by putting a billboard on your property, or your fence, and you want to know how to do it, click HERE

You can view more design ideas HERE

Enough of Te Reo. Why English Must Officially Be Recognised As THE Official Language Of New Zealand.

Enough of Te Reo. Why English Must Officially Be Recognised As THE Official Language Of New Zealand.

(the picture above left was designed by lanyard wearers in Wellington so we thought we’d use it) 

One of our supporters wrote a great piece about why English should be recognised as THE official language of New Zealand.

I agree.

But Hugh does not go far enough.

The ONLY reason that Te Reo is being pushed and shoved down our throats is for the purpose of grooming us for tribal rule.

Saying that it’s being done to ‘preserve / revive the language’ is simply nonsense.

It’s just a smoke screen.

All other cultures in New Zealand, and there are 160 of them, preserve their cultures very successfully by speaking / writing it in their homes or/ and their special places of meeting.

So below is what Hugh wrote. It’s an excellent piece.


‘Maori’ was only made an official language in 1987 ( as later, was sign language) to compel authorities to ensure teaching facilities were made available to learn Maori ( or sign language) for / by those who wished to or needed to learn it .

That intention has, of course , since been escalated by ‘activist’ Maori ‘plotters‘ and ‘sympathisers’ to become an enhanced “mandatory-type” approach to teaching / learning Maori which was NEVER the original intention.

ENGLISH should unquestionably be officially designated ‘THE’ official NZ language to appropriately differentiate the relative importance of the languages .

English is the most widely spoken language in the world and is THE official international language of law; science; commerce/ business; air travel control ; diplomacy and tourism.

Why no Government has acted on this is beyond me , it is so obvious a so self-evident.

Quite frankly if Maori are so keen on speaking Maori.

WHY don’t they speak it themselves in their tribal settings and WHY don’t THEY teach and learn it inside their tribal settings.

Because there is NO POINT —- they ALL speak English.

No one else is interested in learning Maori.

There is absolutely no point in doing so !

And further , it is an insult to tourists to insist on Maori being used in official documents ; Government Department names; traffic signs etc etc —- let alone Maori being a requirement for employment in the Government service.

It is unquestionably an obvious ‘pandering’ to Maori solely for political-patronage purposes.

Our politicians need to GROW UP !

‘Maori’ should NOT be mandatory in any shape or form or use .

Hugh Perrett

Veteran Kiwi Explains Why He Is Committed To Stopping Co-Governance

Veteran Kiwi Explains Why He Is Committed To Stopping Co-Governance

You’re absolutely on target with this much needed awareness campaign and l am standing beside you on this regardless of the cost

I always remember my father challenging me with these words back when l was 11 years of age.

He stated that we must stand up on principle for what is right regardless of the cost ,he added that the day we won’t is the day that we have no principle at all.

He was raised on a sheep and beef farm, he flew spitfires in World war 2 and came home and found Truth and became a Baptist Minister.

Once l asked him if he would share something of his war experience.

He began to try and share a story then with tears in his eyes 👀 he turned to me and said, don’t ever forget the price that was paid for peace.

Out of respect I never dared ask him again to share any of those memories.

I would love to accommodate several of the billboards in our valley.

I have 7 kms of road line that runs through the property which is one of the most culturally sensitive valleys in the history of this country.

The road is also a shared road with the WestCoast Wilderness Cycle Trail.

Let’s get some billboards up. I don’t care about the cost.

What Is The Most Crucial Thing You Can Do, Practically, To Stop The Radical Maori Takeover Of Our Country?

What Is The Most Crucial Thing You Can Do, Practically, To Stop The Radical Maori Takeover Of Our Country?


Start A TEG!

T-E-G stands for “Treaty Education Group”.

Why this name?

We believe that radical activist Maori have gotten away with fraud, corruption, deceit and trickery with respect to the Treaty over the last 45 years.


The reason is simple.

Politicians and the people of New Zealand at large have been ignorant about  the Treaty, and our history.

I know this is a generalisation, but for the vast majority, and I am talking about upward, in my estimation, 98% of people, this is true.

Now here’s the thing.

One can’t detect lies, deceit, and trickery if one does not know the truth. Think about that.

One can only detect these things when one knows the truth.

Truth is hugely, hugely important. In fact, it’s everyhting.

If our people in New Zealand do not know the truth, with respect to the Treaty, then they are weak and sick, politically speaking, and easily fall prey to being shafted / robbed.

This is exactly what has happened in our country over the past 45 years.

Farmers will tell you, and so will doctors in hospitals, that when animals or people are weak and run down, their immune systems become compromised, and they become vulnerable to further disease and sickness.

It’s the same with New Zealanders and the subject of Treaty truth.

At present, they are weak and run down.

For numerous reasons, which I won’t go into here, the people of New Zealand have been subject to intense grooming, through a corrupt media, to remain in ignorance.

Thus they have become weak and run down with respect to our history and the Treaty, and thus vulnerable to being shafted, to having the wool pulled over their eyes, to being easily tricked, fooled, and deceived.

This cannot continue.

If it does, New Zealand will be lost to radical Maori infiltrators, treasonists, who will eventually take over total control of the country.

These people, and the media, want New Zealanders ignorant. 

I want you educated and sharp. Truth pedlars.  Lie detectors.  

What happens next if the activists get their way?

New Zealand will quickly degenerate into becoming the Zimbabwe of the South Pacifice.

What does this mean, practically?

Here are some highly likely possible outcomes:

  • Tribal tolls for boats out on the water. Maori only fishing areas. Fines.
  • Tribal tolls for cars moving between tribal areas.
  • Tribal tolls to use beaches. Fines for infringements.
  • Tribal tolls to use ex Doc land and National parks.
  • Land grabbing. Farms and private freehold property being ‘reclassified’ as Wahi Tapu (i.e. sacred Maori land) with no recourse for redress or appeal.
  • Tribal road blocks, with Iwi handing out infringement notices.
    The replacement of European town / city / landmark names with
  • Maori names. Changing our country’s name to Aotearoa. Road signs in Maori.
  • An exodus of good people leaving New Zealand.
  • With fewer people living in New Zealand, the tax take will be down, so to pay the bills, taxes and rates will increase for those left in the country.
  •  With a decline in the tax take, there will be less money for infrastructure maintenance and improvement.
  • The collapse of superannuation funds.
  • With a decline in the tax take, social services like hospitals, schools, and the police will decline, plummeting our country into 3rd world status.
  • An increase in corruption in government departments. Reports show that wherever the so called indigenous people have taken control of a country, this is one of the outcomes which follow.
  • Renowned philosophers / thinkers say separation (i.e. self determination and sovereignty for Maori), will result in disaster for Maori and only assimilation will work i.e. Maori joining the modern world and being Westernised, while at the same time being free and encouraged to retain and grow their language and culture.
  • This is hugely important, not just for Maori, but for all cultural groups living in New Zealand. i.e. to assimilate.
  • Tourists will choose not to come to New Zealand because of our “Zimbabwe Of The South Pacific” reputation. So the tourist industry will collapse.
  • Development costs will skyrocket, since tribal involvement will add another layer of bureaucracy. Developers will pass these costs on to end users.
  • A water meter on every dwelling in NZ with 50 percent of water charges going to private tribal companies.
  • Special preference given to Maori in employment situations.
    An end to free speech. Punishment (e.g. fines or imprisonment) for people who speak out against tribal rule. Intense Maorification of society.
  • Radicalisation of Maori young people. Aggressive behaviour toward others.
  • Bullying behaviour, typical of Maori land occupations, will increase as will noisy marches and rude interruptions to meetings.
    Fighting between tribes as they jostle for dominance.
  • The emergence of authoritarian Maori dictatorship where subservience and submission is demanded, including Maori of the non-dominant tribe.
  • You’ll pay an Iwi toll when you want to go fishing, or want to go to the beach.

 What I have listed is just some of the expected outcomes, the tip of the iceberg. 

We have 3 years to educate the public. Why three years?

Luxon is going to be a woke flop, a big disappointment.

He will be a one term Prime Minister.

Others are thinking the same. Read THIS 

What then?

There is a good chance, that at the next election, Te Pati Maori, The Greens, and Labour will be back in power.

Horror of all horrors, no!

Remember, they collectively received 40% of the vote in the last election.  That’s not far off having enough votes to form a government.

What am I saying?

I am saying that this last election was close. It was not a landslide victory for National.

And if / when Te Pati Maori, The Greens, and Labour are back, and they will be, for certain, sometime, what happens next?

That’s obvious.

Maorification and Co-Governance will be back, full force.

These parties will march on towards their goal of total Maori control of our country.  Where is the proof of this goal?


The HePuaPua document is another. Read it HERE

 Read the progress radical Maori have made with this HERE

What’s my message to you?

We have a small window of opportunity.

We have three years.

What can you do?

Start a TEG in your town or suburb if you are in a city with suburbs.

Phone me, Julian Batchelor, 0274764430

We provide all the materials, coach you, show you how to do it.

Now is the time!

To send this blog post to others,  quickly, as a link, click HERE

Be Sure To Watch The Douglas Murray Video Below!

Highly Respected Historian Bruce Moon Gives Dame Anne Salmond's 'History' Writing The Thumbs Down.

Highly Respected Historian Bruce Moon Gives Dame Anne Salmond's 'History' Writing The Thumbs Down.

Dame Anne Salmond wrote a piece recently about why David Seymour’s Treaty Referendum Should Not Go Ahead.

You can read Salmond’s piece and Bruce Moon’s response HERE

Stuff No Longer Hitches "New Zealand To Aotearoa"

They have dumped “New Zealand”

We knew all along that this was going to happen. 

It’s happening everywhere. 

It’s just part of the propaganda and grooming going on all over the country. 

Look at the screenshot below. 

Support Don Brash's Petition

Support Don Brash's Petition

Hobson's Pledge

Click HERE to sign the petition to stop the sea bed and foreshore being given away.

Youtube Have Cancelled Us!

Youtube Have Cancelled Us!

You Tube has decided that we are too influential and affecting people in a way that they don’t approve of.

So they have removed our ability to upload new videos.

We had over 1000 follows. This meant that if we uploaded a new video, these 1000 followers would be notified.

Our Youtube channel was growing fast.

We have only been going 8 months.

Then Youtube decides “That’s too fast a growth. Too many people watching. Wrong message. Shut him down”

Censorship by big tech.

So we have moved everything to Rumble.

Please subscribe to us. We have to start from scratch again.

Hopefully everyone who was subscribed to us on Youtube will subscribe to us on Rumble and we can build up again.

Here is a link to your new address on Rumble:

Increasing Number Of Rubbish Bins Are Having Maori Words Scrubbed out.

We are getting reports from all over the country of rubbish bins having Maori words scrubbed out, or painted over.

What’s this telling us? A growing number of the population have had enough of being force fed Te Reo.

One person who phoned us said “Putting Maori words on everything has nothing to with ‘preserving the Maori language’.

It’s about one thing and one thing only. What’s that? It’s about grooming the population for tribal rule.”

Plain and simple.

Watch the video below 

Maori Reveal Their Plans For Taking Over New Zealand

Maori Reveal Their Plans For Taking Over New Zealand

Please take time to read THIS

Why The Next Three Years Is Going To Be The Roughest Yet For New Zealand

Why The Next Three Years Is Going To Be The Roughest Yet For New Zealand

When you add up the percentage of the vote Labour, the Greens and Te Pati Maori received in the election just past, it’s frightening to realise that 40% of the voting public are either a) still not awake to the reality that radical / elite Maori are on the move, and well under way, to taking over the entire country or b) are awake and actually on board with the takeover. Hard to believe, but this is true.

Why? Both groups have succumbed to heavy brainwashing over the past 45 years.

Our universities and schools have been centres for the Maorification of our children, radicalising the same.

Our media have become agents of the state, promoting Maorification and the wonderfulness of Maoridom, viciously attacking those who oppose.

There is a chance that if we had a referendum, we might lose i.e. the majority would vote for a continuation of the status quo. That is to say, they would vote with their emotions, not their minds i.e. vote from a place of ignorance.

Which is why, with the greatest urgency, we must put the pedal to the metal in our efforts to educate and inform the population about the truth of the Treaty.

Research shows the vast majority of Kiwis have not even read the Treaty, let alone understand it.

We can’t expect a wonderful Treaty referendum result from a Treaty ignorant population. It’s way too risky. Dangerous in fact.

So what can we do?

We must rip the covers off all the fraud and corruption which has occurred over the past 45 years and expose it.

We must expose the depth and breadth of the extent to which Maorification has infiltrated our entire society. Let me assure you, what is reported and what you see is only the tip of the iceberg. Much is hidden, so as to not alarm the voters.

We must target the under 40’s to de-program them (to use a psychological term) so that they come to terms with the truth that they have been systematically targeted and brainwashed.


Without such a massive education counter offensive, the 2026 referendum might result in disaster.

A nightmare, in fact.

As an organisation we are developing an on-line video series explaining the history of the Treaty complete with quizzes and tests and fun stuff, as well as producing hundreds of thousands of flyers and brochures on various topics to be delivered into letter boxes, plus billboards and social media.

If you can deliver some flyers around your area please call Vicki 021 029 85419

Or sponsor a bill board for $135. Call Julian 0274764430

Or start a monthly automatic payment to support the cause. This is the bank account:


It’s crucial now that all the various amazing initiatives like Democracy Action, RCR, Hobson’s Pledge, Murial Newman and NCPR, and others, all work together to bring about this great end.

By this I mean, launch a massive and sustained education counter offensive to get us all ready to vote rightly in the referendum.

Rest assured, the Maori Party will be (and is already) full steam ahead with their own offensive.

They have already kicked off with threats of violence and city wide shut downs, bullying, intimidation, and sabre rattling. More is set to come.

Add a weak and woke PM into the mix, and we are in for a very rough three years.

As for “us”, we must move on from just complaining.

We must, each of us, take action.

If we don’t we’ll play into the hand of Te Pati Maori and all its allies.

We have three years to do it.

Let’s go for it!

When Will New Zealanders Stand Up And Say No To The Cultural Takeover?

When Will New Zealanders Stand Up And Say No To The Cultural Takeover?
By Michael Bassett

Yesterday Graham Adams’ column referred to Michael Bassett’s now ‘infamous’ piece which earned him a lifetime ban from the NZ Herald.

So we thought we’d give it another whirl!

A bizarre craze seems to be sweeping New Zealand right now.

All things derived from Europe except our creature comforts must be set aside as we are expected to embrace all things Maori.

It’s racism on a grand scale.

No longer do our television stations refer to New Zealand.

In fact, we are lucky if its Aotearoa-New Zealand.

No reference to the fact that, as Michael King shows, Maori didn’t have a name for these lands, and only came to accept “Aotearoa” in relatively recent times.

Several newspapers are falling into line and are now calling our country Aotearoa, a name unknown to most people beyond our shores.

No public debate.

We are expected to acquiesce.

The name “New Zealand” which dates back to Abel Tasman’s visit in 1642 came more into early use and is the name by which our land has always been recognized abroad.

It won’t be long before the woke who are driving all this insist on officially changing our country’s name.

Instead of being proud New Zealanders, we’ll be expected to call ourselves Aotearoaians.

They’ll try to avoid a referendum lest it results in rejection like occurred with changing the flag.

Just impose it! The woke have no respect for democracy.

Government departments and public institutions are being renamed at such a rapid rate that it isn’t clear what the names refer to.

Waka Kotahi for Transport? Why? Since all forms of transport except the canoe were unknown to Maori, and were imported from overseas, why a Maori name?

Where did Waka Kotahi come from? Waka, yes. But Kotahi? It doesn’t appear in the revered Bruce Biggs’ Maori dictionary. Waka Kotahi wasn’t a term used by Maori before settlers arrived in the 1840s and 1850s.

There are other institutions with self-bestowed Maori names that are unrecognizable to ordinary Kiwis.

Radio New Zealand, too, has been working full time.

They are deleting the words both “radio” and “New Zealand” from everyday use.

Nowadays it’s “Te Irirangi o Aotearoa” or “RNZ”.

Don’t mention dreaded English terms!

Some Radio New Zealand reporters fall over themselves trying to conform to a ruling from on high that they should introduce themselves in Te Reo, despite the fact that the concept of radio came from overseas, and was absolutely unknown to Maori.

We have also been told recently that all streets in New Zealand are to be given a Maori name.

Wow. That will be an expensive exercise!

Who will dream up the new names?

The Maori Language Commission that seems to be churning out new words at 200 kph?

And since Maori were very thin on the ground in the Auckland area in 1840 and were soon rapidly outnumbered by settlers,

it won’t be appropriate either. A relevant fact provided to members of the Waitangi Tribunal during the Kaipara case I heard was that in 1840 there were only 800 Maori living on the million acres of land between the Kaipara and East Tamaki.

That fact will be conveniently overlooked. Nothing is sufficiently disrespectful for Pakeha whose street names quite often have family or historical significance to them.

Similar examples of cultural cringe are showing up with the move to teach New Zealand history in our schools.

Scratch the surface and it becomes clear that those driving the idea want to downplay the huge significance of the arrival of European culture in New Zealand.

Rather, they intend to replace it with only partially accurate accounts of the difficulties Maori faced when brought into contact with a more developed culture.

Recently, I sought from the Ministry of Education details about who was designing the curriculum.

Back came the names of a couple of black arm band school teachers and a collection of Maori radicals.

There were a couple of academics, both Maori. No serious Pakeha historian in sight.

We can say with certainty that a skewed version of New Zealand history will be devised, one that leaves out things like the Musket Wars where Maori did irreparable harm to their own economy and society.

Instead, there will be much concentration on “evil” colonial land purchasers and settler governments, and excessive Maori land confiscations at the end of the wars of the 1860s. About the last of these, of course students must be told.

The confiscations came on top of the damage that Maori had already done to themselves and helped further depress the Maori economy and damage Maori society.

But what is taught to modern students should not exclude everything that reflects badly on Maori themselves.

Moreover, kids need to know that up to 50% of Maori in the country in the 1860s sided with the Crown.

And they need to be told why. The term “Kupapa Maori” to describe those Maori is regarded by modern Maori as equivalent to being called an “Uncle Tom”.

But it was respected in earlier times.

And if one needs any more evidence that cultural cringe has reached massive proportions in Auckland, have a look at the programme for the Auckland Arts Festival between 4-21 March 2021. Its Maori name, Te Ahurei Toi O Tamaki, takes precedence on the front cover.

Remember, that in Auckland, Maori are only 11.5% of the total population.

Pacific Islanders are 13% of Auckland’s population and Asians constitute more than 25%, according to the latest census.

People of European ethnicity make up more than 50% of Auckland’s population, but in the eyes of the organisers of the festival they don’t count.

The programme is “kapa haka, Maori artists, waiata sing alongs and korero [that] will bring the taonga that is te reo front and centre for audiences”.


In a city where almost 90% of people are not of Maori ethnicity?

Why hasn’t Auckland City, Creative New Zealand, Foundation North and a collection of worthy sponsors spared a thought for the overwhelming majority of Auckland citizens and ratepayers?

Where is the “equity” in this festival?

Answer: too much power has been allowed to slip into the hands of crusaders who for too long seem to have been able to commandeer the resources of others for their own political ends.

When, or will, Aucklanders, and New Zealanders as a whole, stop cringing and wake up to what is being done to their culture and largely with their money?

This Is How To Deal With Crime And Criminals In NZ

check out the video below.

An random bystander steps in to stop and innocent Asian from being robbed.

It’s beautiful to watch.

If the New Zealand police adopted this approach, our crime stats would plummet and we’d become the safest country in the world. 

Crime free.

Peters Says "No" To Seymour's Treaty Referendum. But...

Peters Says "No" To Seymour's Treaty Referendum. But...

First up, read THIS Herald article.

In response to this article, one of our supporters wrote the following.
There are two problems with the Tribunal/government
1. The Tribunal is supposed to make recommendations, but the government accepts them as directives – they are rubber-stamped.

2. The government gave them (by legislation) the false and totally unofficial copy of the Treaty to use – the copy that makes the two races separate and gives the maori rights over land and water etc (Rights NOT in the maori language copy signed by about 540 maori).

The solution to kill several birds with one stone is to pass a Bill replacing the fake Treaty (Freeman) with the REAL one (Littlewood).

A perfectly legitimate move that could not be opposed by even the Supreme Court OR the maori.

Of course, even though this would put an end to all the nonsense that has cost us billions, and will cost us heaps more in money and freedom when the foreshore claims start rolling in,

I cannot see Luxon, who loves the maori, DOING anything constructive a long as he holds the reins.

He does not have the balls to upset 2 – 3% to obtain justice for the 80% that pay and give up rights for all this.

This is something where NZ First and ACT should be applying pressure.

It would also kill the basis for the thousand-odd “principles” that revolve around the unauthorised changes to Article 2 (which was written in English only, then later translated into maori by the maori themselves to make it “airy fairy” enough to mean anything they liked – – Principles industry).

(If anyone has doubts, I have copies of both versions)

Another wrote this:
The Referendum proposed by ACT , assuming it is an absolutely true and totally honest reflection of the original Littlewood-draft based Treaty signed by the 500 plus Maori Chiefs , and it is clearly shown in advance by properly conducted research will be passed by a majority of at least 2 to 1 ( ie 67pc) , must be pursued .

The Waitangi Tribunal must be immediately terminated and abolished.

It is a highly Maori-partisan, Government sponsored “gravy train” for Maori , with appointees to the Tribunal , without observable exception,so heavily biased towards successful / preferential outcomes for Maori, as to make impartiality / objectivity of decision making and outcomes impossible.


I don’t agree with both completely.  What these two men have written would be excellent first steps, but definitely not the complete package, as it were. 

I believe the Waitangi Tribunal must be disbanded and all race based legislation repealed.


Kelvin Davis, Maori MP."Seymour Must Get Permission From Maori First If He Wants To Have A Referendum"

Kelvin Davis, Maori MP."Seymour Must Get Permission From Maori First If He Wants To Have A Referendum"


Already, Maori think they are in control of the country.

When they say “You must first get permission from Maori to have a referendum” this is tribal rule.

In the minds of radical Maori like Kelvin Davis, they are already in control. They think they rule the roost.

Their cockiness is on the increase, along with their arrogance.

What they want is to be in control, and everyone else to be their slave. Which is? Back to pre-1840.

Below is the piece that was published yesterday.

Et tu Kelvin Davis, ‘ “I think the first thing that David Seymour needs to go do is go out to the people and ask for their permission,” he said. “He needs to get validation from Māori in the first place.”

Today, 8th November, 2023
03:19 pm
Bridie Witton

Willie Jackson: ‘People will go to war … against Seymour and his mates’
Labour Māori caucus co-chair Willie Jackson is suggesting there could be civil unrest if David Seymour’s hopes for a referendum on the Treaty of Waitangi are successful in the ACT Party leader’s coalition discussions with the National Party.

He warned people are so strongly opposed that they would “go to war” to stop it.

Jackson was speaking in Upper Hutt after the Labour caucus of 34 MPs undertook a secret ballot and confirmed Chris Hipkins as their leader, despite the party’s historic election loss.

Jackson said he would spend the next six months deciding whether he wanted to stay on as an MP. However, he would definitely stay on if such a referendum went ahead.

“If there’s one, if that happens, then it’s going to require me to stay around,” he said.

“I don’t want civil unrest in our country. I’m just giving a warning. I work amongst our people. I’m amongst people who will go to war for this against Seymour and his mates. Now Mr Luxon can get all disappointed with me. I’m just giving you a warning from the people who are saying to me, ‘they’d better not go through [with it].'”

Kelvin Davis, who has stood down as Labour Party deputy leader after the meeting, said he would evaluate whether he also wanted to stay in politics over the summer period.

“We’ve got still got the largest Māori caucus and in Parliament and you know, with Willie and I, we know that we need to continue to build and help the party to become a strong opposition,” he said.

He also raised concerns about a referendum on the Treaty of Waitangi, and said Seymour had not asked advice.

“I think the first thing that David Seymour needs to go do is go out to the people and ask for their permission,” he said. “He needs to get validation from Māori in the first place.”

What is this?  Simple. It’s arrogance.

The latest interview between Julian Batchelor and Sean Plunket

by Sean Plunket
Willie Jackson "Maori Will Go To War To Stop Seymour's Referendum"

Willie Jackson "Maori Will Go To War To Stop Seymour's Referendum"

First, read THIS article from today’s Otago Daily Times

The logic of Maori leaders like Willie Jackson is mind boggling.

WILLIE JACKSON: “What gives them the right to unilaterally tutū with the Treaty, when there are two partners … two groups that signed it, and yet one group is making a unilateral decision?”

STOP CO-GOVERNANCE: But wait a minute. The original Treaty in Maori, as signed at Waitangi on the 6th of February 1840 is a beautiful document. But between 1975 and now it’s been so contorted and twisted by Maori radicals, activists judges, lawyers, MPs and others that it’s now not recognisable compared to the original. It’s been completely and utterly fraudulently manipulated.

So, no, Mr Jackson. It’s Maori like you have been tutuing with the Treaty. This is why Mr Seymour is calling for a referendum. He wants to expose all the fraud and corruption.

OTAGO DAILY TIMES: Jackson said he was hearing from some they were ready to “go to war” over the matter.

STOP CO-GOVERNANCE: I can guarantee Maori are not saying this. It’s purely Willie Jackson and his cabal trying to frighten the New Zealand public, and particularly the PM Luxon.

They want him to cave in.

WILLIE JACKSON: “Be very clear, I don’t want any disruption or violence. I’m not advocating for that at all. But I do understand our people’s frustration and anger if this was to go ahead … I’m saying to you what Māori have been saying to me … they’re saying ‘This is not going to happen, we will do anything that has to be done to stop that referendum’.

“I’m just giving a warning: I work amongst our people … who will go to war for this, war against [ACT leader David] Seymour and his mates.”

OTAGO DAILY TIMES: He said people like Sir Graham Latimer and Sir Tipene O’Regan had been just two examples of people who mortgaged their homes to seek a resolution to Treaty breaches through the courts

STOP CO-GOVERNANCE: Sir Tipene O’Regan is now one of the wealthiest men in Canterbury. Basically, he invested in the Treaty Industry and it paid big dividends for him. Jackson makes it sound like O’Regan made a great sacrifice on behalf of Maori. It was not like this at all. For Sir Tipene is was a business venture”

Radical Maori always play the sympathy card to try and win the public to their cause. 

WILLIE JACKSON: “They won through that through the English system. This is such an affront – if that referendum comes forward, I would imagine to be hell to play (sic) if it goes through.”

STOP CO-GOVERNANCE: This is code for “We Maori infiltrated parliament, the Waitangi Tribunal, the courts, schools, universities – focussing on the Treaty – and we worked hard to corrupt the lot so that we could plunder New Zealand by going on a tribal raid. And it’s worked.”

Enough is enough.  Let’s fight hard to stop this nonsense.  What nonsense? All this lying and twisting of the truth, fooling the public of New Zealand.   


Stop The Referendum! Maori Activists Collaborating  "Let's All Threaten Violence!" To Put The Willies Up Politicians (Pun Intended)

Stop The Referendum! Maori Activists Collaborating "Let's All Threaten Violence!" To Put The Willies Up Politicians (Pun Intended)

This tells you why THIS

Hugh, one of supporters, comments on this
These Maori radicals / activists like Jackson , Packer , Davidson , Tamihere and the Tribal-elite know that if these things ‘go to a vote’
in a referendum , THEY WILL LOSE .

Hence the thinly disguised threats and attempted intimidation and not too subtle incitements to violence .

The Tribal-elite are very anxious to regain the “ authority “ and “power” their ancestors enjoyed (only at tribal level mind you) prior to the ToW , which their ancestors requested because of the near genocidal inter-tribal war / murder / slaughter they were continually involved in , associated with enslavement , rape , infanticide and cannibalism .

Is this what Jackson , Packer, Davidson and Tamihere are threatening us with and inciting —- a return to “ the good old days” ?
Don’t be sucked in by this , Government. It is aimed at intimidating YOU.

They KNOW they cannot get their way under a Democratic vote , hence the threats and incitement.


Stand up and be counted FOR US — who you represent.


The Treaty Of Waitangi Act 1975 Was A dishonest, inaccurate piece of legislation.  Here Is Why

The Treaty Of Waitangi Act 1975 Was A dishonest, inaccurate piece of legislation. Here Is Why

This tells you why THIS

MICHAEL BASSETT explains why the Radical Maorification of New Zealand must come to an end

MICHAEL BASSETT explains why the Radical Maorification of New Zealand must come to an end


Be sure to read the comments

More Threats. This Time From Maori Party Co-leader, Debbie Ngarewa Packer

More Threats. This Time From Maori Party Co-leader, Debbie Ngarewa Packer

Start by reading THIS

First it was Tau Henare threatening revenge on Auckland councillors who voted against Maori wards.

Then it was John Tamihere who threatened violence and city wide shutdowns if David Seymour touched the Treaty.

Now it’s Te Pati Maori threatening a hikoi of all hikois (protests).

John Key caved in when such threats were made when he was prime minister.

Maori have learned from this. Learned what? They have learnt that MP’s are, generally speaking, cowardly.

So what do Maori do? They play on this.

They threaten, bully, and intimidate. Lesson? John Key’s cave in actually fuelled bad Maori behaviour.

As I said, radical Maori have worked out that most MP’s don’t like conflict, and will avoid it at all costs.  

Most MPs, rather than accept conflict is inevitable if you are fighting for a better world, opt out of conflict, and try and appease.

It’s a great mistake to do this.  A disaster in fact.

In WW2, to stop the advance of evil, Churchill declared war on Germany.

He was a brave courageous leader.

The fact of the matter is that there is evil in this world, and there are bad people and good people.

Anyone who denies this is delusional.

If you want to side with the good people against the bad, you have to take sides.

And if you take sides, there will be conflict, because bad people like Hitler, must be opposed.

And opposition means conflict.  Why? Because you can’t reason with bad people.  All they know is bullying, intimidation, manipulation, and threats.

Co-governance is wrong.  It’s based on fraud and corruption.  It destroys democracy and equality.

It’s a bad thing being pushed by bad people, and therefore must be opposed.

So, sadly, conflict is inevitable.

Luxon, are you listening?

By the way, the media have a lot to answer for.

They too are bad.  How so?

They report co-governance as being a wonderful thing, (i.e. For the media good is bad, and bad is good, and they report it like that) just like they report Hamas as being wonderful.

Only a corrupt / bad / evil media would do that.

We have work to do. 

So what’s the take away? 

Conflict is good when you are fighting for what is good, as Churchill showed us.

In fact, it’s inevitable because bad people (like Hitler) won’t stop their advance by good people (like Churchill) being “nice” to them.

That’s called being gullible, naïve, and foolish.  

If radical Maori declare war on New Zealand, which is what they are doing, then we must, like brave soldiers, rise up and meet that challenge.

With what?  With truth, and whatever else it takes. 

For the sake of our children and grandchildren, this is a conflict we cannot and must not lose.


‘Nah, f… off’: Māori say Treaty referendum would trigger widespread protest |

It’s time Maori realised that referendums are indeed a numbers game – it’s called the majority rules. That’s why the voice referendum in Australia voted majority NO.

Maori will resort to violence and intimidation if their grievance industry is under threat.
They will use every dirty  trick in the book to halt the Co Governance referendum.
Maori know they are outnumbered and are terrified of the prospect of a referendum.
David Seymour and Winston Peters need to stand up and be counted or they will be resigned to the history books as bigger traitors than Jacinda Ardern.
All we need is that referendum to put a stake in the ground then it’s all down hill for Maori from there.
We must push these gutless politicians every step of the way or they will falter.
This was a comment by a stop co-governance supporter

More Threats. Marama Davidson Vows "We Will Be Resisting Julian Batchelor's Rubbish!"

More Threats. Marama Davidson Vows "We Will Be Resisting Julian Batchelor's Rubbish!"

Start by reading THIS

After yesterday’s election recount result, Marama Davidson has come out swinging.

She calls Julian Batchelor’s message to New Zealand ‘rubbish’ but as to be expected, no examples given, and no detail provided.

For Marama, it’s rubbish for no other reason than Marama says it is.

She claims Julian Batchelor is creating division.

But is this true?

No, it’s not true. Julian is fighting for all New Zealanders against apartheid, racism, and separatism.

He’s fighting for all New Zealanders to preserve democracy which is one person one vote and all votes of equal value.

He’s fighting for all New Zealanders to stop one racial group being favoured over another.

Hitler wanted to favour one racial group against another, and look what happened.

The Maori Party, the Greens, and The Labour Party want to favour one racial group over all others, just like Hitler.

Who is that group? Maori.

Why is the media not exposing this? Why are they not picking up on this? Why are they not calling it out for what it truly is?

Answer? The $55m Public Interested Journalism fund which is still bubbling away.

So, no, Julian Batchelor is not creating division.

It’s the Maori Party, The Greens, and the Labour Party who are creating the division.

And Luxon, Seymour, and Peters better stop it by going to the root cause.

You can read the root cause HERE

More On The Indoctrination Of Health Care Workers

Check out the screenshots below

Don't Be Fooled By Dame Anne Salmond.  She's An Activist

Don't Be Fooled By Dame Anne Salmond. She's An Activist

 Start by reading THIS

This latest piece by Anne Salmond is serious tripe.

How so?

Anne says “Much of the scholarship, and official and legal commentaries on Te Tiriti have also been provided by scholars, officials and lawyers who are unable to read Te Tiriti o Waitangi in the original.”

This might be so, but it needn’t be so.

If one wants to know, accurately and precisely what the Treaty in Maori is saying, one does not have to go to ‘scholars, officials, and lawyers who are unable to read the original’ to find out.

There is a much easier path to fully and completely understanding what the Treaty in Maori is saying, but Anne does not want to tell you.

Rather, she wants to muddy the waters and confuse her readers.

She wants to keep the mystery going, or the muddying going, by spinning convoluted speculations with fanciful ideas about ‘back translations’ and ‘ancestral Māori understandings’, ‘contra proferentem rules’ ‘whakapapa lines’ ‘evolutionary theory and scientific racism’ ‘racialised readings’ and on and on she goes.

This is serious tripe.

For example, she claims that “The original gap between the understandings of the English officials who drew up the English draft of the Treaty of Waitangi, and those of the rangatira who debated and signed Te Tiriti o Waitangi in te reo was difficult to bridge, as Henry Williams and his son Edward found when they translated the English draft into Māori.”

Who says, Anne, that there was a “gap in understanding between the English officials who drew up the English draft, and the understanding of the Maori chiefs’?

Where is your proof?

This is pure speculation, springing from Ms Salmond’s fertile activist fuelled imagination.

Who says, Anne, that Henry and Edward Williams found bridging the gap between Te Reo meanings and English meanings  ‘difficult to bridge’?

Again, Anne provides no proof that this was so. She simply imagines it to be so.

The historical record shows, in fact, the very opposite of what Anne is asserting here.

Who says so? Well, Henry Williams himself.

“Henry Williams reported to Bishop Selwyn. ‘The instruction of Captain Hobson was not to allow anyone to sign the treaty till he fully understood it. To which instruction I did most strictly attend. That the natives to whom I explained the treaty understood the nature of the same, there can be no doubt.”’ (Bruce Moon. Twisting The Treaty. A Tribal Grab For Wealth And Power. Tross Publishing. 2013. p 35)

There. you have it. Clear as a bell. 

Why is Anne trying to muddy the waters?

Why does she want to make something simple (The Treaty) very complicated?


She is an activist.

She’s also showing off, trying to sound erudite and deep. Activists often do this.  It’s a well known strategy. 

Remember when you were at school? You had good teachers and bad teachers?

The mark of a great teacher is that they simplify and clarify. They make it easy to understand.

The mark of an activist is that they complicate and confuse. They obfuscate.  That’s Anne. And she is deliberate.

She can’t and won’t accept the simple wording of the Treaty because she does not like / cannot accept what it says. To do so would be horrific.  Waititi, Packer, Marama Davidson – they are all the same.

They all have  hidden agendas. 

The Treaty of Waitangi comprises  three simple Articles, a preamble, and an Affirmation.

Even a 10 year old child can understand them.

Here they are:
Her Majesty Victoria, Queen of England in her gracious consideration for the chiefs and people of New Zealand, and her desire to preserve them their land and to maintain peace and order amongst them, has been pleased to appoint an officer to treat with them for the cession of the Sovereignty of their country and of the islands adjacent to the Queen. Seeing that already many of Her Majesty’s subjects have already settled in the country and are constantly arriving: And that it is desirable for their protection as well as the protection of the natives to establish a government amongst them. Her Majesty has accordingly been pleased to appoint me William Hobson a captain in the Royal Navy to be Governor of such parts of New Zealand as may now or hereafter be ceded to Her Majesty and proposes to the chiefs of the Confederation of United Tribes of New Zealand and the other chiefs to agree to the following articles.

Article 1
“The chiefs of the confederation of united tribes, and the other chiefs who have not joined the confederation, cede to the Queen of England forever the entire sovereignty of their country.”

Article 2
“The Queen of England confirms and guarantees to the chiefs and the tribes and to all the people of New Zealand, the possession of their lands, dwellings and all their property. But the chiefs of the Confederation of the United Tribes and the other chiefs grant to the Queen, the exclusive rights of purchasing such lands as the proprietors thereof may be disposed to sell at such prices as may be agreed upon between them and the person appointed by the Queen to purchase from them.”

Article 3
“In return for the cession of their sovereignty to the Queen, the people of New Zealand shall be protected by the Queen of England and the rights and privileges of British subjects will be granted to them.”

“Now we the chiefs of the Confederation of the United tribes of New Zealand being assembled at Waitangi, and we the other chiefs of New Zealand, having understood the meaning of these articles, accept of them and agree to them all. In witness whereof our names or marks are affixed. Done at Waitangi on the 4th of February, 1840”

This preamble, these 3 Articles, this Affirmation, are copied from the final English draft given by Hobson at 4pm on the 4th of February 1840 to Henry Williams to translate into Maori.

This draft was signed by Hobson and we have this document.

There are only two differences between this final draft and the Treaty in Maori.

One is the date. The draft is dated the 4th. The Treaty is Maori is dated the 6th.

The second difference?

The Treaty writers inserted the word ‘maori’ into Article 3 of the version in Maori so that it read ‘…the Maori people of New Zealand shall be protected….’.

Anne Salmond does not want to tell you about this draft and I have told you why.

That’s Dame Anne Salmond for you. 

Her article has back fired. 

Have a nice day. 


Yet Another Maori Leader Talking Nonsense.This Time Dame Tariana Turia

Yet Another Maori Leader Talking Nonsense.This Time Dame Tariana Turia

First, please read THIS

My commentary is in red.

Dame Tariana Turia says she has never anticipated political parties using the Treaty of Waitangi document as a way to further disenfranchise Māori from their lands and their indigenous rights in Aotearoa.
First of all, our country is not called Aotearoa. It’s call New Zealand.

Second, Maori are not indigenous. Indigenous means you were here from the very beginning of time. Indigenous means you didn’t come from somewhere else to settle here.

Clearly, Maori don’t fit the definition of indigenous. They were settlers here, like everyone else.  Maori have the same rights as everyone else.  

I would challenge Maori to name just one right that non-Maori have that Maori don’t have. There are none.

What does she mean when she says “Maori were disenfranchised from their land?”  

No detail is given.  I will talk about what Maori did with their land  further down in this commentary. 


She believes Pākeha have also benefited from the Treaty.

“After all, they wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for that document,” Turia says. “I mean they are the ones who have benefited from that document and now they’re trying to use it against us.”
Notice how no detail is given. When she says ‘they are the ones who have benefited from that document’ what does she mean?

She does not expand on this statement.

Why? Well, because it’s not true.

Here are the facts.

Maori invited the British to come to New Zealand.

Why? Maori were self-annihilating.

They were drunk with war, with Utu (revenge) Muru (plunder) and they could not stop killing each other.

Cannibalism was rife, as was infanticide and slavery.

Tamati Waka Nene literally pleaded with the British to come and show them how to live.

The Maori population between 1800 and 1840 went down from 150,000 to 75,000.

This was Maori killing Maori in the musket wars.

Maori had no unifying government only petty tribes at war.

Essentially, Britain came to New Zealand in the spirit of the missionary, to help a failing self-destructing cultural group avoid self annihilation.

It cost Britain a lot of money.

They were walking into a bubble of trouble, but they knew that.

Yet they did it anyway.

It cost them millions of pounds to set up hospitals, roads, bridges, schools, infrastructure, government, law and order. The list is endless.

Just look around today at literally everything Kiwis have.

All of it has come from the goodness and goodwill of the British via colonisation.

And what did it cost Maori? Absolutely nothing.

 It’s all been laid on for them.

All they had to do was sit and watch.

The benefits for Maori just rolled in, at someone else’s expense and trouble.

“You can’t have your cake and eat it too. You either believe in the document and believe in what it really stands for and the rights that it affords all of us or you keep your thoughts to yourself. I think lots of things too but I’ll have to think very carefully about expressing them.”

Again, and as usual, no detail is given.

What does Turia believe the document stands for? She doesn’t tell us.

We must presume she does not know.

All she knows is that, “You either believe in the document and believe in what it really stands for and the rights that it affords all of us.” Absolutely no detail. No elaboration.

I will fill in for Turia and explain what she couldn’t.

The Treaty gives mandate for the establishment of democracy via the granting of British citizenship. From this, all the pillars of democracy follow:
– One person, one vote
– All votes of equal value
– All people in our nation are to be treated equally.
– No cultural group is to receive special favour.
– Apartheid is forbidden.
– Racism is forbidden.
– Private property is protected.

Maori bang on about tino rangatiratanga (a translation of the word ‘possession’ in Article two) as meaning ‘self determination’ or ‘self government’.

This is utter nonsense. It simply meant that whatever Maori owned on the 6th of February 1840 would be protected by the British.

Now this is where it gets interesting.

Research shows Maori had sold 97% of New Zealand by 1900.

So they have nothing to cry about.

What about confiscation?

Sir Apirana Ngata says they were justified.

What about any injustices?

These were investigated in 1924 by Justice Sim and reparations were completed by 1959. Done and dusted.

So why are we still paying out?

Why are settlements on-going?

The short answer?

We are being conned.

And why are we being conned?

Limp cowardly politicians with no spine are allowing it. Luxon is going to be another in a long line. 

The is precisely what David Seymour is addressing.

Let’s get behind him and support him.


What a classic statement from Tariana Turia,  in light of the small percentage of Maori genes most people claiming to be Maori (in the 21st century) now have. Exactly who is in denial?

"I Told You So".  Luxon Shows He Is A Coward By Refusing To Deal With New Zealand's Most Serious Issue.

"I Told You So". Luxon Shows He Is A Coward By Refusing To Deal With New Zealand's Most Serious Issue.

First up, please read THIS

All this year, Luxon has shown signs of being someone who is not going to deal with New Zealand’s most serious issue.

Which is? It’s the issue of the Treaty and the fraud and corruption which has surrounded it for the last 45 years.

And why won’t he deal with it? He possesses a fatal flaw.

And what is that flaw? Cowardice.

One can’t be a leader and a coward at the same time.

You can be a manager and a coward, because a manager can organise people without the need for bravery and courage.

But a leader? No. He or she must be brave and courageous to be called a leader.

Luxon does not have this essential character quality.

He says he doesn’t want to touch the Treaty because it will cause division. In saying this, Mr Luxon is so out of touch.

He does not realise that it’s the fraudulent manipulation of the Treaty that has CAUSED the division in the first place.

And it’s only set to get worse.

Apartheid, racism, and separatism are running at an all time high in our country.

Our democracy is collapsing. Equality is no more. Free speech is no more.

At its root,  it’s all because of activists and Maori radicals fraudulently manipulating and twisting the Treaty. 

Once the fraud is complete, then they move on to bully and intimidate politicians to enact legislation which gifts them cash and assets.  It’s a complete rort, a plunder of the public purse.  A heist.  

Everyone is noticing it. Noticing what? How our country is being taken over, or Maorified.  Plundered.

Racial division is here and it’s destroying our nation, and Luxon has the power now to stop the avalanche, but refuses to.

Think about it.

The very thing he says he does not want to create (division) is already here, and the cause is obvious, but he won’t deal with it.

Either he is a fool, or a coward, or politically blind, or all three.

My pick is all three.  Basically he is terrified of Maori. 

Wouldn’t a real leader discern the root cause of division, and be brave, and deal to it? You know the answer.

Cowards sidestep these big issues.

Yesterday, Don Brash wrote an excellent piece on why David Seymour’s referendum must go ahead.

I commentated on Don’s piece. If you read the comments, you can read what I wrote.

Here is what Don wrote and what I wrote  HERE.

Senior Maori Leader Found Lying In Radio Interview

Senior Maori Leader Found Lying In Radio Interview

He calls himself Te Huia Bill Hamilton (left)

His profile on LinkedIn advertises him as being involved in several significant Maori organisations.

Recently, he was interviewed on RCR radio by Paul Brennan.

In that interview, he said some things about Julian Batchelor that were simply not true.

To put it bluntly, they were lies.

What’s interesting is the way he told those lies.

What do I mean?

Well, the lies were bold faced. No hesitation, no stuttering, no loss of pace as they were uttered.

It seemed to me that Bill Te Huia Hamilton was used to telling lies. In fact, he was very very good at it.  He was practised. 

Make up your own mind by listening to the interview HERE

You only have to listen for 3 minutes into the interview before the lies start. 

Where are all the other Maori leaders piling in on Bill Te Huia Hamilton, demanded that he ap0logise? Censoring him? Answer? Silence.  

Reason?  They must be complicit. What other conclusion is there?  Is this just normal behaviour for Maori culture? 

Te Huia Bill Hamilton is an activist Maori.

Lying is just one of the bag of tricks they use to advance their cause.

I wonder how many other lies he and other Maori activists have told over the past 45 years to the New Zealand public?

Apart from massive treaty of Waitangi fraud, brainwashing our children through their new history curriculum, brainwashing real estate agents, brainwashing medical practices, brainwashing hospital staff, lying about the health system saying it was racist when it was not, brainwashing politicians, lying about 3 Waters and what it was really all about, lying about He Puapua saying it was just a discussion document when in reality it was being rolled out in front of our eyes, lying about the new RMA, lying about tino rangatiratanga and its meaning….the list is endless.

You can read about the true meaning of tino rangatiratanga HERE  

My pick is that when an activist is talking, there is a 99% chance it’s BS.

You can read the details of this Bill Te Huia Hamilton case  HERE

We think Bill Te Huia clearly defamed Julian Batchelor so legal proceedings will start. 

Maori activists, like Bill, and others, need to be called out and exposed.   They have got away with it for years, and no one has said anything.  There has been no accountability. They have been running wild and free, wreaking havoc. 

It’s because we’ve said nothing that activists and their agenda to take over the country have got so far. 

The time for hiding and evading is over.   The time for fact checking everything they say must start. 

If you want to contribute to the legal costs, please do so into this account: 02-0261-0025679-000

Just reference your gift with ‘legal fight’.  

Bill will likely have his court costs covered by the government because he is Maori. 

We have to cover our own court costs because we are not Maori. 

This is apartheid, plain and simple, I know, but this is how it is. 

Thank you so much in advance. 


Real Estate Agents Targeted For Indoctrination. The Next Group? Medical Practices.

Real Estate Agents Targeted For Indoctrination. The Next Group? Medical Practices.

Recently Real Estate Agents were writing to us to explain how they were being forced to complete a course in Maorification.

You can read about this HERE

It was essentially heavy grooming getting the agents ready for more tribal rule in the future.

If they didn’t complete the course they could not continue as a real estate agent.

It was a case of “be Maorified, or lose your job”.

A few days ago, another sector in the work force informed us of their maorification requirements. 

What was that sector?

Medical centres throughout the county.

This is what the General Practice said.

I am not joking and this is not a prank.


“RNZCGP, The Royal New Zealand College of General Practicioners requires all GP Practices in New Zealand to be endorsed for general practice services with Foundation or Cornerstone Accreditation as a legal and contractual requirement.

To achieve this accreditation:

ALL staff must complete two online courses or courses in person on 

1) Treaty of Waitangi in Healthcare and 2) Cultural Competence (Maori based)

A GP practice cannot operate in NZ without this accreditation. The accreditation will not be approved without evidence of ALL staff having passed these courses. Receptionists, Admin, Nurses and Doctors.

Each separate course, online is $99.00 so it’s a total of $198.00 per staff member.


Discrimination, indoctrination and milking the cow is what i call it!

Good afternoon Julian

So called ‘cultural safety courses’ have to go!

The practice of gratuitous imposition of courses in cultural understanding and sensitivity seems likely to continue.

In some employment fields, and medicine is one, a measure of cultural sensitivity is obviously a good thing; it is the exploitation of that good thing for political intent that is both objectionable and dangerous.

Because it is a good thing if done with sincere intent and appropriate moderation, it is not always easy to define the point at which the good thing becomes objectionable and hence warrants opposition.

Co-governance itself is easy to identify and hence to oppose; opposition to courses in cultural understanding is a more complex matter particularly in fields like medicine and education.

We know that Maori activists will exploit them for their own ends, but pinning down the point at which the exploitation begins and so should be opposed is often difficult.

Hence, I wonder if, in this area of concern, an alternative strategy might be considered, namely that of “overload”.

Instead of questioning and opposing cultural understanding courses, we might, with reference to Article 3 of the Treaty, agitate for the extension of them to cover all 160 cultures now present in New Zealand.

And we might with good cause allege that Maori (as evidenced by Te Pati Maori) are spectacularly lacking in understanding of, sensitivity towards, and interest in other cultures, so are prime examples of people in need of cultural sensitivity training.

Having established that, we might then move on to provide examples of the kind of things that people in medical practices should be aware of.

Just for starters, being of Scottish descent, I would expect all personnel at my local GP Practice to be aware of and sensitive to the following:

1. that I am of Clan Gordon and I do not want to find myself in the Waiting Room with anyone associated with a clan that was on the other side at Culloden
2. that I continue to suffer from inter-generational trauma resulting from the Clearances
3. that appointment bookings should be managed so as to avoid having anyone of MacDonald and Campbell descent in the Waiting Room at the same time, otherwise there could be a re-run of the Massacre of Glencoe.
4. that any dietary advice I am given should not go so far as to suggest that I refrain from consumption of haggis
5. that a range of specified traditional Scots expressions will be understood by medical practice staff

This is just for starters; a comprehensive list would be much longer and, of course, there remain 159 other cultures whose requirements would have to be added. Scottish people enjoy their culture and, I am sure, would enter into this exercise with great gusto, as would the French and the Irish.

And, just for good measure, anyone who questioned or opposed extending such training to all 159 other cultures would be a self-identified racist.

I trust this provides food for constructive thought.

Best wishes


Cultural Safety Courses Have To Go

Maori Activists Default To Their Biggest Tricks To Stop The Act Party Referendum : Threats, Bullying, And Intimidation

Maori Activists Default To Their Biggest Tricks To Stop The Act Party Referendum : Threats, Bullying, And Intimidation

This was a recent meeting at the Kaipara District Council. The Maori lady speaking is a guest speaker.

When I first saw this video, I thought “This has to be staged. It just can’t be genuine, surely?”


So I phoned the Mayor of Kaipara, just to check.

And sure enough, it was genuine.

The lady talking is not acting, she is not fooling around, she’s actually being serious! OMG!

These are the kinds of people we are told we are in partnership with via the Treaty.

Seriously, who would want to have this lady or any like her in any kind of team?

Who would want her in any kind of leadership position? Who would want to be in any kind of partnership arrangement with her?

In my last blog, yesterday, I talked about Maori activists having a bag of tricks.

What are these tricks? Things like lying, bullying, intimidation, violence. threats, bluffing, acting, and so on.

On display in this video is one of the big ones: the desire to control .

And so what they do is use all their other tricks to achieve this end.

The desire to control people and situations is really what I call the King trick. It’s the one that over arches all others.

Activist Maori want to control people and situations. They are addicted to it.

This desire can be traced all the way back to pre-1840 when Maori chiefs had slaves.

And of course, the key thrill for the chief was that he had a group of people who were totally under his control. This is one reason stop cogovernance as a movement was formed.

What reason? We refuse to be slaves of the Maori elite.

Just watch this lady pull out a series of tricks from her bag of tricks to get control of the councillors in the room.

First trick? intimidation. Her demeanour is aggressive with a lot of finger pointing, arm waving, neck protrusion, and eye glaring. These are all tricks to get control of the councillors.

Second trick? voice tone. The tone is once again aggressive and accusative. She accuses the councillors of not listening, of being distracted by their phones and laptops, of not giving her their full undivided attention, of not answering her emails, of not being attentive to her every need. Voice tone is designed to break down the councillors to get control of them.

Third trick? voice volume. This is a big one for activists. They often raise their voices so as to talk over the top of people. This is why I never engage with them. They want to draw their opponents into a shouting match. You’ll never beat them with shouting louder. They have had a lot of practice in their homes, with police officers, court staff in our judiciary. Really it’s using bullying to get control.

Fourth trick, there is attitude. She talks down to the councillors in the room like they are toddlers being told off. I am surprised she did not tell them to sit up straight and fold their arms otherwise they would not be allowed out at play time. Once again, control and manipulation.

The classic instruction from her was definitely ‘no eye rolling’ and ‘no looking at each other sideways’ and ‘definitely not looking at the important papers on your desk!’ She obviously is quite familiar with how audiences in previous meetings have reacted to her. At least she is observant.

She starts off by saying she is going to ‘set expectations’ and waves her phone around. Truly, this is the stuff of Nazi Germany and the third reich.

Click on THIS link to see the reaction of one of the councillors during the meeting.

Fifth, they ignore the rules. The mayor asks her to stop but she ignores him. This goes back to the need to control and to be in control.

Sixth, there is gross hypocrisy. She demands respect, but gives none. This is typical activism behaviour. She bangs on about how she has had to take time off work to go to the council meeting, but ignores the fact that her 6 minute rant is wasting the time of 12 councillors and other staff in the room. She wants our sympathy for taking time off work.

Be wary of the sympathy card they pull. They use it a lot. The sympathy card is trick number seven.

The eighth trick? arrogance. She thinks she is a hot shot, and amazing, but really, for all the above reasons, she is the opposite. A loser, in fact.

Number 9? , delusion. She advises the council that they should consult with “experts”. Who are these experts? Manu Whenua, she says. This would make a good Tui Beer advert. “Yeah, right”. As such, she is delusional.

Tenth trick? ignorance. She accuses the council of shirking their Treaty obligations. What were those obligations? To set up democracy and rule. What does that mean for the people of New Zealand? Submitting to the authority of the government. What does that mean?

Given that local councils are representative of ‘government’, this activist, by pulling out her bag of tricks in the council meeting, is breaching the Treaty. How so? She is not submitting to government. Rather, she is trying to ride rough shod over it and take control.

How should we conclude?

In yesterday’s blog I talked about activists being toddlers in adult bodies.

This lady is a prime example.

The real hero in the room is Mayor Craig Jepson.

Why? He shut her down, and was applauded by other councillors for doing it.

My only criticism of Craig was that he was six minutes too late in making that call.

But all was not lost, It was playtime anyway at the Kaipara council kindy.

Huge Area Of Hauraki Gulf To Be Designated "Maori Only Fishing". This is apartheid, plain and simple.

Huge Area Of Hauraki Gulf To Be Designated "Maori Only Fishing". This is apartheid, plain and simple.

The image below is from South Africa in the 60’s. It says CAUTION. BEWARE OF NATIVES

Kiwis in the 1970’s and 80’s were so horrified by this image, and others, coming out of South Africa that we took to the streets in protest.

And rightly so.

Yet now, only a short 40 of so years later, we are promoting Maori only this that and the other thing.

In other words, we are promoting apartheid.

What would you think if the sign said ‘CAUTION. BEWARE OF WHITE PEOPLE’ and such signs began to appear all over New Zealand.

Sound ridiculous? Not so.

The signs have not started to appear yet, but the ideas have. Yep, big time. Apartheid is back in New Zealand.


Well, the latest to surface is the plan by the government to designate huge areas of the Hauraki Gulf as MAORI ONLY FISHING AREAS

Hard to believe it’s actually happening, but it is.

It’s only a proposal at this stage, but the very fact that the people drafting this legislation are serious about implementing it is a real concern.  

The fact is, their proposal is not a sick joke.  They are deadly serious.

You can read the story HERE

Our Children Are Being Deliberately Brainwashed At School.

Our Children Are Being Deliberately Brainwashed At School.

Your children, our children, are deliberately being brainwashed at school.

This morning a parent sent me an email with a great example.

Check out the picture below.

The reason they are being brainwashed?

Activists have made it clear they want to what they call ‘groom’ the next batch of voters coming through.

What this means is that they are grooming our children to vote for all things Maori when they are old enough to vote.

In other words, schools have changed from places of leaning into being idealogical Maorification centres.

If you have more examples of how your children are being brainwashed at school, please send them to me.

Look At The Picture Below

This is sent to Board of Trustees, which is in turn sent to all teacher. 

If this is not brainwashing, what is? 

Why Are Maori So Worried About Act And David Seymour's "Principles Of The Treaty" Being Defined?

Why Are Maori So Worried About Act And David Seymour's "Principles Of The Treaty" Being Defined?

First, watch THIS VIDEO

My question is this – if Maori are only interested in truth, the truth about the Treaty, why would the Maori Party and Maori radicals want to oppose what David Seymour is wanting to do?

That is to say, if Maori are telling the truth about the Treaty, walking in the truth of the Treaty, and standing on the Truth of the Treaty, they would have nothing to fear.

Truth speaks for itself. 

But they are not standing on the truth. This why they are so worried. 

They are standing on 45 years of lies, deception, bullying, and intimidation.

The only reason they are opposing David Seymour is because he is threatening to bring to truth out in the open. 

He is going to take the covers off 45 years of lies, deception, trickery, the loss of billions of dollars and assets fraudulently obtained by Maori over all those years. 

What does interest them, more than anything, is keeping the gravy train going.



The Maori Party and Maori Radicals and their fellow white woke travellers have weaponised the word ‘racist’ to shut down opposition so that they can carry on with their plans to take over the country unopposed.

Labelling people ‘racist’ is just a cheap psychological trick.

But when you ask them what a racist is, they don’t know, as we have just seen in the video.

Now here’s the thing-most Kiwis don’t know what a racist is either. All they know is that it’s not nice to be called a racist.

So to avoid being called a racist, they stop opposing anything racist that the Maori Party and radical Maori are doing.

They “Keep their heads down and keep quiet”

So we come full circle back to being exactly where the Maori Party and radical Maori want us to be which is?

Lying down, keeping our mouths shut, not opposing anything they say or do.

This is a completely wrong response.  Surely, surely, you can see what’s going on here? 

The irony is, we (i.e. Stop co-governance and all our supporters) are not racist at all.  In fact, we are the ones standing up against racism!

We must recognise how all this works, and stand up and fight the coup and those who are driving it. 

What’s more important – you being labelled a racist, and taking it on the chin and not worrying about it, and taking a stand by taking up the fight, or you getting sucked in by their cheap psychological tricks, lying down, shutting up, and losing your country? You know the answer.

Take the heat, grow some, take it on the chin when you are called ‘racist!’ and start openly and radically opposing the coup.

Stop being a sissy and make a stand.

Complain To Hoyts Cinemas

Look at the picture below. This is appearing in Hoyts cinemas.

What wrong with it? It’s brain washing.

But hang on, what, specifically, is wrong with it? 

First, Maori are not Tangata Whenua. This means ‘people of the land’.

Maori take this to mean ‘the first people of the land’ or ‘the most important people of the land’

Or ‘the people in the land who everyone must show respect’. 

No, there are 5 million people here and 160 cultures. We are all equal. So singling out one group over the rest is racist.

Second, Maori were not the first people here.

There is strong evidence that other people groups were here before them.

So Hoyts is advertising at worst lies, at best highly controversial opinion.

There is absolutely no scientific proof Maori were the first here. 

In fact, there is strong evidence other people groups were here before them.  

They are definitely not indigenous. 

Third, Aotearoa is not the official name of our country. It never has been. This change was never mandated by the 5 million people of New Zealand.

Rather, it was forced on them by the radical Maori racists in collaboration with a corrupt media.

Using the word Aotearoa is now highly offensive to many Kiwis. 

Fourth, when Hoyts says “we pay respects to such and such,……”  this is blatantly racist.

I re-iterate, whenever one racial group is elevated over another,, this is evidence of racism at play, and of the spreading of apartheid.

So in summary, it could rightly be said that Hoyts is propagating lies, racism, apartheid, inequality, and historical controversy.

This is a message to Hoyts Cinemas.

“If you want to stop people coming to your theatres, and start losing revenue, and keep offending people, keep up this advertising.”

Let Hoyts know you object strongly to all this. 

Email their CEO

Letter to Hoyts

Letter to Hoyts

CEO of an Auckland company

Dear Damian,

I was surprised to see the following on the screen in Sylvia park

There are no defined principals of the treaty, there are only the actual articles signed in 1840, by the Maoris and Queen Victoria’s representative, Period.

These “Principals” you speak of are not related to the articles, they were created in 1986 when Jeffery Palmer our PM at the time inserted the term “the principals of the treaty” into legalisation. They were and still remain undefined by parliament.

These statements on your screens are racist, they disregard the facts surrounding the origins of Maori and their incredible journey to reach NZ in the 14th Century

We are one people in New Zealand and this racist separation promoted by Hoyts is unwanted by the vast majority of New Zealanders.

This is no different to when on the 14th October the Australian people spoke clearly and overwhelmingly with a no – they rejected racist separation for Australians, just as we will in New Zealand

When you separate one group of our society based on race over all other New Zealanders you promote separatism, disharmony and racism. I would remind you that Racism is illegal in New Zealand.

Just so you are aware “Tangata whenua” means all people born in New Zealand not just one race

These statements are a highly political issue in New Zealand and not something businesses and you representing your shareholders should not be involved in taking political positions on

These messages are offensive to most New Zealanders including Maori

I hope Hoyts can reconsider there position on promoting racial disharmony in New Zealand



More and More Kiwis Are Pushing Back Against Maori Language

More a more Kiwis are pushing back against the forcing of Te Reo in New Zealand.

The incident reported in the newspaper report below is just one of dozens happening all around the country.

We hear about them because people sent us photos of what they are noticing / seeing as they go about their day.

By the way, the statistics about the number of kiwis who know the Maori language or who speak a bit of it is fake.

The ‘statistics’ and this ‘research’ are contrived. They are attempts to ‘talk into being’ something which is not.

Anne Tolley is well known as the queen of woke.

More Homeowners Suffer Possible Private Property Loss As A Result of Iwi Interference.

More Homeowners Suffer Possible Private Property Loss As A Result of Iwi Interference.

You can read the story HERE

A different home owner wrote to me. You can read her story

Hi Julian and Brooke,
Don’t you think it is time to start getting a signed partition going for a stop co-governance referendum and putting it forward to govt so they have to take action.

I don’t think the majority of NZers have any idea of the repocussions of co-governance nor the probability that racism catering to a minority group of elite tribal Maori will undermine NZ and all NZers, the justice system and every other govt department and basically enslave us all except elite tribal Maori to lives of complete and utter control by Elite tribal Maori.

I live in the west coast and the te tai poutini plan which is claiming historical Maori significance to large areas of land including my very small lifestyle block, which never had any such significance.

This means that I will have to go to nga taihu or local Maori tribe to get permission to do what I want with my land. Submissions are being heard, however delays due to numerous mistakes made by the incompetent designers/instigators/council managers of the whole sorry corrupt racist travesty that I call limposter land control”, are holding up the process.

I see it as an illegal way to again take what is not theirs to take.

It won’t be long before elite tribal Maori will control the whole shibang.

Nothing less than a third world country under elite tribal Maori dictatorship. I for one have had enough.

I sure as hell am as angry and disgusted with continuing govts to have let it get to this contemptuous stage considering that most of co-governance has been formulated on myths, deceit and BS.


Free Speech Union Goes To Bat Against Taupo Council Who Stopped Julian Batchelor From Speaking

Free Speech Union Goes To Bat Against Taupo Council Who Stopped Julian Batchelor From Speaking

Earlier this year, the Taupo Council stopped Julian Batchelor from speaking at one of their council owned buildings

The Free Speech Union said this was illegal.

So they are mounting a legal challenge against the council.

You can read the story HERE

Massage Therapist Denied Accreditation For Not Being Able To Do "Maori Massage"

Massage Therapist Denied Accreditation For Not Being Able To Do "Maori Massage"

Massage Therapist Denied Accreditation For Not Being Able To Do “Maori Massage”

A person who is a qualified massage therapist with an NZQA Level 6 Diploma in Therapeutic Massage and holds a New Zealand Massage registration rang ACC to apply for accreditation with them. This person is a New Zealand citizen raised in NZ.

They asked her what her iwi was.

She replied that she did not have one and asked how she could get one.

ACC asked her if she knew Miri Miri Maori massage.

She replied that she could learn it.

Even though she was willing to learn Miri Miri Maori massage, she was still denied. She was not able to be an ACC Massage Therapist because she did not have an iwi and was not trained in Miri Miri Maori Massage. This is a shocking case of racism.

This highly experienced and qualified massage therapist was turned down on her race. Her experience did not matter.
There is a Maori woman in her area who is ACC registered and who only does Miri Miri Maori massage.

Say No To Maori Wards On Auckland Council.

Say No To Maori Wards On Auckland Council.

In spite of widespread opposition, it looks like Auckland Council are going to go ahead and vote in Maori Wards.

To do this is to trash democracy.

You can find out how you can try and stop this by clicking HERE

Feel Like A Good Laugh? Then watch this!

Feel Like A Good Laugh? Then watch this!

This is about the lunatic left. Watch the video HERE

What Does 'Tino Rangatiratanga' mean? How Activists Have fraudulently Used These Words To Plunder New Zealand

What Does 'Tino Rangatiratanga' mean? How Activists Have fraudulently Used These Words To Plunder New Zealand

Over the pass 45 years activists have used the phrase ‘tino rangatirtanga’ to plunder New Zealand’s cash and assets.

You never hear anyone question them about it. 

 This is why they have got away with so much

No more.

To read about what ‘tino rangatiratanga’ really means, read THIS

Please pass this on to everyone everywhere.

John Tamihere Video Alarming.  He Says Maori Will Resort To Violence If They Don't Get What They Demand.

John Tamihere Video Alarming. He Says Maori Will Resort To Violence If They Don't Get What They Demand.

He is the clearest example of what tribal rule will be like that you will ever get.

Watch THIS video

What Tamihere is saying is ‘If you don’t do what we want, we’ll get violent”

This is terrorist talk. 

Is this how you want New Zealand to be run?  Would you like this kind of leadership?

He also talks about ‘the tyranny of the majority’.

What does this mean?

For Tamihere it means that what the majority think (i.e. in a democracy, the majority are the people who vote a political party into government) does not matter.

All that matters, according to Tamihere, is what Maori think and want.

What does this tell us?

It tells us that Maori are only interested in what Maori want.

The rest of us don’t matter.  They are not ‘for’ New Zealand. They are for Maori only.

They are not interested in democracy, or democratic process. 

In other words, Maori want to be the chiefs of New Zealand, and the rest of us slaves.

The slaves have no say, and are of no consequence. They want to take us all the way back to pre-1840 New Zealand.

This is how the leaders of tribal rule think.

They say their justification “is in the Treaty”. Let me say categorically, it is not in the Treaty.

All their demands are based on Treaty fraud and trickery.

Tamihere threatens “through his networks” to shut down Whangarei, Auckland, Tauranga, Wellington etc”

Oh really?

He bluffing. He’s trying to sound like a lion, like the King of the jungle, but really he is a kitten.

Our response?

If Tamihere and co want to get violent and shut down the country if their demands are not met, then we say “Bring it on”.

We will not be bullied and intimidated.

What matters is that the truth about Treaty fraud and corruption over the last 45 years is brought into the light and exposed.

What matters is the preservation of democracy and equality. What matters is that we eliminate apartheid and racism from New Zealand.

And if there is a cost to preserving the former, and eliminating the latter, and bringing the truth of the Treaty to light, then we will count the cost.

If our soldiers went to war to preserve the former and eliminate the latter, and lost their lives doing it, then what sacrifice of ours is too great? 

When we take up this fight, we take the baton from our soldiers in the two great wars.

We say again, bring it on.

Ron Writes: "Tamihere A Terrorist!"

“No doubt John Tamihere is correct, that it is quite likely some Maori will resort to violence if they don’t get what they want. After all there is a long history of that approach, including the ToW being signed as a desperate attempt to escape the violence being perpetrated on each other. Violence clearly was very much integral to the Maori way of life as an accepted method of getting what tribes wanted, a deeply ingrained trait that’s not going away any time soon.
“The tyranny of the majority” is also a hardly surprising perspective, coming from a tribal aristocrat. Worrying though when the person, clearly no supporter of democracy, was at one time a prominent member of a Labour Government.
In any case this kind of talk should be making us all the more determined to see a full return to democracy with racism gone.  If that means dealing with some violence, so be it.”

National Is Going to Keep Co-Governance Going

National Is Going to Keep Co-Governance Going

National is not going to stop co-governance.

The opposite in fact. They are going to keep it going.

They say they are not in favour of co-governance with respect to social services, like hospitals. This is to be commended.

But they are fully in favour when it comes to what they call ‘the management of natural resources’.

By this they mean the management of rivers, lakes, mountains, the ocean etc.

This is completely wrong. Why?

If the new National government wants to “co-manage” (this is what they are calling it to get away from the controversial term ‘co-governance’ but really they are the same thing) natural resources with private enterprise, they should use a tender process to allow all the 160 cultures living here to have a go at winning the tender.

Why should one cultural group be given priority, to the exclusion of all others?

Aren’t we supposed to be living in a democracy – One law for all, equal opportunity for all, yes?

It’s crucial to hold on to these if we want to live in a democracy.

Anything less is apartheid, and racist, and a breach of the Treaty which guaranteed equality for all (Article 3).

National doesn’t seem to think democracy is important.

For them, apartheid and racism is better.  We are going to fight to stop this.

Maori Threaten Violence If Treat Of Waitangi Is Touched

Maori Threaten Violence If Treat Of Waitangi Is Touched

First, read THIS

John Tamihere and James Shaw are threatening violence if anyone touches the Treaty.

This is the Maori way. Might is right. This is tribal rule in action.

In other words, “If you don’t agree with us, we get violent!”

Is this the way you want New Zealand to be ruled?

From 1975 when the Treaty of Waitangi Act was passed until now, this is how activists have got their way.

Threats and intimidation.  Politicians have caved into them.

Luxon looks set to do this. Cave in.

Are we going to let this continue to happen? No way!

We need to get to the bottom of all the Treaty fraud and corruption over the past 45 years and put an end to it.

What Tamihere and Shaw want is for the population of New Zealand to turn a blind eye so that Maori can march on unopposed to 2040.  

Why 2040.  This is the date set down in the He Puapua report that Maori will have complete control of New Zealand.


Mr Luxon:- Re your comment on a referendum on the am show this morning!!!

Firstly I make it quite clear that I am not racist. I believe that all NZERS should have the same opportunities, rights, and ability to have a good life with equality for all no matter what race, colour, creed, culture or beliefs so long as they abiide by the laws of the country and respect each other.

What is devisive and racist is not letting the majority have a say, not letting them know the facts and letting the minority take all under co-governance. Being blackmailed by the few reverting to violence (as per James shaw and John tamahere via Ryan Bridges) and holding the country to ransom by these means is not democracy. Not to have a a referendum under this type of threat is overtly one sided, offensive, devisive and undemocratic. You might think it easier and common sense not to hold a referendum. The problem with common sense is that it is not that common, and the problem with easy is that the easy way out is avoidance and a cop out. WHAT ARE YOU SO AFRAID OF. DO YOU THINK that not allowing a referendum is fair to all NZers!!!. WHY are we not allowed a choice. I was an avid supporter of National. However this is the reason WHY I VOTED ACT AND NOT NATIONAL BECAUSE I HAD ALREADY WORKED OUT YOUR AVOIDANCE OF THE ISSUE. I HOPE THAT ANOTHER ROUND OF JACINDERISM (a game of hide and seek disinformation, no information) UNDER NATIONAL RE CO-GOVERNANCE WILL NOT PURSUE. Mr Peters appears to have a better handle on the fundamental devisive values of co-governance, and the historical fact that Maori came from Hawaiki so therefore are not indigenous, therefore no more entitled than any other NZER, specifically so because they ceeded to British law and we were all given equal rights under British law and the treaty. Regardless of your political differences I do hope that you do consider his knowledge and opinion on the subject of co-governance and for that matter the interpretation of the treaty and the myths.

NZers were under informed about co-governance and the consequences and outcomes of co-governance and refusing to give the countrys peoples the information in full and the opportunity to have their say is no better than socialistic communism. In short political sculdugery. It is not racist it is how a TRUELY fair process of democracy works and the end result has been decided fairly. I believe in freedom of speech and democracy and will be willing to accept the outcome of a referendum. Australia has just persued this process why can’t we.

Luxon, Be Strong! Don't Give In To Tamihere's Threats

National Are "In" But Co-Governance Rumbles On

National Are "In" But Co-Governance Rumbles On

National won by a convincing majority.

Sure, this is infinitely better than Labour, the Greens, and the Maori Party returning.

But the fact that Act and New Zealand First did not get a bigger share of the votes is a big worry.

A bigger share for them would have meant more leverage to stop National from continuing with co-governance.

Act and NZ First are the two parties wanting to expunge co-governance from all New Zealand legislation.

Expunge means to get rid of it completely.

With a smaller vote count, a smaller slice of the vote pie, this is not going to happen.

Act will have fewer people around the Cabinet table. NZ First will have none.

It’s the Cabinet table that counts. This is where the big decisions are made.

What we need now, desperately, is a strong powerful Prime Minister who will put New Zealand into co-governance remission.

Luxon is not that man.

Roll on election 2026.

Meanwhile, as a movement, for the next three years at least, we are going to fight on, stronger than ever, to stop co-governance.



As expected, the Labour Government has suffered the worst defeat in its history and no everyone, it had nothing to do with Covid-19.

Yes, the billions of dollars (necessary) paid out has affected our economy – but much like the rest of the world that can be corrected with a capable Government – the main reason was another (misguided ideology).

The absolute hatred for the division of NZ can only be laid at the door of the Jacinda Ardern / Chris Hipkins’ dictatorship. The people no longer recognise our country – both need to take a bow.

International community – Former PM Ardern was instructed to resign (she did not want to) by her own party due to the hatred of her by the people and what she had forced upon us – it was already clear at that time with her in power the Labour party was guaranteed to lose.

Upon taking up the baton – former PM Chris Hipkins had an opportunity to stop with the greed and the not-mandated implementation of Apartheid Rule / Co-governance – he chose not to and was repaid last night (for his arrogance) with a landslide loss of power.


Consequently, Christopher Luxon / Davis Seymour the country expects urgent action on what has devastated NZ (because that is what is required) to put a stop to the gold-plated “junket” that is the gravy-train being exploited by the Maori Elite.

The incredible landslide loss of power (by Labour) was due solely to the introduction (by stealth) of Apartheid Rule / Co-governance.


Rest assured, the work that Julian Batchelor has put in (on behalf of his country) has paid off.

He has spent a lot of his time and money in alerting the general public to the dangers and undemocratic process that is Co-governance.

Julian, and your team, on behalf of the NZ public – thank you.

Those of us who understand what is going on (and in the absence of a Fourth Estate) know the incredible personal cost that such battles take.

Last night’s loss of Election 2023 is testimony of that, and incoming Prime Minister Christopher Luxon would do well to heed the lesson.

I understand from your videos that you will continue the fight until Co-governance is well and truly stopped. Unfortunately, this is still required as the incoming National-led Government won’t be so quick to end the “jobs for the boys” – let’s not forget, it’s an extremely lucrative gold-plated gravy train.